What Is My Daily Choice?

What Is My Daily Choice?

Can you build the life of your dreams as an affiliate for My Daily Choice? The company says you can, but I have my doubts. Continue reading to discover why.

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What Is My Daily Choice?

My Daily Choice is a MLM company that offers exotic nutritional supplements and products, plus a so-called business opportunity that promises to be your chance to create a lifestyle of your dreams.

Who doesn’t want more out of life? More money. More time. More personal freedom. Something better than the dreaded 9 to 5 grind and endless bills? My Daily Choice wants you to believe they can help you build a better life for yourself and the people you love. They are selling a dream.

Unfortunately, the probability that you will achieve that dream with My Daily Choice is extremely remote.

What Is My Daily Choice?

If you are ready to do the work, there are reliable strategies for achieving financial independence within five years. To be clear, My Daily Choice is NOT a reliable strategy to make money, much achieving a dream lifestyle.

Later in this article, I discuss my favorite strategy for achieving financial independence. For now, allow me to tell you why I believe getting involved with My Daily Choice is a bad idea.

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The My Daily Choice Website.

If you explore the My Daily Choice website, you will be promised “a dynamic business opportunity powered by a lucrative compensation plan” and told how “anyone can succeed” with the My Daily Choice opportunity. You’ll also read about the My Daily Choice products based on “cutting-edge science and nutrition technology.”

However, you won’t find any information about the founder or owner of My Daily Choice. Neither will you find any scientific evidence that the My Daily Choice products work. Product descriptions are general hype and do not make specific health claims.

At the bottom of the website, you’ll find a link to the My Daily Choice Income Disclosure. It will show you how much you can expect to earn as an affiliate for My Daily Choice. It’s not much. The income disclosure reveals that the average My Daily Choice affiliate loses money.

The infinitesimally small possibility of success is just one of several issues I have with My Daily Choice. Let’s begin by looking at the My Daily Choice Products.

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My Daily Choice Products.

My Daily Choice has two product lines, a line of nutritional supplement sprays and a line of hemp-based products.

My Daily Choice Sprays.

The various sprays offered through My Daily Choice include Deer Antler Velvet and Superfruits, Alkalinity Spray with Coral Calcium, Natural Energy Spray with vitamin B12, Weight Loss Spray with Garcinia Cambogia, Sleep Spray with Melatonin and Valerian Root, and Brain Spray with Cognizin and Sensoril.

The My Daily Choice website does not mention the size or volume of the sprays or how much they cost. Affiliates are selling the sprays on eBay and the prices are available there.

My Daily Choice Website
The My Daily Choice Website

Ingredients like Deer Antler Velvet and Coral Calcium are meaningless. There is no conclusive research documenting that these are beneficial. More to the point, there is no legal definition for these ingredients either. In other words, My Daily Choice does not have to put deer antler velvet or coral calcium in their sprays. Without a lab test, there is no way of knowing what is in the sprays.

What do you hope to achieve by ingesting deer antler velvet and coral calcium? I’m sure whatever health issue you may be having, it is not because you aren’t eating enough deer antler velvet or coral calcium.

Assuming there is any good stuff in the My Daily Choice sprays, how much do you think you’ll get? It can’t be much. It’s a liquid spray.

Some of the sprays may contain ingredients that do have documented health benefits such as the Sleep Spray with melatonin. However, there are more cost-effective alternatives available such as melatonin tablets or capsules. You can a five month supply of melatonin for about $7 here.

In my opinion the My Daily Choice sprays are snake oil.

My Daily Choice Hempworx.

The My Daily Choice Hemp products exploit a popular misconception that hemp oil has healthy benefits. This misconception may have resulted from studies that documented several health benefits of hemp. Hemp and hemp oil are two different things.

However, there are over 400 compounds in hemp. Science has not isolated any of these compounds or tested them individually. In other words, we don’t know what compounds in hemp are beneficial.

To assume that hemp oil has the same health benefits as hemp is speculation and marketing hype. To date, the only documented benefit therapeutic use of hemp oil is for the treatment of a rare form of childhood epilepsy.

Beyond the treatment for epilepsy, the only conclusive health benefit of hemp oil is as a source of Omega-6 fatty acids.

Hemp Oil is Dirt Cheap.

Hemp oil is dirt cheap. Top of the line, USDA certified organic, cold-pressed, pure hemp oil costs about seventy-five cents an ounce on Amazon. Consider seventy-five cents an ounce to be the fair market value of hemp oil.

My Daily Choice Hempworx CBD oil
Hemp Oil

Now, compare the fair market value of an ounce of hemp oil to one ounce of My Daily Choice Hempworx 750 which sells for about $75! That’s insane.

Why would My Daily Choice charge one hundred times the fair market value? And why would anyone pay that much?

A Product-Based Pyramid Scheme?

In my opinion, My Daily Choice charges a hundred times the market value for their oil because they are a product-based pyramid scheme posing as a Multi-level marketing company. And, I believe people pay such an outlandish price for MDC hemp oil because they were sold a dream of becoming financially independent with My Daily Choice.

My Daily Choice uses the dream of financial independence to lock people into buying their outrageously over-priced products.

Product Packs and Auto-Ship.

If someone believes they can become financially independent by building a downline with My Daily Choice, they will then purchase product packs that range from $59 to $599.

The more expensive the product pack the greater it improves your rank in the company.

A My Daily Choice affiliate is expected to sign up for monthly auto-ship and also to recruit others who sign up for auto-ship.

The products are incidental and merely an excuse to justify the flow of money from the pockets of recruits to the bank accounts of the few at the top.

Income Disclaimer.

The big print on the My Daily Choice website makes some big promises. Unfortunately, the small print in the income disclaimer takes it away.

ScamAvenger Girl, says “Thumbs Down!”

Throughout the My Daily Choice website, you’ll find glowing language about the magical products and the amazing business opportunity. However, if you look for it, you can also see that the promises are implied. Nothing is stated directly.

Average Affiliate Loses $1000/yr!

And, if you dig for it, you will find the Income Disclaimer which reveals a rather gloomy picture of your earning potential with My Daily Choice. Skip over the chart and read the text in the first and second page of the income disclaimer and you’ll see that the average My Daily Choice affiliate earned only $580 for the year.

However, that isn’t the whole story. Read a little farther and you’ll also see that average My Daily Choice affiliate spent $1,600 in expenses. In other words, the average My Daily Choice affiliate loses $1000 a year!

1% Make Money.

According to information on the Federal Trade Commission’s website, written by Jon Taylor, less than 1% make money in multi-level marketing.

I respect your desire to make a better life for yourself and the people you love. There are many reliable ways to pursue this dream. However, MLM is not one of them and My Daily Choice is not either.

The FTC has documented that less than 1% of people who try MLM will make money. Given the nature of My Daily Choice, the odds of success with their business opportunity is probably less than 1%.

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A Better Way.

Any legitimate attempt to achieve financial independence will cost money. However, even if you can afford it, it is foolish to spend more than is necessary when starting. As soon as possible, you want your business to pay its way.

Also, you want to minimize the risks while at the same time maximizing your earning potential.

For these reasons, I recommend affiliate marketing, also known as digital marketing, internet marketing and online marketing. I cannot imagine a more powerful skillset than the ability to make money online. For those who will invest the time to learn the necessary skills, and put them into practice, there is no limit to what they can earn.

Work in Your Pajamas!

The key is to learn from a reliable source at a fair price. It starts with the FREE level of the Online Entrepreneur Certification Course. It’s free to join. You don’t need a credit card.

In the free training, you’ll learn the basics of affiliate marketing and how to make money online the right way. You’ll also meet a warm and supportive community of marketers who are eager to help you. You’ll also discover how to build a profitable online business on a shoestring.

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If you found this article helpful or have experience with My Daily Choice, please leave a comment below. Thank you!

14 thoughts on “What Is My Daily Choice?

  1. My Daily Choice is Legitimate!!! It works if you work it!! I. The certain way!! Apparently, not many want to be educated and they say false things about it!! MDC is a great company with an amazing culture!!

  2. Hello Gary,

    Thank you for providing this scam warning for My Daily Choice. I have become interested in hemp-based products since it was recently legalized. I came across another article the other day that someone wrote about that was in favor of My Daily Choice. I almost pre-enrolled but I wanted to do more research on the company since I have been burned in the past. 

    I appreciate the extra level of research you did on finding that piece of evidence from the FTC on Multi-level marketing schemes. They were not shy of admitting that this was a different kind of MLM. But I think you are right in that there is not much evidence to back up their product claims, only hype. I bought a different kind of health supplement a while back called Organifi that has similar hype and is selling like hot cakes. But there are other cheaper alternatives that provide a healthier value than the one promoted by that guru. 

    There are many ways to make money that are much better uses of our time. Building a website on WA is one, building youtube channel content is another, and my recent ventures have been with e-commerce and dropshipping. I am realizing how to create multiple channels of income so that one channel can support the growth of another. This will allow me to invest more into video marketing and spreading my influence to others. Wealthy Affiliate provides a great foundation for something greater in achieving our dreams of financial freedom.

    Thank you for sharing your investigative findings and keep up the great work.

    1. Hi Daniel!

      I suspect the person who recommended Daily-Choice was an affiliate. There are better options for CBD oil.

      You are so right about the many options for making money online. Wealthy Affiliate was the place where I learned and I’m an enthusiastic fan.

      Thank you for stopping by and taking the time to write a well thought out and crafted comment.


  3. I have seen My Daily Choice products for sale online in the past and actually wondered to myself ‘who would actually buy Deer Antler Velvet and for what purpose?’ The product was hellishly expensive.

    I didn’t realize then why the product was so much, but now reading your review it all makes sense. They have to charge a lot in order to pay all the distributors and their downlines in this pyramid scheme. These types of businesses always charge much more for their products than what they are actually worth.

    Thanks for the extensive research you did here and I am sure you will save a lot of people from falling into this MLM get rich quick trap.

  4. MLMs have been a thorn in my side ever since I found one that had a product that actually worked for me but was priced so high that I had no trouble learning to live without it.  I have to say this company sounds like I will have no trouble living without it as well.  Thanks for your due diligence.  your efforts are greatly appreciated.

  5. My Daily Choice, another name put in juxtapose with the scams. It’s really a good thing to read reviews like this. It is just like knowing a person through another person who met him personally.

    I am thankful that this My Daily Choice is exposed through a review so that people who are searching online will never be confused.

  6. Thank you for your honest review about My Daily Choice. Actually my sister was wanted to join this program but luckily she asked me about this program. And really your article has provided an in-depth view of this program which opens up our eyes. 

    In the past I had joined several MLM program and already lost lot of money and since then I’m cautious about them. Since my few years experience what I have learned so far is, not all the MLM company are scam but if the MLM system are based on Pyramid scheme then they are mostly would be fail in certain point of time and if their system are based on Network scheme then they mostly success in the market.

    So as the “My Daily Choice” based on Pyramid scheme, then I would say no no to this program. If anyone looking for to earn a passive income then my no.1 choice is the affiliate/online marketing. Because I have already started my own online venture and I amazed with the result, so now I can tell you with confident that it is the best choice. 



  7. Thank you for your review of My Daily Choice, it clearly is a MLM company and in my experience they are pretty much all scams.  You certainly can’t trust a site that doesn’t even give any info about the owner of the site, and also doesn’t give full details of the products such as product size and price.  I was previously involved in a MLM called Six Figure Mentors, which did the same, that is try to up sell various very expensive products.  By your guidance, I left SFM and joined Wealthy Affiliate, and haven’t looked back.

    1. Hi, Kim!

      I agree. Some MLMs look better than others, but ultimately, it’s a lousy way to try to make money. At best, the deck is stacked in favor of the few people at the top and it’s stacked against the person at the bottom. My Daily Choice is nothing more than a garden variety of the same old MLM.

      I’m sorry to learn that you were involved with Six Figure Mentors, that’s a very expensive scheme. So glad you escaped and found WA.

      Thanks for stopping by,


  8. I didn’t know much about My Daily Choice, but it does look like a scam. Only the fact that they don’t show prices and sized makes me think there’s something not right. Also, you said most of their product ingredients have no studies behind – which means they can make up everything just to make them look amazing (while they’re not).

    I was stunned to see that so many people who try to work with them end up losing around $1000 per year. I mean, that’s no minor amount. So it’s pretty clear My Daily Choice is a scam – just like many pyramid schemes.

    I was curious, what do you think about Herbalife? I know they also sell natural products, and they have a similar form of working with affiliates. If you reviews this brand, I’d love to find out more. Thanks.

    1. Hi, Ashley!

      My Daily Choice is at best a predatory MLM. Unfortunately, the entire MLM industry is a losing proposition for most people. Jon Taylor who was a top level distributor in a major MLM and who has researched and written extensively on MLM, determined that less than 1% of the people who try MLM make money. Less, than 1%!

      This will include Herbalife as well.

      Thanks for stopping by,


  9. I must confirm that your review is very true as one of my friends was working with this program and all that he achieved is to lose his money. Honestly, I don’t know why people even give it a try because MLM is something that you can’t earn money unless you are a true expert in that field. I recommend everyone to invest in some training and learn true ways of earning money online.

    1. Hi, Daniel!

      I’m sorry to hear about your friend who lost money with My Daily Choice. Unfortunately, most people do. It’s a hard lesson, for sure.

      My Daily Choice sells a dream, but it’s really a nightmare.

      Thanks for stopping by,


  10. Wow, My Daily Choice sounds like a total nightmare! This reminds me a lot of Amway in the respect that they massively upcharge you for simple products that are run of the mill and easy to acquire pretty much anywhere. I can’t believe that people actually get away with stuff like this!

    Thanks so much for calling this out as a scam, I’ll definitely be avoiding this place.

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