What is Super Sales Machine?

What is Super Sales Machine? A Super Sales Machine Review.

Can a newbie really succeed online with the “done-for-you” websites and sales funnels in Super Sales Machine? Maybe. However, it’s not as promising as the sales video claims. Follow me to see the Devil in the details.

Product: Super Sales Machine
Website: supersalesmachine.com
Price: $97 plus upsells to $997
Owner: Aaron Dankers
Opinion: Not Recommended

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What is Super Sales Machine?

Created by Aaron Dankers, Super Sales Machine claims to be “done-for-you” high-quality review sites and sales funnels that promote ClickBank products. According to the Super Sales Machine sales page, once you join, all you have to do is simply log into the member’s area, download a premade website, edit it with your affiliate links, upload it to your web host via FTP and drive traffic to it.

What is Super Sales Machine? A Super Sales Machine Review.In fact, Super Sales Machine guarantees you will make a sale if you drive 100 qualified leads to your website. They are so confident that you can make a sale in your first 30 days as a member that they will refund the cost of your membership if you don’t.

However, after going through the Super Sales Machine sales material and joining at the free membership level, I did not find any reason to join at the paid level. In fact, I found several red flags that ultimately led me to believe that the Super Sales Machine is outdated and poorly maintained.

Membership in Super Sales Machine includes a lot of “done-for-you” stuff, such as PLR content and 50 follow up emails, and a sales funnel that promotes upsells ranging up to $997. You get 50% commissions on most sales.

Red Flags.

You can join Super Sales Machine for free and get two free websites. Unfortunately, Super Sales Machine does not reveal how to upload the free websites, so, really, the free sites are useless.

Also, it appears that the “done-for-you” websites are not mobile friendly. In fact, most everything in the Super Sales Machine members area appears dated.

In the free membership area, you also get about a dozen training videos revealing newbie mistakes and a few more videos discussing traffic methods. None of these videos go into much detail. Mostly, what you get in the free member’s area is links to sales pages promoting the paid levels of Super Sales Machine and paid one-on-one coaching.

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A Pitch Fest.

The knowledge base in the free member’s area is just a sales pitch for their “done-for-you” services. If you want to open a support ticket you will have to give them your phone number. They don’t need your phone number. Why would they ask for it?

Getting pitched at every turn is very confusing. My impression of Super Sales Machine is that it is outdated and not maintained.

What is Super Sales Machine, Really?

In a graphic depicting the sales funnel that will be set up for you if you upgrade to the paid level, one of the traffic sources is Article Marketing.

What is Super Sales Machine? A Super Sales Machine Review.Article Marketing has not worked for several years. It’s an outdated and ineffective traffic strategy.

You could spend months writing articles and submitting them to article directories and not see any results. It would be a gross waste of your time and energy.

For Super Sales Machine to still promote article marketing as a traffic strategy is a huge clue that the product has not been updated in years.

Cloned Websites.

Because the websites you get with the Super Sales Machine are cloned websites, they will not attract free organic search traffic from the search engines. The search engines favor unique and original content. Cloned websites and “done-for-you” content will not rank in the search engines.

Without free organic traffic, you will be dependent on other traffic sources such as paid traffic. However, it is doubtful that Google will approve paid ads leading to an obvious affiliate website like the ones offered by Super Sales Machine. That leaves social media and solo ads.

Solo ads are not recommended because it’s like paying someone to spam their email list for you. The results are usually not great.

Private Lable Rights Content.

Near the bottom of the Super Sales Machine website, we learn that each month you will get 60 PLR articles to put on your website or “spin.”

It will not help you to put a PLR article on your website unless you are buying traffic. A PLR article will never get indexed in the search engines. And spinning an article is an old marketing strategy that no longer works.

Aaron talks about selling PLR products which he provides to members and says members get to keep all the money they make when they sell a PLR product. However, like so many things in Super Sales Machine, PLR is a throwback to another time, the dark ages of the internet.

Most PLR products are junk. You don’t want to build an online business on junk products.

Aaron Dankers.

To his credit, on the About page of the free member’s area, Aaron Dankers presents a “self-assessment” questionnaire to help a newbie determine if they are ready to build a successful online business.

Dankers asks: “Are you patient enough to build your business from the ground up? Are you committed to making this work? Do you have an unshakable desire to succeed?”

This is a valuable self-assessment, but it is in stark contrast to the tone of the Super Sales Machine sales video where we are told all we have to do to succeed is simply log into the member’s area, download a premade website, edit it with your affiliate links, upload it to your web host via FTP and drive traffic to it.

The Last Word on Super Sales Machine.

To a newbie, Super Sales Machine might look like a dream come true, because the hard work is done for you, or so it appears.

However, an experienced marketer will see the obvious flaws in Super Sales Machine. It’s outdated and poorly maintained.

During the dark ages of the internet, before the search engines got so darn smart, it was possible to make money with free organic traffic and cloned websites filled with spun PLR content, but those days are long gone.

If you want to succeed online now, it is essential that you cooperate with the search engines. The search engines are built to give users the best possible experience. A cloned website with PLR content doesn’t even come close. A cloned website will never get free organic traffic and it probably won’t be approved for paid traffic either.

Also, a website that is not mobile friendly will miss the entire mobile market. Super Sales Machine is a holdover from another time.

An Outdated Business Model.

Super Sales Machine is an outdated business model. There was a time with it was possible to make money online with lots of small niche sites. Back then, that was the strategy most online gurus taught.

Then the search engines got smarter. Overnight, small websites, like the ones promoted in Super Sales Machine were dropped to the bottom of the search engines. In an instant, internet marketers lost their empires.

Now, Instead of launching another small website each month, like Super Sales Machine teaches, the recommended strategy is to focus on a single niche and build a single authority website with tons of content and to continue expanding your website with more content, month after month and year after year. The search engines love authority websites.

And, instead of promoting a product you hope will make you money, find and promote a product that will help the people who visit your website.

The Problem with “Done-for-You.”

The human brain is wired to find the easiest way to do anything. We all want fast, easy money, and the more we can get, and the faster we can get it, the better.

When it comes to learning to make money online the right way, the so-called easy way seldom leads to anything good. Usually, it just costs money, sometimes a lot of money. Read How to Really Make Money Online and Never Get Scammed.

While it might be tempting to try “done-for-you” websites and sales funnels. It’s a lousy way to learn online marketing.

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Work at Home in Your Pajamas.

A Better Way.

Once you learn the basic skills, making money online is not difficult. In the beginning, the biggest challenge is finding a legitimate place to learn what you need to know without spending a lot of money.

That’s why I recommend the free starter level of the Online Entrepreneur Certification Course. It’s totally free, no credit card needed. When you complete the free level, you’ll know what to do next. More importantly, you’ll understand how money is made online the right way and you’ll be prepared to see past offers that might only waste your time and money.

If you found this article helpful or have experience with Super Sales Machine, please leave a comment below. Thank you.

12 thoughts on “What is Super Sales Machine?

  1. Yes, the latest victim here (which I hope not!) But looking at the ways things are, they simply ignore you when tickets open are getting too many (mine is 9 by now, repeated reminders of course! and including a REFUND request). Their deliveries by the standard are below par and their Support response is the worst I have met online. They seem to be dragging it to the 30 Days Warranty duration, in my humble opinion!

    My mistake for trusting A.D. and J.P. that the Newbie Cash Machine can become my recurring income ‘machine’! All I have got now is a ‘skeleton’ system in my personal opinion for $97 instead of $147 which they use to advertise previously. Fortunately, I did not commit the 3 x OTOs (combined $291)

    I even fork out $283 to get it working with Aweber Annual Plan (which I do not need in the 1st place) so damage is pretty high for a useless system!

    Can blame me for ranting here when they simply refused to answer their email or Support Ticket Area? These 2 guys will be on my Blacklist of Unscrupulous Marketers out there!

    Any tips to getting hold of these guys or should I just publish my Review video about it on Youtube for all to see and hear about it?

  2. Have you ever tried to communicate with them and get a refund?
    It takes so much time and you wonder if you’re ever going to get your money back….
    Hardly get reply to your request…. I am waiting for my refund of $501 … I wonder if I will get it.
    Maybe we have all been misled…by:
    Super sales machine – Aaron Dunker

    1. Hi, Charlene!

      Free traffic from the search engines is also the best kind of traffic to have. People coming to a website from the search engines have a purpose for visiting the website.
      It does take work, but the rewards are worth it.

      Once you have a website with good organic traffic and sales, you can then experiment with paid traffic.

      Thanks for stopping by,

  3. As I have learned over and over in my life, there isn’t an easy way to make money. Easy money is a dreams that sells, but never deliver. It is like a gold rush. I myself tried many thing. Day trading with stock/FOREX, online surveys, selling on eBay, and more. All I can say from my experience is that there is no magic. 

    1. Hi, Nir Dolev!

      You are so right. There is no magic when it comes to making money online. No magic button will do it and there is no secret formula either.

      I never tried day trading, that just seemed to hyper stressful, but I did try online surveys, what a waste of time and eBay just made me angry. Blogging has worked well for me, but as you mentioned, it takes work and proper training.

      In spite of schemes like Super Sales Machine and the countless online products promising quick, easy riches, I’m convinced the internet is the greatest opportunity of all time. It does take work to succeed online, but once you develop basic skills and understand the logic of the search engines, it’s amazing how you can leverage the internet to make money.

      Proper training, patience and commitment are essential, but this is true for any worthwhile endeavor.

      Thanks for stopping by,


  4. I simply can not believe how many scams are on the Internet today. I was cheated by this type of product so many times and finally I have learnt the lesson. There is no easy way of earning money online but people will always run for something that promises them big and fast cash. Great and very helpful review! I hope that people will see the truth!

  5. Hey. There so much new sites and hypes like super sales machine one that should be removed. I haven’t tried SSM yet, but since I see more and more don’t recommend it, I wouldn’t bother to try it. I really enjoyed your article, but I think you should put your conclusion at the bottom of the article.
    Keep up the good work


  6. Thank you for this review. I’ve never heard of this concept before but it sounds really great.
    A website that just waits for you to upload your affilaite links and start earning money.
    On the other hand, this sounds too good to be true and even to be selling for this ridicoulous amount of 97$. It is like upsells are there for a reason. To get them more money.
    It is also great that you revealed them and their “free websites”.

    Best regards

  7. Hello Gary,

    Enjoyed reading your post, it is very detailed and explains the general motive of the company “Super Sales Machine”

    Just the way the first questions were presented, raised red flags in my mind. Especially what thier intentions are; but I liked the way you take an objective look at what they are offering.

    That kind of review really helps a person think through the material being presented, and come to a better decision on which direction to go.

    Keep up the good work! Look forward to your next review.

  8. I don’t think Super Sales Machine is something that I want to get. I’ve tried the CB Passive Income that also claimed everything done for you…. and the only thing you need to do is to drive traffic to the site. But most of these so-called system never tell you that “driving traffic” to your page needs additional money! This is so misleading and useless, particularly for beginners. I will definitely not recommend to anyone.

    1. Hi, Florence!

      You are so right. Really, when you think about it, success as an affiliate marketer is all about getting traffic. And, as you mentioned, schemes like Super Sales Machine fail to mention how expensive it can be to get paid traffic.

      I always encourage newbies to focus on free traffic from the search engines until their online business is making at least $500 a month and can pay for advertising. It’s alarmingly easy to run through $500 with paid ads and not have anything to show for it except a smoldering wallet.

      Thanks for stopping by,


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