What is Cash Finder System? Is Cash Finder Sytem a Scam? A Cash Finder System Review

What is Cash Finder System?

The fundamental strategy taught in the Cash Finder System is to find undervalued houses and offer them to real estate investors. You are then paid a finder’s fee if the investor purchases the property. However, there is a lot they aren’t telling you. Follow me to see the Devil in the details.

Website: cashfindersystem.com
Product: Real Estate Finder Fee Training
Price: $99 plus upsells to $995
Opinion: Not Recommended

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What is Cash Finder System?

There are at least two online websites using the name Cash Finder System. One is at CashFinderSystem.net. It leads to a scam called Secure Job Position which I write about here.

This article is about the Cash Finder System found at CashFinderSystem.com. This Cash Finder System is over the top hype about making big money as a real estate “finder.” The sales video is very misleading. It promises you can quickly and easily earn $3,000 to $15,000. This isn’t true.

Is Cash Finder System a Scam?

The fundamental strategy taught in the Cash Finder System is to find undervalued houses, gain contractual control of the houses and then offer them to real estate investors in exchange for a finder’s fee. Your success with this system hinges on your hustle and on how good you are at estimating the value of a house.

What is Cash Finder System? Is Cash Finder Sytem a Scam? A Cash Finder System ReviewThe sales video claims you don’t need to go into the field and look at the property and that you will not be selling anything. Both are false. Unless you are psychic, you will have to go look at the property, and you will be selling. You will be selling yourself, your offer and your competence.

Unlike the claims in the Cash Finder System sales video, it will take a lot more than a few clicks on your smartphone or computer to make money.

You Better Have a Thick Skin.

If you try this business, you better have a thick skin because you will hear “no” a lot. Also, expect to be outmaneuvered by real estate pros. Money brings out the worst in some people.

To succeed with The Cash Finder System, you will need to be able to take endless rejection, plus the occasional betrayal, and keep working.

One of the many details omitted in the Cash Finder System sales video is how much time it will take you before you earn your first finder’s fee. A week? A month? Several Months?

Also, there are additional expenses such as gas for travel and postage for mailing postcards to homeowners. Don’t think you can just buy the Cash Finder System training and magically start making money. It won’t happen.

ScamAvenger Girl giving thumbs downThe countdown timer on the sales video creates the illusion of scarcity. Anytime an offer uses a countdown timer the seller wants to pressure you into quickly buying their product. You can’t make a well thought out decision when you’re in a hurry, and they know this.

If you took time to think about the Cash Finder System offer, you would avoid it.

The name itself is misleading. With their system, you are not finding cash. You are finding houses and are paid a finder’s fee. Unless you have experience in real estate, it will be difficult to succeed. If you do have real estate experience, you don’t need the Cash Finder System.

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Get Real.

This field is dominated by real estate agents, brokers and appraisers who are intimately familiar with their territories, have access to expensive real estate listing databases and who have long-standing relationships with homeowners and investors.

Can you beat them at their own game? Maybe, but you will have to work for it, and it won’t be easy. Real Estate people describe it as “dog eat dog.”

Keep in mind that many areas have depressed real estate markets. Nobody is buying houses in these areas. The owners can’t give them away.

Also, you may have to convince the people owning the houses to sell them below market value. While it might line your pockets, this is an evil disservice to the homeowner. There are exceptions to this, such as people who just want to unload a home as quickly as possible, but that is usually not the case.

The Cash Finder System is Just the Beginning.

The Cash Finder System sales video promises you that for $99 you get “everything you need to start earning finder’s fees.” That’s a lie.

The $99 training you get with the Cash Finder System is just the beginning. When you purchase the Cash Finder System, you will be given a free one-on-one, 30-minute session with a “coach.” I use the term “coach” in this context quite loosely as you will see.

You are told the free coaching session is to help you quickly make money. It’s not.

The coach is not a coach. She’s a telemarketer who will try to trick you into buying additional and expensive Cash Finder System programs costing nearly a thousand dollars.

In other words, all the promises in the sales video about how you will quickly and easily make fat finder’s fees are lies because immediately after you join, they will tell you that you need more of their products to make the system work.

How the Cash Finder System Tricks You.

The Cash Finder System sales video uses emotion and deception to get your money. The truth is, they are not selling you a system for making money. It is doubtful you will make money with their system. The Cash Finder System is selling you a dream.

They are selling you the dream of making a lot of money fast. It’s exciting. It’s supposed to be exciting. They want you to be so excited and so greedy for their pig in a poke that you fail to think logically. Why would you want to give them your money?

If you took time to think about it, you would see that the Cash Finder System is a scam and will only cost you money.

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What is Cash Finder System? 1 What is Cash Finder System?

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