Is The Irish Method a Scam?

is the irish method a scam

The Irish Method promises an easy way to make hundreds of thousands of euro in just a few weeks. However, a closer investigation exposes an ugly secret you should know. Follow me to see the Devil in the details.

Product Name: The Irish method
Product Cost: €250 and as much as they can steal!
Product Owner: Cannot be determined
Opinion: Not Recommended

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Is the Irish Method a Scam?

In the Irish Method sales video, the narrator, Jason Flanagan, promises you can earn hundreds of thousands of euro within weeks, or he will pay you €10,000. Flanagan claims his method will quickly make you a millionaire. If only it were true.

Flanagan says you want to make hundreds of thousands of euro in the next month, all you have to do is create a free account, get his free software and click your mouse a few times.

is the irish method a scam

Several people in The Irish Method sales video tell how they made hundreds of thousands of euro with The Irish Method. However, they are saying the same thing that other people said in sales videos for The Brit Method, The Aussie Method, The Singapore Method and The Malay Method! We must assume they are all actors reading the same script.

In the sales video, Flanagan logs into what appears to be a bank account with a balance of €12 Million. It’s fake. The same thing happens in The Brit Method, The Kiwi Method, The Aussie Method, The Singapore Method and The Malay Method videos.

Is The Irish Method too good to be true? You better believe it!

The Irish Method is a scam of the highest magnitude. It’s yet another binary options fraud from a cloaked international organization that spits out “Method” scams by the dozens.

Jason Flanagan is Fake.

Remember in The Irish Method video when Jason Flanagan guaranteed you’d make hundreds of thousands of euro the first month, or he would pay you ten grand? Don’t bet on that!

Incidentally, Jason Flanagan is Jake Mason in The Kiwi Method and Jake Pertu in The Aussie Method and Jake Shen in The Malay Method and The Singapore Method.

The picture of Jason Flanagan is a stock image of a male model. In other words, he is nothing more than a promotional character created by the owner of The Irish Method website.

Jason Flanagan is no more real than the Tooth Fairy. Sorry.

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The Irish Method Earnings Disclaimer

You will not make hundreds of thousands of Euro your first month, and Jason Flanagan will not pay you €10,000.

The Irish Method earnings disclaimer states they don’t guarantee anything.

You can read the Irish Method Earning Disclaimer yourself if you scroll to the bottom of the webpage and click on “Disclaimer.”

The disclaimer is written so it is nearly impossible to read. The Irish Method scammers have bolded all of the text to create a virtual wall of words, no doubt, hoping you will ignore it. But please READ IT, if you are remotely considering getting involved.

Read the disclaimer, and you will see The Irish Method does NOT guarantee you anything.

Flanagan’s promise and all the raving testimonies are lies.

Why is The Irish Method a Scam?

The point of all the promises and hype in the sales video is to trick you into giving your money to an unregistered binary options broker. More about unregistered brokers in a moment. (To learn more about binary options, go here)

For now, just know, there is nothing special about The Irish Method. It’s just a long sales video designed to get you to open a so-called binary options trading account and depositing at least €250. The Irish Method only reveals that little detail after you give them your email address and go to the second page of their website.

Jason Flanagan will tell you that depositing money with their “preferred broker” is like putting money in the bank and that you can take it out any time you like. None of that is true.

Their “preferred broker” is not a bank and you cannot take your money out any time you wish. If you give your money to The Irish Method broker, you will NOT get it back.

Money only flows one way with The Irish Method scam.

To better understand the danger of The Irish Method, you need to first grasp the difference between a registered broker and an unregistered broker.

Registered Broker vs Unregistered Broker.

In any country with a securities market, there will be a regulatory agency that enforces the law as it relates to securities. In the United States, that agency is the Securities Exchange Commission.

The SEC grants licenses to registered brokers that follow the law and a code of ethics. In the US, if a registered broker cheats a trader, the trader can ask the SEC to help them get their money back.

On the other end of the spectrum, there are unregistered brokers. Unregistered brokers are not licensed, and they are not regulated. Unregistered brokers do NOT follow the law or a code of ethics. And they usually are based in countries far from any regulatory agency.

If an unregistered broker cheats a trader, there is nothing anyone can do about it. The money is lost forever.

By definition, the SEC would consider The Irish Method an unregistered broker. The SEC  suspects that unregistered brokers, like The Irish Method, manipulate software to create losing trades, steal people’s money and their personal identity.

The truth is, an unregistered broker is not a broker at all. They do not broker trades. They just take people’s money. Calling an unregistered broker a broker is too kind. It’s like calling a car thief an unauthorized driver.

The Irish Method will lie to you to get your money. And they will manipulate the software to trick you into giving them more money.

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If you found this article helpful or have experience with The Irish Method , please leave a comment below.

20 thoughts on “Is The Irish Method a Scam?

  1. Gary,
    I appreciate the review. I’m so tired of scams like the Irish method, especially people promising to make that much money in such a short amount of time.

    I’m ok with the rebranding, but not changing his name. This guy is such a scam.

    I’m going to check out Wealthy Affiliates.


  2. Hey Gary,

    Being of Irish descent, and a big fan of genealogy, I have learned the hard way that some Irish truly do enjoy scamming others. Sadly, now it seems that anything labeled as being offered as Irish … well, I tend to check, check and then check again before jumping in.

    Though this fella is not necessarily Irish, given the evidence you have uncovered and shared here; I am so very thankful to you for having uncovered this scam artist.

    Pheeew … look at all the money you’ve saved me from losing.

  3. Hi Gary,

    Thank you for sharing your post. I agree with you. There are no short cuts to making money online. As in any other profession, education is key.

    The Irish Method is like so many online investment scams. I appreciate your explanation of a registered and unregistered brokers – good information to consider when receiving advertisements on the next great investment program.

    WA is the best deal in town! I have found that the training from the owners, trainer, and the community provide education on various forms of internet marketing, keyword research, and content marketing – everything that is needed to become successful on the web (or marketing in general).

    Thanks again

  4. Hello Gary,
    Wow, thanks for making everyone aware that this is a scam. I can’t believe they would actually use variants of the same name in different countries in a cookie cutter scam. The gall of some people is absolutely unbelievable.
    You talk about your method for building an online income. Could you elaborate on it a little?

    1. Hi, Xin Zhang!

      Unfortunately, yes, these scammers use the same template and often the same actors giving testimonials over and over again. The Irish Method is also The Brit Method, The Aussie Method, The Saffa Method and a dozen more.

      You asked about my method for building an online income. If you want to make money online, the first thing you must do is accept there is no magic button or automatic software that will make money for you.

      Also, do not rely on some gimmick or loophole or so-called “secret sauce.” Stop chasing after so-called opportunities. There is an entire industry pitching an endless parade of “opportunities” to the uninformed but only delivering false promises and disappointment.

      Chasing after opportunities will never lead to success. Don’t be an opportunity seeker. The internet IS the opportunity of a lifetime. Be an entrepreneur and learn to leverage the power of the internet to your advantage.

      Making money online is no different than making money off-line. You must first offer something of value. In other words, you must help people solve a problem. You must think like an entrepreneur. An entrepreneur finds a need and then fills it. An entrepreneur builds a business around solving problems for people. You can do the same thing.

      For details on how to be an online entrepreneur, I recommend the Online Entrepreneur Certification Course. You can enroll for free at the top of this page. See the big red opt-in box. When you enroll, you’ll get training, resources, and one-on-help at no cost.

      Thanks for stopping by,


  5. Just by reading what this guy is promising already smells like a scam without even finishing the rest of your review. There are too many scams out there and it’s such a shame because programs like Wealthy Affiliate really offer great opportunities for those that are looking to make real money online in a realistic fashion. I like your review and look forward to reading more.

  6. Your post on the Irish Method was refreshing as it made me smile. It’s amazing to what lengths scammers will go to attract eager punters into their web.I was scammed many years ago, patiently waiting for that day when I would get that big fat cheque in the post. There is no free ride but we still believe there is

    1. Hi, Richard!

      I agree. There is no free right. However, with the right training, the internet does give us a huge advantage, but it still takes work, commitment and patience. I wish getting rich was as easy as The Irish Methods pretends it to be, but it’s not.

      Long ago, a mentor told me that money only makes us more of what we are. If we’re a jerk when we are poor, we will be a bigger jerk when we are rich. I think the internet does the same thing.

      I wish people would understand that the internet is not an ATM. The internet is your connection to the world. You can use your connection to the world to watch porn, play games and fritter your time away. Or, you can use your connection to the world to bring value to the market place and reap phenomenal rewards.

      Thanks for stopping by,


  7. Gary,

    I was just visiting a similar website with similar warnings about all of these “methods”. I haven’t heard of them before but several that are similar. I realize we all want to earn a lot of money with little effort but people need to realize that success takes time and a lot of effort – there are no for get rich quick methods.

    1. Hi, Michelle!

      I’ve found over a dozen of these “method” scams. Only one is different than the layout of The Irish Method. Unfortunately, they all lead to financial loss.

      Thanks for pointing out that making money online requires time and effort. The rewards can be phenomenal, but you have to be ready to work for it.

      Thanks for stopping by,


  8. Gary,
    Some of these scams that you continue to expose on your website – the Irish scam being yet another one continue to boggle my mind that they even exist.

    I mean are people so desperate for money in this world that they will just buy into any crazy scheme that promises a person more money in return, (but not signing a binding contract) for the minimal amount that you invested?

    It’s funny how the individual responsible itself for this joke of a program, Jason Flanagan seems to fit the profile of what he created. That is “Flanagan” is an Irish sounding last name promoting an Irish “Method” way to make money. Gee whiz, nothing wrong there!

    It truly is sad in this day and age that scams like this continue to seemingly mushroom daily like uncontrolled weeds. Then again if people in the world would wake up, use their brains, invest the time through research to find out all he/she can about a program before giving the program one penny finally we will get rid of these fraud programs.

    However human beings with their innate traits one of which is called “greed” will continue to be foolish enough to keep falling for them, so it won’t happen soon – the complete elimination of illegal, scam business opportunities on the Internet.

    Which is why a good man like you Gary, is needed to make people aware of these scams!


    1. Hi, Jeff!

      I appreciate your kind words and explaination of “Flanagan.” It does make me wonder if the scammer is toying with us. While looking at the website for The Irish Method with an objective eye, I was reminded of a quote that goes something like this “Those who dance are considered insane by those who can’t hear the music.” (Friedrich Wilhelm Nietzsche)

      In the case of The Irish Method, I think the people who fall for it become enchanted by the sales pitch. When you and I look at the scheme we recognize it for what it is because we are not enchanted by the scammer, we don’t hear her music. And, I agree, greed is the downfall of us all.

      Thanks for stopping by,


  9. Hello Gary,

    Thank you for this informative article.
    It’s horrible how many people fall for these quick and easy money making offers just to find themselves disappointed and fooled later.
    I loved how clearly you explained the issue in this post and I’m sure many people will find it super helpful!

    1. Hi, Ingrida!

      I appreciate your comment. Yes, unfortunately, The Irish Method is just one of far too many scams. While The Irish Method is a low budget scheme, it can be very costly to the victim. I’ve heard of people losing tens of thousands to these auto-trading scams.

      Thanks for stopping by,


  10. I like the title of your website! I had never heard of The Irish Method, but I have heard of binary options and I continue to be *astonished* that people would give money to unlicensed brokers. I know, I know, we all want to make money quickly, but the reality is that someone making promises like that can’t possibly keep them. It’s pretty hilarious that he uses the same banner but fake names for the rebrandings in different countries.
    Thanks for steering people clear of choices like this. We all have to look out for one another!

    1. Hi, Penelope!

      Thanks for your kind words. My website is a labor of love and ScamAvenger Girl has a life of her own.

      Yes, The Irish Method is a stinker for sure. It looks like a low-budget operation, but it’s big-time dangerous.

      Thanks for stopping by,


      1. Gary they have me for 250 on Thursday and friday morning it was brutal he basically went on ahead and took another 250 so thats 500euro they’ve stole im canceling all transactions and card in the hope i can stop them having my money and ive shared your site with all the info so mr? And Co i hope will see people cancelling the card. I may be able to do it through new service that lets you work on care of your card

        1. Hi, FrancesMarie!

          I’m so sorry this happened, but thank you for sharing so others may avoid The Irish Method scam. Your credit card company may be able to get your money back.

          I wish I could do more to help you,

          1. Just hearing that I’m glad i didn’t hear the word stupid.
            It’s good enought to know that there’s guys like you who are doing lagite teaching etc. Thank you for replying it means alot Gary.
            Thanks again
            FrancesMarie McLaughlin, Ireland.

          2. Hi, FrancesMarie!

            These scammers know precisely how to manipulate our emotions, so please do not beat yourself up over this. I got scammed for $2,500 a few years back.

            I wish I could do more to help you,

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