Is The Bitcoin Method A Scam?

Can you really make $14,000 a day with The Bitcoin Method free software? At that rate, it wouldn’t take long to make a million dollars. However, it’s the things they don’t tell you in The Bitcoin Method video that will get you. Continue reading to see the Devil in the details.

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Product Cost: Minimum $250 Deposit.
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Is The Bitcoin Method A Scam?

At least some people who watch the Bitcoin Method video will ask themselves “Is the Bitcoin Method a scam?” To answer that we must first determine if The Bitcoin Method uses deception to trick people out of their money. The Bitcoin Method video promises you will be investing in bitcoin. However, that is not the case at all.

Unfortunately, if you watch the promotional video, everything about it looks like a get-rich-quick scheme. What they don’t tell you is who will be getting rich because you will mostly be lining the pockets of the founder, Joe Templeton, if that is even his real name.

Is The Bitcoin Method A Scam? A Review of the Bitcoin Method.The entire promotion is a bad marketing campaign. The narrator of the video claims you can deposit “as little as $250” to earn over $14,000 the next day. First, who would consider $250 a small amount of cash to lose? Second, if you notice down in the left-hand corner, there’s a fake spot claimer that pretends to show you a limited number of orders available. However, if you refresh the page, it will always set the number of “Spots available” back to 36. This is pure deception.

The narrator of the video makes a claim that he had once been a hacker who discovered a “Top-secret” way of hacking bitcoin to earn millions of dollars every year. He claims he has set up this new product as a “Beta test” for a Bitcoin trading software.

Scroll down the page a bit. You will then see several testimonials from Bitcoin Method Testers who claim to have made a lot of money. It reads like an ad straight out of a get-rich-quick scheme handbook.

They claim you need no special skills or prior training. They also claim to have lined up investors. Supposedly, your job as a tester of the product to make sure it works with people who have no special training to earn their millions. That’s just a story

A Review of the Bitcoin Method.

Another red flag is how if you scroll to the bottom of the page, you will see a disclaimer or warning note that proves the entire thing is a scam. The Bitcoin Method founder shrugs off all liability for losses or damages that happen as a result of this system with the disclaimer.

The final note in the disclaimer is how the people’s results in the video do not represent the success that you will have with the system. That in itself should steer you away from this product. The bottom line says “high risk,” and you can lose all your money investing in this. It’s what the video doesn’t say.

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This video hypes up customers, but it fails to deliver with an almost hidden disclaimer at the bottom to scam overly optimistic investors. If the offer says you will lose every dime you have, you most likely will. They have already positioned themselves to not take responsibility for it, which only emphasizes the dangers.

How The Bitcoin Method Scam Works.

To be clear, if you join The Bitcoin Method, you will NOT be investing in bitcoin. You will not be investing in anything.

First, you will see a signup form that the video asks you to fill out your name and email address. This is what’s known as a “Squeeze page,” where the scammers will most likely sell your email to other companies for some extra cash.

Next, you will be guided through the process by an advisor who will teach you how to open your trading account.

The Small Scam.

The video claims joining the Bitcoin Method will be free, but the next moment, it contradicts itself and says you have to put in a small deposit.

Before you begin with trading, the funding for the account must be there. What does that mean? It means a minimum deposit of $250 in real money must be added to the trading account. What’s funny is how the video tries to downplay the amount of cash it is.

They say it’s a “small amount” when, in fact, even that much is a hefty sum to give away to a scammer. You may as well toss your money into a fire because you will never see it again.

Joe Templeton claims that after people have deposited $250, the gears of the software will start to turn on its own. What a wonderful product to see those dollar signs go up with every hour.

The Big Scam.

At this point, you may believe the money has rolled in on autopilot, and you might soon achieve the coveted $10,000 day. Unfortunately, it’s a get-rich-quick scheme. Like what you see with the “available spots” on the squeeze page, what appears to be cash in your account is just fake numbers the software reads off. Not actual money. Try to take it out of your account, and you will learn how true this is.

Like every good con artist, you get the illusion of making money. For those who have fallen for this shady trick, they will be offered the chance to deposit more money. What if you could deposit more money and earn quadruple your earning? Here’s some advice: Don’t walk, run! Even if you have fallen for it, cut your losses and move on. Don’t try to deposit more money or you will lose more. Once you have given the Bitcoin Method money, the company padlocks your account. That’s how it works with the Bitcoin Method.

Something for Nothing.

Scams like The Bitcoin Method exist because people want to believe they can get something for nothing. That simply isn’t possible.

I wish there was such a thing as free software that would make us rich, but there isn’t. If you want to make money online, you’ll have to do it the old fashion way. You will either have to trade your time for it or trade something of value for it.

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16 thoughts on “Is The Bitcoin Method A Scam?

  1. Hi Gary,

    This is a deep insightful review, thank God I always check reviews after the amount of money I have lost on the so called cryptocurrencies trading platforms, I completely agree with you $250 dollars is no small amount to loose, one question though, is there a platform such as this that you would suggest that is legit if not please let me know so I can follow your online means of making money instead.

    1. Hi, Dave!

      No, there is not a legitimate auto-trading platform. NADEX is a legitimate binary options exchange, but your probably won’t make money with them either. 

      If you have money to invest, I recommend you learn value investing. Value investing is the same strategy Warren Buffet uses. You can learn about it in Phil Town’s book, “Rule #1.”

      If you don’t have money to invest, I recommend you learn affiliate marketing. The Online Entrepreneur Certification Course is the best place to learn. Go here to enroll for free.

      Thanks for stopping by,


  2. Wow! That’s one of the worst get-rich-quick scams I’ve ever heard of. It’s a shame, because there are so many people out there now who are interested in trading Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies. I’ve been looking into it myself, but I haven’t gotten my feet wet yet. I will definitely be on the look out for scams like this, though. Great review and thanks for the valuable info! You’ve likely saved quite a few people from making a costly mistake.


    1. Hi, Mark!

      Yes, The Bitcoin Method is a real stinker. Before you invest in crypto, I recommend you read two of my articles. The first one is “How to Invest.” The second article is “Is Bitcoin a Scam?”

      If you can’t determine the value of something, you have no way of knowing if you are buying it at a good price. Cryptocurrencies do not have any intrinsic value. Without intrinsic value, you cannot know what it’s worth. You can only buy it and hope you can sell it later for more than you paid for it. Hoping is not investing. It’s speculating and speculating is lousy way to try to make money.

      If you want to know how to really invest, learn to invest like Warren Buffet who has made billions with his investments. There’s a bit of learning curve to learn his strategy, but the rewards can make you very rich. To learn how to invest like Warren Buffet, read “Rule #1,” by Phil Town. Phil Town offers free investing workshops. Also, in his book, you’ll find links to training videos.

      Thanks for stopping by,


  3. Hi Gary,

    Unfortunately, these schemes will always be around for as long as there are lazy people who want something for nothing, there will always be a system set-up to scam and fleece you of your hard earned money.

    There are two thoughts behind the statement $250 is a small sum of money.

    First thought is that the person(s) behind the scam are relying on the recent media hype showing Bitcoin at + $20,000 per bitcoin. On this premise the initial cost seems cheap.

    The other thought is If you set the entry bar at $250, you will hopefully discourage the tyre kickers and only get motivated people.

    However the second argument for me falls down on the fact that I would be more likely to be mad and complain if I had lost $250 to a scam rather than $5.

    This sounds to me a lot like the old style pyramid scheme dressed up in a modern disguise.

    Stay well clear. Invest in good quality training and programs that will help you grow for free or at modest cost.

    Leave the hype for the tyre kickers and program jumpers.

    Best regards


    1. Hi, Pete!

      I appreciate your analysis of The Bitcoin Method. I’m sure you’re right that the $250 initial deposit weeds out the freebie seekers. There are no levels to this scam, so in that way, it is not a pyramid scheme, but there is a slight resemblance to a Ponzi scheme except that no money is ever paid out. 

      Thanks for stopping by,


  4. Bitcoin is really doing good in the blockchain technology but this companies like the one you have mentioned are giving it a bad name. To be honest, any business that requires one to invest money and just sit and wait for that money to grow with no input in terms of work is a Big No. What if they decide to close the site with my money before that promised growth happens? Who will i run to get back my money yet the owners of the site are unknown.

    1. Hi, Anita!

      I agree, the blockchain technology behind bitcoin is phenomenal and will no doubt impact many industries. However, bitcoin, the snippet of code that is said to create millionaires by the bucket load, is not what many people think it is. 

      The Bitcoin Method has nothing to do with either bitcoin or the blockchain technology. In fact, the Bitcoin Method is more closely related to the ancient, low technology scam of The Shell and Pea Game than bitcoin.

      Thanks for stopping by,


  5. To be honest with you, I have learned to look harder into those “MMO” opportunities, especially if there is a video that tries to CONVINCE me. My principle is, if there is so much convincing that needs to be done, without actual proof and information, and without a trial, then the program is shady and might most probably be a scam. I stay away from it altogether. This is exactly what I see happening with Bitcoin Method. A video that tries to sell you a dream, which you cannot make a reality with their methods. I totally agree with you, that the best thing to do, would be to earn money the traditional way, where you put in your efforts, because in the long run, that is what will bring you sustainable income. Thanks for a great review.

    1. Hi, Reyhana!

      You are so right. They harder they try to convince you their offer has value, the less value there is in their offer. We recognize value when we see it. All the hype and emotion in the Bitcoin Method video is their attempt to get you over the $250 threshold. That’s a steep threshold and takes a lot of hype.

      If their offer had genuine value, they could simply let us try it for free. But they want your money up front for a reason. They know that once you try their software you’ll see through their scheme. If they can’t trick you into giving them money, they won’t make anything. The Bitcoin Method begins and ends with lies.

      Thanks for stopping by,


      1. That’s so true! Once we try it out and find out it is a scam, then they won’t be able to con us out of the money. And I agree, that $250 is no small investment. I mean, there are ways to make money online for way less than that around! Some even let you use their system for FREE! Thanks for pointing out some valid points! To the untrained eye, this may seem like a legit way to make money, but it actually isn’t.

        1. Hi, Reyhana!

          I’m suspicious of the real bitcoin and all cryptocurrency. I suspect we are being conditioned to believe that a snippet of code is more valuable than real estate and gold. This is delusional. You can read more about the real bitcoin in my article Is Bitcoin a Scam?

          However, The Bitcoin Method has nothing to do with the real bitcoin or cryptocurrency. The Bitcoin Method is just a scam trying to capitalize on the bitcoin mania.

          Thanks for stopping by,

          1. Thank you Gary. I am actually new at the bitcoin and cryptocurrency… So your article on whether bitcoin is a scam will definitely give me more information on whether investing in it is a good idea.

            Yes, it does make sense that the Bitcoin Method is only trying to lure people in because of the bitcoin craze going on.

          2. Hi, Reyhana!

            I’m glad you found my article on the Bitcoin Method helpful. There are hundreds, if not thousands, of these auto-trading scams online. They all tell a good story about magic software that will make you rich. The truth is, they will only take your money and they want as much of your money as they can get.

            Thanks for stopping by,

  6. This is scary.
    Now you point it out, I had a quick look through the Bitcoin Method website and noticed that there is no company address or telephone number. To contact them you have to give them your email address, telephone number etc.
    No thanks.
    Is this another Ponzi scheme?
    We see the Bitcoin “value” shooting up and down and it is easy to get drawn in by the potential profits to be made.
    We can all get a little greedy at times and that is what these guys play on.
    Thanks for this warning. I will look very carefully in future for those things you pointed out.
    A steady legal income from something legit is surely better by far.
    I have a lot to learn.

    1. Hi, HappyB!

      Bitcoin, the real bitcoin, is over hyped by a million degrees, but The Bitcoin Method is worse. The Bitcoin Method has nothing to do with bitcoin the cryptocurrency. The Bitcoin Method really is nothing but a story that tries to talk people into handing over their money.

      As you mentioned, we don’t know anything about the people behind The Bitcoin Method. They are probably in a foreign country that has no regulatory agencies. Any money you give them is gone forever.

      Thanks for stopping by,


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