Is Crypto Code a Scam?

Is Crypto Code a Scam?

Can you really make half a million dollars in sixty days with Crypto Code? Crypto Code claims to have special software that makes trading cryptos easy and very profitable. Unfortunately, a closer look tells a much different story. Keep reading to discover the Devil in the details.

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Product Cost: Minimum $250 Deposit.
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Is Crypto Code a Scam?

According to popular opinion, cryptocurrency trading offers the possibility of huge profits. However, the problem is cryptocurrency is so complex, it appears that very few people understand it.

Is Crypto Code a Scam?Crypto Code is out to capitalize on the media buzz and the lack of understanding about cryptocurrencies. Crypto Code promises you outrageous earnings with their special trading algorithm. Better still, it is a passive income program, which means you can earn huge profits without having to do a thing. Don’t believe it for a minute.

If you watch the promotional video, you can learn how the program is based off a special ‘compound profit strategy’ that claims to guarantee profits of over $500,000 in 60 days. In the video, the program’s founder, Dr. William Gardner, explains how you can earn ‘staggering sums of money’ with his app. If only this were true.

Gardner claims that the app is the first of its kind to be able to identify profitable trading trends, and then reinvest the profits from these trades to immediately repeat the same trade.

What Crypto Code Claims.

Basically, if the software makes a profitable trade, it will then reinvest the profits from that trade to make the same trade again and again and again until it is no longer profitable. In this way, you can apparently earn up to 10 times the profit off one trade.

In fact, the program works so well that Dr. Gardner says he must keep it a secret for fear of the huge damage that it could cause to world financial markets. Luckily, all you must do is visit his website to become one of the lucky few people that he is willing to share his huge secret with.

Furthermore, all you have to do is enter your email address to learn how you can make $3,000 in 20 hours using his software. As well, since Dr. Gardner trusts you so much, he is willing to put $5,000 in your trading account without you even needing to enter your credit card number or bank details. Sounds like a great deal, right? Not so fast!

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What is Crypto Code?

The disclaimer on the bottom of recommends you read the ‘terms and conditions.’ Unfortunately, there isn’t an actual link to ‘terms and conditions’ on the website, which is a worrying sign and indicates that Crypto Code is indeed a scam.

Experienced investors know the importance of reading a broker’s ‘terms and conditions’ before signing up. It is the ‘terms and conditions’ that establish your legal rights and what recourse you may have if you are cheated. In other words, Crypto Code is telling you that you don’t have any rights or recourse if you get cheated.

Nonetheless, the disclaimer clearly states that there is a risk that you will lose some or all of your money. However, the truth is not that you can lose your money, but that you most definitely will lose it all.

In fact, this software is not a new trading program at all, but rather a rehashing of an old auto-trading scam that has previously been known as Bitcoin Code, The Bitcoin Method, and various other names.

The investors featured in the video are all actors, and you can find many of them offering their services on As well, the supposed pictures of Dr. Gardner on the website and in the video aren’t even of the same person, and both pictures are stock photos that can be found on numerous other sites.

Finally, if the program really did work as well as it claims to and offers you the potential to earn millions of dollars a month, why on Earth would he share his secret with you? No one would ever share such a secret if they truly knew how to earn such money, which is why every program making such claims is definitely a scam.

How the Crypto-Code Scam Works.

Although Dr. Gardner claims he will deposit $5,000 in your account without you needing to enter your credit card number, the truth is, you will need to make at least a $250 deposit to open up an account. After signing up and downloading the software, you’ll then see a screen where you’re informed in poor English that ‘To Watch the Signals, You Must Make A Deposit and Activate the Software.’

The poor English suggests the website is not based in an English speaking country, yet another troubling sign.

If you are unfortunate enough to actually make an initial deposit, you will be partnered with a company called ‘safemarkets’ as your broker. The only issue is that ‘safemarkets’ and the entire software are fictional. Although the app is designed to make it appear that you’re earning profits, in reality, it has zero connection to the markets or anything else.

The software is nothing, but a shell or third-party hack software designed solely to scam you out of your initial deposit.

In short, you definitely should NOT believe it when they claim that the app is free. It will cost you $250 to access the app no matter what the supposed Dr. Gardner claims, and you will never see a cent of profit from this money nor have any chance of getting it back once you realize you’ve been scammed.

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15 thoughts on “Is Crypto Code a Scam?

  1. Hi Gary,

    That was a very interesting read. I’ve been online for a while so I can recognize a scam from a mile away.

    This definitely appears to be shady. It is important to get this information out to the public so they do not become a victim.

    Congratulations on a job well-done!

    I’ve been following cryptocurrencies for some time. They are too volatile for my liking. Maybe this will change in the future. What do you think?

    Do you have any recommendations for investors? Which companies are the safest ones to invest with?

    I agree with you 100%. There are no get rich quick methods that work. There is always a learning curve involved.

    I am of the same opinion as you – folks should learn how to build a successful business themselves.

    The opportunities available with the internet (such as your recommendation at Wealthy Affiliate) make it very possible for anyone to succeed.

    Thanks for the great information.



    1. Hi, Devan!

      Crypto Code is a fullblown scam that exploits mania surrounding cryptocurrencies. 

      Cryptocurrencies are indeed too volatile and completely unsuitable as an investment. Anytime there is that much volatility, people get hurt. At best, putting money in cryptos is speculation. It is a mistake to think of it as an investment. Unless you can determine determine the fundamental value of a cryptocurrencies, you cannot determine if you are paying a good price for it or if you are being robbed. With crypto, there is no way to determine the fundamental value.

      If someone wants to learn how to invest properly, the best investment strategy is the same strategy that Warren Buffet uses. I’m learning it from Phil Town, the author of Rule #1.

      Thanks for stopping by,


      1. Thanks, Gary. I am a fan of Warren Buffet too. I’ll have to keep an eye out for the book you mention. I also read Robert Kiyosaki’s books.

        If I am ever wealthy enough I would like to be a professional investor.

        All The Best,

        1. Hi, Devan!

          Don’t wait until you are wealthy to be a professional investor. Phil Town, the author of Rule 1 Investing, started with a $1000 and turned it into $2.4 million in five years by using the methods taught by Warren Buffet. Town’s investment strategy is simple and easy to use. I hope you’ll read his book. It’s been life-changing for me.

          Thanks for stopping by,

  2. oh gosh yet another cryptocurrency related scam!

    Thanks for exposing these scams for what they are Gary!

    So many people are now hearing about cryptocurrency and how people are making lots of money from it but they really don’t know much about and can easily fall into such horrible scams.

    I’ll be spreading the word!

    1. Hi, SJ!

      Yes, unfortunately, scams like Crypto Code are everywhere and more are popping up each day. They all tell a similar story and it goes like this, “We have magical software that will make you rich. Give us your money.” Yikes!

      Thanks for stopping by,


  3. I get so many emails with these types of scams trying to get me on board. Its just sad that these people don’t have a conscience. Just because we have access to an environment where we can remain anonymous shouldn’t mean we should take advantage of others online.

  4. Another deception centered around greed.

    It’s understandable why these kinds of things would be exciting, especially to many who are desperate, but there really is no such thing as making a reliable, solid income without putting in hard work, or at least getting very well educated.

    The stock market and even cryptocurrency, despite what many believe, isn’t like gambling, or the lottery. Because so many people treat it this way, it’s gained that reputation. And boiler room scammers and their ilk have certainly made people even more cynical. But there’s an opportunity to make millions in the markets.

    The problem is, it takes a lot of studying, and a very acute sense of how much greed and emotion (more than systems or numbers) play an integral part in landing profitable trades. Many people fall for scams like crypto code, I think, because it promises to be easy. I’m glad you’re pointing out this red flag.

    1. Hi, Jordan!

      You are so right, the markets are not evil and millions can be made in the markets. You make a good point, learning to invest well takes time and study. Most people don’t want to work that hard or assume that they will never master it.

      And there are people who I think are addicted to scams. These people get a rush when they first fall for a scam and like any addiction, they crash eventually. And, these are the people who are the bread and butter for scams like Crypto Code.

      Thanks for stopping by,


  5. It never seems to amaze me of the number of scams that are out there claiming that they can help you to live the good live and the thing about scams is that they make it seems so good like you have found the end of the rainbow. Thanks for sharing and for giving this insight so that we can be aware of systems like these.

    1. Hi, Norman!

      The scam industry, if you can call it that, is like a dysfunctional co-dependent relationship between scammers and people addicted to chasing fast, easy money. Chris Farrell calls these people “Opportunity Seekers.” The run from one false promise to another and never make more than chump change.

      The Crypto Code was made for Opportunity Seekers. Unfortunately, it’s a very expensive scheme and can cost thousands. I suspect it ruins some people so they never again try.

      Thanks for stopping by,


  6. If it’s too good to be true, then it is.

    I’m getting so tired of hearing about scams from everyone, and I’m not just referring to the internet. I was just talking to a client this morning and they were telling me about the latest scam hitting their area.

    It’s just so amazing that there is that much money out there to be made from gullible people. Maybe if we would just wise up than it wouldn’t be so profitable for these scam artists.

    I appreciate your site and how you alert us to different scams.

    1. Hi, Rick!

      I hope we do wise up. Sadly, I think part a reason we see so many scams both online and off is that our culture is rewarding selfishness and penalizing selflessness. I’m 60 years old and it appears to me that each generation is more narcissistic than the last.

      Thanks for stopping by,


  7. Hey Gary,

    I can not believe that people have the audacity to steal people’s money in such a manner. It unfortunately is a good scam that catches hundreds of people off guard taking their hard earned money.

    One thing I’m curious about is whether there is anything we can do to stop sites like this? Is there an organization that can be contacted regarding false sites such as this?

    I’m also wondering if their disclaimer really protects them from all legal recourse? This is definitely immoral but it also seems illegal.

    Thank you for this valuable information,

    1. Hi, Atlas!

      Sites like Cryto Code are usually hosted in small countries without regulatory agencies. In the US, the SEC and the FTC block the websites of many of these scams. However, new ones pop up every day. 

      In the United States, Internet crime is investigated by the FBI, the National White Collar Crime Center and the Bureau of Justice Assistance, and on the state level by the Attorney General of each state. All of these agencies are organized and interlinked through the Internet Crime Complaint Center (IC3). To file a complaint with the IC3 go to

      Thanks for stopping by,


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