Daily Web Biz Review

Daily Web Biz

Daily Web Biz pretends to be an easy way to make money online, but is Daily Web Biz a scam? My investigation reveals layers of meticulous deception and an evil gotcha. Follow me as I expose the Devil in the details.

Product: Daily Web Biz
Product Website: dailywebbiz.com
Product Cost: $97 for a stupid eBook, plus unlimited upsells.
Product Owner: Summit Peak Marketing
Opinion:  Not Recommended

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Daily Web Biz.

Daily Web Biz promises you an easy way to make money online. They even promise you could be earning money within five minutes of joining. The Daily Web Biz website does not say how you will be making money until after you give them your name and email and go to the second page.

daily web bizOn the second page, Daily Web Biz guarantees you can make $397 an hour with their “Certified, Proven and Guaranteed Home Job.” What the heck does that mean?

When you first arrive on the second page, a video begins to play. This video is a segment of a news report about working from home. It has nothing to do with Daily Web Biz. It’s just some video the Daily Web Biz people stole and made to look like a reputable news organization endorsed them.

Also, the network icons plastered all over the Daily Web Biz website are meaningless. Daily Web Biz did NOT appear on Fox News, NBC News, USA Today or ABC.

What is Daily Web Biz?

The product the Daily Web Biz is selling is nothing more than a stupid eBook that teaches a link posting method to make money. The eBook costs $97, but it’s worthless. You will not make money with their method. It doesn’t work. If you try to make money posting links, you are only wasting your time.

But, that’s not the worse part.

Is Daily Web Biz a Scam?

Daily Web Biz wants you to believe there is no risk in trying their system. They want you to think you are protected by a “100% Iron-Clad Guarantee.” You’re not.

The Daily Web Biz Terms and Conditions states in several places that  “All Sales are Final.”

If you give Daily Web Biz your money, you will not get it back.

But, it gets worse, much worse.

Daily Web Biz is a Scam.

By simply buying the stupid eBook Daily Web Biz is selling, you enter a legally binding contract!

In the Daily Web Biz Terms and Conditions, you will find language that strongly indicates that Daily Web Biz is prepared to charge your credit card without your permission. You will be legally obligated to pay these expenses.

If you do not pay the expenses Daily Web Biz charges to your card, it could damage your credit history and lower your credit score!

The Daily Web Biz Terms and Conditions states that it is not enough to cancel. You must specifically tell them in writing not to charge your card for additional products and services.

Behold the evil heart of the Daily Web Biz Beast!

Daily Web Biz Complaints.

Unfortunately, the Daily Web Biz complaints I found online indicate they do indeed continue to charge your credit card after you think you have canceled. Daily Web Biz will not help you make money. Daily Web Biz will help themselves TO your money!

Daily Web Biz Reviews.

Yes, there are positive reviews online for Daily Web Biz, but consider the source. Every positive Daily Web Biz review I found had an affiliate link leading to the Daily Web Biz website.

Daily Web Biz is a Financial Nightmare.

Daily Web Biz is selling you a dream of making money online but delivering nothing more than runaway expenses.

Unfortunately, even after you cancel your credit card, they can legally sue you for expenses owed because of the language in their Terms and Conditions.

If you join Daily Web Biz, you are stepping into a financial nightmare.

The Last Word on Daily Web Biz.

You will not make money with Daily Web Biz. You will spend money, perhaps a lot of money.

The Daily Web Biz product is worthless. Their guarantee is meaningless, and they will probably continue to bill your credit card after you cancel. And, you will be legally obligated to pay all charges they have made against your card. You cannot win with Daily Web Biz.

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23 thoughts on “Daily Web Biz Review

  1. Gary,
    I have been looking into daily-web-biz and whilst researching I tripped across your review. The reason why I researched is because there were a few alarm bells going off in my head.
    On the host page there is no mention of affiliated costs and on so-called review pages the pictures of the luxury lifestyle and the limited spots available claim were flags, however I was still not sure either way as the host page makes no outlandish claims and does not promise huge incomes.
    I assume that scammers are getting cleverer and that they are evolving away from the usual over-hyped promises or maybe in this case trying both ways.
    Looking a little deeper I have found out that since October their hits have decreased by 66% which can be seen as a clear sign of a scam – They start out big and then tail off quite quickly as word gets out.

    Glad I did my research!


  2. To be honest, there are lots of this kind of money making program, app, video on the internet. I spent 5 digits of dollars to learn internet marketing in the past. Some of them are legit, but not honestly told you the truth, some of them sold you old ways which never useful anymore. Many of them are cheap in the entrance but coming with upselling.

    I think Daily Web Biz is just one of scammers. Now people will search reviews to see what people’s comments are, but I found couple times that many of review on the first page are created by scammers themselves. Hope those people search review of Daily Web Biz will find out your article to be free from the scam.

  3. Hi,

    Thanks for the review and warning. With the way online marketing goes lately I think a lot of honest people get trapped by a luck of knowledge. Thanks for taking the time to investigate and highlight the pitfalls.

    I really hope a lot of people will read this before jumping in!


  4. Gary, thank you for taking the time to investigate and write up this detailed review.
    I’ve already lost money on useless scams just like this one, so have been doing a lot more research this time. So I’m glad that I found your site.
    Too many scammers out there, and not enough honest people like you to expose them!

    I see you suggest Wealthy Affiliate, and I immediately started looking that up. It’s looking promising.

    Thanks again

  5. Gary, thanks for creating these reviews, I think you will be saving people a lot of time and money.

    I just wonder about these scammers… I mean, they put in all that hard work and effort to create the websites and content, so why not just do something that is actually helpful?

    What do you think is the main belief/mindset that drives these people? Do they really think that this is the only way to make money in this world?

    The criminal/scammer mindset is one who only wants to take take take and not give anything back, only concerned with what they can get, no rules, no morality.

    It’s like some strange mutated perverse form of the survival mechanism that supposedly kicks in when the world appears as a loveless place. Maybe they had a rough childhood and this is some kind of revenge, I don’t know

    But where does it lead? How can they live with themselves?

    Again, why not just use all that effort to do something that is honest and helpful. They would get much more in the end 🙂

  6. Wow. This one is horrible. It’s one thing when a get rich quick scheme doesn’t get you rich, but to actually take money from you?! This is horrible. They basically create wording into a contract that allows them to “legally” steal from you since it’s a contract. How horrible is that? I hope the word gets out on these guys and fast!

  7. Just another program that makes claims and offers unbelievable results. We all want to be success when trying to build a home business and we want it so bad that sometimes we fall into the to good to be true words of these programs that just turn out to be a scam.

    Thank you for shedding light on another scam that could cause an honest person to invest their hard earned money into something that will produce no results.

  8. Wow! There are lots of companies and websites out there that pretend to be able to make you money, only to charge you 90 something bucks and disappear, but these guys take it a step further.

    All that crap in the terms and conditions about being able to charge your card.. I mean losing out on some money is one thing but damaging your credit history and losing money on a regular basis is a whole different story.

    It’s such a good thing there are people like you out there who investigate these things and are able to post reviews like this to warn people.

    Thanks for sharing!

    1. Hi, Steph!

      The Daily Web Biz disclaimer is the most sinister I’ve seen yet. The scammer behind The Daily Web Biz has several other sites, but none that I’ve found have this “contract” language. Anyway you slice it, it’s still a scam and there is no way to win with these guys.

      Thanks for stopping by,


  9. Hi Gary,

    Are you kidding me? This daily-web biz bogus “job” opportunity can continue to put charges on an individual’s credit card after he/she foolishly invested the initial $97 for their junk ebook? That is unless the person contacts them in writing about the desire to cancel as you so noted.

    Isn’t something like that illegal? I guess not although to be honest it would be that person’s fault for not reading carefully what is in this fraud company’s contract regarding continued charges.

    People should realize that purchasing a scam ebook that “guarantees” job leads is the one of the greatest cons going online regarding money-making opportunities/employment.

    That ebook could be months or even years old. It is sad that people continue to fall for these schemes but I feel because many are desperate to earn $$ that they just do not think of do research before committing to anything.

    Thank you for the time you put into your articles to continue to educate those individuals who continue to be clueless and fall for these scams.


    1. Hi, Jeff!

      Daily Web Biz is the only place I’ve seen a disclaimer that claims a person is agreeing to a contract that lets the scammer continue to charge their card. The scammer behind Daily Web Biz has many more sites that lead to the same worthless eBook and they also continue to charge people’s credit cards, but the disclaimer is worded differently.

      My guess is that if someone complains, the scammer will show them that they agreed to let the scammer charge their credit card and thus blame the victim. The bottom line is that there is nothing of value to be had with Daily Web Biz and a very real risk of losing a lot of money.

      Thanks for stopping by,


  10. What a worthless a fraud.. daily web biz has comited heinous crimes. This is not right. I can’t believe that when you actually purchase their stupid book they actually binds you to their terms and conditions.

    This is not good at all. I’m glad that you have exposed these thugs trying to scam regular people that actually claim that they’ve been on mainstream news outlets

    1. Hi, Victor!

      I know that binding contract is new to me too. I noticed that in other websites with this same scammer they do not have the same disclosure. I wonder if it’s a test. It is doubtful it would stand up in court, but most people won’t take it that far because of the expense. The scammers know this.

      Thanks for stopping by,


  11. Good Afternoon Gary
    It is always good to get a fresh perspective about a websites like Daily Web Biz. I wonder if the same organization is putting up all these scam sites because their seems to be a reoccurring theme. If making money online was as easy as they say the whole world would be rich, poverty would be a thing of the past and the and we would all live in a panacea. Making money online or anywhere is hard work.

    1. Hi, Ralph Jones!

      Scams like Daily Web Biz change their facade on a regular basis. The scam and the scammer stay the same, but when their reputation is known, they simply throw up another website with a new name and keep on scamming.

      I agree if it was as easy to make money online as they pretend, minimum wage would be a million bucks and a candy bar would cost $100K!

      Making money is not difficult when you know what to do. It does take time, commitment and sustained effort, but it’s not difficult. I’ve worked much harder for a lot less. Here is the best place I’ve found to learn how to make money online the right way. There’s no risk and it’s free to join.

      If a person would devote some time to learning how to make money online the right way, take action and commit to their success, they can change the finances of their family for generations.

      Making money online is a lot easier than dragging yourself to a dead-end job every day.

      Thanks for stopping by,


  12. Hello Gary,
    Boy, the scams online are really getting worse by the day. They not only have you purchase a worthless e-book they also have the right to charge your card as they see fit! I am so glad to be one of your subscribers! Giving me a heads up on what Daily Web Biz is up too. Wow, if it wasn’t for your site… protecting us! I know that I probably would of fell into someone’s trap by now. Thank you so much Gary for letting us know about this SCAM! Debra

    1. Hi, Debra!

      Daily Web Biz is the first time I’ve come across this trick of a binding contract. This scammer has a lot of similar websites all leading to the $97 eBook offer. On the other sites, the terms and conditions does not mention the binding contract.

      I’m not a lawyer, but I seriously doubt if the binding contract is enforceable. This scammer would never want to bring legal scrutiny on it sleazy operation. The claim of a binding contract is probably just to intimidate a victim.

      Thanks for stopping by,


  13. Looks like the scamer strikes again. I’ll go to the bank and inform them I’ve been scamed. Inform me more if you can. I hope I don’t have to change my account number, again.

  14. Thanks for the heads up on this.

    It is actually pretty ridiculous in my opinion, the fact that after purchasing their ebook you would be binded to a contract. I’m actually wondering if it’s legal for them to keep charging your credit card like that.

    Although initially it is quite obvious that they are a scam. They do make a lot of stupid claims. Making money in the first 5 minutes of joining should be an obvious red flag.

    1. Hi, Lucas!

      I doubt if the contract that Daily Web Biz claims you enter is an actual binding contract since there is no “meeting of the minds.” However, if it convinces a person that they are in a contract, it serves its purpose just the same.

      Also, it is doubtful that they can legally continue to charge someone’s credit card. The company I suspect that is behind Daily Web Biz has been investigated for this in the past. However, they hide behind many layers of corporations which makes it very expensive for anyone to try to bring them to justice. Ultimately, it’s cheaper for a Daily Web Biz scam victim to cancel their credit card and cut their losses. In the end, the scammer keeps the money and lives to scam again.

      Thanks for stopping by,


  15. Hi Gary,
    There are lots of money making websites online.There are so many kinds of scams in different forms nowadays.Even there are fakes companies and businesses offline too.

    I had encountered many scam websites in the past.It is not easy to spot a scam these days because scammers are getting more IT savvy.

    There were some comments stated that someone had lost money on Binary options recently.

    Reading reviews before joining is a good way to prevent from getting scammed.Hence,i am not sure some of the reviews and comments are true or not.

    Well a good guideline is not to part with the money on something that is too good to be true.

    It is nice reading your review of Daily Web Biz.

    1. Hi, David Koh!

      Daily Web Biz unfortunately is just one of dozens of websites promoting this same scam. There is no way to make money with what they offer.

      Thanks for stopping by,


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