What Is Tube Crusher?

What Is Tube Crusher? Tube Crusher Review

Can you really make over $2,000 a day on YouTube with only a few minutes work? Tube Crusher says you can, but a closer look reveals a different story. Follow me to see the Devil in the details.

Product: Tube Crusher
Website: tubecrusher.co
Owner: Ciaran? (Probably a pseudonym)
Price: $37 + multiple upsells.
Opinion: Not Recommended

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What Is Tube Crusher?

Like so many sales videos in this niche, the Tube Crusher sales video makes big promises about making lots of money quickly and easily. And true to form, they have a special system that will do all the work for you.

What Is Tube Crusher? Tube Crusher ReviewThe video presentation is designed to immediately capture your attention. The spokesperson enthusiastically mentions several people who made a great deal of money with the Tube Crusher system, claiming Randy Peterson of Arkansas, Sally Meyers of New Mexico, and Antonio Ricci of Italy each earned over $2,000 in one day.

Wow! Who wouldn’t be impressed by the rapid success of these people, and who wouldn’t want to make $3,000 in affiliate commissions on the first day?

Meet Ciaran

The spokesperson, Ciaran, assures us that we can make this kind of money without any special skills, qualifications, or expertise. According to Ciaran, you only need to invest a few minutes each day to earn the incredible income. Apparently, the Tube Crusher system is magical and does all the hard stuff.

The video states that all you need to get started is a smartphone, a great internet connection, and ten minutes each day. Apparently, you need Ciaran too because he claims that he is a YouTube celebrity, although I couldn’t find any mention of him online.

Ciaran claims to have the experience and knowledge to provide you with never-seen-before insights about how to go from YouTube rookie to YouTube celebrity almost instantly. I doubt it.

According to Ciaran, thanks to the amazing Tube Crusher system, you’ll soon be able to say goodbye to your arrogant boss, office cubicles, rush hour traffic, and early mornings meetings.

And to make us all feel special and eager to purchase Tube Crusher, Ciaran reminds us that his great offer is only available to a select few. That’s why he strongly believes that you should sign up now!

Ciaran leaves you with this: “Losers will walk away, but winners will take action. You have nothing to lose except becoming rich overnight.” Remember his words, “Rich Over Night.” We’ll revisit that in a moment.

Any time someone claims they can make me rich overnight, I grab my wallet. You should too.

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What Is Tube Crusher, Really?

What Is Tube Crusher? Tube Crusher ReviewIncredible income every day. A few minutes of daily work. Only $37 dollars to start! What’s not to like? Well, a lot, actually.

Are you ready to trade in your 9 to 5 for the job of your dreams? Tube Crusher really does sound amazing, but the problem is that it seems a little too good to be true. Don’t you think?

Let’s start with the most obvious red sign: Unrealistic income claims. Do you really think you’ll be able to get rich quick like the video claims? The lies that Ciaran tells you about how much money can be made on a new YouTube channel are outrageous!

When it comes to becoming successful with YouTube, the secret sauce is hard work and time. Yes, that’s right! Making money online requires hard work in the initial stages. It’s doubtful that you’ll get rich quick from YouTube.

YouTube’s most successful vloggers work their tails off and they’ve been doing it for years. It simply is not possible to make thousands of dollars on YouTube your first day. Ciaran is telling a fib.

If you work at it, you can make money with YouTube, but I wouldn’t trust Tube Crusher to show you how.

Unless you are an affiliate marketing expert, you are going to need some intensive training to succeed with YouTube. Interesting enough, there is no information about training in the sales video.

How will you become a YouTube celebrity without any proper training? That’s something I would What Is Tube Crusher? Tube Crusher Reviewlike to know.

Ciaran says he’ll teach you easy methods but then fails to go into detail about what these methods are. In my honest opinion, the product should be sold with many relevant training videos that present information you can’t find anywhere else.

The video testimonials in the Tube Crusher sales video are suspect. In one testimonial the man is clearly reading from a script and is not doing a very good job of it. It’s easy and cheap to get testimonials like that from Fiverr.

Is Tube Crusher a Scam?

Tube Crusher may not technically be a scam because it is covered by the ClickBank’s 60-day refund policy. However, don’t expect to make money with it. The sales video is very misleading.

Read the Disclaimer!

At the bottom of the Tube Crusher website, you’ll find a link to the Disclaimer. If you are considering purchasing Tube Crusher, do yourself a favor and read the Disclaimer. When you do, you’ll discover two interesting details about Tube Crusher.

Somewhere buried in the legal double-speak and CYA boilerplate, you’ll find this phrase, “Earning potential is…dependent on the person using our product,…” And, “…our sales material are intended to express our opinion of earnings potential.”

ScamAvenger Girl, says “Thumbs Down!”

The disclaimer isn’t nearly as promising as the sales video. So, all the wild claims about making thousands of dollars and only working a few minutes a day is their “opinion!”

Not Rich Over Night!

Remember in the sales video when Ciaran said: “You have nothing to lose except becoming rich overnight.” The Disclaimer specifically says,  “We do not purport this as a ‘get rich scheme’, and nor should you view it as such.”

That might be the only true phrase on the entire site. You will not get rich with Tube Crusher.


Here’s a really weird thing about the Tube Crusher disclaimer, it doesn’t mention Tube Crusher at all. Instead, it refers to Ecom Profit Sniper a completely different product! That’s sloppy.

There is no reason to give these people your money.

The Last Word on Tube Crusher.

It’s impossible to know who is behind Tube Crusher. Ciaran is surely a pen name, so you don’t even know who you’re doing business with.

The sales letter is designed to make you feel greedy for the pig in a poke they are selling. You can get a refund if you purchase only Tube Crusher. However, the upsells are not protected by the ClickBank refund policy. THAT’s the big gotcha!

If you fall for the Tube Crusher sales pitch, buy it and buy the upsells, you could lose a lot of money.

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Why Not Make Money Online the Right Way?

Work at Home in Your Pajamas.

Success and making money in any endeavor is largely a mental game, some might call it the Master Game. Many of us can be our own worse enemy when it comes to trying to improve our lives and the lives of the people we love.

The truth is, making money online is not difficult once you are shown the right way to do it. Yes, it does take work, but it’s not hard work. Mostly, it takes patience and commitment because when you’re just starting out, you won’t make money right away.

The key is to find a legitimate place to learn the skills you need at a fair price. We recommend the Online Entrepreneur Certification Course. The starter level is free, as in really FREE, no credit card needed.

In the free starter course, you’ll learn what it takes to really make money online. Stick with it and you’ll learn several strategies for making money. There is no better feeling than knowing you can always make money.

If you found this article helpful or have experience Tube Crusher, please leave a comment below. Thank you.

12 thoughts on “What Is Tube Crusher?

  1. It seems like on the internet it’s nothing but rip offs and scams. There are many programs out there just like Tube Crusher, they promise you riches and glory but never deliver. The only thing they want is your money and the way they get it through upsells is really sneaky.

    I don’t believe there is any legit programs out there that lets you get rich overnight, or is there? What is the fastest way to make a full time income online in your opinion?

    1. Hi, Kent!

      Indeed, the internet is filled with rip-offs and scams, but there are a few legitimate programs that will help someone learn how to make money online the right way. However, when in doubt assume an offer is a scam. You’ll be right more often than not.

      Unless we were born into wealth, making money takes work and skill. The more skillful we are, the less work it requires. This is true online and offline. The beauty of the internet is we can leverage it to make more money faster once we have the skills. 

      When I say make more money faster, I don’t mean overnight. I mean start making money after a few months of work and start making substantial money after a year of work instead of several years of work. And, you can do it with minimum risk and no employees. That was impossible just a decade ago.

      However, people who make money online don’t do it with schemes like Tube Crusher. It takes more than a one-off product to learn how to make money online. It takes thorough training and continuous support, especially in the beginning.

      You asked what is the fastest way to make a full-time income. I’m not sure what is the fastest way, but I do know a reliable way to make a full-time income. That is to create a blog that promotes affiliate products. This FREE training will get your started.

      The free training will give you the basic and show you where you can continue to learn the industry’s best practices at a reasonable price. Beyond that, the key is to commit to you success and be patient. Typically, the first money you make as an online entrepreneur is a trickle. You must nurture that trickle of revenue into the a healthy income stream and that may take a year or more of work. People do it all the time.

      Thanks for stopping by,


  2. Hey Gary,

    The internet is full of products like Tube Crusher.

    What is too good to be true always is. You can’t make money without any skill and time investment, at least not big amounts like the 2K that Ciaran claims.”Becoming rich overnight” is a big, fat lie.

    I have found out myself that many big companies (I won’t give names), are creating a variety of products on ClickBank using different pen names that don’t even exist. Their videos ALWAYS exaggerate and oversell the product.

    I have actually purchased one of those products just out of curiosity. It wasn’t that bad actually but it definitely did not offer the value that it was promising.

    The Free Online Entrepreneur Certification Course seems promising… I will definitely try it out!


    1. Hi, Xaric!

      Thanks for pointing out that you cannot make money without skill and time investment. You nailed it. If a product promises you can make money without skill or investing time, it’s a dead giveaway that it has no value in the real world. In other words, it’s a pig in a poke.

      Like you, I’ve noticed similarities between several ClickBank products. Sometimes they use the same testimonial videos too. I think their strategy is to draw people in to the basic product like Tube Crusher and promise them a 60 day guarantee if they are unhappy with their purchase. This 60-Day guarantee is the famous ClickBank refund policy. So far, so good.

      Here’s where it gets tricky. The initial product is covered by the ClickBank refund policy, but the upsells are not. The upsells are from JV Zoo which has no refund policy at all.

      It appears that Tube Crusher and products like it are using the ClickBank guarantee to give the customer a false sense of security. Then pushing upsells. The customer will probably wrongly assume the upsells are also covered by the ClickBank guarantee. Unfortunately, if a customer buys the upsells they just threw their money away. That’s the gotcha!

      Thanks for stopping by,


  3. $2000 a day on Youtube made quick and easy, throw in a magic formula and an internet guru and you’ve got… BS. 

    I’ve got to be a loser because I am walking away, quickly. 

    It is so sad that so many of these MMO products make such incredible promises and then you go and read their disclaimers and it turns out to be absolute rubbish. The fact that their are no refunds on any of their upsells is a huge warning sign. Undoubtedly if you buy the Youtube Crusher they will get you with upsells and yes you can get your money back on Youtube Crusher but not for anything else. 

    1. Hi, Lynne!

      I wish there was an easy way to make $2K a day quickly and easily, but we both know the truth. BS indeed!

      Hopefully, as the internet matures we will learn to spot these schemes from a safe distance. The sad thing about products like Tube Crusher is they can make people disillusioned about making money online with a legitimate business.

      As the global economy shrinks and secure employment is as rare as unicorns, people need to learn to make money online the right way. It’s possible. Millions do every day, but they don’t do it with schemes like Tube Crusher.

      Thanks for stopping by,


  4. You did an awesome review about this Tube Crusher. There is so many people out there who would believe that they can earn money just like that, unfortunately. I am long enough on the Internet and I am used to such scams. Everyone can earn on youtube but that is not easy as it seems. You need to work for months to start getting results.

  5. Thank you for this great review on TubeCrusher. I had not heard of them before.
    The thought of making $2K per day for only a few minutes work on YouTube sounds great doesn’t it?
    It is disappointing that they make a massive cop out at the end of it and say “Earning potential is dependent on blah blah blah…” When your headline is so strong and you make that many claims a catch all to dismiss everything you have said is very disappointing.
    I am glad that ClickBank gave you a refund. I was just wondering if there was ANY worthwhile content ANYWHERE in this training?

    1. Hi, Glenys!

      The information in Tube Crusher is very generic. I suspect it is nothing more than PLR. Also, I don’t recommend using YouTube as the foundation of an online business. If someone does build a business exclusively on YouTube they are building on internet property they do not own. YouTube can put them out of business at any moment. It happens all the time.

      Instead of building a business exclusively on YouTube, it is better to build a business on a website you own and use YouTube to drive traffic to your website. You can learn more about building a website with the free starter training in the Online Entrepreneur Certification Course.

      Thanks for stopping by,


  6. Tube Crusher sounds like the same old over-hyped nonsense. When I was starting out online, I bought into the hype and promises, but I finally learned how to spot a scam from a safe distance, thanks largely to your reviews.

    Now, any time an offer promises big money, I know it’s just trying to make me feel greedy for the thing they are selling. And the more they hype it, the less valuable it must be.

  7. Hi Gary,
    This was as fun to read as it was informative. When you mentioned the writer’s name, and the fact that it was probably a pen name, I became curious. Pair that with the fact that “Tube Crusher” just sounds painful, and I had to do a little research. With your great review, it’s clear that this is one offer we should all say “no” to.

    Thanks for “crushing” this collection of phony claims!

  8. Hi Gary!

    After reading your review, I could definitely see the red flags in Tube Crusher! I’ve learned to avoid offers that claim quick riches, that promise you won’t have to work, or that pressure you to buy without sufficient information to make a clear buying decision. It sounds like Tube Crusher falls into each of my 3 scam criteria, so I would definitely avoid it.

    I’m glad you posted this. Hopefully, your article will save people a lot of time, money, and disappointment. Great Tube Crusher review!

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