American Dream Nutrition

American Dream Nutrition

Is American Dream Nutrition your chance to live a healthy, wealthy life and to make your dreams come true? The American Dream Nutrition website claims it is. However, there is a lot they don’t say that you should know. Follow me to see the Devil in the details.

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What is American Dream Nutrition?

American Dream Nutrition presents itself as your chance at “Living healthy and wealthy” and “making your dreams a reality.” Their Facebook page describes American Dream Nutrition as a “Health and Nutrition company that manufactures…effective and innovative products.”

Unfortunately, you won’t find any specific information on the American Dream Nutrition website about who they are or even where they are. You won’t even find a mailing address! Their lack of transparency is a huge red flag.

A Ghost Company?

I could not find an address for the company, a picture of their office building or a picture of their manufacturing facility. They appear to be a ghost company.

Real images of their company headquarters and manufacturing facilities would build credibility. Since those images aren’t on their website, I can only conclude they don’t have an office or a plant. It appears a third-party manufacturer produces their products.

American Dream wants you to commit your time and money to their program, but they won’t tell you who’s behind the company or even the company’s address. Why would you want to build a business with a company that hides from you?

Just Another MLM.

Regardless of their claims, American Dream Nutrition is nothing more than a multi-level marketing company that is dependent on recruiting members.

Each distributor must buy into the so-called opportunity by purchasing a product pack which costs that range from $54.95 to $349. Plus, to advance in rank, each distributor must commit to monthly auto-ship. In other words, a distributor must first buy-in. The Federal Trade Commission warns that a required buy-in is a hallmark of a pyramid scheme.

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American Dream Nutrition Products.

The American Dream Nutrition product line includes PhytonZon, PureAquaMins, ChagaPlus, GetJuiced, Clear Heart, Nu-Derma Gold, Nitro Factor, Super Omega 3+6+9, and Wild Shiaga.

Dubious Product Claims.

True to form for the entire double-speak American Dream Nutrition website, product claims are dubious or non-existent.

American Dream NutritionFor example, PureAquaMins is said to purify water, remove heavy metals, pesticides, and chloride, plus enrich your body with trace minerals, yet the product description does not explain how this is possible or what is in the product.

Some product claims are fuzzy at best. The only direct claim I could find for the American Dream Nutrition flagship product PhytonZon is on the bottle. It says, “PhytonZon® helps put your body back in order.” What does that mean?

Clear Heart, another American Dream Nutrition product, is just as wishy-washy about what it’s supposed to do. On the product page, it says, “…potential benefits people could experience…” In other words, this might work, we don’t know. Clear Heart costs $55 retail.


It is my opinion that the American Dream Nutrition products are over-priced by a very large margin. PhytonZon sells on Amazon for $59. ChagaPlus is $59 for 60 capsules. PureAquaMins is $45 for 2 ounces of unknown liquid, and Super Omega 3+6+9 gel caps are $55 for a 30 day supply.

Giving Back What?

Also concerning is the American Dream Nutrition “Giving Back” page on their website. On that page, American Dream Nutrition carefully tries to present the image that they donate to many charities.

While they claim they donate to charities, there is no evidence that they do. The wording of their claim is extremely vague.

For example, it says “American Dream donates a percentage from every bottle of product to deserving charities around the world…” That doesn’t mean anything and reads like double-speak.

Why can’t they say directly and specifically how much they donated last year and what charity received the money? You can bet their accountants know how much they donated if they donated anything at all.

Where’s the picture of them giving a big check to a charity? My guess is there isn’t one, and the amount they donated was trivial if anything.

In my opinion, this wishy-washy feel-good public relations ploy is meaningless. It’s nothing more than an attempt to create goodwill where there is none.

MLM is a Lousy Business Model.

At best, MLM is a highly inefficient strategy for moving product and making money.

In traditional marketing, a company tries to deliver a product as efficiently as possible to the marketplace. In traditional marketing, a company knows that consumers are free to choose from an array of products and typically buy the least expensive product available.

MLM is just the opposite. MLM burdens each product sale with layers of people taking a portion of the profit. And, because the largest consumer of MLM products is the distributors, a captured market, the price is jacked up as high as possible. It’s insane.

The pure insanity of MLM drives most distributors out of business within a few months.

Find ‘Em and Wind ‘Em.

In the 90s, I was in a large MLM and got to know the most successful people in the organization. What I discovered about successful MLM distributors was disheartening.

They had a couple of sayings that are revealing about the attitudes of MLM top earners. They would say “Find ‘em, wind ‘em and see who runs.” They also said, throw enough mud at the wall, and some of it will stick.

It was all about recruiting mass numbers of people. I left MLM when it dawned on me that in order to succeed I would have to become someone I did not want to be.

American Dream Nutrition is NOT about the Products.

In MLM, the real money is made by constantly recruiting large numbers of people into the organization faster than they can quit. Recruiting in MLM is like trying to fill a water bucket that has a hole in the bottom the size of your fist.

Selling the Dream.

ScamAvenger Girl, says “Thumbs Down!”

Typically, a recruit is excited to join an MLM because they believe they will make a lot of money quickly and easily. They bought the dream of financial independence sold by the company.

However, after they have tried to convince their friends and family to buy over-priced stuff they don’t want and don’t need, they quit.

According to Pyramid Scam Alert, 99% of people recruited into MLM quit within three months.

The Pure Pyramid Scheme.

The dark side of the American Dream Nutrition opportunity is best understood when compared to a pure pyramid scheme.

A pure pyramid scheme does not promote a product. It makes money only through recruitment by selling the opportunity. Recruits pay money to join and might also pay a monthly fee to maintain their membership and for the privilege of earning over-rides on the people they recruit.

In exchange for paying to join and for paying a monthly fee, members can then sell the same opportunity to others and earn commissions.

An Example of a Pure Pyramid Scheme.

A pure pyramid scheme might charge a recruit $50 to join and then charge them $50 to continue as a member. In return, the new member can recruit others.

With each recruit who pays $50 to join and $50 a month to continue, their sponsor gets a portion of the money paid. The remainder of the money passes through the upline to the top of the organization.

Each level of the upline takes a portion of the money, but most of the money goes to a handful of people at the top.

Pyramid schemes are not legal in most countries. In the United States, the SEC states a pyramid scheme as dependent on recruitment and with little, or no retail sales to non-members.

The Covert Pyramid Scheme.

However, most pyramid schemes are not pure. They conceal their true nature by promoting expensive products and call themselves present themselves Multi-Level Marketing or Direct Sales organizations.

Instead of requiring a recruit to pay a fee to join their scheme plus a monthly fee, covert pyramid schemes, like MLMs, require a recruit to buy overpriced products and force them to continue to buy overpriced product each month.

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Ask yourself, what is the difference between paying $50 to join an obvious pyramid scheme or paying $75 for $25 worth of product? In both cases, $50 of pure profit passes to the upline.

In a similar comparison, what is the difference of paying $60 a month to maintain membership in an obvious pyramid scheme and paying $60 month for $10 worth of product? In both cases, $50 of pure profit passes to the upline.

A Funny Look at MLM schemes:

Success with American Dream Nutrition Might Be Impossible.

If you hope to succeed as an American Dream Nutrition distributor, you will need to get very good at recruiting and managing people, and you’ll need skin as thick as a rhinoceros to deal with the rejection, complaints and sob stories. Plus, you’ll need a lot of energy to recruit people faster than people are quitting. That’s a crazy way to try to make money.

Thanks to the internet, there are far better ways to make money. More on that in a moment.

At best, as an American Dream Nutrition distributor, you will be building a business inside a business. That’s as good as MLM gets.

Ultimately, American Dream Nutrition will control your business. As a distributor, you will be at the mercy of American Dream Nutrition and the Federal Trade Commission. Either one can shut you down any time they wish.

If the FTC shuts down American Dream Nutrition, you lose your business. If the company goes bankrupt or the owners run off with the money, you lose your business.

As an American Dream Nutrition distributor, you can only promote their products. If you’re an American Dream Nutrition distributor and people stop buying your products, you’re dead in the water.

The Secret to Making Big Money in Sales.

People who make a lot of money in sales and marketing do not try to convince anyone to buy their stuff. It’s not possible to do that on a large scale. Plus, it’s frustrating and crazy-making.

Successful marketers help people by matching them with products that solve their problem.

For example, if you want to succeed in the anti-aging market, you find an anti-aging product you can believe in that really works and that will pay you a reasonable commission each time you sell it.

Then, you focus on finding people who will benefit from your product. It’s so much easier to make money that way.

When you combine this marketing philosophy with the power of the internet, your income potential is truly unlimited. Because of the tremendous earning potential and the personal freedom that comes with it, I recommend Affiliate Marketing to anyone who is eager to make money from home.

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Have You Tried Affiliate Marketing?

Work at Home in Your Pajamas.

With the right training, affiliate marketing is a very affordable business to start, and you never have to harass your family and friends. Also, as an affiliate, you own your business, and you can promote any product or service you wish.

You can even create an affiliate marketing business around something you enjoy so you build a business you love.

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If you found this article helpful or have experience with American Dream Nutrition , please leave a comment below.

25 thoughts on “American Dream Nutrition

  1. I am a distributor of American Dream Nutrition I am not happy They are clue less
    when responablity is held count able

    1. Hi, John,

      If you are unhappy with this review of American Dream Nutrition, please write a response to it.

      I promise to add your response to this review, IF it is polite and focused. By this I mean, leave emotion out of it and specifically address any
      thing that you believe to be inaccurate with this review. Please be specific and include links to your sources.

      If you can prove I’ve made a mistake or misrepresented something, I’ll gladly change that in my review.

      I look forward to hearing from you,


      1. I became a distributor approximately 3 years ago…… it’s not to become financially wealthy…… the products speak for themselves it’s to become wealthy,as far as health, the benefits of these products are amazing and I have not one person signed up underneath me………. and you get a better deal if you’re a distributor….. so if you’re looking to improve your health and not your pocket then I believe their products are beneficial in regards to the ones I’ve tried…Kelli

  2. Having been with ADN for a while now I can answer some of these claims.

    Ghost Company: I think they really need to add more info to the website. The CEO is Greg Gunderson and their location is Beloit KS. They don’t give out the address because they do all their work from their warehouse and it is not open to the public. Greg has mentioned on the training calls that when he was a distributor he got frustrated with MLM companies “enhancing” the pay plan which ultimately paid out less in commissions. Those same companies would invest in huge expensive buildings. ADN puts that money back into the pay plan so it’s the distributors that benefit from more profit. Which is true, if you look at the compensation plan it’s really great.

    Dubious Product Claims:

    The new site will have the clinical studies done on the PurAquaMins and how exactly it works. But they will tell you if you email them. They can’t make any claims that the products actually work unless there are significant clinical studies done to prove those claims. Clinical studies are extremely expensive so there are not any on the products as a whole, but there are many on the ingredients used in the products. The products are really great For example, if you google the benefits of the ingredients in the Clearheart you will see a lot of positive articles

    Overpriced: I think all MLM products are overpriced..

    Giving Back: I know they donate to many charities, more than they actually put on the website.. I don’t know why they aren’t more transparent about it but I know people from some of those charities and they confirmed the donations.

    The rest of your article seems to just be bashing American Dream Nutrition and MLM as a whole as a way to convince people to take your affiliate marketing course..

    1. Hi, Johnathan!

      I appreciate your perspective. However, MLM has proven to be a dismal business for the little guy.
      American Dream Nutrition is no different. MLMs deserve to be bashed as they cause substantial
      harm to a lot of people.

      Several decades of research of the MLM industry shows that less than 1% of all distributors earn more than
      they spend on products they are forced to buy in order to “qualify.” This research is available
      on the Federal Trade Commission’s website. I encourage you to read it. Read MLM’s Abysmal Numbers.

      American Dream Nutrition’s compensation plan is meaningless. It’s hypothetical and intended to
      create the illusion that money can be made with the “opportunity,” when in truth making
      a profit with American Dream Nutrition or any other MLM is nearly impossible for the little

      Instead of a compensation plan we need to see the American Dream Nutrition Earning Disclosure.
      That is, the document that shows how much American Dream Nutrition actually paid their
      distributors. American Dream Nutrition has not published that information. What are they

      Without a Earning Disclosure, it is impossible to conduct proper due diligence on the American
      Dream Nutrition opportunity, or to determine if it is an opportunity at all. If it’s not
      possible to conduct proper due diligence on the American Dream Nutrition business
      opportunity, the only sane reaction is to pass on it.

      The Direct Selling Association, which sets the ethical standard for MLMs, requires
      their members publish a Earning Disclosure so people can conduct proper due diligence
      on the so-called opportunity.

      American Dream Nutrition is not a member of DSA and does not publish an earning

      American Dream Nutrition knows how much they paid their distributors
      why don’t they publish that information? Is it because it will show that
      like the rest of the MLMs, less than 1% of American Dream Nutrition distributors
      earn a profit.

      And, will it show that the small fraction that does earn a profit
      Are at the top of the sales organization and have been there since the
      company launched?

      Johnathan, unless you are high ranking in the sales structure, I’m sure
      if you were honest with yourself, you would have to admit, you are not
      making a profit.

      Dig a little deeper and factor in your time and you might see
      you’re not even earning minimum wage with your American Dream Nutrition opportunity.

      I appreciate your insight. I did time in the MLM ranks.
      I’ve been there and I know the score.

      Thanks for stopping by,

  3. Hello! How are you? I had not heard of this program before, but based on what you said, I will keep it as far as possible. Personally, I do not like MLM companies, I had a very bad experience with one of them, specifically TLC.

    What I like least about this company is that they do not even have a physical place like an office or an email address, as you said, it seems that the American Dream Nutrition is a ghost company.Personally, I work with affiliate marketing and I’m doing great.Pao.

    1. Hi, Paola!

      I think most people who try MLM have a bad experience. It’s the nature of the beast. For the handful at the top of an MLM organization, thousands of people at the bottom of the organization must lose. It’s an awful way to try to make money. 

      American Dream Nutrition is a poor excuse for an MLM because, as you mentioned, we don’t even know who is behind. If they don’t want their name associated with the business why in the world would anyone get involved?

      Thanks for stopping by,


  4. Thank you for the opportunity to review your website.ScamAvenger – brilliant!You begin by labeling American Dream Nutrition as a “ghost company”; while I haven’t heard that term before, it’s certainly appropriate. They are indeed a ghost company.You define the company as being an MLM, which it obviously is, and reiterate that point throughout your content, reinforcing it by methodically tearing it apart.Dubious product claims, overpriced products, phony charitable contributions and statistics showing that the vast majority of people who involve themselves in an MLM quit after a very short time.You’ve done an excellent job of shredding American Dream Nutrition, and describing its true nature, an MLM ghost company.After decimating this phony company, you then wrap it up by very craftily teasing us with a real opportunity, which is Wealthy Affiliate. Brilliant!Another scam is avenged. Job well done.

    1. Hi, Will!

      Thanks for your kind words. I do believe that Wealthy Affiliate is the best chance most people will have to earn substantial money online. The Online Entrepreneur Certification Course is the initial training offered by Wealthy Affiliate and is the place to start for anyone interested in building an online business that can generate life-changing revenue.

      Thanks for stopping by,


  5. The thing about all these Network Marketing companies is that they all sell you “the dream”. They kinda forget to mention the bits in the middle, like “training” and “hard work” – the actual elements that create a life-changing income.

    So it’s one thing having a life-changing system/opportunity in place, but it’s another thing marketing it effectively to the right crowd. This comes from past MLM experiences. I think I spent more money on the “products” than what I made in return. I was always at a loss due to lack of training and poor support.

    But as for this American Dream Nutrition Biz Opp, having no details makes it incredibly fishy. In my opinion, they’ve got something to hide.

    I do also agree that the product packs are overpriced and that’s so the distributors and MLM owners can pocket a little extra from the sales. There’s nothing wrong with making money, but when it’s from a product that’s cheaper elsewhere, then it’s unethical, in my book.

    Personally, I think American Dream Nutrition is untrustworthy. It’s only a matter of time until the FTC comes down on a number of MLM companies for being “recruitment” schemes.

    I’m totally with you on affiliate marketing. It rocks!

    Cheers, Neil 🙂

    1. Hi, Neil!

      You are so right. MLM schemes like American Dream Nutrition sell the dream of financial freedom, but they fail to reveal the cost of getting there or that very, very few people ever achieve financial freedom with MLM. 

      Ultimately, selling the dream is nothing more than triggering an emotional response in a potential recruit. Once a potential recruit responds emotionally they cannot make a rational decision. It’s impossible and the people at the top of MLM organizations know this. It’s the trick they use to get people to pay outrageous amounts of money for the privilege of selling over-priced products nobody wants or needs.

      Thanks for stopping by,


  6. I am curious as to why a company such as American Dream and Nutrition would want to have a network marketing distribution system when they are already selling their products direct on Amazon? 

    I guess that doesnt really help them much and only adds more to the possibility that they really are a pyramid scheme like you said.

    1. Hi, Jessie!

      My guess is the American Dream Nutrition products that are sold on Amazon are coming from a distributor and not the company. 

      Also, in my view, a legitimate MLM is nothing more than a pyramid scheme that has been tweaked just enough to be inside the law. An MLM/pyramid scheme is extremely profitable to the people at the top. This is why they choose that model. The products they promote are incidental. 

      Thanks for stopping by,


  7. Like every MLM company, American dream nutrition claims that it can make you rich in a quick time. I was previously part of similar MLM companies and I do not like the way it works. I can not force my friends and family to join.I will definitely stay away from it

    Affiliate marketing is much better than MLM because you do not need to sell something that people do not need.

  8. Hey Gary,

    They don’t even want to give you their address?  Not even a fake picture of their building or anything?  Looks kind of fishy to me.  Wow, they don’t even tell you the owners name?  Probably, because once he rips a bunch of people off he is going to move onto another scam/scheme.

    But, sign me up they donate to charity.  Again, another fail.  I wouldn’t ever trust them!  So many red flags!

    I wonder what the FDA would have to say about American Dream Nutrition.  I’m sure if they were alerted, if they haven’t already been they would shut them down in an instant.

    I’m not really a fan of MLM, mostly.  I can be kind of partial because I do stand behind doTERRA which is an essential oil company.  But, they don’t do any of that funny business.

  9. Strange that a company claiming to have such miraculous products doesn’t have an address or much product information and even more importantly proof.

    I think in order to be involved with any MLM company, and some of them have excellent products, you need to be very hard core and great at recruiting, because you are going to need a lot of people underneath you if you want to make a lot of money, and most of those you recruit will drop out anyway. 

    I too tried this model once selling beauty products, but once burned twice shy so they say.

    1. Hi, Michel!

      American Dream Nutrition is a lousy company for all the reasons you point out. Their lack of transparency makes me think they won’t be around very long anyway.

      I do know some people are successful with MLM, but very few. For every one who earns six figures there are thousands who lose money. You bring up a good point. The people who succeed with MLM are with reputable companies and have learned to recruit and manage people. Also, they have thick skin because the rejections are constant.

      Even with a good MLM company, you are still building a business inside a business. All your work can vanish overnight. I’ve known this to happen to two high earners in MLM.

      Thanks for stopping by,


  10. Hi Gary,

    MLM systems are not so promising and usually the first ones who started that program have the most money – that would be the ones on the top of the pyramid, just as you mentioned. There’s no real chance of improving, maybe only some experience in selling but what’s the point if your effort is not rewarded.

    I like the details you put in section ’The Secret to Making Big Money in Sales’. It’s important to find that one product or niche that you can present to people and help them solve their problem with it. The most important thing is to give valuable informations, quality to people and than you will have followers and loyal customers. It is best not to promise, what you can’t give and that is usually the case in MLM systems.

    I really love Wealthy Affiliate because this is a totally different program, platform that has everything for starting a business and improving it. Depending on the invested time – rewards come.



    1. Hi, Strahinja!

      I agree completely. MLM is a tough way to try to make money. Some people do succeed in MLM, but they do at the expense of thousands of people who tried and failed. American Dream Nutrition is just more of the same, unfortunately.

      I appreciate your love of Wealthy Affiliate, that’s where I learned to make money online the right way. And, the FREE starter level of the Online Entrepreneur Certification Course is inside WA.

      Thanks for stopping by,


  11. I am not a fan of MLM to start with.  This seems to be one of the worse ones.  You do a great job of reviewing which in turn is educating.  Education for so many people in this is important.  MLM companies are great at painting a rosy picture,  At the end of the day it seems there are hundreds of nutritional MLMs and most of them are just about the mighty dollar.  Thank you for taking the time to promote awareness.  This can be such a black eye for the face of trying to work online.

  12. Thank you for revealing this pure MLM scheme Gary! I try to avoid this kind of programs but they are really all over the Internet. People should not give their money here but invest in some educational program that will learn them to make money. You mentioned affiliate marketing and I think that it is one of the easiest ways of earning money online.

  13. Gary I’m grateful that you have taken the time to write this comprehensive review about an organisation that unfortunately does not sound like it is aiming to fulfil the needs of its clients. I find it perplexing that there are still companies online that don’t give their background which just doesn’t build credibility. It doesn’t matter if the offerring is at a low buy in level such as $54.95. The company still needs to be professional and transparent. Especially if they’re claiming to donate to charities!

    I much prefer the review from a professional affiliate marketer, such as yourself to assist me to assess what opportunities and products I will decide to purchase online. Thanks again!

    1. Hi, Fleur!

      I appreciate your kind words and I’m pleased you found my article about American Dream Nutrition helpful. I agree, why would a company expect people to trust them when they are hiding? Apparently, some people are joining the MLM, but I can’t imagine it is working out well for them.

      Thanks for stopping by,


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