What is the Matt Badiali Magic Metal?

What is the Matt Badiali Magic Metal?

Did you know there’s a magic metal that cures diseases? Not only is this magic metal essential to medicine, but it’s also critical to the tech industry. To learn how to profit from the Matt Badiali Magic Metal, keep reading.

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What is the Matt Badiali Magic Metal?

The Magic Metal video opens with Matt Badiali speaking of a mysterious metal with superpowers no other metal has. It doesn’t rust or burn. It’s used in the manufacture of countless essential products from smartphones, cars, trains, and satellites. And, it has medicinal powers as well. This magic metal is used to treat a long list of diseases and health conditions, including diabetes, depression, cancer and more.

What is the Matt Badiali Magic Metal?What is this mysterious metal and why haven’t we heard about it? Badiali doesn’t tell us. However, he does tell us that his magic metal is worth billions, maybe trillions to the giant pharmaceutical companies like Pfizer, Merck, Johnson & Johnson, and Bristol-Myers Squibb.

Badiali claims that according to the World Health Organization, his metal will give nearly a million people “a second chance at life every year…”

After Badiali has hooked us with the story of his magic metal, he tells us that there’s one huge problem concerning this metal. It’s being used up! Demand for this metal is surging but no new deposits have been found since 1990. “There is a massive supply and demand gap.”

According to Badiali, experts warn that known reserves will be gone in 15 years. But, what is the Matt Badiali Magic Metal?

The Matt Badiali Magic Metal is…

Badiali doesn’t tell us precisely what his magic metal is, but he does give a big clue. He says his magic metal is used to galvanize iron and steel products.

According to the American Galvanizers Association, zinc is the primary component of the hot-dipped galvanized coating. So, I’m guessing the Matt Badiali Magic Metal is zinc. Travis Johnson at gumshoe.com also believed the Matt Badiali Magic Metal is zinc.

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Why All the Fuss About Zinc?

There may be times in his pitch that Badiali splits hairs between the truth and the untruth, but I suspect on some scale he can claim everything he said is true. But what’s the point?

Why is Badiali telling this fantastic story about zinc? Here’s why. He is using an entertaining and outlandish interpretation of the facts to make you greedy for what he is selling.

I do not recommend what Mr. Badiali is selling, but I do admire his powers of persuasion.

Badiali is selling an investment newsletter. If he can make you feel greedy for his magic metal, you might buy a subscription to his newsletter.

In his newsletter, Real Wealth Strategist, Badiali writes about companies in the natural resource and extraction industries. Implicated in the video is a mining company with a huge reserve of zinc. Also implied is that if you own shares of stock in this company you will be positioned to profit as the price of zinc climbs.

What is the Matt Badiali Magic Metal?

Zinc at the Beach.

Before you subscribe to Badiali’s newsletter in hopes of striking it rich, allow me to point out a few reasons why you shouldn’t.

Read the Disclaimer!

Beneath the Magic Metal video, at the bottom of the page and written in text that is very difficult to read, you’ll find a disclaimer. It’s easier to read the disclaimer if you highlight it with your cursor.

Buried in the middle of the disclaimer you’ll find these sentences; “Nothing herein should be considered personalized investment advice. …Also, you should not base investment decisions solely on this document.”

Subscribing to a newsletter because someone made you feel greedy, is a poor decision.

If you want to invest in stock, learn how to find and analyze stocks. My article “How to Invest” is a good place to start.

The Danger of Financial Newsletters.

If you don’t have money to invest, Badiali’s newsletter won’t help you.

Also, you should know that not all financial advice newsletters are created equal. Some are written by investment professionals who have stellar SEC credentials. Unfortunately, some investment newsletters have hidden agendas.

A newsletter’s hidden agenda might be that a company paid them for a recommendation because the CEO wants to dump his What is the Matt Badiali Magic Metal? 1 What is the Matt Badiali Magic Metal?stock before the company goes bankrupt. That’s what happened with Enron.

It’s not enough that a company is sitting on a large reserve of zinc or anything else. If the company doesn’t also have competent and honest management, solid financials, and a durable competitive advantage it’s a rotten investment.

The point is, you don’t know unless you do your own research and analysis. By the same token, if you know how to research and analyze a stock, you don’t need a newsletter to tell you what to buy.

Investing in Stocks.

If you do it right, investing in stocks can be lucrative. Many billionaires made their fortune with stocks. Warren Buffet started with nothing and built an empire worth over $50 Billion.

You can bet your boots that Warren Buffet did not make his fortune by subscribing to a newsletter pitched by a man who plays fast and loose with the facts.

In fact, Warren Buffet and the thousands of investors who have learned his investment methods, follow a specific strategy called “Value Investing.”

Phil Town, a hedge fund manager and a second-generation student of Warren Buffet, writes about Buffet’s investment strategy in his book “Rule 1 Investing.” Incidentally, Phil Town started with only $1000 and is now a multi-millionaire.

Buffet’s strategy is the only approach to stock investing I recommend. It’s not difficult, but there is a learning curve and it takes a minimum deposit of about $2,000 to open a brokerage account.

Just Want to Make Money?

If you don’t have money to invest, no investing newsletter in the world can help you.

If you want to make money, affiliate marketing might be the answer. With the right training, affiliate marketing can be very profitable and fun. It’s easy to get started and doesn’t cost much if you do it right.

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A Better Option for YOU…

What is the Matt Badiali Magic Metal? 2 What is the Matt Badiali Magic Metal?

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When you try to find a legit way to make money online, you are faced with a world of lies. It’s a minefield of traps waiting to take your money for as far as the eye can see.

That is why I’m devoted to helping people learn how to make money online the right way.

Making money online is a lot like making money any other way. It takes skill and work. Thankfully, the internet allows you to leverage your efforts, so you can make more money more quickly online.

But, this doesn’t mean you can get rich overnight. It means with the proper training and support, you can be financially independent in years instead of decades.

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If you found this article helpful or have experience with Matt Badiali Magic Metal , please leave a comment below. Thank you.


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