What is Simple Sites Big Profits

What is Simple Sites Big Profits?

Can you really use dirty little secrets and hacks to make over $8,000 a day without selling anything? Marcus Campbell says his Simple Sites Big Profits training will show you how. However, there is a lot he isn’t telling you. Follow me to see the Devil in the details.

Name: Simple Sites Big Profits
Website: simplesitesbigprofits.com
Owner: Marcus Campbell
Price: $297 (NO REFUNDS!), plus upsells
Opinion: Not Recommended

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What is Simple Sites Big Profits?

In his videos, Marcus Campbell is soft-spoken and comes across as a charming and likable guy. He makes lots of promises, such as claiming his Simple Sites Big Profitssecrets and hacks make over $8,000 a day. Or, how one simple site makes $137 a day and another simple site makes $287 a day and one site made over a million.

In many of the training videos on his YouTube channel, he makes it look simple and easy to earn big bucks.

Simple Sites Big Profits, BIG MISTAKE!

Marcus Campbell claims you can make a lot of money just giving away free stuff. It was that promise that moved me to purchase Simple Sites Big Profits. I quickly discovered that purchasing Simple Sites Big Profits was a big mistake.

There was a time about ten years ago when giving away free downloads was profitable, but that strategy does not work now. Many of the examples Marcus Campbell gives in his training are very old and those free download products are no longer available.

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What is Simple Sites Big Profits Really?

Behind his soft-spoken and charming demeanor, Campbell is a hard-boiled, aggressive and selfish marketer. His favorite word is ‘because.’ Studies have shown that people will accept just about anything if you give a reason why, see, Influence.

Simple Sites Big ProfitsIf you try to purchase Simple Sites Big Profits, you’ll see on the order form that Marcus Campbell can’t refund your money because of his “personal support and commitment to you.” That doesn’t even make sense.

I’ve owned Simple Sites Big Profits for 7 months and I have never received personal support from Mr. Campbell. The Live Chat has never worked. The only email Marcus Campbell answered took 4 months for him to reply. And, he only replied to tell me he was closing the ticket. He never answered my question.

If you purchase Simple Sites Big Profits, I predict all you will see is a hole in your wallet where your money used to be.

Like Being Robbed.

When I purchased Simple Sites Big Profits 2017 in October of 2017, I felt I had been robbed. What I quickly discovered was Marcus Campbell can’t refund your money because he doesn’t want to. If you purchase Simple Sites Big Profits, your money will go into Marcus Campbell’s pocket and it will never come out.

Simple Sites Big Profits is junk. If Marcus Campbell had a refund policy, everyone would ask for a refund.

The First Lesson.

The first lesson in Simple Sites Big Profits is Mr. Campbell trying to sell you website hosting. He says you have to get his website hosting ‘because’ you need a hub site and the training videos are made for that specific web host. You must pay for a year of hosting in advance which is about $120.

Mr. Campbell makes a substantial commission when you buy the web hosting he recommends.

After I purchased the web hosting, I discovered there was only one additional video relating to that web hosting company. The video was outdated and useless. Also, there was never another peep about why I needed a hub site.

Support Takes 3 Days to Answer.

As I continued with the training, I discovered that most of the training videos were missing. I contacted support.

Simple Sites Big Profit support is dismal. It takes three days to get a response from support. Mr. Campbell says it takes three days to get an answer from support ‘because’ he hires local people. That makes no sense. Apparently, the local people are extremely slow.

When I see slow support, I know they do not respect or appreciate their customers. Why should they? They got your money coming in the door and they don’t have to give it back.

Simple Sites Big Profit Support said the videos weren’t playing because of my Adobe Flash Player settings. I spent days updating and re-updating my Adobe Flash Player. Still, the videos would not play.

Missing Videos.

Mr. Campbell hosted a live video training session on YouTube where he fielded questions. This training wasn’t really training. I was just Mr. Campbell pitching Simple Sites Big Profits.

Simple Sites Big Profits Wolf in Sheeps ClothingDuring the live training, I asked him why some of the videos were not playing. He said it was my Adobe Flash Player settings. Several people watching the live training wrote that many of the videos were not playing for them either.

I monkeyed with the Adobe Flash Player settings some more and contacted support again. Finally, after weeks of back and forth, support said that not all of the videos are in the course, but they would be there in a few weeks. That was in November 2017. It’s now April 2018. Nothing has changed. Most of the videos are still missing from the course.

Before writing this article, I checked again to see how much of the Simple Sites Big Profit Course is missing. I would estimate about 60% of the course is not there. And much of what is there is outdated. Or, it’s Mr. Campbell trying to sell ‘done-for-you’ websites for nearly thousand dollars a pop.

What is Simple Sites Big Profits Really?

I doubt you’ll learn anything useful in Simple Sites Big Profits. I’m an experienced marketer and I found what little material there was in the course confusing and outdated. A newbie will probably quickly get frustrated and give up.

In my opinion, Simple Sites Big Profits is junk and nothing more than a sales funnel pitching Marcus Campbell’s “done-for-you” websites for nearly a thousand dollars apiece.

Simple Sites Big Profits preys on newbies.

What is Simple Sites Big Profits? 1 What is Simple Sites Big Profits?

Is Simple Sites Big Profits a Scam?

Marcus Campbell spends a lot of time making charming, feel-good videos on YouTube. In his videos, he pitches Simple Sites Big Profits. At the same time, he knows his product is junk and cannot possibly deliver on the promises he makes.

An ethical marketer would never promote a product that was not complete. Campbell does. He hasn’t bothered to finish the product in the past 7 months and is now promoting Simple Sites Big Profits 2018.

If Marcus Campbell was an ethical marketer, he would guarantee his product and offer a refund to anyone who was unhappy with his training. However, he can’t guarantee his product because it’s junk. If he offered a refund, everyone would want their money back.

A Gift of Gab.

According to his own stories, Marcus Campbell began his adult life as a magician. He’s still using his skills of illusion, misdirection, and deception to make money. His greatest talent is convincing you he knows a valuable secret. He doesn’t.

Like a carnival barker, Mr. Campbell shouts from YouTube to buy his amazing Simple Sites Big Profits training course and learn the secret hacks to making $8000 a day! If you buy a ticket and take the ride, you’ll discover there’s a whole lot of nothing inside.

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How to Really Make Money Online.

How to Really Make Money OnlineThe secret to making money online is there are no secrets. Making money online is a lot like making money offline. You must earn it, either by providing a valuable service or selling a product.

Anyone who claims they have a secret way of making money online is just trying to get your money. It’s an old sales trick to convince people you have the secret sauce. Don’t fall for it.

The path to making money online is well known. If you want to know how to make money online the right way, without secrets or gimmicks. I recommend you try the Online Entrepreneur Certification Course.

The starter level is free. You’ll learn the industry’s best practices and proven business principles. To discover more about the Online Entrepreneur Certification Course and to enroll for free, Click Here.

If you found this article helpful or have experience with Simple Sites Big Profits, please leave a comment below. Thank you!


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