Home Job Source Review

Home Job Source. Is Home Job Source a Scam?

Home Job Source promises you a work from home job that can make massive amounts of money starting five minutes after you join. They even have a guarantee their system works. However, the big print giveth and the small print taketh away, continue reading to see the Devil in the details.

Product: Home Job Source
Website: homejobsource.net
Cost: $97, plus a boatload of upsells.
Product Owner: Cannot Be Determined
Opinion: Not Recommended

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A Home Job Source Review.

Home Job Source. Is Home Job Source a Scam?Home Job Source is a so-called product offered by a nefarious organization hiding behind so many corporate identities it is impossible to know who they are without a Federal investigation. However, the sales funnel is identical to the sales funnel of an organization that hides behind the following names, Apply Knowledge, Essent Media, Net Training, YES International, and Coaching Department. This organization was investigated by the FTC and forced to stop operating in the State of Utah. For clarity and simplicity, I’ll refer to this evasive company as Apply Knowledge.

The initial landing page for Home Job Source may differ. The landing page I found at HomeJobSource.net may have been a clone created by an affiliate. It was poorly written, but still made some outlandish promises, such as the promise to “Start Earning Massive Incomes.” To be clear, you will not earn massive income. It’s doubtful you’ll break even. Most people who get involved with this outfit end up with staggering credit card debt.

The Home Job Source, Secure Job Position Switcheroo!

If you click on the link on the landing page, you are taken to a different website called Secure Job Position. I investigated Secure Job Position and wrote about it here.

Baiting and switching like this is typical of a scam. Essentially, the landing page which goes by the name of Home Job Source is a cutout, a throwaway. When the truth gets out that Home Job Source is a scam and sales begin to drop, the organization throws it away. Then it starts over with a new name and new domain, and the cycle continues.

Secure Job Position promises you can start making money in 5 minutes. Don’t believe it for a minute. This outrageous promise is nothing more than an attempt to get you so excited about their ploy, which you complete the form with your name, email and phone number and go deeper into their web of deceit.

A Peculiar Phrase.

Please do not give Home Job Source/Secure Job Position your personal information. They will only use it to scam you to the tune of upwards of $12,000. However, if you did give them your personal information, you will be taken to yet another page. On this page, you are led to believe that they are offering a work at home job position and that there are limited openings, so you better hurry.

Home Job Source is NOT a work from home job position. More about that in a moment.

For now, I want to bring your attention to a curious phrase near the top of the page. It says, “If You Can Spare 60 Minutes a Day, We Can Offer You A Certified, Proven and Guaranteed Home Job To Make Up To $379/Day!” This nonsense is a lie.

Home Job Source. Is Home Job Source a Scam?

However, this same curious phrase was noted in the FTC’s investigation of Apply Knowledge who was found to scam people up to $12,000 by charging their credits cards for bogus make money online products and services. Read about the investigation here.

Is Home Job Source a Scam?
If you followed the Home Job Source trail to the end, you would be offered an eBook that teaches how to post links online. This eBook sells for $97. There is nothing special about this eBook or the information it contains. You can learn link-posting for free in The Totally FREE Online Entrepreneur Certification Course.

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The $97 eBook is Just the Beginning.

The purpose of Home Job Source is not to sell you a worthless eBook for nearly a $100, but to sell you on the idea that you can easily make lots of money from home. Home Job Source is selling you a dream. If you buy this dream of solving all of your money problems with the Home Job Source products, you will be in the throes of their scamming machine that will continue to take your money and give you nothing in return.

ScamAvenger Girl giving thumbs downEverything thing on the Home Job Source website and the Secure Job Position website that sounds good, is a lie. The Wealth Developer Certification is meaningless, so is the title of Search Engine Agent. It’s just clever copywriting and nothing more.

Beware the Internet Wealth Expert!

If you buy the eBook, they will have your phone number and your credit card number. Expect to get a phone call from someone who introduces themselves as your Internet Wealth Expert or Search Engine Agent Adviser. They will be very friendly. They always are when they’re setting up the scam.

This so-called expert or adviser is not your friend, and they don’t know a darn thing about making money online. They are a professional telemarketer who is highly motivated to sell you a boatload of worthless stuff. It is their job to charge as much stuff to your credit card as they can. The more they can sell you the more they earn in commissions. They will say and do whatever it takes to get you to buy from them.

Nothing they have will help you make money online, and nothing they promise can be believed. The upsells are the real scam, and it can get very, very expensive. This phase of the scam can go on for months or until your credit card is maxed out.

Don’t Trust the Guarantee.

Home Job Source and Secure Job Position make a lot of promises and present a rather convincing guarantee, at least it appears convincing on the surface. However, dig into the Secure Job Position Terms and Conditions, and you’ll see there isn’t a guarantee at all. In the second paragraph of the Secure Job Position Terms and Conditions, it states that if anything is wrong with the product, YOU are responsible for it, NOT the company. This paragraph goes on to state that this is the ONLY warranty expressed or implied. In other words, the guarantee and all the promises are meaningless.

Home Job Source. Is Home Job Source a Scam?
The ONLY WARRANTY is if you don’t like their product it’s YOUR PROBLEM!

The Final Word on Secure Job Position.

According to the FTC investigation, most people who bought into the Apply Knowledge scam did not make money. Instead, they suffered extraordinary credit card debt.

You will not make  money with Secure Job Position, you will only lose money.

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Making money online is a lot like making money anywhere else. It takes skill and sustained effort. Fortunately, the internet allows you to leverage your efforts, so you can make more money more quickly.

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If you found this article helpful or have experience with Home Job Source , please leave a comment below.

36 thoughts on “Home Job Source Review

  1. Hi Gary. Thanks for the very detailed and informative evaluation of The ‘Home Job Source’ scam. You have been very thorough in investigating all their claims, and show how they are deceptive. As someone who has been scammed by a virus protection seller, I wish I had your evaluation of their practices beforehand. I like that you have provided your picture and background on the page, it goes a long way to earning the trust of people reading your review. I also liked your cartoon video. Very entertaining and informative, and great graphics. You really know your niche.

    1. Hi, Greg Cook!

      I appreciate your kind words. Sorry to hear you were scammed by a virus protection vendor. It seems that anyone who is trying to build an online business must find find their way through a minefield of scams. It’s a rite of passage.

      Thanks for stopping by,


  2. Gary thank you for this page. It was an easy, clear read of the ploys of online scammers such as Home Job Source to help us part with our money. I have been scammed a couple of times too and so glad I finally found Wealthy Affiliate

    I have learned so much valuable information on building an online business. As far as a business is concerned you seemed to have nailed it with your clear layout, and very readable content. You made no false claims and spelled out concisely the difference between an opportunity seeker and an entrepreneur. 

    I also love that you made it personal by adding your own photo to the article. This made it seem far more credible.

    1. Hi, Judy!

      Thank you for your kind words. Home Job Source is a particularly nasty scheme that will ultimately scam people out of $12,000, and usually by loading up their credit cards with debt. I could take years to pay it off.

      I wish more people would understand the difference between an opportunity seeker and an entrepreneur. That little switch in perspective will help them see scams from a safe distance.

      Thanks for stopping by,


  3. Hi, Gary

    Reading your post makes me remember my experience many months ago, I was interested to restart an online business so get attracted by one offer.

    Make payment and transferred into their main site. I regretted immediately after that. There was like endless upsell and OTO, easily more than 10 before I get to the main site.

    Despite knowing some of this offers seems too good to be true, we sometimes still fall into their prey.

    Your review has provided a great value to readers so that more people are aware of the unethical way these people are conducting their business,

    Thank You.


    1. Hi, Jaunesk!

      Thank you for you kind words about my review of Home Job Source. I hope you were able to get your money back from that program. I had a similar experience with Bring the Fresh when it first came out. Someone I trusted recommended it. Now I realize he was just after a commission, silly me.

      Anyway, I spent $600 on upsells and was so confused I didn’t know where to start. When I contacted support, they tried to sell me more stuff, including a done for you website for a $1000! That’s when I asked for a refund. They told me the guarantee was only 14 days, sorry, no refund. 

      Fortunately, BTFwas offered through ClickBank at that time who guaranteed all their stuff for 60 days. ClickBank refunded my money. Thank goodness. Lesson learned.

      Thanks for stopping by,


  4. so sad Gary , why do people set up this kind of business with nothing much to offer

    i agree though we need to be careful when and where should we provide the details of our identity especially Credit card !

    thank you for reviewing this scam gary.. best of luck !

  5. Unbelievable. This sounds like the epitome of online scams. It is sad how people fall into those kinds of traps every day. They are so fixated on making money instantly that they believe any scam site offering them their “dream” as you mentioned. Instant gratification is the motto of today’s world. The problem is that it doesn’t work that way. In order to be successful, you have to create good habits. Doing the right stuff over and over again will grant you success.

    Home Job Source just sells what people want to hear and they buy into it.It is really sad that those scammers are alive and kicking.

    1. Hi, JohnB!

      I like how you point out that Home Job Source tells people what they want to hear. For some reason, there are people who believe there is a secret that will turn the internet into their personal ATM. As you mentioned, it doesn’t work that way. 

      It internet does give us all access to the largest market place the world has ever seen. If we want to make money, we must find a way to bring value to the market place. 

      Thanks for stopping by,


  6. Hi Garry
    Thanks for the expose, just another scammer preying on people and selling nothing. A good lesson that” all that glitters is not gold”. Home Job Source is just another example of a very bad and expensive scam. It really does sicken you.
    Buyer beware!
    All the best

    1. Hi, EJ!

      It’s hard to imagine how these scammers live with themselves. Home Job Source is a particularly nasty scam as it builds to increasingly more expensive scams that can completely ruin someone.

      Thanks for stopping by,


  7. There is no doubt that the internet offers great work opportunities however as we see in your review that it is not all that it seems, I am fortunate that I have not fallen victim to losing such big amounts of money, and I would always advice people to check through reviews before signing up to anything there is nothing worse than starting something then finding out your going to have to part with large sums of money for nothing or to get to what you need. Google says they are clamping down however it seems they go and come back as something else making it hard to keep up with them, as with a lot of things the internet is a wonderful place but it also has many not so good things in it, we need to be cautious

    1. Hi, Katie!

      You are so right. I’m convinced the internet offers the greatest opportunity most of us will ever have to fulfill our potential. However, as you point out, the dangers are everywhere. 

      It is essential to avoid online offers that you don’t understand and to clearly know your risks before getting involved. Ask yourself what is the worse that could happen and if you could accept it if it did happen.

      The scammers behind Home Job Source have been around for years and perfected their scam. They prey on those who believe it is possible to turn the internet into a personal ATM. That is a lie. Making money online is just like making money off-line. It requires building a business that offers value in exchange for people’s money.

      In my experience, anyone who can write an email and surf the internet can build a profitable online business if they will only learn a few new skills, put these skills into action and commit to their success.

      Thanks for stopping by,


  8. Yep, Looks just like another hamster wheel trying to trap nieve online opportunity seekers. Developing an entrepreneurial mindset is necessary to succeed online and in all areas of life. Home Job Source seems to have no such information. It’s not about some secret technique, if it was everyone would be doing it.

    1. Hi, Steven!

      You are so right. Developing an entrepreneurial mindset is key. Making money online is no different than making money off line, you must deliver value and you do this by helping people get what they want. The process is simple, but it does take commitment, patience and work.

      Thanks for stopping by,


  9. HI Gary, as usual, love the opening video. I like the way you hammer away at the Home Job Source! These scammers are like chameleons. They change their colors when their games are up. They recycle their schemes by using different names.

    Once again, scam avenger did a terrific job in exposing a fraud.


  10. Hi Gary,

    Thanks for exposing this scam. Many have been defrauded by this and similar versions of it.

    I have some serious dislike, (to put it mildly) for anyone who purposefully sets out to defraud the innocent. Especially those (innocent) who are in difficulty and looking for a way to be financially free.

    I remember several years ago when everyone was busy spending for Christmas, I chose to invest my bonus in a company that subsequently deceived me. Did they seem honest, knowledgeable, polite and organized? Yes they did…

    Thanks to people like you and your services, many can be spared the heartache of losing hard-earned money.
    With careful investigation, reviews and training, we can now move forward more confidently.

    Thanks again!

    1. Hi, David!

      It does seem that the people who can least afford it are the ones most often exploited by scammers. Thanks for sharing your experience with a scam company. I’m sure that hurt. 

      Scammers count of their victims being so traumatize and humiliated that they do not speak out. I’ve taken a few hits from  scammers too. Hopefully, as the internet matures, people will learn to spot a scam a mile away.

      Thanks for stopping by,


  11. There is no such thing as fast money.
    Fast money exists but for that one needs to invest 10000 usd to make decent and consistent returns back.
    I personally have tried so so so many things online to make money, and i have realised that there is no satisfaction in earning money that you have not worked for.
    Thank you for the post, will keep things you mentioned in my mind

  12. Hey Gary, thanks for putting out this scam alert on Home Job Source.
    I had not heard of them, but, I have seen the outrageous claims of easy money programs on the web; some of them are quite obvious scams, but, some are so clever the unsuspecting, wishful thinker falls for it.
    People need to be informed about what it really takes to make honest money, and you’re doing your part. It sure isn’t going to happen by giving these crooks our cash.
    I’ll check out your recommendation.

  13. You need to do a lot of research with those companies that promise a quick buck. I have never heard of Home Job Source. Usually, scam websites have a lot of typos and grammatical errors in it and just look shady. There are a lot of scam programs out there on the internet. Another thing to is Multi Level Marketing. There are good MLM’s and bad one’s.

  14. I’ve been looking for a new/better way to make money aside from my regular job – thanks for the honesty about Home Job Source, it really seems it’s a money taking program rather than a money making program! 97 bucks is also super steep for an eBook hey, that’s the biggest red flag… Thanks for the info and great review!

  15. I am getting to know Home Job Source first time. Indeed there are lot of scam program and products online. I call them the shining object!

    They attract only the greedy and lazy people online. Making money online takes a lot of time and input. But people don’t want to work. They want quick dollar.

    What other alternatives ways do you think people can make money online?


    1. Hi, John!

      I appreciate that you took the time to comment. In my experience, very few people are willing to the work it takes to really make money online. As you mentioned, Home Job Source targets the greedy and lazy, but also the desperate and poorly informed. 

      You asked about other ways to make money online. For someone with little to no online marketing experience, the most reliable way to make money online is to build an authority website. In process of creating an authority website, a person will learn skills they can use to create additional income streams.

      As you pointed out, it takes work. It’s not hard work and it’s often fun, but building an online business does require sustained effort. Most people work much harder at dead-end jobs.

      The help people avoid scams and to understand what it takes to really make money online, my friends and I created the FREE Online Entrepreneur Certification Course. This course will show you the basics of building an online business capable of replacing a full-time income. Click Here to learn more about this free course.

      Thanks for stopping by,


  16. Wow, Home Job Source really scares me after reading your article. This is insane to see a company so eager to take a persons money and give them hope only to sell them on a dream that can never really exist. I have heard of sites like this before and they are so alluring. I hope the FTC shuts these guys down immediately if not sooner. What a scam!! It really upsets me to see companies like this promise unaware people the moon only to give them the shaft. Thank you for this article, I hope that millions read it. I totally hate scammers.

  17. Thanks for another review and evidence that no easy money online, actually I do not believe that not real easy money schemes offline as well. Everything you wrote is true and falling in scam schemes is a natural way to gain knowledge about the online job. I do not consider the money spent as lost bucks it is just next step to success.

    1. Hi, Andrejs!

      I appreciate your attitude towards scams and agree that a scam is just the cost of education. Some scams, however, are so costly that it’s difficult to recover. After eight and half years in the online marketing arena, I’m convinced that the only way to fail in this business is to quit. That’s the worse part about getting scammed is it causes people to quit and miss the greatest opportunity of all time, the internet.

      Thanks for stopping by,


  18. Hi Garry!

    Thank you for this information about online scam most especially this Home job source.

    Many people are searching to find a home based job and I am one of them. I would say it is really hard to find a legit online business because scammers now a days are very clever. They know how to do tricks in order to bait someone for their propaganda.

    It is good thing there are some people exposing these scammers.

    Thanks again


  19. Hello, I liked your review. It very very detailed and really sets the tone about watching out for scams. I couldn’t imagine losing $12,000 from buying a silly $97 e-book. But there are some really smart people out there I guess.

    It feels like they are just selling a dream that will never come true. I never like the words guarantee on a product, it just seems too superficial to me. I don’t understand how these companies keep operating like this just by using different domains and stuff. It sounds like a pretty lucrative business but for only one side.

    Also, I think it’s cool you were an Army Ranger. Those guys are tough. Nice to know someone like that. Take care! Thanks for your service.

    1. Hi, Angel!

      I’m at a loss to explain how the organization behind Home Job Source stays in business too. I can only imagine they can afford to hire a team of top notch lawyers to keep the FTC from shutting them down.

      Thanks for your kind words about my military past. I served 12 years with some amazing men. It was quite an adventure.

      Thanks for stopping by,


  20. I actually searched a found this very ‘company’ and was curious about it but I didn’t dig any deeper to find out if it was a scam, so thank you for doing that for me!

    There are so many scams out there, it’s nice to have people who review all the scams and help everyone out, diverting us away from people who just want to take our money and not even help us.

    Thanks a bunch!

  21. Home job secure is a scam and I am glad you have spotted it and alerted your readers about it, The worst part about it. Giving out your credit card number to untrustworthy individuals is highly dangerous. The wealth expert is a great highlight of this. Thank you for showing us this.

  22. Gary – Wow. $379 dollars a day from home, huh? If it was that easy, everyone would be doing it! There’d be no more traffic jams during rush hour. Pajamas and loungewear would be the new business suits and work uniforms because everyone and their brother would be raking it in from the comfort of their couches in their slippers. Thanks for doing that awesome, in-depth review of a scammy “business.” I hope the FTC keeps investigating them and their spin-offs. Its a shame people get scammed out of money this way. I hope lots of people benefit from your review and steer clear of Home Job Source.


    1. Hi, Alyssa!

      Your interpretation of how the world would be if Home Job Service was legit made me laugh. You should write for Sitcoms. 

      Thanks for stopping by,


  23. Thanks for the heads up.

    It seems scams are getting more and more sophisticated and when you seem down on your luck you are more prone to take a gamble on something that promises you everything.

    These type of sites sicken me, they prey on people when they are down and trick other people who just want to expand their income or save up for a nice vacation away.

    Keep up the good work!

    1. Hi, Jon!

      I agree. The more desperate we are, the more we will be vulnerable to scams like Home Job Source. I hope that as the internet matures, we all will learn to spot these scams from a safe distance.

      Thanks for stopping by,


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