Is The Kiwi Method a Scam?

is the kiwi method a scam

The Kiwi Method guarantees you will make hundreds of thousands of dollars within a month of using their magic software. Unfortunately, closer investigation reveals a sinister intent. Follow me as I expose the Devil in the details.

Product Name: The Kiwi method
Product Cost: $250 and as much as they can steal!
Product Owner: Cannot be determined
Opinion: Not Recommended

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Is the Kiwi Method a Scam?

On the Kiwi Method website, the voice actor, Jake Mason, promises you will make hundreds of thousands of dollars within a month, or he will personally pay you $10,000. He even claims you will be a millionaire within the year if you use his free software.

is the kiwi method a scam

According to Jake, to quickly earn massive wealth, all you have to do is click your mouse a few times. Sounds unbelievable, doesn’t it?

As with most schemes like this, there are people in the video who claim they made hundreds of thousands of dollars with The Kiwi Method. These same people said the same things about The Malay Method, The Aussie Method, The Singapore Method and The Aussie Method! How can that be possible?

In The Kiwi Method video, Jake logs into what looks like a bank account with a balance of over $12 Million. That’s not a real bank account. It’s just a photoshopped image

Is The Kiwi Method too good to be true? You better believe it! The Kiwi Method is a scam of the highest magnitude. It will not make money for you. If you try The Kiwi Method, you will lose money and could go deep into debt.

Jake Mason is Fake.

Remember in The kiwi Method video when Jake Mason guarantees you will make hundreds of thousands of dollars the first month, or he will pay you ten grand? Don’t count on that.

Incidentally, it is revealing you will find Jake in some form, speaking the same words, in The Aussie Method, The Malay Method, and The Singapore Method. Sometimes his last name and accent changes, but it’s the same sales pitch. His image is something different too, but these are just stock photos. Kind of looks like a pattern, doesn’t it?

Whoever is narrating The Kiwi Method sales video is a voice actor. He is paid to say the things he says. His picture is nothing more than a stock image. In other words, he is a promotional character created by the owner of The Kiwi Method website.

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Read The KIWI Method Fine Print.

Although the voice actor portraying Jake Mason guarantees you hundreds of thousands of dollars, he is merely reading a script. His words are meaningless.

The content of The Kiwi Method earnings disclaimer is the only words that are possibly binding, and they say The Kiwi Method doesn’t guarantee you anything.

Scroll to the bottom of The Kiwi Method website and select “Disclaimer.”

Carefully read the first paragraph and you will “THERE IS NO GUARANTEE YOU WILL EARN ANYTHING.”

Why is The Kiwi Method is a Scam?

To be clear. You will not make money with The Kiwi Method; you will lose money and possibly go into debt.

The Kiwi Method is a scam because all the empty promises in the video are intended to steal your money.

To understand how The Kiwi Method gets your money, you must first know there are unregistered binary options brokers in the world.

The Unregistered Broker Scam.

Most countries with an organized securities exchange will have a set of laws that regulate the securities markets. The Securities Exchange Commission, otherwise known as the SEC, regulates securities brokers in the United States.

The SEC enforces security laws and ethics among agencies that broker security assets, such as binary options. In the United States, if a broke cheats a trader, the SEC will investigate.

Far on the extreme opposite end of the broker spectrum, in the darkest corner, you will find the sleazy unregistered binary options broker. The unregistered broker operates outside of the law and from a country that will not prosecute them.

When an unregistered broker cheats someone, there’s no way to get their money back. It is gone.

The United States SEC has issued a warning about unregistered binary options brokers and stated that these brokers might manipulate software to force people to lose money to the broker, steal personal identities and lock traders out of accounts to confiscate all earnings.

An unregistered broker isn’t a broker at all. They are nothing more than strangers in another country claiming to be a broker, so people will trust them and give them money.

An unregistered broker is no more a broker than a drug dealer is a pharmacist.

Please realize The Kiwi Method is that stranger in another country trying to get your money. You will NOT make money with them. You will lose money. The more you trust The Kiwi Method, the more you will lose.

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If you found this article helpful or have experience with The Kiwi Method, please leave a comment below.

60 thoughts on “Is The Kiwi Method a Scam?

  1. Hi Gary

    How surprised I am to see this and reading through all the comments is unbelievable
    I sign up with kiwi method just yesterday and I guess it’s a good thing that I haven’t deposit any money in to my account yet, I tried twice but it would not go through
    I guess it’s a sign telling me it’s all a lie and not to waste my money

    Thanks for your message it made me realise how foolish I would be to throw my $250 away
    The sad part is that the lady I have been talking to her name is Bella she said she’s a single mother and that she would help me with my account as I have already told her that I have a new born baby and I’m no longer working, I just feel like if that’s a lie then she’s stealing money from another mother whose trying to care for a new born baby

    Thank you Gary your a life saver ?
    Kind regards


    1. Hi, Gardenia!

      I appreciate that you took the time to comment and I’m grateful you found my article about The Kiwi Method in time. Now that they have your phone number, expect to be bombarded with make money offers. Please assume all of them are scams and will only cause you to lose money.

      And please don’t believe anything Bella tells you. Her job is to get you to deposit money with them. The reason your payment did not go through might be because your financial institution recognizes The Kiwi Method for what it is.

      If you are looking for a legitimate way to make money online, I recommend our community of internet marketers. You can check us out here. Our strategies work but they do take effort and patience.

      Thanks for stopping by,

  2. Hello Gary for all of the people who have fallen prey (innocently, cause they didn’t know) with these on-line scams that promise thousands of dollars in profit are finally exposed by an honest man like you that can finally expose them. I have actually fallen prey to them also but praise God have learned my lesson and will stay with W.A. I wish you the best and THANKS for keeping us all in the loop.

    1. Hi, ThumbSlapJoe!

      I’ve stumbled onto the wrong side of few scams myself before I found Wealthy Affiliate. Thank you for your kind words of encouragement and validation.

      Just this morning, I got an email from a man who was ready to give The Kiwi Method people his credit card info and thought he should research more closely first. He found my site and realized what a scam it is. That is what I live for.

      Thanks for stopping by,


  3. Hi Gary,

    The Kiwi Method definitely looks like a scam beware site. It always get me how creative these scammers are in luring people to their website. Wealthy Affiliate has many great features. I have been with WA for over a year and learned there’s no other business like this opportunity. Thanks for sharing the method of this scammer Kiwi Method!

    1. Hi, Lady-Val!

      I’m pleased to meet you. Yes, The Kiwi Method is a real stinker. There are at least a dozen, maybe more, “method” scams that are very similar and probably come from the same scammers.

      I’m glad you’re enjoying Wealthy Affiliate. It changed my life. I’ve been a member for a little over two years.

      Thanks for stopping by,


  4. Great writeup on the Kiwi Method. I had not previously heard of this. It’s really hard to believe just how many scams out there really exist, and I think it’s not just helpful but very important to have people expose these scams. What’s even better is to help people distinguish the scams from the things that really work and continue providing hope that you truly can make it in the world of online entrepreneuership.

    1. Hi, Barrett!

      Thanks for stopping by. The Kiwi Method is a very expensive mistake for anyone who tries it. I wish there was some kind of magic software that would turn the internet into a personal ATM, but as you know, there is no magic software. However, the internet is a tremendous opportunity for anyone who is willing to learn the essential skills of building an online business and putting them into practice.

      The foundation of making money has not changed in thousands of years. Making money is still about creating value. When you know how to use it properly, the internet will leverage you efforts so your earning potential is off the charts.

      I learned to make money online the right way in Wealthy Affiliate. It’s where I recommend anyone who is serious about building an online business learn. It’ free to join.

  5. Great post Gary. Hopefully this post will reach thousands of people so they do not get ripped off and waste their money. It should register with people that when someone “guarantees” you will make hundreds of thousands of dollars in a month is too good to be true. Unfortunately people sometimes get blinded by the dream of wealth so it is great that people like you are out here trying to help.

    1. Hi, Boss!

      Thanks for your kind words about my post Is The Kiwi Method a Scam? I agree, people do get blind. These scams are designed to make people feel greedy. Greed will make anyone stupid and the scammers know this. Unfortunately, you can’t make money with these sorts of schemes, you will only lose money.

      Thanks for stopping by,


  6. Hi Gary,
    Thank you for this review. I have never heard of the Kiwi method and I have probably missed nothing. It is unbelievable that there are such evil people who spread such a manure and “deserve money” in a deceptive way. Especially from beginners, who of course fall upon such promises. Who is not open at the beginning of his Internet career for such things.

    Thank goodness there are also platforms like Wealthy Affiliate who want to steal anything but your money.

    I wish you all the best,

    1. Hi, Daniel!

      I agree, we are all vulnerable to scams. And, as you mentioned when we begin our online career we don’t know enough to make informed decisions and there is never enough solid information. Scammers like those behind The Kiwi Method know precisely what they are doing. It is my hope that as the internet matures, we learn to recognize scams from a safe distance.

      Thanks for stopping by,


  7. I have not heard of the kiwi method but am familiar with binary options trading and the issue of unregistered brokers in foreign countries ripping people off. I’ve seen many posts for these in Facebook “make money online” groups and warn people that most are scams. There are so many scams out there it’s hard sometimes to determine what is legit. What would be your #1 recommendation to make money online?

    1. Hi, Tony!

      I appreciate your comment. I’m not a fan of binary options trading, even with a legitimate broker or exchange. Without a doubt most binary options trading programs are scams like The Kiwi Method. My advice is when in doubt, assume it’s a scam.

      You asked about my recommendation regarding making money online. First, it’s important that you understand making money online means offering something of value. This means building a business that helps people solve a problem or fulfill an interest or desire.

      I’m part of an online community that teaches people how to build thriving online businesses about their hobbies, interests and passions. It’s free to join us. Go here to learn how we can help you.

      Thanks for stopping by,


  8. Hi Gary,
    Once again as seen in your great article we have a con artist making promises to naive people that through some software program they can make $100,000 in a short period of time.

    People who still believe in this lie of earning money quickly online truly need to seek some sort of professional help. They’re completely delusional in their belief that money and lots of it can be made at the drop of a hat in matters regarding online business – software designed to attract people, ponzi schemes, pyramid business models, etc.

    This Jack Mason crook has to be wise enough in making the promise that he would give $10,00 to the person who fails to earn a quick 6-figure income by not signing some type of airtight contract. People with $$$ in front of their eyes don’t see that little catch and instead fork over the $250 investment believing everything that Mason says in his spiel.

    I found it funny that this Mason character has been filmed promoting other scams that all sound as ridiculous as the Kiwi Method. I mean Aussie, Malay and Singapore methods? Mason must be busy trying to sucker people living in those regions of the world pushing the same b.s. program; just with different names to them.

    As I said before the only way to get rid of these scams is for first of all people like you, Gary to keep putting the word out warning that they are all frauds. Two, people for once totally stop investing their money into these garbage programs.


    1. Hi, Jeff!

      I appreciate your detailed comment. Jake Mason is nothing more than an invented character. The real people behind The Kiwi Method scam are hiding behind layers of digital cover. It would be funny how ridiculous these “method” scams are except that they are ruining people’s lives. The people who can least afford to lose the money are the ones that suffer the most.

      Thanks for stopping by,


  9. Hello Gary
    I never leave comments on websites but I felt it will be unfair to read and just leave without leaving a comment.
    Thanks for a well-written review on the Kiwi method.I had not heard of this program till I saw some youtube video so my google search brought me to your site.
    It`s hard to believe there are people out there who still think they can make thousands of dollars in months just by investing $250, if it were so easy, we`ll all be millionaires.
    These unregistered scamming binary options manage to get so much money from unsuspecting greedy people.I say greedy because no one in their right mind will believe it`s possible to earn any decent amount without working hard for it.
    I like the way you explain an unregistered broker.But one thing you have to give them,they are good at convincing greedy unsuspecting people to “invest” with them.
    Very informative,thanks for sharing.

    1. Hi, Roamy!

      I’m constantly trying to figure out who would fall for a scam like The Kiwi Method. I imagine anyone is vulnerable to well crafted lies at one time or other. Two bits of wisdom come to mind, “A sucker is born every minute” and “A fool and his money are soon parted.”

      Scams just seem to be the flip side of money. Where there is money, there will be scams. Unfortunately, the internet has invited the scammers into our homes so we must be very careful. I’m hopeful that as the internet matures we will learn to spot scams more easily and that technology emerges that will help us too.

      Thanks for stopping by,


  10. Thank you very much for this article Gary. It really pains me to see that a wonderful technology like the internet being misused by scammers out to cheat people of their hard earned money. But then again, such methods will work on people who are greedy and lazy in the first place.

    I’ve never heard of The Kiwi Method, nor any one of the various country methods, but I can see the pattern as you described. I only hope that scammers like these will be brought to justice.

    Please continue to do the good work you do by exposing these scammers.

    Thank you!

    1. Hi, Steven!

      I’m hopeful that as the internet matures, everyone will learn to avoid the scams. It seems to me that the search engines could do more to protect us from scams like The Kiwi Method and that technological platforms could be developed to protect us as well.

      My mother was recently scammed for the second time in about a year. She’s 87 and mentally not as sharp as she once was. It seems to me that there is a market for elderly friendly computers with built in scam protection. The only thing that has saved my mom from disaster is she does not bank online. She still goes to her bank and handles the transactions the old fashion way.

      Thanks for stopping by,


  11. The internet just seems to be a cesspool for scammers these days. It’s mental.

    Obviously the people behind these sort of scams are disgusting but the actors who agree to be part of it are scumbags as well.

    The kiwi method is just a cut and paste repeat of all the past ‘X method’ models. What a joke.

    Thanks for highlighting this scam. If your work stops even one person from signing their cash away then it is worth it.


    1. Hi, Ed!

      I agree, there will always be scammers, but the people who help them will go to the hottest corner of Scammer Support Hell. I think I’ve investigated about a dozen “method” scams. Today I found one that looks completely different with new actors, but the characters are reciting the exact same script. Whoever is behind these “method” scams is trying to change their stripes, but it’s still a scam.

      Thanks for stopping by,


  12. It’s interesting some of the things you run into when you start investigating these scams. You find the same picture and/or the same voice over on multiple scams. These are some low life people trying to steal money.

    I had not heard of the Kiwi method before but I’m glad I came across your post. I’ll have to watch for some of these sign when I’m checking out different opportunities.

    It’s always a good practice to checkout the disclosure or disclaimer statements on a website. There can be some eye opening information in those.

    1. Hi, Steve!

      Scams like The Kiwi Method reveal many warning flags, but the sales pitch is so emotional and compelling a large percentage of people will be entranced by it and never think to read the disclaimer. The people who find my site are already suspicious of the likes of The Kiwi Method. It’s the people who are so enthralled with the promises of easy money that never read the disclaimer and never seek more information.

      Thanks for stopping by,


  13. This is the first I’m hearing of this Kiwi Method. Good on you for spreading the word on this scam and others like it! With people becoming more and more comfortable buying, selling, and making transactions online, it’s no surprise there are so many scam artists out there looking to take advantage. Thank you for looking out for us!

    1. Hi, Ryan Basham!

      It seems that the internet is well suited for scammers. They get to hide behind layers of digital protection and live somewhere that doesn’t care what they do online and make millions robbing old ladies. Unfortunately, I don’t think will change until people learn to be suspicious.

      Thanks for stopping by,


  14. Thank you, Gary.
    Peoples need more articles like this, because spammers are in every “corner” in the internet. A lot of people lost their money on program like “Kiwi Method”. There is need for people to be educated how you can earn really earn money if you decide to work from home.

    1. Hi, JelenaBB!

      I agree, the scammers are getting sneakier by the minute and getting scammed can be very expensive. I’ve known scams like The Kiwi Method to rob people of tens of thousands of dollars. Usually, the victims were broke to start with and borrowed the money from family and friends. These scams ruin people’s lives.

      Thanks for stopping by,


  15. This article is amusing. Say you guarantee you’ll make thousands then puts a disclaimer that says there’s no guarantee. I see these kinds of fake programs everyday. I’ve always wanted to start trading, but programs like these is why I don’t. You don’t know who to trust anymore. Thanks for the heads up.

    1. Hi, Andres Santos!

      The Kiwi Method is a real stinker. There’s a entire parade of scam “Method” programs.

      I agree it would funny how their guarantees are meaningless, except that they ruin people’s lives. Destroying someone’s finances doesn’t end with going broke. It can destroy a person’s sense of self-worth, ruin relationships and tip the scale into bankruptcy, divorce, or trigger episodes of depression and substance abuse, and may even lead to suicide.

      Shakespeare got it right when he said; “The gates of Hell are open and the devils are among us.”

      Thanks for stopping by,


  16. Hi Gary

    This is the first time I read about Kiwi method.
    Whenever I see any promise of getting rich quick I don’t bother myself to go deeper into this. The idea is very tempting though and therefore I believe many people fall for this, especially if they watch these tempting videos. But I think it is improtant for everyone to understand that there is no rich quick scheme and the sooner people understand this the less money they loose.
    Therefore, I am really happy there are also honest people online helping and teaching others. Thanks a lot for your decent work and unmasking the scammers.

    1. Hi, Arta!

      I think in the course of a lifetime we are drawn into many scams. Some we are forced into and some are so clever we never realize we’ve been had. Dr. Robert Cialdini in his book “Influence: The Psychology of Persuasion” admits that he has fallen for many scams, and he wrote the book on it! So we are all vulnerable.

      Thanks for stopping by,


  17. Scams like this are everywhere, awareness about them is always a good thing. It’s a good thing that your doing here, I’d never heard of this thing but I wouldn’t touch it with a 10 foot pole. I hope no one close to you has fallen victim to this, I’ll be sure to spread the word out to my folks so they don’t go near it.

    Keep up the good work. Regards Ryan. 🙂

    1. Hi, Ryan!

      There are several “method” scams that copy the same story as The Kiwi Method. Each is bad news and can potentially cost a victim thousands of dollars. When we see a scam, someone else might at first think it is the answer to their prayers only to find out too late that they have been financially ruined.

      Thanks for getting the word out.


  18. What a nice website, Easy to navigate through and I like the design of your website. Very interesting content about how to really make money online. I also like the fact that your website raise an arlam to your audience about online scams. This is a successful online business ever. Good luck and continue to do good and your hard work will pay off.

    With regards

    1. Hi, Veli!

      Thanks for you kind words. My website is a labor of love, but still a work in progress. I suspect it always will be.

      The Kiwi Method is just one of about a dozen “Method” scams. Each website is nearly identical with most of the same graphics and so-called testimonials. Many of these testimonials are the same Fiverr actors.

      All the best,


  19. I really don’t know what this Kiwi method is but thanks for the information. It will be a great help to us because we will be aware of this kind of scam. Everybody should be very careful in choosing the online business they are entering. I just wish that people who wanted to try that Kiwi method can read this review first.

    1. Hi, Nash!

      I wish more people would read about The Kiwi Method before they got involved too. Unfortunately, there are dozens, if not hundreds of scams like The Kiwi Method online. I would guess that 99% of the make money online programs are either scams or otherwise worthless. So, anyone who is considering getting involved with a make-money program would be advised to assume it’s a scam or at least not worth the time or money.

      Legitimate programs know they must prove they are legitimate and most offer a free trial. The Kiwi Method claims to be free, but when you sign up with them, you will have to deposit at least $250 before you activate the trading account. That’s not free.

      Thanks for stopping by,


  20. Hey Gary,

    This is such a huge claim this guy is making, I mean paying you $10,000 is too much. I’m glad you put a light into this and even found the voice actor. It’s crazy how some of us goes as far as this to make use of others for profit. Personally, I’ve never found that to be rewarding.

    Thanks for sharing!


    1. Hi, Anh Nguyen!

      I agree, The Kiwi Method is crazy indeed. But, apparently, they are snagging a lot people in their scheme. That promise of paying $10,000 is meaningless. All of the promises and guarantees in the video are taken away in the disclaimer.

      Thanks for stopping by,


  21. It is amazing that, even though people can sense something like ‘The Kiwi Method” is too good to be true, they will still try it because, their overwhelming desire, to make tons of money without putting forth the extra effort, is so intoxicatingly attractive.

    I learned a long time ago that, “…there is no such thing as a free lunch.” Time…and time again…that has proven to be the overall truth.

    I also checked out your review about Wealthy Affiliates. They seem to be one of the more honest websites because, they are not promising a “free lunch.” They only say that with hard work, perseverance, and a “never quite” attitude, you can succeed. And, that is what my parents taught me. I think I’ll believe Wealthy Affiliates for starting an online business…over any get-rich-quick schemes.

    1. Hi, Jim!

      I appreciate your comment about The Kiwi Method. It must be a money maker for somebody somewhere, but not for the person who trusts this scam.

      Thanks for mentioning Wealthy Affiliate. I’ve been investigating scams for two years and during this time, I’ve found only a handful of places to learn how to make money online that are legitimate and affordable. Wealthy Affiliate is at the top of the list. Nothing else even comes close.

      Thanks for stopping by,


  22. Hi Gary,

    Bloody hell, The Kiwi method. As a “Kiwi” myself I feel a bit ashamed that this guy is out there scamming people.

    I’m still unsure why people even believe these stories about making such easy money. If it actually worked none of us would need jobs….

    Anyway, another top article from you mate. Keep up the good work.


    1. Hi, Mark!

      It’s great to hear from an official “Kiwi”! If it’s any comfort, I’m now writing a post about The Irish Method by the same scammer. I think they won’t stop until they have targeted every demographic on the planet. By then, if we’ve discovered life on Mars, these scammers will have created The Martian Method.

      I appreciate your kind words. Thanks for stopping by,


  23. Hi Gary,

    Thanks for the review of the Kiwi Method. I find it appalling that people are willing to give fake testimonials for something like this in order to make a quick buck when the consequences of someone actually falling for it are so high.

    Many searching for opportunities online can’t afford to be ripped off and are investing their hard earned money in order to better their life, it’s such a shame.

    Too many unregistered brokers about online and too many actors helping scams for a fiver! absurd!

    Thanks for taking the time to look into and expose these people, Grace

    1. Hi, Grace!

      Like you, I find it disturbing that so many people will eagerly help the scammers in exchange for chump change. The people in the fake testimonials are probably making about $5. That’s not much in exchange for compromising one’s integrity.

      As you suggested, the people falling for scams like The Kiwi Method are losing hundreds, if not thousands of dollars. And, these are the people who can least afford to lose that kind of money.

      From my perspective, it seems to be getting worse.

      Thanks for stopping by,


  24. Dear Gary,

    I never heard of The Kiwi Method before. I always thought it was about the fruit you eat. Hmm, with Free Software you can earn money I don’t think that relates to all that is FREE out there. And for Jake Mason to say he will pay you a ton of money also if there is a failure seems quite suspicious in my eyes also. Who can honestly say that they would pay you that much amount of cash? Sounds like a hoax. No one can possibly make that much amount of money if they promote a fake product.

    There are many misleading online scams out there and I greatly thank you for exposing this one or else I might have fallen for it too had you not done extensive research to expose this product Gary.

    Wishing you all the best with your online success above and beyond the horizon,


    1. Hi, Angel!

      The people behind The Kiwi Method have several websites that are near clones of The Kiwi Method. It is as if they are trying to cash in on every demographic imaginable. Today I published an article about The Irish Method, which is The Kiwi Method with an Irish accent. It would be funny if it was not so destructive.

      Thanks for stopping by,


  25. Boy, the Kiwi Method screams scam. The sad thing is there are some who put all their hopes and dreams into something like this believing what they hear and hoping and praying it will work. Then when it doesn’t, they feel like the failure. And you are right, I wouldn’t hold my breath for $10,000 from Jason. It is nice to see people like you exposing these scams!

    1. Hi, Matt’s Mom!

      I agree, The Kiwi Method DOES scream scam, but some people must believe it is legit.

      The company behind The Kiwi Method appears to also be behind The Brit Method, The Aussie Method, The Malay Method, The Canuck Method, to name a few. Lord knows how many more methods they have up their sleeve. I think they are out to conquer the world and intend to leave no demographics untouched.

      Thanks for stopping by,


  26. Hi Gary,

    Yet another “method” scam! I have not heard of the Kiwi method but most certainly the Aussie and Malay methods. All of which are carbon copies of each other!

    One good thing though…He is limited by the number of countries or races of people by which to use!

    I am wondering how long before he uses or creates the “outer Mongolia Method”!!

    1. Hi, Derek!

      Yes, yet another “Method.” The Kiwi Method, yep, same as the other “Methods.” I debated with myself if I should post about these scam carbon copies and determined that the people who need to know the truth about these scams will be looking for the specific name, so on I go chasing the Method Scammers.

      You’re right, at some point you would think they will run out of demographics to name their methods after. Then the horrifying thought occurred to me, there are densely populated cities with their own regional names there can be The South Chicago Method and The West L.A. Method. And that doesn’t tap into the huge college market like The Gator Method and The Buckeye Method. This can go on for ages.

      It gets worse. My inner novelist imagined a story where all of these method scams are owned by the Russian mob and one day there’s a knock on my door!

      Thanks for stopping by,


  27. Thank goodness I found your website in time. I fell in love with The Kiwi Method. It’s like they hypnotized me! We need to make money in the worse way and I guess I wanted to believe I really could make $10,000 in a day with The Kiwi Method. It kind of broke my heart when I read your article about this scam. It’s like you burst my bubble, but I think you save us a lot of money.

    I almost had my husband convinced to do The Kiwi Method, but he said we’d better check it out first. And you know what? The first three websites we checked said it was a miracle software that would make us rich. Hubby almost agreed, but he said they were all saying the same thing, like it was a script or something. So we kept looking for some honest information on The Kiwi Method and, thank goodness, we found ScamAvenger!

    1. Hi, Stacey!

      Whew! I’m so glad you found my website in time. If you had gotten involved with The Kiwi Method, you would have been lucky to just lose $250. Scammers prey on desperate people and would have tried to trick you into depositing thousands of dollars. It would have been a wild ride that left you broke, in debt and humiliated. You dodged a bullet.

      There really isn’t a quick way to make substantial money online unless you have some skills. However, if you want to learn how to build a profitable online business, I encourage you to check out our community. You can read more about us here.

      Thanks for stopping by


  28. Hi Gary,

    Thanks for this great review. I felt a bit sad because I am a New Zealander and it bothers me that people are so horrible as to scam online. I know it happens a lot but I still wish better of people.

    I am currently using Wealthy Affiliate to design and build my website (all the way from New Zealand). I agree that WA is an effective and trustworthy way to learn about affiliate marketing.

    Thanks for the heads up,


    1. Hi, Amy!

      The Kiwi Method scam is identical to about a dozen scams that claim to be some geographic or demographic method to make money.

      Without a shred of evidence, I’ve determined the “Method” scams originate from one of two places. They either come from a smoke filled room in a former Warsaw Pact country protected by a sub-machine gun totting thug with an IQ lower than his shoe size, or they come from a bored thirteen year old in Benkelman, Nebraska who dreams of taking over the world.

      Thanks for stopping by,


  29. Thanks for sharing your review with the Kiwi Method.

    It is true that there are so many business scams in the internet. I hope that most internet users could read this post and get warned.

    I’m glad that there are still legitimate affiliate programs that offers real education and success in online business. It is my privilege to discover WEALTHY AFFILIATE who taught that success is not a night dream but through hardwork and perseverance.

    Keep up the good work.

    1. Hi, delroaustria!

      I agree Wealthy Affiliate is the only legitimate place I recommend people learn to make money online. It’s affordable and has everything anyone needs to build a profitable online business. Wealthy Affiliate only teaches proven strategies that are known to be reliable money makers. It’s not get rich quick, but it works.

      About the Kiwi Method, unfortunately, online scams are growing like weeds. The Kiwi Method is so typical of many of the online scams I come across. The biggest red flag is the outrageous promise of making tens of thousands of dollars in just days with free software.

      Anytime an offer tries to make you feel greedy, it is a scam. Scammers use your greed as a means of mind control. If you are looking at a product and begin to feel greedy, stop and run the other way.

      Thanks for stopping by,


  30. Hi Gary,

    I’ve never heard of Kiwi Method! Thank you for writing this review. It’s such an eye open and I can’t imagine the number of people who fell victim to this. Obviously this person whoever he really is has no care for anyone other than himself.

    Thank you for exposing this and people need to read that first paragraph in the Disclaimer… ‘There is no guarantee you will earn anything’… says it right there… He definitely has no intentions of dishing out 10k…

    I’ll definitely be letting my friends know about this one.


    1. Hi, Monica!

      There is an endless parade of scams like The Kiwi Method. I have no idea how many people fall for it. It’s such a nasty scam that leaves the victim broke, in debt and humiliated. I suspect that very few people will admit for falling for scams like The Kiwi Method, but judging by how many there are I fear a lot of people do fall for these schemes.

      Thanks for stopping by,


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