What is MyView About?

what is myview about

What is MyView About? Think of MyView as a spy agency without the black ops. It’s a legitimate survey website. However, there is a significant risk when you join MyView. In the following article, I detail this hidden risk, how much money you can expect to make and the best strategies for making the most money online.

Name of Product: MyView
Website: MyView.com
Price: Free
Owner: Critical Mix, Inc., Hugh Davis & Keith Price.
Opinion: Not Recommended

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What is MyView About?

MyView is a legitimate online survey website with very few online complaints. MyView describes itself as a community where its members can share their opinions about various companies and their products and services by completing market research surveys.

On the MyView website, it claims to “make participating in surveys fun, interesting and most importantly rewarding!”

Essentially, MyView is a market research company that feeds the information it gathers through online surveys to its parent company Critical Mix, Inc. Critical Mix caters to companies who need this information to develop or improve their products and services.

MyView appears to take an active role in managing their online reputation and offers several avenues for members to communicate with the company’s management.

The founders, Hugh Davis, and Keith Price make their email addresses known to all members. It appears they are available to respond the concerns of members and actively work to keep complaints in-house.

MyView Rewards: Reality Check.

Suggested MyView logo.

MyView will not pay you with money. Instead, you earn MyView Rewards. The MyView Terms of Service explicitly state that MyView Rewards have no monetary value until the minimum amount of MyView Rewards is achieved.

The minimum may change from time to time, but as of this writing it is 14,000, as in fourteen thousand! MyView does not state how much money 14,000 MyView Rewards are worth, so don’t even think of it as money.

Once you have reached the minimum amount of MyView Rewards, . .“ you can request the redemption of your valid MyView Rewards for items as set forth on our website from time to time, subject to these Terms and Conditions, by following the redemption process outlined on the site.” (Excerpt from MyView.com Terms of Service, Section VI Rewards, and Redemption).

How long will it take you to accrue the minimum 14,000 MyView Rewards? No one can say. It all depends on how many surveys you complete and that depends on how many surveys MyView sends you and how many you are qualified to complete.

If you’re still wondering how much money you can make with MyView, I assure you, it’s not much. At best, MyView is a mildly entertaining diversion. It’s not a money maker.

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ScamAvenger Girl, says “Thumbs Down!”

The Hidden Risk of MyView.

Think of MyView as a spy agency without the black ops.

MyView is in the business of gathering information from the masses and selling this information to their corporate clients.

MyView wants to get this information from you. It may be as innocent as your opinion of a product or service, or your thoughts on a corporation’s public reputation.

In qualifying for and completing MyView surveys, you will be revealing a lot of personal information about yourself. In the MyView Privacy Policy, under the heading of “The Information We Collect and Use,” it says:

“By information, we mean information about you collected through MyView and our Site, including “personally identifiable information“. . .” (MyView Privacy Policy. Emphasis added).

Near the bottom of the MyView Privacy Policy, under the heading “Security and Information Protection,” you will find:

“. . . while we strive to use commercially acceptable means to protect your personal information, we cannot guarantee its absolute security.”

In other words, MyView will collect personal information from you, but cannot guarantee they can keep your personal information safe. When you give MyView your personal information, you are risking your privacy. Is your privacy worth a bunch phony MyView Rewards?

Get Real.

If you think you can fill out online surveys and make some fast money, think again. It won’t happen. MyView and any other online survey company is not in the business of giving away money.

MyView and all other online survey companies are in the business of getting information out of you at the lowest possible price and then selling this information to their client companies for the highest dollar. If they can get this information out of you for free, they will.

They control the game. You are just one of the thousands of people plugging into their website.

MyView is a money maker for the owners Hugh Davis and Keith Price. It’s not a money maker for you.

If you want to make money, I mean real money, the kind of money that will let you kick your boss to the curb, you will have to build your own online business. It’s easier than you might think. All sorts of people do it every day.

I’ll show you where to find everything you need to get started for FREE, including step-by-baby-step training.

Claim Your Seat at the Table.

Completing surveys with MyView is like hiding under the dining room table and trying to survive on the crumbs that fall to the floor. Why would you want to do that when you can sit at the table and enjoy the full banquet?

The internet is the banquet, the largest, richest and most luxurious banquet in the history of civilization. Everyone is invited.

Regardless of where you live, your age, your gender, the color of your skin, your education or lack of education, you have a seat at the table. You just have to claim it.

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A Better Option for You.

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If you found this article helpful or have experience with MyView, please leave a comment below.

14 thoughts on “What is MyView About?

  1. Hi Gary,

    I tried surveys a few years back and really, i wasted my time. For a survey that took me 15 minutes to complete i got £0.10 and you only got about 3 of these types of surveys per day sent to you.

    The higher paying ones for £2.00 – £20 you would spend 20 minutes plus going through the survey only to be told you are not qualified to continue any further.

    To top that off my email box was heavily spammed so much so i closed that one down.

    Now i am a member of wealthy Affiliate i can say i now have found a sustainable business model that is going to help me succeed online.

    1. Hi, Lee!

      Thanks for commenting and thanks for sharing your experience with survey sites. Like you mention, surveys are a total waste of time. I wish more people could see that before they try to make money with surveys.

      You mentioned that you didn’t qualify for some surveys, even after you had completed a pre-survey questionnaire. I’m convince the pre-survey questionnaire is the actual survey and that survey site use this trick to get the info they want without paying for it. There is simply no way to win with online surveys.

      I’m a member of Wealthy Affiliate too. It has changed my life in countless ways and shown me how to build a profitable online business.

      All the best,


  2. When I read about survey companies like MyView, it makes you wonder how they even exist. Wanting to take all your personal information so that you may end up getting bomb barded with spam emails from all over the Internet because they do not protect the information they get from you.

    It sounds like to me that they offer you something useless for the 14,000 points so they can sell off your information for thousands of email lists at the back end.

    1. Hi, Travis!

      Thanks for stopping by.

      I’m with you on this. Surveys like MyView just aren’t worth the time, hassle and risk. If someone participates in an online survey, they are practically guaranteed to be spammed to death.

      At first, it might seem like you can make money or big rewards by playing the MyView game. 14,000 points sounds like something valuable, but it’s nothing, just empty electronic digits.

      I wish more people could see this before they get scammed by these survey sites.

      All the best,


  3. Hi Gary

    I think other than the very unclear reward structure here, one of the main things people should be aware of is the time factor.

    It takes time to build an online business and start earning residual income from it, but it can be done as you state. Diverting your time from an opportunity to make a real income by filling in surveys for very little gain seems very wasteful to me.

    It in points to the EASY money route as there is no skill required to do this, but it does use up your valuable time.

    Using that time to get the right step by step training as you suggest can pay off in the longer term.

    Keep it real Gary

    1. Hi, Wade!

      You are so right. Surveys are a huge waste of time. Nobody makes money with online surveys, not really. Maybe if you devote your life to surveys you can make $10 a month, but why would anybody want to do that?

      Like you suggest, if somebody wants to commit to making money online, do it the right way. Build a legitimate business that offers value. This short video is the best place to start.

      Thanks for stopping by,


  4. Hi there! Thank you for taking the time to show us this system. These so called money making systems really annoy me! Websites like this are quite obviously making a pretty decent amount of money by selling the information that it gathers from people filling out surveys for nothing. These guys could just keep on moving the goalposts and never pay anyone out. Its really bad that they give points but don’t actually tell you the value of them. I for one won’t be going anywhere near this site! Thanks.

    1. Hi, Andrew!

      I appreciate your comment and agree with you 100%. MyView is like most of the so-called survey sites on the internet. Apparently, no one reads the terms and conditions, and the privacy policy. If they did, no one in their right mind would sign-up for this rot.

      At best, these survey sites are a waste of time and may well compromise your personal information, all for nothing.

      If you want to know a legitimate way to make money online, this short video will get you started.

      All the best,


  5. Enjoyed reading your post, never heard of myview before but as soon as I read that it was a survey website I though – forget it!
    Even if it is legitimate doubt you could make great money on survey sites.Think I will just stick to Wealthy Affiliate seems to be more of an opportunity to make a lot more money.

    1. Hi, Jenny!

      Thanks for commenting. Like you, I recommend avoiding online survey sites. They’re a waste of time, they don’t pay and the risks of getting scammed are very high. MyView is a classic example of a marketing company that pretends to be a survey company.

      Thank you for suggesting Wealthy Affiliate, that’s where I learned how to really make money online.

      All the best,


  6. I’ve seen and been involved in a lot of survey sites and I really don’t like the look of this.

    in my experience with survey sites are just like you describe it you’re never going to make a full-time income from it.

    value for time is hardly worth it and if you was to break down how many surveys you do to what you earn is pennies thats if you get paid

    1. Hi, Steven!

      Thanks for taking time to comment. I’m suspicious of survey sites, even the ones that many people consider legitimate.

      At best, there is always the possibility of compromising your privacy when you complete survey forms. My first profession was as an intelligence officer and I know how seemingly unrelated pieces of information can reveal personal details. Not to mention that surveys pay very little, if anything at all. This is with the best of the survey sites.

      I’m convinced that 90% of the so-called survey sites are pure scams.

      Thanks for stopping by,


  7. Hi Gary.

    The road to success and to live a life without having to work a 9 to 5 job is always a challenge, and sometimes difficult to achieve. There are people that are preying on other people to earn that “American Dream” lifestyle such as Hugh Davis and Keith Price. I can almost bet that 14,000 rewards points that are generated by people “participating” in MyView equates to $14,000+ that’s being lined in Davis’s and Price’s pockets. And to make matters worse, there are many online programs that are like this.

    Overall, these kinds of programs are unethical at best and must be shut down. I would like to thank you for this review as WA is the only place to make real cash.


    1. Hi, Armand!

      Thanks for taking time to comment. You are so right. These types of programs exploit good people who are trying to improve their life. I struggle for years to make money online until I stumbled upon Wealthy Affiliate. It changed my life. I’ve been trying to warn others about scams ever since and inviting them to try the

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