Is Drexel Code a Scam?

Can you really earn $344,589.65 each month without risk and without ever having to do a thing? That’s exactly what the Drexel Code promises. What does it take to make this kind of money? You’d be surprised. Keep reading to see the Devil in the details.

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Is Drexel Code a Scam?

Before I tell you what the Drexel Code really is, let me tell you what the Drexel Code claims to be. According to the Drexel Code website, Corey Drexel’s program is a unique binary options signals system that is designed to predict trading trends in real-time. Corey Drexel claims his strategy will dramatically maximize profits. In fact, he claims Is Drexel Code a Scam?Drexel Code is a ‘100% winning NO LOSS’ software that guarantees you huge profits.

Better still, the Drexel Code software is free. The Drexel Code video states all you need to do is provide your email address and sign up to learn exactly how it works. There’s no need for credit card information or payments.

The Drexel Code is essentially a type of binary options auto-trading software that allows you to earn the largest profits possible with binary options without actually having to make any trades yourself. In this way, even those who know next to nothing about binary options and Forex trading can still reap the huge rewards they offer.

However, there are numerous auto-trading programs that work in essentially the same way, which is why Drexel and his team didn’t rest until they had perfect their system to achieve 100% winning results every time.

Up until this point, investing always came with at least some amount of risk, and binary options trading was always one of the riskier investment types. Nonetheless, Drexel’s team found a way to so accurately predict trading trends that they guarantee every trade will be profitable. All it takes is for you to download the software, and you’ll be on your way to earning over $300,000 a month! NOT!

Everything Corey Drexel claims in the Drexel Code video is a story. The truth is much more sobering.

What is the Drexel Code?

The fact is, the entire program sounds too good to be true, which is a sure sign that it’s a scam. If you read the disclaimer on the website, you’ll see that it clearly states that ‘past results are not indicative of future results,’ which basically means that the ‘100% winning NO LOSS’ guarantee worthless.

No matter what a broker or app claims to the contrary, Forex and binary options trading is extremely risky. In fact, all brokers are required by US law to specifically inform their clients of this fact, and this US government disclaimer exactly states that you could lose some or all of your initial investment. Although this is true of all binary options trading, it is an absolute certainty that you’ll lose your money should you attempt to invest through the Drexel Code.

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Corey Drexler’s program is a scam pure and simple.

In fact, there is absolutely zero evidence that Corey Drexel actually exists. Rather, the person in the video is most likely a paid actor. Furthermore, the video testimonial features images that purport to show real user’s accounts, but ScamAvenger Girl giving thumbs downthese images are identical to those used in the videos for other auto-trading scams. The only difference is that they added the Drexel-Code logo.

Unfortunately, it seems that scammers are getting much better at their jobs, as this scam is much more convincing than previous versions. The software itself is quite impressive, and it makes it appear that you’re actually earning the huge profits promised.

However, the issue is that the software is in no way connected to real-world markets, which means you have no way of knowing how the money you invested is actually performing. While the software looks convincing, a quick glance at its code reveals it to be nothing more than a sham designed to convince you to make an initial investment.

How the Drexel-Code Scam Works.

The program claims to be free, and indeed, you can download the app without having to pay or enter your credit card details. However, after downloading the program, you will then be prompted to make a minimum initial deposit of $250 to open your trading account and activate the app.

If you do make this initial deposit, you will definitely gain access to the app. As well, you will be partnered with one of the program’s recommended brokers, who will handle your account and supposedly make trades on your behalf.

Beware of Unregistered Brokers!

Unfortunately, none of the recommended brokers are licensed or regulated in any way by any government, just as it so happens that you’ll never see a cent of the apparent profits the app shows you are earning. In fact, these profits are simply shown in order to hopefully convince you to make an even larger investment.

The fact is that this app doesn’t guarantee 100% winning trades, but rather a 100% chance that you will lose all of your initial investment. Your $250 or however much you invest will never actually be used to make trades in your name and instead will only be going to line someone else’s pockets. That’s the Drexel Code Scam.

There is No Magic Software.

I’ve been an internet marketer for nearly ten years and I’ve investigated online scams since 2015. During this time, I found a lot of websites promising fast, easy money with a push of a button, but none of them are real. Every single one is a scam.

There is no magic software that will make you rich. As long as you are searching for a magic button that will make fast, easy money, you will fall victim to online scams.

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If you found this article helpful or have experience with the Drexel Code, please leave a comment below. Thank you.

15 thoughts on “Is Drexel Code a Scam?

  1. Gary, when I began reading your review of the Drexel Code program and within the first sentence you mentioned the fact that this scam company promotes the myth that a person who is a member of that organization could earn some $344,000 PER MONTH, I could not help but start laughing.

    Being around the block a few times, this company I believe has to take the honors of being the most fraudulent money-making “opportunity” that can be found on the Internet. The sad thing would be that there still are people around who in seeing the actual homepage to this program, particularly the lies told in how much a person could earn if only he/she would be willing to fork over a minimum $250 deposit, could still fall for this bogus scheme.

    A binary option’s trade scheme in which a person would be 100% guaranteed not to lose money literally has the foul smell stench of a complete scam. Again, sadly there still are people out there full of lust and greed for easy money who would fall for the lies that are a big part of Drexel code.

    Even the fact that this company, to entice people, leads them to believe that it would be all free to join, only then to force the individual to provide at least $250 all but proves that not only was it a lie from the get-go. But also it was a complete, 100% scam.

    A person would be wise, before setting foot into this scam to do a bit of research, most definitely coming across your review of this program and then run away from it. Joining Drexel code would not be worth even 10 seconds of that person’s time.


  2. hello, there. Seen your Title on the Google Listings and thought I would check your post about the Drexel Code. It’s hard to believe that a huge majority still fall for these scams. It seems when people are searching for ways to make money online, all common sense goes out of the window. As if somebody going to give you 300 Thousand Dollars for doing nothing more than giving them a small amount of money.
    People should start thinking a bit more and stop relying on fast fixes that are just not going to eventuate. This being said, I noticed you are a member of Wealthy Affiliate.
    One of the best legit Top Online Program that you can actually make “Money Online” if you put in the effort in!!

    1. Hi, Jeff!

      I am continually trying to understand the people who fall for scams like Drexel Code. There are several reasons why people get drawn into these schemes. I think the most obvious reason is that people are often desperate. Desperation clouds their thinking. Also, scammers know who to short circuit our rational thought process.

      In the book “Influence: The Psychology of Persuasion,” the author admits that it was his tendency to get scammed that made him write the book. And, after knowing all the angles, he still gets scammed.

      Thanks for stopping by,


  3. There is an abundance of these kinds of scams in the investing world. Have you found any legitimate testimonials of people doing well with these or are they all fabricated??

    Making $345,000 on SOME months is not unheard of with penny stocks, but the idea that someone else will pick these for you has rarely proven upstanding or honest, right?

    Have you had some good experiences investing?

    1. Hi, Jordan!

      You aren’t kidding there is an abundance of scams like Drexel Code online. That’s putting it mildly. More pop up every day and they are getting bolder with their promises too.

      As you alluded to, making $345K a month takes a bunch of skill, knowledge and experience. No one will make that sort of money out the gate in any investment. Penny stocks can be legitimate and fun, but there are also many schemes promoting penny stocks too. 

      I’m mostly invested in stocks and real estate. I learned value based investing years ago and bought undervalued stocks and held them. Recently, I was introduced to Rule One investing and I’m very excited about it. 

      Thanks for stopping by,


  4. I’m surprised that the FTC hasn’t shut down these binary options scams down by now.

    The first ones I came across were The Brit, Aussie and Canuck Method scams which were all run by the same scam artists – claiming that the systems were “FREE”, only to realize that you can to make minimum deposits of $250 – $300 just like the Drexel Code.

    All these programs are the same – they suck you in with easy and fast money promises, but as soon as you invest, you’ve lost a bunch of money on nothing.

    I’ve already come across a number of unhappy people who have lost money with so-called opportunities like the Drexel Code. In fact, I remember one lady who poured her life savings into one of these scams and lost the LOT.

    Let’s hope folks learn to stay away from binary options just like all the BITCOIN hype too lol.


    1. Hi, Neil!

      Like you, I’m surprised the FTC hasn’t cracked down on these scams too. Many of them are blocked from the United States, but enough of them get through. I’m sorry the woman you mentioned lost all she had. I think that happens a lot. These scammers are heartless.

      Thanks for stopping by,


  5. Wow that’s all I gotta say about Drexel Code. I was trying to invest online and studying on how the market works. Thanks for pointing that fact out about how advanced scammers are getting because a couple of sites I looked at bombarded me with emails when I signed up for their programs of course I didn’t purchase anything yet but I almost did just tonight until I came across your page.

    Thanks so much for exposing this scam before I became a victim. I think I need to educate myself a lot more before diving in on the market.

    You just saved me hundreds if not thousands literally, Thanks again Gary.

    1. Hi, Nathan!

      The Drexel Code website is really slick. In the three years that I’ve investigated online scams, I’ve discovered that many people, perhaps most people, do not understand what it means to invest. If someone doesn’t understand what it means to invest, they could easily fall for the Drexel false promises. In my article How to Invest, I explain the differences between investing, scams and speculation.

      If the investment cannot be understood, don’t put your money in it. Scammers use confusion to their advantage. In the case of the Drexel Code scheme, we are expected to accept that somehow money is magically made with their special software. That’s not good enough.

      Thanks for stopping by,


  6. Thank you for the post. I have never heard of Drexel Code before but something too good to be true should be avoided at all cost.

    There is no free lunch in this world. And there is no shortcut to make money. One needs to work hard and work smart to earn what you deserve.

    Thanks again for alerting the community. A review like this should help people to be more careful in searching something that could earn them fast money.

    Keep it up the good work.


    1. Hi, Joe Yee!

      You make a great point about there is no free lunch. If people would remember that they would be less vulnerable to scams. 

      The Drexel Code uses the power of story to enchant people into believing it’s possible for software to create wealth on autopilot. Just as there is no free lunch, there is no such thing as magic software that will make you rich. 

      While people chase after easy money, they miss the greatest opportunity in history. The internet is the greatest chance most of us will ever have to be financially independent, but it’ not free and it’s not automatic. Making money online is a lot like making money off line. You have to work for it. The amazing thing about working online is the internet leverages your efforts so you get a lot more done in less time. Plus, the earning potential is unlimited.

      To learn how to build an online business that really does make money, I recommend the Online Entrepreneur Certification Course.

      Thanks for stopping by,


  7. Yep. Another one of the get rich quick schemes geared towards getting a quick $250 out of that person who doesn’t want to work.

    I wonder if there is a series of scammers who know which scheme someone will jump to next, ultimately getting the maximum amount of money from people who go from idea to idea just to see if they can strike gold today.

    I love your site because it takes work, plain and simple. Keep doing what you’re doing Gary, thank you for watching out for us.

    1. Hi, Christopher!

      Thank you for your kind words. 

      You’re right. Most of the scams like the Drexel Code insist on a $250 minimum deposit. I’m not sure why they all insist on $250, but I suspect it’s a number that has proven to work for them. I’m continually trying to understand the mindset of people who get scammed. Admittedly, I’ve been scammed more than I want to admit. 

      Dr. Robert Cialdini writes in “Influence: The Psychology of Persuasion,” that he has often been scammed too. In fact, he is fascinated by how intelligent, rational people fall for scams. His book is a study of how our mind often takes shortcuts when making a decision. Scammers know how to exploit these mental shortcuts. Under the right circumstances, we will all fall victim to a scam.

      Thanks for stopping by,


  8. I’m glad that I ran into your site, I’ve been interested in trading for a while now, I also have been looking at the Drexel code to. I have not yet taken any steps in signing up. Thanks for your site, I’ll thinking and checking more things now.

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