Home Job Source. Is Home Job Source a Scam?

Home Job Source Review

Home Job Source promises you a work from home job that can make massive amounts of money starting five minutes after you join. They even have a guarantee their system works. However, the big print giveth and the small print taketh away, continue reading to see the Devil in the details.

Product: Home Job Source
Website: homejobsource.net
Cost: $97, plus a boatload of upsells.
Product Owner: Cannot Be Determined
Opinion: Not Recommended

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A Home Job Source Review.

Home Job Source. Is Home Job Source a Scam?Home Job Source is a so-called product offered by a nefarious organization hiding behind so many corporate identities it is impossible to know who they are without a Federal investigation. However, the sales funnel is identical to the sales funnel of an organization that hides behind the following names, Apply Knowledge, Essent Media, Net Training, YES International, and Coaching Department. This organization was investigated by the FTC and forced to stop operating in the State of Utah. For clarity and simplicity, I’ll refer to this evasive company as Apply Knowledge.

The initial landing page for Home Job Source may differ. The landing page I found at HomeJobSource.net may have been a clone created by an affiliate. It was poorly written, but still made some outlandish promises, such as the promise to “Start Earning Massive Incomes.” To be clear, you will not earn massive income. It’s doubtful you’ll break even. Most people who get involved with this outfit end up with staggering credit card debt.

The Home Job Source, Secure Job Position Switcheroo!

If you click on the link on the landing page, you are taken to a different website called Secure Job Position. I investigated Secure Job Position and wrote about it here.

Baiting and switching like this is typical of a scam. Essentially, the landing page which goes by the name of Home Job Source is a cutout, a throwaway. When the truth gets out that Home Job Source is a scam and sales begin to drop, the organization throws it away. Then it starts over with a new name and new domain, and the cycle continues.

Secure Job Position promises you can start making money in 5 minutes. Don’t believe it for a minute. This outrageous promise is nothing more than an attempt to get you so excited about their ploy, which you complete the form with your name, email and phone number and go deeper into their web of deceit.

A Peculiar Phrase.

Please do not give Home Job Source/Secure Job Position your personal information. They will only use it to scam you to the tune of upwards of $12,000. However, if you did give them your personal information, you will be taken to yet another page. On this page, you are led to believe that they are offering a work at home job position and that there are limited openings, so you better hurry.

Home Job Source is NOT a work from home job position. More about that in a moment.

For now, I want to bring your attention to a curious phrase near the top of the page. It says, “If You Can Spare 60 Minutes a Day, We Can Offer You A Certified, Proven and Guaranteed Home Job To Make Up To $379/Day!” This nonsense is a lie.

Home Job Source. Is Home Job Source a Scam?

However, this same curious phrase was noted in the FTC’s investigation of Apply Knowledge who was found to scam people up to $12,000 by charging their credits cards for bogus make money online products and services. Read about the investigation here.

Is Home Job Source a Scam?
If you followed the Home Job Source trail to the end, you would be offered an eBook that teaches how to post links online. This eBook sells for $97. There is nothing special about this eBook or the information it contains. You can learn link-posting for free in The Totally FREE Online Entrepreneur Certification Course.

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The $97 eBook is Just the Beginning.

The purpose of Home Job Source is not to sell you a worthless eBook for nearly a $100, but to sell you on the idea that you can easily make lots of money from home. Home Job Source is selling you a dream. If you buy this dream of solving all of your money problems with the Home Job Source products, you will be in the throes of their scamming machine that will continue to take your money and give you nothing in return.

ScamAvenger Girl giving thumbs downEverything thing on the Home Job Source website and the Secure Job Position website that sounds good, is a lie. The Wealth Developer Certification is meaningless, so is the title of Search Engine Agent. It’s just clever copywriting and nothing more.

Beware the Internet Wealth Expert!

If you buy the eBook, they will have your phone number and your credit card number. Expect to get a phone call from someone who introduces themselves as your Internet Wealth Expert or Search Engine Agent Adviser. They will be very friendly. They always are when they’re setting up the scam.

This so-called expert or adviser is not your friend, and they don’t know a darn thing about making money online. They are a professional telemarketer who is highly motivated to sell you a boatload of worthless stuff. It is their job to charge as much stuff to your credit card as they can. The more they can sell you the more they earn in commissions. They will say and do whatever it takes to get you to buy from them.

Nothing they have will help you make money online, and nothing they promise can be believed. The upsells are the real scam, and it can get very, very expensive. This phase of the scam can go on for months or until your credit card is maxed out.

Don’t Trust the Guarantee.

Home Job Source and Secure Job Position make a lot of promises and present a rather convincing guarantee, at least it appears convincing on the surface. However, dig into the Secure Job Position Terms and Conditions, and you’ll see there isn’t a guarantee at all. In the second paragraph of the Secure Job Position Terms and Conditions, it states that if anything is wrong with the product, YOU are responsible for it, NOT the company. This paragraph goes on to state that this is the ONLY warranty expressed or implied. In other words, the guarantee and all the promises are meaningless.

Home Job Source. Is Home Job Source a Scam?

The ONLY WARRANTY is if you don’t like their product it’s YOUR PROBLEM!

The Final Word on Secure Job Position.

According to the FTC investigation, most people who bought into the Apply Knowledge scam did not make money. Instead, they suffered extraordinary credit card debt.

You will not make  money with Secure Job Position, you will only lose money.

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Home Job Source Review 1 Home Job Source Review

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