What is Extreme Home Paycheck?

What is Extreme Home Paycheck? Is Extreme Home Paycheck a Scam?

Extreme Home Paycheck promises you can start making money in 5 minutes from the comfort of your home. That won’t happen. Extreme Home Paycheck is selling a dream. If you buy their sales pitch, it can get very expensive. Follow me as I reveal the Devil in the details.

Product: A lousy eBook
Company: Cannot Be Determined
Website: extremehomepaycheck.com
Product Cost: $97 plus numerous upsells
Opinion: Not Recommended

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What is Extreme Home Paycheck?

Extreme Home Paycheck is extremely deceptive. Depending on when you enter their sales funnel, you made see a webpage that looks like a news website. It’s not. Somewhere, usually at the top in very small print, it will state that the website is an affiliate site and not a news source.

What is Extreme Home Paycheck? Is Extreme Home Paycheck a Scam?There is only one reason why Extreme Home Paycheck would hide behind what appears to be a reputable news site. You wouldn’t trust them if you knew who they are.

If you don’t land on the fake news website, you will be taken straight to the first page of the Extreme Home Paycheck site. That too is deceptive.

On the first page, Extreme Home Paycheck promises you can make money in five minutes from home and that there is a limited number of positions available in your area, regardless of where you live. This implies they are offering work at home jobs. They aren’t.

Is Extreme Home Paycheck a Scam?

When you visit the Extreme Home Paycheck website, it does not tell you anything about the offer. Instead, it makes vague promises about immediately making money from home and something about a job position in your area. That’s nonsense designed to hook you into the scam.

Extreme Home Paycheck is trying to sell you a dream, and that’s all it is, a dream in the clouds. Nothing they offer is going to help you make money from home. If you trust them, if you allow them to plant a vision in your head of making lots of money, they will sell you tons of worthless “make money from home” products and charge thousands of dollars to your credit card.

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How to Get Scammed.

Click the “Get Started” button on the Extreme Home Paycheck website, and you go to another webpage with a form. The logos of several well-known news companies plastered all over the website has nothing to do with Extreme Home Paycheck. The icons are another attempt to trick you into believing Extreme Home Paycheck is legitimate when it isn’t.

On the Extreme Home Paycheck website, you must give them your name, email address, and phone number before you can learn any more about their offer.

Take a moment to let that sink in. You don’t know a darn thing about Extreme Home Paycheck at this point. All you know is that they have made some outrageous promises and now they want your personal information including your phone number.

The reason they want your phone number is so their telemarketers can sell you more stuff. It never ends.

Lies, Lies, and Damn Lies.

If you filled in the form on the Extreme Home Paycheck website, please don’t, but if you did, you’d go to a very long sales page.

On the Extreme Home Paycheck website, you’ll see this curious phrase.

What is Extreme Home Paycheck? Is Extreme Home Paycheck a Scam?
This exact same phrase is mentioned in the FTC investigation.

From time to time, this exact phrase pops up on scam websites. I don’t know if all the websites with this phrase are owned by the same scammers or if scammers copy this phrase.

I do know that this exact phrase is mentioned in a press release published by the FTC when they investigated a massive scam operation in Utah. That scam operation hid behind several corporations and countless websites. For simplicity, I refer to this scam operation as Apply Knowledge, one of the corporate names they hide behind. Read the FTC press release here.

I suspect the scammers behind Apply Knowledge are also behind Extreme Home Paycheck because Extreme Home Paycheck is nearly identical to the scams investigated by the FTC. Some information in the Extreme Home Paycheck Terms of Service indicates they are now operating out of Nevada.

The First Extreme Home Paycheck Scam.

True to form, Extreme Home Paycheck uses a relatively small scam to set the hook. All the promises and hype on their pages leads to an eBook that costs $97.

If you try to leave the page, the price magically drops to $77.

It’s curious to note that although the price of the eBook is no more than $97, Extreme Home Paycheck pays its affiliates up to $150 per sale. If you search for Extreme Home Paycheck at OfferVault.com, a directory of affiliate programs, you will see that affiliates earn a commission that ranges from $110 to $150 for each eBook sold. The payout varies because different affiliate networks promote Extreme Home Paycheck.

How can Extreme Home Paycheck afford to pay more in commissions than they are getting for the eBook? Because the eBook is just setting the hook. They plan to get more money out of you, a lot more!

What is Extreme Home Paycheck? Is Extreme Home Paycheck a Scam?
Extreme Home Paycheck pays their affiliates more than the cost of the product.

The eBook is the first scam, and it gives Extreme Home Paycheck your credit card info. Once they have that information, the telemarketers spring into action, and things get a lot more expensive. If you let them, they will talk you into buying one worthless product after another, all under the pretense of helping you make money from home.

I can’t prove that Extreme Home Paycheck belongs to Apply Knowledge, the same scammers the FTC investigated in Utah, but the similarities are alarming. In their press release, the FTC charges that Apply Knowledge ultimately scams people for $12,000.

I am convinced that if you fell for the Extreme Home Paycheck sales pitch, you will be scammed to death.

The Final Word on Extreme Home Paycheck.

On the Extreme Home Paycheck website, you are promised and guaranteed many things. There is even an official-looking guarantee promising you have 60 days to try the system without risk. This guarantee specifically states that you must notify them within 60 days if you want a refund.

However, read the Extreme Home Paycheck Terms and Conditions, and you’ll discover that you must use the product for a minimum of 60 before asking for a refund. Either way, Extreme Home Paycheck may be legally covered when they refuse to refund your money.

In other words, if you give Extreme Home Paycheck your money, don’t expect to get it back.

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14 thoughts on “What is Extreme Home Paycheck?

  1. HI Gary: I’am envolved with a company AM Marketing LLC from Albuquerque New Mexico; claim to be a associate of amazon. They get you to charge your credit card to max saying in return will get a low rate interest corporate card to clear your personal card, which never happened. For this they design and look after a web site for you which should double your money in a year. After three months have received 3 small cheques which will not cover original debt if they don’t increase in amount soon. Is this a credit card scam?


    1. Hi, Curt!

      This does sound suspicious. I visited the AM Marketing LLC website and it presents itself as a web design firm, although there is very little information. Contact the Albuquerque, New Mexico, Better Business Bureau. If you file a complaint with the BBB, AM Marketing will have to address it to clear the complaint.


  2. Hi Gary, thanks for exposing this one, sadly there’s lot of people out there selling a dream of working from home without any effort and luring with instant result.

    i do agree with you that making money online has a similar basic foundation as making money offline,which offer some value and information to people.

    thank you Gary 🙂

  3. Hi, Gary! Thank you very much for this information and warning. This is the first time I ever heard of “Extreme Home Paycheck.” The name is powerful and convincing, I could have fallen for this. There are lots of people out there who easily believes in stuff like this. And I’m one of them.

    Now I guess I just need to drop by ScamAvenger from time to time and educate myself by reading your contents. Or it will be helpful if I could ask you whenever I have doubts about something online. Thank you, Gary!

    1. Hi, Ria!

      I’m glad my article about Extreme Home Paycheck was helpful. I’ve fallen for more scams than I want to admit. Scams target our weaknesses.

      I’m always happy to give my opinion about a possible scam. Please stop by any time.


  4. Extremely engaging post which helps its readers a lot on the potential loss that one may suffer if somebody happens to buy the ebook from Extreme Home Paycheck. It is unfortunate but true that internet is full of such scams and we need to be really careful when we are trying to make money online as the scammers far outnumber the genuine guys.
    Thanks a lot for the post as I know one more website that I should avoid if I am serious about making money online.

    1. Hi, Alok!

      The scammers behind Extreme Home Paycheck are huge and continually throw up new websites with different names that lead back to the same scam. The eBook is little more than an excuse to get someone’s credit card info.

      Unfortunately, you are right about online scammers. They are getting bolder by the minute and are using technology against us. When considering an offer, it is essential to assume the offer is a scam and make the business prove it can be trusted. Legitimate companies will go out of their way to prove they are one of the good guys and will usually offer a free trial without asking for credit card info.

      Thanks for stopping by,


  5. Thanks a lot for the information you’ve gathered here Gary! Really interesting stuff that will stop people falling into the ‘make easy money online’ scam. I’d never heard of Extreme Home Paycheck before, but now it’s definitely something that’s on my radar that I will avoid like the plague! Thanks for bringing it to our attention. Just a thought – what programmes would you recommend for people wanting to get into online marketing and make money?

    1. Hi, Allison!

      Unfortunately, Extreme Home Paycheck is just one of many websites published by the same scam organization. It seems every week there’s a new one. When a website drones on and on about how much money you’re going to make with their system but doesn’t explain the logic of their system, you know it’s a scam.

      There are very few legitimate programs that teach how to make money online. It is never wise or necessary to spend a lot of money to learn how. The hardest part about making money online is getting past the horrific minefield of scams.

      To help people avoid scams and to learn the basics of online marketing, my friends and I created the FREE Online Entrepreneur Certification Course. This course will show you how to really make money online and includes everything you need to get started; websites, training, support and one-on-one mentoring. The course is totally free. You don’t even need a credit card. Click here to enroll in the FREE Online Entrepreneur Certification Course.

      Probably the biggest misconception about making money online is the belief that making money online should be automatic, effortless and quickly very lucrative. It’s easy to fake the appearance of wealth on the internet. Many scammers and unethical marketers will claim to have made huge profits in a short time. Making a lot of money quickly rarely happens.

      Making money online takes time, commitment and sustained effort. My first website did not make a sale for 3 months and was not earning very much until after a year. Now that I have over 8 years of experience I can usually get a website earning much more quickly. However, a newbie should focus on learning the skills and relax knowing the money will come.

      Thanks for stopping by,


  6. I’d never heard of Extreme Home Paycheck before, but thank you very much for bringing it to everyone’s attention. It seems that there’s a lot of scammers out there who prey on naive people that simply want to improve their lives. Shameful! Thank you very much for your indepth review. It certainly made interesting reading!

    1. Hi, Alison!

      Unfortunately, Extreme Home Paycheck is just one of dozens of websites leading to the same scam. When the word gets out that one of their sites is a scam, they dump it and create a new one with a new name. It never ends.

      Thanks for stopping by,

  7. Hi Gary! I read your article and it is very helpful to avoid scam especially to the said company the Extreme Home Paycheck. I’ve been searching for a home-based job like online marketing and most of the advertisements are not telling the truth and it is full of promises like just watch the video for 500 seconds and they will give you $500 in return. I remember that I registered as encoder home-based by answering all the survey questions and they never paid me back. They totally waste my time.

    Many people are falling in a fraud advertisements hoping they will earn money instantly at home. I think the course certification will be helpful to educate each one of us on how to avoid those scammers.

    Thank you for sharing this. This site will be helpful to fight scammers online.

    Best Regards,


    1. Hi, Ma Luisa Pelaez!

      I agree, it is shameful how scams like Extreme Home Paycheck trick people and take their money. There have always been cheats, thieves and con men in the world, but now the internet has brought them into our homes.

      Thanks for stopping by,

  8. Hi Gary – thanks for doing everyone a favor and leaving a thorough and revealing review of Extreme Home Paycheck. It sounds like the product developers are preying on people who are desperate to make extra money. As the wise saying goes “if it seems too good to be true, it probably is.” Plus, the fact that the details are few and the promises are many, and only after you enter a credit card number is very telling. I hope everyone who reads your review chooses to steer clear of Extreme Home Paycheck.


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