Home Cash Code Review

Home Cash Code

Home Cash Code wants you to believe it’s an easy way to make money from home, but is Home Cash Code a Scam? My investigation reveals several layers of misdirection and deception. Follow me as I expose the Devil in the details.

Product: Home Cash Code
Product Website: homecashcode.net
Product Cost: $97 for an outdated eBook, plus unlimited upsells.
Product Owner: Cannot be determined.
Opinion:  Not Recommended

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Home Cash Code.

Home Cash Code promises you an easy way to make money from home. They even promise you could be earning money within five minutes of joining. Do you believe it?

The Home Cash Code website does not reveal how you will be making money until after you give them your name and email. Once Home Cash Code has your information, they send you to a second page. However, look at the top of the page, and you will see you are no longer on the Home Cash Code website. They sent you to Total Income Answer.

What is Home Cash Code?

Home Cash Code website
Home Cash Code website.

On the Total Income Answer page, you are guaranteed to make $397 an hour with their “Certified, Proven and Guaranteed Home Job.” That is very confusing. Is this offer for a job? No.

The moment you arrive on the Total Income Answer page, a video starts to play. At first, it might appear that a major news channel has featured Home Cash Code, but this is misleading.

The same video appears on other websites promoting products. In fact, I’ve found many websites that are so similar to Home Cash Code we can assume they are the same scammer. Here are few examples; Daily Web Biz, Earn at Home Club, Home Profit System, and Financial Health Reset.

Also, the news icons strategically placed the Home Cash Code website have nothing to do with Home Cash Code. Home Cash Code did NOT appear on Fox News, NBC News, USA Today or ABC.

Including these icons on the Home Cash Code website is an attempt to establish credibility where there is none.

Home Cash Code
Home Cash Code leads to Total Income Answer $97!

Is Home Cash Code a Scam?

The product Home Cash Code is selling is nothing more than a worthless $97 eBook. If you buy it, you will be hammered to buy more expensive, and useless make money from home products.

You will not make money with the Home Cash Code eBook or anything else they try to sell you. The so-called products are just excuses to get your money.

Home Cash Code Does NOT Have a Guarantee!

Home Cash Code wants you to believe there is no risk in trying their system. They want you to think they have a “100% Iron-Clad Guarantee.” Not really.

If Home Cash Code gets your money, they are not giving it back.

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The Home Cash Code Double Switch-a-Roo!

I have more to reveal about the Home Cash Code fake guarantee, but first I want to point out the Home Cash Code switch-a-roo. Hold on; this could give you whiplash.

When you sign up on the Home Cash Code web page, Home Cash Code sends you to the Total Income Answer website, but the URL at the top of the page says Ultimate Income Solution.

When you scroll to the bottom of this page and click on “Terms and Conditions,” you are taken to the Terms and Conditions for Pay Day at Home, and if you click on the refund policy you are directed to yet another website, Secure Online Income.

ScamAvenger Girl giving thumbs downWhat happened to Home Cash Code?

Whoever is behind Home Cash Code is purposely hiding their identity. Why on earth would you want to give them your money?

What kind of guarantee do you think you’ll get from someone who won’t reveal who they are?

A Closer Look at the Home Cash Code.

You cannot return the Home Cash Code for a refund if you don’t like it or if you can obviously see that it will not make money.

Halfway down the page in the terms and conditions, you will find a hyperlink for the “refund policy.” Click it and you are taken to the refund policy for yet a different website, Secure Online Income. Scroll down, and you’ll see there are some very challenging conditions you must meet before you are “eligible” to get your money back.

Being eligible to get your money back is not the same as getting your money back.

I strongly suspect that even if you met these conditions, you would not get your money back.

Home Cash Code Reviews.

The only Home Cash Code reviews you will find that do not call it a scam are on affiliate sites trying to make a buck by tossing you into the jaws of the Home Cash Code beast.

The Last Word on Home Cash Code.

Home Cash Code is selling you a dream of making money online but delivering nothing more than garbage. You will not make money with Home Cash Code. You will spend money, perhaps a lot of money.

The business behind Home Cash Code does not want us to know who they are. Their product is worthless, and their guarantee is meaningless. You cannot win with Home Cash Code.

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A Better Option.

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Fortunately, the internet allows you to leverage your work, so you can make more money faster online. But, this doesn’t mean you can get rich quick. It means with the proper training and support, and if you do the work, you can be financially secure in years instead of decades.

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If you found this article helpful or have an experience with Home Cash Code, please leave a comment below. Thank you.

31 thoughts on “Home Cash Code Review

  1. Thank you for your review. This really tells me I need to stay away from Home Cash Code. One of the first thing I look for is the owner and I see there is no mention of who the owner is.

    The $97.00 is a lot of money for a worthless ebook. A lot of people can scammed so badly by people who just want to take other people’s life saving.

    I’ll certainly be letting my friends know to be aware of Home Cash Code.

  2. Thanks for the extensive review. Always good to find this kind of advice.

    To me it also doesn’t sound like a workable way to earn money…How long did u try it?

    You also mention your own online home business. How does that one compare to other schemes like Six Figure Mentors etc.?

    1. Hi, Juan!

      For people searching for a way to honestly make money online, I recommend The Online Entrepreneur Certification course which is produced by the Wealthy Affiliate community. The Online Entrepreneur Certification Course is free and you can enroll via the red opt-in form at the top of this page.

      You asked how it compares to The Six Figure Mentors. There is a world of difference. You can read more about Six Figure Mentors here.

      To answer your question, Wealthy Affiliate is a community of internet marketers, writers and webmasters helping each other succeed online. The starter membership in Wealthy Affiliate is free, as in really free, no credit card needed. There is a paid membership level too and that costs about $50 a month. That is all you’ll ever pay to be a member of Wealthy Affiliate and have everything you need to build a thriving online business.

      Now, let’s take a look at Six Figure Mentors. Six Figure Mentors is a multi-level marketing company at best and may be a pyramid scheme as defined by the FTC. There is a free membership level and a discounted student level, both require a credit card. The first level where you can make money costs $97 a month, but you will be strongly encouraged to go all in and buy every level. The top level costs $20,000 and has a $2,500 annual fee.

  3. Home Cash seems to be yet another scheme that uses ghosting and deception to get your money. I never knew there could be so many layers to one product. Thanks for advising us to always look where you’re being redirected to. I know for a fact I don’t always look for but I will in the future!!

    1. Hi, Deborah!

      The scammers behind Home Cash Code are constantly building layers to their scam. They are shameless and will steal legitimate content from established news sites to make it appear their scheme is legitimate too. It’s not. It’s pure deception that leads to losing your money.

      Thanks for stopping by,


  4. Awesome information! as one who had been trying to make money for years I have run into many scam sites. It is sad but most honest reviews are hard to find, it seems as though members of the scam flood the internet with good reviews of bad sites that finding truth is difficult,

    Thank you for the honest review, I may check back often and see if you have more to share. I can tell you that as a member of the club of marketers mentioned here, I believe it to be the best community on the market, You are right about joining for free an the training cannot be beat. Often times have wondered how they were able to offer so much at a cost of $0. I know they do have one possible upgrade that you can or not join for but then that is it, no up-selling, no pressure, just friends helping friends.

    Again thanks for taking the time to share with us, it should prove to be very helpful.


    1. Hi, Art!

      All those positive reviews for scams like Home Cash Code are just affiliates trying to make a commission. It’s shameful. In forums for affiliate marketers I’ve read that many of these auto-trading scams also scam their affiliates which would serve them right. How can you trust a scammer?

      Thanks too for endorsing The Club. It’s been a lifesaver for me.

      Thanks for stopping by,

  5. I appreciate your info and coverage of this particular scam. I for one was one of them who thought things like these are legitimate especially when you are facing trying times to make money.

    I did not realize there are so many out there that are trying to take advantage of people in need of help and I salute people like you helping out all the people out there who are trying to improve their lives.

    That was very informative and will definitely look out for similar tactics as vile as home cash code… Thank you.

  6. Hi Gary,

    Thanks so much on informing people about this scam. There are so many scam sites now, some even look professional like the one you reviewed. I have ran into a few scam sites, people pretending to have jobs but nothing. I am very careful this days. Thanks for sharing!

  7. Hello Grey,

    Thank you very much for your nice and easy post for warning people about scams. These days it is very important to know the scams websites than the making money websites. It is very interesting that you care about us and want to help us save money and how to make money online the right way.



  8. Having been scammed more than once online (I would like to think that now I am better informed and less likely to fall prey to such schemes) I am grateful to find your site and your thorough analysis of the information out there about making money online.

    I started my foray into online marketing in 2005 and while I have had amazing success, I found that in the early days, I was just too gullible. The old adage “if it seems to good to be true, it probably is” has never been truer.

    Finding a group of honest, like-minded individuals has been a godsend to me and in the last few years, I have had more success online than I could have anticipated way back 12 years ago. Online scammers are more sophisticated nowadays and so people need to become more critical when assessing opportunities.

    You have done a wonderful job with your site of keeping people safe online – keep up the great work.

  9. Hi Gary,

    First of all I love the freeze-frame image that opens up the embedded video in your article. The image of that man with the stocking covering his face is very much that of bank robbers from a previous era.

    Perhaps it’s fitting then that the image matches up perfectly with this scam opportunity, home-cash-code. I mean really, they guarantee that an individual purchasing the worthless $97 ebook can make almost $400/ hour working his/her business. What a bunch of b.s.

    The word “guarantee” would be an immediate turn-off for me as NOTHING is “guaranteed” as far as making real income online in a business and less the person works at it. And not by some get-rich-quick scheme!

    The fact that the individual foolish enough to fork over $97 also cannot apparently be issued a refund is yet another reason why this opportunity has SCAM written all over it. To be avoided at all costs!

    Thank you for again bringing your readers’ attention to yet another opportunity that no one should get involved with under any circumstances!


    1. Hi, Jeff!

      Thanks for your kind words. Home Cash Code is indeed out to rob you. I’m with you. No one can guarantee you’ll make money online. If a make money online offer guarantees an income, you know darn well they are just trying to lure you into a scam.

      Thanks for stopping by,


  10. Wow!! Thank you so much for giving the low down on Home Cash Code. I am frequently looking for ways to make money on line and it is so difficult to find out what is real and what is a scam. Interestingly many of the pages I find that are listed asking if a site is a scam is actually a sales page for the so called scam. It is refreshing to find a site that reveals the problems with a site.

    1. Hi, Christine!

      Home Cash Code is just one face of a very large scam operation. They continually change their name and their websites, but it’s all scam, all the time.

      I’ve seen the tactic you mention of suggesting a website is a scam, but then saying; “Not really, buy this scam through my affiliate link.” Well, that’s worthless, isn’t it?

      Thanks for stopping by,


  11. Thanks Gary for your review of Home Cash Code. There are so many scams out there that it is good to know that there are people like yourself who care about people getting taken advantage of. When I hear people that claim that you can make this amount of money in so many days, I run the other way because they are usually a scam. Thanks for posting this article. Have a great day!

    1. Hi, Monique Hrebeniuk!

      Thanks for you kind words. Unfortunately, scams like Home Cash Code have convinced people it is possible to quickly and easily earn thousands of dollars on the internet without applying skills or offering value. This notion defies the principles of business and economics.

      Thanks for stopping by,


  12. Hi Gary, Thanks for your effort on sharing this. Indeed there are a lot of scam pages and products out there and this seems to be one of it. I also heard about my surrounding people talking about this and hence, i did a google search on it and luckily i found your post to proof that not only me alone think this site is a scam. Good job on it and appreciate your effort!

    1. Hi, Nico!

      I’m so glad you found my site in time. Scams like Home Cash Code can be persuasive and before you know it, you’ve stepped into the trap.

      Thanks for stopping by,


  13. Hey i was wondering, do you know of anyone who has been scammed by them? And how what are the differences between them and wealthy affiliate? I’m sure many people are wondering that!
    I really like the content though! It is very helpful, and hopefully people will stay away from things like that site, because many times those sites prey on the less fortunate.

    1. Hi, Jessie!

      I appreciate your comment. When I investigate a scheme like Home Cash Code, I look for deception. The definition of a scam, according to the Merriam Webster online dictionary, is “a fraudulent or deceptive act or operation.” Home Cash Code is deceptive on multiple levels and focuses on taking people’s money.

      In comparison, Wealthy Affiliate is open and honest and focused on helping people build thriving online businesses. Anyone can join Wealthy Affiliate for free, without risking a dime, and see if it’s right for them.

      Thanks for stopping by,


  14. Oh.. my another scam artist who uses the deception that their site is legit because mainstream media outlets have been covering and claiming they’re a trustworthy business. What a joke. I really hope that not too many have been deceived by their propaganda and heinous crimes.

    Thank you for exposing their hidden agenda, and I believe that you’re doing a really great job. Anyways have a good day and I wish you good luck on your journey.

    1. Hi, Victor!

      The Home Cash Code scammers have been hiding behind and piggybacking on reputable sites for years. Deception is the hallmark of a scam. If they can’t proudly state who they are why would anyone trust them?

      It really is a kind of bait and switch with more than one switch!

      Thanks for stopping by,


  15. Thanks Gary for another great review on a potential internet scam.

    It typically raises tons of red flags for me when websites make false claims about being featured in popular news channels.

    There are too many internet scams nowadays and thankfully you took the time to review some of these programs. Greatly appreciate it!

    1. Hi, Merrell!

      Using the icons of reputable companies seems to be standard fare for scam websites. The people behind Home Cash Code use fake news sites and news media icons on their other sites too. In fact, when I see a website with news media icons on it I immediately think it is a scam. It makes me wonder what will the legitimate websites do for credibility?

      Thanks for stopping by,


  16. Hi – I liked your website. It is pleasing to the eye and the subject matter is interesting I can’t think of a thing that I would change. Your visuals are awesome and so is your page.The only thing that occurred to me was that perhaps where you have stuck in an ad, perhaps you could make a comment outlining why it is there, what it is about, etc.
    Best of luck in your endeavors.

    1. Hi, Trisha!

      I appreciate your comments and insight. The only ads are in the side bar and I think are obvious. I wonder if you mistook an image in the article for an ad so I went back and added a caption. I’ll use captions from here on too. Thanks for pointing that out.


  17. Hey Gary

    Thank you for the thorough review on Home cash Code. I googled this program and read few more reviews on Home Cash Code. All of them told this is scam. Apparently, it is just obvious so I hope nobody will fall for this scam. All of the reviews pointed out the scam scheme involving many other domains (I counted about 8 domain names). I learnt this is called link posting scam.
    I just hope anybody who is interested in this program will google it and see the numerous scam alerts.

    1. Hi, Arta!

      Thanks for telling us more about Home Cash Code. This scammer has been around a long time and, as you mentioned, has a lot of websites all leading to the same scheme.

      Thanks for stopping by,


  18. Hello, Gary.
    thank you for your post, and for keeping our money safe.
    There’s a lot of scam programs and sites, and I am so sorry when some people just sign up without reading some reviews, like this one. I was scammed couple times, so now before joining or buying any program or product on the internet, I read everything I can find about it. So again, thank you for your posts.

    1. Hi, Jelena!

      I’ve been scammed more than I want to admit. But, you know, I think that is the price of doing business on the internet. It’s part of the cost of education. That does not mean we should be careless, only that we should take it in stride.

      Thanks for stopping by,


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