What is Work at Home EDU?

What is Work at Home EDU

Work at Home EDU pretends to be an educational website that teaches how to earn money from home, but is Work at Home EDU a scam? My investigation reveals suspicious redirections and multiple layers of misinformation. Follow me as I expose the Devil in the details.

Product: Work at Home EDU
Product Website: workathomeedu.com
Product Cost: $97 for an eBook, plus unlimited upsells.
Product Owner: Cannot be determined.
Opinion:  Not Recommended

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What is Work at Home EDU?

Work at Home EDU promises you a fast and easy way to make money from home. They even promise you could be earning money within 90 seconds with their amazing system. Do you believe it?

The Work at Home EDU website does not disclose how you will make money until after you give them your name and email address. Once they have your information, Work at Home EDU sends you to a second page. However, look at the top of the second page, and you will see you are no longer in the Work at Home EDU website. You are on the Total Income Answer website.

What is Work at Home EDUThe Total Income Answer page guarantees you will make $397 an hour with their “Certified, Proven and Guaranteed Home Job.” It almost sounds like they are offering you a job. They pretend there are limited openings in your area. But, they are not offering you a job.

The video even says something about work from home jobs. Did a major news network feature Work at Home EDU? No. A news network did NOT feature Work at Home EDU. The video has been hijacked and edited to create the illusion that Work at Home EDU is legitimate. It’s not.

The unknown scammer behind Work at Home EDU uses the same video on dozens of other websites. You can watch the original video here.

Also, the news icons strategically placed on the Work at Home EDU website have nothing to do with Work at Home EDU. And, Work at Home EDU did NOT appear on Fox News, NBC News, USA Today or ABC.

The icons on the Work at Home EDU website is an attempt to establish credibility where there is none.

Is Work at Home EDU a Scam?

Work at Home EDU is selling a worthless eBook that promotes link posting. The eBook costs $97, but that is just the beginning. If you buy the eBook, Work at Home EDU will have your phone number and your credit card info. Expect telemarketers to hound you to buy more expensive make money from home products and services.

Nothing you buy through Work at Home EDU will earn you money from home.

The Work at Home EDU Guarantee.

Work at Home EDU wants you to believe there is no risk in trying their system. They want you to think you are protected by a “100% Iron-Clad Guarantee.” You are not.

If Work at Home EDU gets your money, they are not giving it back.

If you don’t like the Work at Home EDU ebook, or if you immediately see that it’s nothing but junk, you cannot get a refund.

The refund policy states you must jump through several hoops before you are “eligible” for a refund. That’s not the same as getting a refund.

I strongly suspect that even if you met these conditions, you would not get your money back.

The Last Word on Work at Home EDU

The only good Work at Home EDU reviews are affiliate sites trying to sell you down the river for a commission.

Work at Home EDU is selling you a dream of earning money online, but delivering nothing but smoke and mirrors. The Work at Home EDU product is worthless. Their guarantee is meaningless.

You will not make money with Work at Home EDU. You will only spend money. If the telemarketers get hold of you, you will spend a lot of money.

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If you found this article helpful or have an experience with Work at Home EDU, please leave a comment below. Thank you.

37 thoughts on “What is Work at Home EDU?

  1. Hi Gary
    You just saved me $97. thanks for that. It’s amazing the kind of things that people will try to get you to part from your hard earned money.

    I hate it when telemarketers hound you call after call. The fact that Work at Home EDU do not honour their money back guarantee shows that these guys do not have the customers interest or well-being at heart.

    I am going check out your recommendation. That sounds much better.


    1. Hi, Roopesh!

      I’m so glad you found my article about Work at Home EDU helpful. Yes, that would have been $97 misspend and invited a load of telemarketer pain.

      Thanks for stopping by,


  2. Hello Gary,
    Thanks you for your article about Work at Home EDU, it has given us to all your readers the necessary information to avoid enter in this scamy product.
    I have learned that before I make a purchase on Internet, to Google about the site or product reviews and there are always sincere and meticulous explanations about it that allows me to make the right decision for me.
    I think you shoud write this single advice in your post or in another.

    1. Hi, Franklin!

      I appreciate your advise and wonder why I haven’t mentioned it before. Thanks for the nudge.

      And, thanks for stopping by,


  3. I appreciate the heads up on this one. There are so many scams out there that it can make your head spin. Using the letters EDU is a very tricky strategy to lead one to believe it is a legitimate educational website. One of the first telltale signs of something fishy is re-directions and multiple layers of misinformation. $97 is a lot of money to pay for something that does not deliver what is promised. The other thing with the owner being not determined is a serious red flag to me. I feel that if you really stand behind your product you would at least put your name on it. Thanks again for the heads-up!

  4. Wow! This review was very informative and straight to the point. It is important that we have people who are on the look out for the online business community from being scammed. Some times its hard to tell the real from the fake. it is refreshing for a skeptic as myself to know there are real business opportunities online that has been proven to work such as the online community you are apart of. Best wishes to you!

  5. Thank you very much for the warning. I found your article very detailed and informative. It is a shame that there are so many of those so called “companies” out there, just waiting for their victims, making empty promises which they never deliver on. Your article helps to avoid making a costly mistake. I also appreciate the information of how to make money, building a legitimate on line business. Best wishes.

  6. Thank you that was a very educational review on EDU and how you will get scammed out of your money. I especially liked the video as it’s a nice touch. With so many money making scams it’s hard to keep up with them all. I also liked the review outline as it is very thorough and well researched.

  7. Work at Home EDU is one of many sites on the internet that pray on vulnerable people looking for a different way of life, a life of pure freedom and it will only make their situation worse.

    I have came across many of these systems that claim you will make a sum of money in a short period of time and we all just need to remember nothing comes that easy. You must invest time and have dedication for your success. It will take time and hard work to get what you seek. Stay away from scams such as these… If it’s to good to be true then it probably is!

    Good Article Gary, Thanks!

    1. Hi, Salvatore!

      Thanks for pointing out that making money online is possible, but it requires sustained effort and patience. Really, it’s a lot like making money off-line. The big difference is, if you know what you’re doing, you can leverage the awesome power of the internet to your advantage.

      Thanks for stopping by,


  8. Hi Gary!
    I enjoyed stoogeing around your site ! I liked the presentation , the black around the headings on the home page and the use of funny “get you in” graphics which is what I try to use too !
    I must have been lucky to find WA after reading about all the different ones you reviewed. I did get ALMOST sucked into one and believe it or not after pulling out before spending a cent (thank goodness!) AND sending them a terse email I am STILL getting invitations to Ra- Ra sessions!!!!! Unbelievable ! So I really appreciated the list of things to watch out for when weighting up whether or not one of these gt rich quick schemes is a scam!
    I liked you theme (better than mine ) but maybe I can tweak mine as Im still not finished the training! I had NO idea what to choose given I had NO idea what I was lookiing for at the time !!
    All in all it was very informative and I think the every day Jo would find it very helpful when looking for a reputable online money making site !

    PS. I also liked your “about me” …a man of vast experience and many talents which i think adds a lot of cred to your opinions.

  9. I’m not to familiar with this program but it definitely has all the components of a scam. My number one scam alert is an unknown owner and of course this program has an unknown owner. That turns me off automatically but not only is the owner not known, with this program, you have to provide your information before you even know how it works as well as the unlimited number of upsells. To me that all screams SCAM.

    Great review and I hope anyone considering this program reads this review first.

  10. Thanks for the head up on this work at home Edu. Another crap. I would say you did a good job for writing this review so that helping others people to stay away from this programs.

    Yeah, Normally I would stay away with those “sound too good to be true” enticing speech. Within 90 seconds and make money? No way!! and the unlimited upsells make me frustrated the most.

    I would say I am 100% stay out.

    Keep up the good work man.

  11. This is a good a a example of the saying that goes: (experience is the best teacher out there).

    You are not alone not with this particular EDU but other out of product and self acclaimed gurus out there.

    Thanks for the great post and your experience sharing will help a lot of folks out here to be wise in more ways than one.

    I personally have never heard of EDU and surely will not be looking into it either.

    1. Hi, Richard!

      I appreciate your comment. With regards to Work at Home EDU, the EDU is just an attempt to build credibility where there is none. Work at Home EDU is not an educational organization. It’s a criminal organization.

      Thanks for stopping by,


  12. I am glad you made a review about work at home EDU.
    For some days I have been getting emails from work at home, to buy thier products.I however didnot like the product and neglected it,because it costed $97 just for an ebook ,now from your site I came to know that it is fraud site .i am really helpful to you for saving my bucks and getting my money into the wrong pocket.
    I will trust scam avenger forever.

    1. Hi, Amit Misal!

      I’m so glad you found my site before you paid for the worthless Work at Home EDU eBook. The scammers behind this scheme use dozens of different websites, but they all lead back the same eBook and they all ask for your phone number.

      The $97 eBook is just the beginning. It opens the flood gates for telemarketers to hound you. I’m glad I helped you avoid that fate.

      Thanks for stopping by,


  13. Gary,
    I am amazed at your continued diligence in coming up with so many fraud opportunities, all designed to rip off innocent people.

    I would hope that any right minded individual would not seriously believe that he/she could make $397/hour working from home in any kind of online business. If anyone does then shame on him/her.

    I have heard and seen online opportunities that after a person clicks on a link suddenly is re-directed to something else that is entirely different; the case with work-at-home edu.

    I have also seen these type of fraud opportunities that try and sell the lie that major cable/television channels give their full endorsement to the offer. Nothing more than a lie.

    The fact that any person foolish enough to fork over the original $97 for the junk ebook and not be able to get a refund literally reeks of it being a scam.

    My word anyone falling for this clear-cut con offer really needs to get his/her head out of the sand. How many people could earn almost $3,200 based on an 8 hour work day in a “work from home job”? These are the same individuals who you probably could sell property to them on the moon with these folks believing that it would be valuable!


    1. Hi, Jeff!

      I agree completely with your assessment of Work at Home EDU.

      I’m constantly trying to understand the mindset of the people who are taken in by these scams. For some victims, I think the internet still has a magical allure. Perhaps people think because the internet can do so many amazing things it can also make tons of money in some magical way.

      In my experience, someone with the right training, who knows what he or she is doing, can make good money in a relatively short period of time, but it’s not over night and it takes consistent effort and commitment.

      Thanks for stopping by,


  14. Thanks for this lifesaver of an article.

    Its so sad, that these guys will try every single trick in the book and will not stop until they get a hold of your hard cash.

    I have learnt now to not just believe anything that claims it will make you money fast, especially if it says ‘within 90 seconds,’ like Work at Home EDU.

    Appreciate your work on exposing these scammers.
    Keep up the fantastic work

    1. Hi, Roopesh!

      There are so many scams online like Work at Home EDU, it is nearly impossible for a newbie to learn legitimate ways to make money online. Apparently, the road to online success leads through some dangerous territory. Work at Home EDU is bad enough. Not only will it take your money, but it can destroy a person’s will to succeed. This is the only legitimate place I recommend for learning how to make money online.

      Thanks for stopping by,


  15. Hey Gary,

    Another one bites the dust, eh?

    I’m getting really tired of phone calls at all hours of the night (and day) from places like Switzerland, United Kingdom the US by telemarketers trying to get me on-board; all because I’d signed up for some random e-book a few months back.

    How on earth do these sites stay operational, surely there’s a government agency somewhere who has the ability to shut these things down??

    Anyhow, keep up the great work mate.


    1. Hi, Chris!

      I often wonder why scams like Work at Home EDU are allowed to exist more than five minutes. The organization I suspect is behind Work at Home EDU has been investigated by the FTC in the past. However, they hide behind multiple shell corporations and many websites. It appears that the FTC is overwhelmed and underfunded by the legions of online scams.

      I’m hopeful that as the internet matures we all will become more savvy to scams and learn to spot them from a mile away.

      Thanks for stopping by,


  16. This is GREAT Gary. Isn’t it sad that people rip off people that are in need of additional Income

    Work at home Edu is exposed by a proper research done by you on this page.

    Your work here can save a lot of Opportunity seekers a lot of money. Thank you for your contribution to make Internet a safer place for honest people.

    Best Wishes


    1. Hi, Pieter!

      Unfortunately, it is usually the people who can least afford to lose their money who get taken by scams like Work at Home EDU. And, just as sadly, the ones who need to research a so-called opportunity before diving in, usually don’t.

      Thanks for stopping by,


  17. I’m glad you’ve exposed their true agenda. There are just far too many scammers out there in today’s society. Why in the world would you pay $97 for a worthless e-book you can more valuable books with more quality content and information for less than $10 on amazon. This is insane

    Anyways thanks for sharing this and exposing their true agenda. I wish you good luck on your journey.

    1. Hi, Victor!

      I agree, there are plenty of reasonably priced books on Amazon that will teach what works. In my experience, the less value a product has, the more they have to sell it. Work at Home EDU has no value at all, so they have to lie to try and sell it.

      Thanks for stopping by,


  18. Hello
    Another scam uncovered – thank you.

    This one seems to go to some lengths to make you believe they are something they are not.

    The sad thing is that some people will still be caught up in the hype and end up losing money.

    It is reviews like this that are helping to ‘clean up’ the internet.

    Thanks again

    1. Hi, Jackie!

      It’s really sneaky how Work at Home EDU pretends to be a legitimate education site. There is nothing legitimate about this scam. It’s like multiple bait and switch.

      Unfortunately, the people who can least afford it will be taken by this scam.

      Thanks for stopping by,


  19. Oh my gosh! Another Scam Revealed. This is a good info for all the people who wants easy money. That they can not get the money so easy online with out working for it so hard. And look for a free online education that they will educate them to make money online.
    Good Job Gary!!! Good job scamavenger for giving us important info.

    1. Hi, Joana Marie!

      Work at Home EDU is just the latest incarnation of an old scam from an old scammer. Next month, he’ll have a new one that is just as deceiving.

      I think because the internet can do some amazing things like instantly connect people around the world and make money, some people believe it can be a magical ATM too.

      In my experience, making money online is easier than dragging myself to a dead-end job, but it does take consistent effort. Here’s where I learned how to do it right.

      Thanks for stopping by,


  20. Hi Gary,

    Thanks for the warning about EDU! It’s sad that people would try to use something like education. I honestly didn’t know they had schools scams. So thank you so much for alerting the people about this scam. I would hate for someone to waste their time. Thanks for sharing!

    1. Hi, Lady-Val!

      The EDU in the Work at Home EDU name means nothing. Clearly it’s meant to trick people into believing the scam is a legitimate learning opportunity. I’ve been investigating this scammer for a long time and they pull this kind of stunt on a regular basis.

      Thanks for stopping by,


  21. As soon as I watched the video and heard about all the upsells and telemarketing calls I was out. I want something easy, I don’t mind paying for it, but don’t upsell me a million things I need anyway, give me one package with everything I need to be successful online and I am willing to pay for it if it works. By far the best program I have found is Wealthy Affiliate, I am happy to see you recommend it!

    1. Hi, Scott!

      Work at Home EDU really doesn’t teach anything useful. They will just keep teasing you with dreams of making money from home and draining your credit card in the process. You are wise to see their trick.

      Like you, I hate upsells. It’s unethical. If a system works people will ask for more, you don’t have to trick them into buying it.

      I agree, Wealthy Affiliate is the best and it’s free to join.

      Thanks for stopping by,


  22. Boom another scam exposed – Sorry “Work at home Edu” my man Gary took you out, clean shot to the head and done 😉 this post is guaranteed to save a lot of people a lot of stress by avoiding this bunch of charlatans.

    As we know, there are genuine groups that exist that really do support people to learn how to make money online and even provide the tools also – i think we are both members of one of these groups 😉

    I mean seriously this work at home EDU is exactly like you say, pure smoke and mirrors that just leaves people broke, frustrated and needing to start again n their search for legitimacy – scamavenger is one of the best ways online for people to avoid the pitfalls, the snake oil salesman of online “opportunities”.

    Keep up all the awesome work!

    1. Hi, Marley Dawkins!

      I appreciate your comment and kind words. I do hope my article about Work at Home EDU saves some people the heartache this scam can cause.

      Thanks for stopping by,


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