My Home Success Plan Review

My Home Success

Can you make $500 just for trying My Home Success Plan? Will it change your life? Probably, but not in a good way. There’s something you should know about My Home Success Plan. Keep reading to see the ugly truth.

Product: My Home Success Plan
Price: $97 plus unlimited upsells.
Owner: April Matthews (Fake)
Opinion: Not Recommended

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My Home Success Plan Review.

My Home Success Plan wants you to believe you can make an easy $500 just for trying their system. You can’t. They also want you to believe that you don’t need any skills or experience and that you can start earning immediately. You won’t.

Endorsed by CNN, NOT!

My Home Success Plan ReviewThe My Home Success Plan website makes it look like the major news networks have endorsed them. CNN, ABC, USA Today and Fox did not endorse My Home Success Plan. The news media icons at the top of the My Home Success Plan website are just a marketing ploy.

Read the text over the news media icons on the My Home Success Plan website, and you’ll see that it says, “Work at home opportunities have been featured on:” It does not say that these networks featured My Home Success Plan.

Is it a Job? Nope.

With a clever geo-tracking twist, My Home Success Plan appears to be offering you a job in your local area. They don’t say ‘job.’ Instead, they say ‘position’ and ‘spot,’ but the implication is clear they want you to think they are offering you a job that will pay you $500 just for trying it. They aren’t.

They also want you to believe that the ‘positions’ in your area are filling fast and that you better hurry if you want to make that $500. Don’t believe it.

Five Hundred Bucks? Don’t Bet On It.

My Home SuccessYou will not make money with My Home Success Plan no matter what you do, and you surely won’t make $500. You will only lose money.

Keep that job offer scheme in mind as we crawl deeper into the My Home Success Plan rat hole. And, rest assured, it is a rat hole. My apologies to rats everywhere.

Nothing good will come of you signing up with My Home Success Plan.

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An Old Scheme.

My Home Success Plan is an old scheme. The website names change constantly, but it’s the same old scam. Here is a list of similar websites we’ve investigated: Accelerated Income Program, Home Job Position, Home Job Source and Extreme Home Paycheck. There are dozens, perhaps hundreds, more.

Kissed by the FTC.

At least one organization pushing a scheme like My Home Success Plan was investigated and shut down by the Federal Trade Commission. I can’t say for sure this is the same organization that is behind My Home Success Plan, but there are a lot of similarities.

If you enter your name and email into the form on the My Home Success Plan website, you arrive on another sales page. (Please don’t use your real name and email address if you do this. If you step into the My Home Success Plan trap, it could be a very expensive mistake.)

A Telltale Phrase.

Near the top of this second sales page, you’ll find a unique phrase. It says, “If you can spare 60 minutes a day, we can offer you a certified, proven and guaranteed home based business job to make $379/day from home.”

It’s an odd phrase and appears to be promising you a job that will make you nearly $400 a day with only 60 minutes of effort. Right, like that’s going to happen.

An Odd Phrase Taken from the My Home Success Plan Website.

Meet Apply Knowledge, LLC.

That phrase is also very incriminating because that is the exact phrase that was used by a scam organization called Apply Knowledge LLC. Apply Knowledge was shut down by the Federal Trade Commission.

Try This.

Here’s an interesting experiment. Type that unique phrase into the Google search engine. The first result you will find is The second result is “FTC Halts Multi-Million Dollar Work-From-Home Business Coaching Scheme.” Isn’t that interesting?

If you are even remotely thinking about giving My Home Success Plan your money, read the excerpt from the FTC’s report below, or read the entire report here.

The odd phrase is cited word-for-word in FTC report.

A Curious Thing.

At the bottom of the second sales page, you’ll see another unique phrase. It says, “…I know that I will gain instant access to your 21-Step Quick Start program…”

“21-Step Quick Start program” is a signature phrase from MOBE, My Online Business Education, also known as MTTB.

Another Experiment.

Type “21-Step Quick Start program” into Google, and you get a page of results for MOBE and MTTB. MTTB and MOBE are different names for the same beast.

It costs tens of thousands of dollars to complete the entire MOBE 21-Step Quick Start program.

ScamAvenger Girl, says “Thumbs Down!”

Fun Fact.

Here’s a fun fact, the Federal Trade Commission proved that MOBE was an “illegal scheme” with “over 4557 pages of evidence.” (Source)

I cannot conclude with any certainty that My Home Success Plan is MOBE or Apply Knowledge or created by people associated with those organizations. However, if My Home Success Plan is not a scam, it was foolish of them to use notable phrases associated with known criminal enterprises.

Pain and Suffering.

Based on the FTC’s investigation of Apply Knowledge LLC, I can speculate what is in store for anyone who purchases My Home Success Plan.

When you purchase My Home Success Plan, you will get a pdf about link posting online. This document is worthless.  There is far better information about making money online available for free. Your initial purchase with My Home Success Plan is just an excuse for them to get your credit card number.

Unfortunately, buying the product is just the beginning. When you make the purchase, you must also include your phone number.

Let the Games Begin.

Once they have your credit card number and your phone number, telemarketers will hammer you to buy more make money products. Their offers are endless and expensive.

They will encourage you to put it all on your credit card and promise you’ll quickly make back the money.

A Telemarketing Debt Machine.

But you won’t make back the money, ever! If you purchase My Home Success Plan and anything else from these charlatans, you are only going into debt.

Telemarketers will continue to hammer you until your credit card is maxed out or the world ends.

Round Two.

When they’ve gotten all they can get out of you, they’ll sell your number to another telemarketing company. Another round of aggressive telemarketing will begin.

Promising the Impossible.

I hate that unethical people pollute the internet with garbage like My Home Success Plan. Their schemes work because they target people’s irrational desire to make easy money and a lot of it.

It isn’t possible to make a lot of money online quickly and easily unless you are a very experienced online marketer.

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You  CAN Make Money Online!

If you have never made money online, you must first learn a few skills. They aren’t difficult to learn, but you need to be prepared to invest some time and energy.

If you focus on learning the necessary skills, you can make money online. Stick with it and you can make a lot of money. In fact, thanks to the internet, your earning potential online is  unlimited.

No Greater Skill.

I cannot imagine a more valuable skill than to be able to tap into the wealth of the internet. What is that worth to you? How much of your life would you trade to know how to make money any time you wanted? A month? A year? As long as it takes?

I’m convinced that anyone capable of writing an email and surfing the internet can build a six-figure online business. All it takes is proper training and support, the desire to make it happen and the commitment to see it through.

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If you found this article helpful or have experience with My Home Success Plan, please leave a comment below.

14 thoughts on “My Home Success Plan Review

  1. It all boils down to good and evil. The evil of this world abounds led by the father of lies, the devil. I did not invent that. That is in the Scriptures quoted by the One and only person who walked the Earth after having been killed and resurrected, Jesus Christ. Again I did not write the Bible. I just read it and accepted that it is true word of God.

    Anyway, even in business evil is powerfully displayed. Greed abounds in this world. So not to worry. Good always rises to the top and prevails. The evil ones will rot with their abundance of evil money. Honest money grows and lasts.

    Again I did not say that. The Scriptures did. Look it up.

    Happy Friday you all!


    1. Hi, Joe!

      I agree Evil abounds. There is no end to scams like My Home Success Plan. 

      Thanks for stopping by,


  2. Hi Gary! Did you get taken by the home success plan or just checking up on it? I haven’t looked at that site but unfortunately I have been on the short side of a scam. I then spent a lot of time searching for a legit work from home plan. I finally found WA and I like the team help and the training! Your site is easy to follow and makes you read on  to the end. Obvious writing skills come through. I think you have a great idea and it should be successful. 

    Good luck to you! 


    1. Hi, Tim!

      I did not join My Home Success Plan, but I’ve had my share of scams. My Home Success Plan is a carbon copy of a scam that has been online for years. I don’t  have to take the bait. I can see the hook.

      Thanks for stopping by,


  3. ​I sometimes struggle to understand how there are scam sites like My Home Success Plan and the others you mentioned​. I would have thought that organisations like the FTC would be on them straight away. I guess these things take time but meanwhile lots of people are getting scammed so thank goodness for sites like yours which expose these criminals!

    Just read your reply to Alexander’s comment and I have less sympathy for the FTC now 🙂 The government really needs to step in, take charge, shut down the operations and jail these people. Picking your battles is all very well but if you apply that same logic to law enforcement (which does happen, of course, because of cuts and underfunding, but not to the same degree) then only big bank robberies would get investigated and the millions fo pounds or dollars lost by average folks to petty crime would get ignore. It’s a sad state of affairs so it’s a good job the Scam Avenger is on the case! 🙂

    That sounds a bit like the Lone Ranger 🙂 Speaking of which I read somewhere that online marketing promotions are like the Wild West with little law or regulation and lots of bad guys about!

    Well done, Gary!


    1. Hi, Ian!

      I agree. It does seem like the FTC could do more. Unfortunately, the FTC is a bureaucracy and it’s a miracle a bureaucracy gets anything constructive accomplished. According to the theory of political science, the first objective of a bureaucracy is to survive. The second objective job of a bureaucracy is to expand. The third objective of a bureaucracy is to pursue it’s assigned mission, but only if it can bolster the first two objectives.

      In the eyes of the FTC a problem does not exist unless they are forced to confront it, either by overwhelming political force or risk of embarrassment.

      Also, most scammers are small in comparison to the FTC and highly maneuverable. The FTC can play Wack-A-Mole with the legions of scammers but more keep popping up.

      In my mind, it would be far more helpful if the search engines added code to their logarithms that identify scams and automatically de-indexes them or labels them as a suspect website. They boot websites off for far less reasons.

      Thanks for stopping by,

  4. Every online marketing niche needs a good accurate and honest scam searcher and, reading through ScamAvenger’s review, it seems to fit this particular bill.

    The review is not ranting or hysterical, merely stating the facts as it sees them and inviting the reader to decide for themselves where appropriate whether the product being reviewed has any semblance of being genuine.

    Typical telltale headlines are nicely hif=glighted and explained and the obvious conclusions drawn.

    I just want to check how one would “come across” ScamAvenger in search engines. Perhaps I could get a reply on this


    1. Hi, Terry!

      Thank you for your kind words. ScamAvenger is indexed in the search engines and we write about a wide range of make-money-online offers. Mostly, we report on scams or products that aren’t worth your time or money, but occasionally we do find a gem. This is why we recommend the Online Entrepreneur Certification Course.

      Thanks for stopping by,


  5. wowser, thanks for your detailed and honest review here. You have certainly saved me much wasted time and effort doing my due diligence on this crowd and a whole lot of money by the sound of it. 

    The program sounds attractive all right. I mean that’s why I looked at it initially – I’m wanting to work from home so thought this was the answer especially the guaranteed daily pay check bit. I truly am grateful for this post… steering well away from my home success plan! Thanks Gary

  6. Hey Gary,

    There’s always something fishy about a program whenever the owner hides behind computer an uses an alias or pays other people to be their face. To me, it shows that the owner knows that something is definitely wrong with his product and he doesn’t want people to know to avoid being bashed, or that simply because he’s not confident of his own product.

    I wouldn’t trust this April Matthews even with his so called ‘guarantee’. Thanks for exposing yet another internet scam, you’re a life saver !

  7. I have been looking for something to do from home, and all of these get rich quick websites seem to have all the answers.  The “My home success plan” is one of the worse ones because it manipulates its followers with false claims to fame.  I am just glad that I decided against this plan before falling victim to it.

    Thank you, Gary, for sharing this important review with us.  It’s nice to know we have some good guys out there giving us the right information.  Keep up the good work!   Clay 

  8. Some tricky wording to make it seem like My Home Success Plan was featured on the major news networks not that I really trust the news networks anymore, but still very underhanded. It looks like practically a no brainer for you to identify this as a scam – I feel bad for those who fall for it and get hammered by telemarketing and huge upsells.

    The FTC should be more on top of shutting these scams down. When you identify these scams do you also report them to the FTC?

    1. Hi, Alexander!

      Based similar scams, I’m convinced that My Home Success Plan is just one tentacle of a vast multi-tentacle beast. It’s probably Apply Knowledge, LLC in another form. When the FTC first busted Apply Knowledge, they had to dig through several layers of corporations to find the people behind it. When they shut down Apply Knowledge, the people behind it moved to another state and continued to operate under yet another corporate name.

      These scams have the FTC outnumbered by a vast margin. The FTC is forced to choose their battles and usually pick their targets for investigation based on the number of complaints they receive. In the past I have tried to notify the FTC of scams I’ve found, but unless I have personally lost money to a scam, the FTC is no interested in what I have to report. 

      Thanks for stopping by,


  9. Great post and it looks like another scam, it is good that you warn us for this.

    I’m already in the marketing world for a while, and how many scams there are, it is unbelievable, and still people are buying it.

    Now, it is good that people like you and me exist, to show the world what is good and what is not, because still people are like: Oh, this looks good, let’s try it, and not thinking about the problems afterwards or that it is a scam.

    Thanks for letting us know about My Home Success Plan!

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