The Earn at Home Club Review.

The Earn at Home Club

The Earn at Home Club pretends to be an easy way to make money online, but is the Earn at Home Club a scam? My investigation reveals several layers of deception. Follow me as I expose the Devil in the details.

Product: Earn at Home Club
Product Website:
Product Cost: $1 to $19 initial fee, then $39/mth, plus upsells.
Product Owner: Colin Boyd
Opinion:  Not Recommended

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The Earn at Home Club.

The Earn at Home Club pretends to be an easy way to make money online. They imply you can make over $300 a day with their program. Although precisely what they are offering is not clear.

Also, implied is that there are limited positions available. So, is this a job offer? Nope!

The Earn at Home ClubThe Earn at Home Club promises you can make $397 a day with a computer and an internet connection.

Then they promise something about learning how to make money online, a quick and easy setup, no techie skills needed, build a new source of income, set your own hours and be your own boss, you can start immediately and thousands have already made money using their system.

Then you’re asked to give them your full name, your email address, and your telephone number! Please don’t.

You don’t even know who the heck these people are or what they are selling and they’re insisting that you give them your personal information.

Legitimate online businesses know they must prove they are trustworthy. Earn at Home Club makes no effort to prove to you they can be trusted and yet insists that give them your personal information. Big red flag!

Earn at Home Club does not need your name and phone number. It is suspicious for them to ask for it. Giving them your info may lead to compromising your identity. It will undoubtedly result in telemarketers calling and pressuring you to buy crappy make money online stuff.

Is the Earn At Home Club A Scam?

Read the disclaimer and you’ll get a hint of what Earn at Home Club truly is.

All the large print on the landing page implies that you can make nearly $400 a day with their program. They even invite you to “Join the thousands who have already made money using this system.” But, as you’ll see in the disclaimer, Earn at Home Club does not track the earnings of people who use their system, so how the heck do they know if thousands are making money with it?

They don’t even bother to see if the testimonies are true.

Read the disclaimer closely, and you’ll see that Earn at Home Club doesn’t promise you a darn thing.

The Earn at Home Club
How can they make the claims they do on the landing page if they don’t know if anyone has ever made money with Earn at Home Club?

In other words, they want you to believe that Earn at Home Club will show you how to make money. Unfortunately, Earn at Home Club does not have a clue if their system works or not! My guess is NOT!

The last line at the bottom of the Earn at Home Club landing page is the website address and copyright. ©2010.

As I write this article, it is mid-March 2017. According to the Earn at Home Club’s disclaimer, they have been promoting their system as a money maker for seven years, but have no idea if their system works.

It is deceiving to promise that you can make money when they don’t know if you can. Deception is the hallmark of a scam.

In other words, Earn at Home Club is not about helping you make money. It’s about Earn at Home Club helping themselves to your money!

Earn at Home Club is Selling a Pig in a Poke.

ScamAvenger Girl giving thumbs downEarn at Home Club is selling you a dream of making money online, but delivers nothing more than a monthly bill. It is doubtful you will learn how to make money online with Earn at Home Club. They don’t even know if their system works after seven years of dumping it on people.

If you join Earn at Home Club, please don’t, but if you do, your card will be charged $1 to $19 for a three-day trial period. After three days, Earn at Home Club will bill your card for the full membership price of $39 and will bill your card $39 each month until you cancel.

Soon after you join, Earn at Home will offer you a ten-day free trial for additional training. After this ten-day period, they will charge your card $29, and again each month you remain in the program. You could easily pay nearly $70 a month for their program which doesn’t work.

Earn at Home Club promises you can cancel anytime you wish and that you have a ninety-day guarantee. Do you trust them to honor these promises?

Read the disclaimer, and you’ll see they have already put into place excuses for not honoring their guarantee of canceling your subscription promptly.

The Last Word on Earn at Home Club.

You will not make money with Earn at Home Club. You will spend money, perhaps a lot of money.

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If you found this article helpful or have an experience with Earn at Home Club, please leave a comment below. Thank you.

32 thoughts on “The Earn at Home Club Review.

  1. Well I searched for some thought about The Earn At Home Club myself and only found mostly negative info. I also did not think that their site was presented in a professional way. You have presented a much more professional and more Clearly, relevant information for people to see that it is a scam.
    The promises themselves of make money….. TODAY and the stated minimum amount of over $300.00 per day is so falsely presented. To me they are blatantly taking advantage of people. They do say all the misleading “right” words. To me it’s very sad to take advantage so many innocent unsuspecting people. I was wondering if you found any information as to people receiving a refund if requested.
    Another thing The up sell was presented ( and before the first trial even ended) in such a way that you would lose out of the opportunity if you didn’t take the deal right NOW; after all YOU were specially chosen by their committee as being qualified; they don’t even know you yet; what another disaster on their part; right.
    Thank God there are people like you bringing it to the attention of unsuspecting people like…Me.

    1. Hi, Tommy!

      Thank you for taking the time to comment. I’ve known anyone to get a refund from the Earn at Home Club. I doubt anyone ever has. Money only flows one way with scams like this.

      Thanks for stopping by,


  2. I heard about Earn at Home Club for a period of time but never go into details. By the way good article – neat and informative.

    I read your review about Earn at Home Club and I realize you spent quiet time to list the details of the product, as well as your personal experience and advice about it.

    Your review here tells me a lot about how you care about your readers.

    Thanks for the heads up for Earn at Home Club.

  3. Hi There,
    This is a very well-written post. I appreciate the very honest review and the “real story” with The Earn at Home Club. The article was concise and had the perfect amount of information to make the reader determine the that this online business is not legit. The very specific details regarding The Earn at Home Club gives the reader the sense that you have really done your research – this definitely wins over the reader’s trust and it definitely won mine! Thank you for sharing your information!

    1. Hi, Cindy!

      I’m glad you found my article on The Earn at Home Club helpful. Indeed, it’s a real stinker and unfortunately has exploited a lot of people. I wish people who want to make money online would understand there is no magic software that will quickly and easily make them money. 

      Thanks for stopping by,


  4. Wonderful review of a program that seems dishonest from the word go, if only one would stop and read the small print. I also liked how you presented WA as a group of friendly entrepreneurs helping each other – which is so true! And the animation and voice-over was very engaging too.

    1. Hi, Jacquie!

      Thank you for your kind words. I had a blast making the video, although my avatar is better looking than I am in life. 

      Thanks for stopping by,


  5. Thanks for the review. I’m always on the look out for legitimate ways to add to my income stream and well, I don’t think I’ll be adding the earn at home club as one of them lol

    The claims of a magnificent income, followed shortly after by the disclaimers, are a sure fire sign that all is not right here. I wonder in the seven years the site has been going how many people have been fooled into parting with their hard-earned cash?

    1. Hi, Del!

      Like you, I wonder how many people have been financially ruined by The Earn at Home Club scam. Unfortunately, probably thousands if not tens of thousands. One is too many.

      Thanks for stopping by,


  6. Two things normally ring red flag to me of some sort of scheme not to be trusted.
    The first one is the one of programs showing you a video that will go on for a long time and will proclaim what a fantastic program you are about to join, but never tell you what it entails.
    The second point that makes me suspicious is when online programs guarantee you massive, or dare I say unrealistic, earnings, but then they withdraw on that guarantee in their disclaimer.
    So, you end asking yourself: is it true or is it not?
    Unfortunately, I feel that The Earn At Home Club meets both my red flag criteria. So, I am afraid it will have to be a big NO NO for me.
    Thanks for your honest review, Gary.

    1. Hi, GiuliaB!

      I agree completely. I have a theory that is constantly proven to be true. The theory is the longer the sales video, the more it’s going to cost you if you get involved.

      Thanks for stopping by,


  7. First, i would like to say thank you for serving our country and keeping us free. I just joined Wealthy Affiliate and I can say it works if you put it to work. Internet businesses are not scams if you turn them into businesses; which takes a lot of hard work and putting in time to develop your business. Keep up the good work!


  8. I love this review! You used great graphics and video. I also like how easy you made it for someone to get information on Wealthy Affiliate!

    I am curious as to how many online money-making offers you have reviewed and if anyone has ever offered you a negative review on the program that you are referring viewers to. Or if anyone has read one of your reviews where you ruled that a program was a scam and commented that you were wrong and claimed that they have made money utilizing that program. What would your response be to them?

    1. Hi, Kristin!

      Thank you for your kind words of encouragement about my article The Earn at Home Club.

      I’ve reviewed about a hundred make-money online offers and programs. No one has ever been directly critical of the program I recommend, at least, not to me. Actually, I get several thank you emails each week for directing people to it. Since it is truly free to try, there is no risk.

      I do occasionally get an email critical of me for labeling a program a scam, usually from an affiliate for that program or the owner. Occasionally, they will threaten to sue me, but they never do because they don’t want anyone looking that closely at their operation.

      If someone claims to have made money with a program I criticized, I would want them to prove to me how much it cost them to make the money they made and how much time it cost them too. Often, people claim to make money when it costs them a hundred bucks to make ten. You have better odds in Vegas.

      I would also want to know how much control they have over the business. Is it an MLM that can change the rules, steal your downline or go out of business leaving you high and dry? Or is it a legitimate business you have complete control over and totally own?

      You asked some great questions.

      Thanks for stopping by,


  9. Hi Gary. I really like your website. It has a professional look and feel, and I love how your photo and some personal info appears on every page, not just the About page.

    Your use of headlines, different sizes and placement of images, and small paragraphs made it easy on the eyes and pulled me into your content right away. Plus having several different ways to get to WA should be effective.

    Beautiful. Simple. Effective.


  10. Hi Gary,

    Thank you for a great well thought out site, you are right deception is the hallmark of a scam, and I am sorry to say I have been the victim of some of those scams in the past.
    I am so grateful for people like you who take the time to expose these sites for what they are. Your page is very well planned out, easy to read and gives all the right information to make a great decision on were not to go to make money on line.

    1. Hi, Russ!

      The Earn at Home Club is just the internet version of the classic pig in a poke scam. Fortunately, in the US and most western countries, the FTC requires “make-money” type businesses to post earning disclaimers. Usually, if a person takes the time to read the disclaimer, they will see that the offer is not what it pretends to be.

      If a “make-money” site does not have an earning disclaimer or if the disclaimer is impossible to understand, it’s a scam. Run away!

      Russ, I’m sorry you got scammed, but pleased to see you are still in the game. Getting scammed online seems to be part of the educational process. I’ve been scammed too and I should know better. Some scammers are geniuses at what they do, evil geniuses, but brilliant just the same.

      Thanks for stopping by,


  11. Hi Gary, thank you for the heads up on this Earn at Home Club scam.So many people get roped into these scams and it hits not only there pockets but confidence too. Luckily I did not come across it on my online travels and instead found a legitimate way to make some money from home.Keep up the great writing.

    1. Hi, Trev!

      The Earn at Home Club is just one facet of a multifaceted scam. All of their websites appear to lead back to the same tired, over-priced and totally useless eBook.

      Thanks for stopping by,


  12. Hi Gary,

    Thanks for the review on “The earn at home club”, it is rather thought provoking!

    Especially the part about the disclaimer, if they want to attract customers to sign up, the least they can do is to update these statistics (Or perhaps, it is as you mention, there are simply no numbers to be shown)…

    Once more, appreciate your honest review on such programs out there and hope it reaches more people so that no one will fall for it!

    1. Hi, Merrell!

      The Earn at Home Club is just one portal into this scam, but apparently it ensnares many people. Unfortunately, the people who should research an offer before they get involved are usually not the ones who do. Also, most countries do not require money making promotions to post a disclaimer. It all comes back to “if it sounds too good to be true, it probably is.”

      Thanks for stopping by,


  13. I knew there was something about this site. I have seen this site off and on in the past and was always curious about it’s program….not to join just curious…now I know what the deal is, great review

    1. Hi, Geek!

      I’m glad you found my article on The Earn at Home Club helpful and that you did not get involved.

      Thanks for stopping by,

  14. Hi Gary,

    Earn-at-home club does seem like a scam. There are lots of scams like this online. People promising others they will earn big money but that’s simply not true. It’s sad these scammers put all their hard work into illegal activity instead trying to build a legit business for people. Thanks for sharing!

    1. Hi, Lady-Val!

      I’m convinced scammers think differently than most of us. They are probably garden variety psychopaths and couldn’t play fair if their life depended on it. I agree, for all the work it would be easier to build a legitimate business, but they aren’t made that way.

      Thanks for stopping by,


  15. I love your site.
    I have seen your last post on what is my millionaire mentor and loved that too as well. This is great because what I have seen too is that the earn at home club does have a clue if their system works or not. There are so many online scams and sadly many people do fall victim to it. You are doing so many people a huge favor by providing them with all the facts needed to prove that these companies are scams. Thank you again for this!

    1. Hi, Yancey!

      I appreciate your kind and encouraging words. My website is a labor of love and exposing scams is what I live for. Unfortunately, the internet is a scammers paradise and it’s only getting worse. The Earn at Home Club is merely one nasty tentacle of a very large scam operation.

      Thanks for stopping by,


  16. Hi Gary,
    I see this site advertised all over the place, it’s a shame most don’t read the fine print before joining these kinds of programs. I am assuming the only way anyone will earn money is to sucker someone else to join. The problem with these kinds of programs is that people invest money only to realize it’s a piece of junk but they will still promote it to try to get back the money they wasted. You did a good review here and hopefully, it will save someone from joining and wasting their time.

    1. Hi, Cathy!

      The Earn at Home Club promotes a strategy of posting links online that does not work. The scam has many, many levels. It starts with selling a worthless eBook for $97 and continues with them selling you one worthless make money online product after another until you either wake up or run out of money.

      Wording in the Earn at Home Club terms and conditions suggest they will charge your credit card without your permission and will continue to charge your credit card until you notify them in writing via snail mail.

      Thanks for stopping by,


  17. Greetings Gary,

    Oh…if only I had come across your site 5 years ago!!! I was fortunate enough not have lost a lot of money, but the time I wasted searching for something legitimate is just too much to count.

    I have no doubt that I came across the Earn at Home Club; both your video and post are clear and with a no-nonsense approach.

    I am so grateful to be a part of Wealthy Affiliate now and appreciate the “crusade” you’ve taken on, Gary to shed light on those “shady” businesses.

    All the best,

    1. Hi, Veronica!

      Unfortunately, there are far more scams online than legitimate places to learn internet marketing. The Earn at Home Club is just one of a legion. Thank you for your kind words of encouragement.

      I’ve been scammed more than I want to admit. I think it’s a right of passage for people who serious about building an online business. Like you, I’m grateful I found Wealthy Affiliate. It has made all the difference in the world.

      Thanks for stopping by,


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