Is HempWorx a Scam?

Is Hempworx a Scam?

Can you build a profitable business promoting HempWorx CBD oil products? Are the products as miraculous as some people claim? In this review, I show you what you need to know before you spend a dime on the HempWorx business opportunity.

Product: HempWorx/MyDailyChoice MLM Business Opportunity
Opinion: Not Recommended.

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Is HempWorx a Scam?

HempWorx promotes Cannabidiol (CBD) oil products marketed through their Multi-level Marketing organization MyDailyChoice

Founded in 2014 by Josh and Jenna Zwagil. Some online reviews of HempWorx claim that the founders once stated you can earn seven figures A MONTH by simply selling a wide variety of hemp and CBD products through their business opportunity.

We found no evidence of such a claim on the HempWorx website.

Hempworx Website
Hempworx Website

We did find a detailed My Daily Choice income disclosure.

In a moment, I’ll discuss those figures. First, let’s look at the products because if the products don’t offer a benefit it will be difficult to profit from them.

HempWorx does not make any direct health claims on their website. However, they are clearly exploiting a common belief that Cannabidiol (CBD) oil is thought by some to have healing powers.

In the Cannabidiol (CBD) oil industry, the oil is said to support optimal health by renewing stem cells, relieving pain, managing epileptic seizures and anxiety, reducing inflammation, treating sleeplessness and a host of other health benefits.

Extraordinary Claims.

Extraordinary claims require extraordinary proof. There is very little scientific evidence that CBD oil has any health benefit.

WebMD says “the evidence is scant for most of these touted benefits of Cannabidiol (CBD) oil.”

If you are considering the HempWorx/MyDailyChoice opportunity, ask yourself, “How are you going to sell a product that has no demonstrable benefit?”

HempWorx products are not cheap either.

Trying to sell HempWorx products mean you’re going to have persuade people to spend a lot of money on products you cannot honestly recommend because they offer no benefit. That’s a tough sell!

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Snake Oil?

Not only are the benefits of CBD oil not established, the industry is not regulated.

Anyone can start up a CBD oil business and say whatever they want on the label. Unless you have the product tested in a lab, you’ll never know what you bought or if it has any CBD oil in it.

We can’t know if HempWorx products are helpful or worthless snake oil.

CBD oil may be nothing more than the next miracle cure of the month like Acai berry, blue-green algae, Garcinia, and a long parade of others.

Funny how there’s always another exotic product with miraculous health claims no one can prove that costs a small fortune.

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It’s Not About the Products.

Is Hempworx a Scam?

MLMs are pyramid schemes with products.

The products cloud the true nature of the organization. HempWorx and MyDailyChoice are no different.

“MLM is fundamentally flawed, uneconomic, and deceptive. Worldwide feedback strongly suggests that MLM is also extremely viral and predatory.” Dr. Jon M. Taylor, Consumer Awareness Institute

There’s a reason MLMs have sexy, high-interest products with claims of extraordinary powers. The product is the hook that is used to recruit people into the MLM.

It’s About Recruitment.

The money is made in recruiting people into the program. The products are incidental and conceal the flow of money from the bottom on the organization to the top.

Plus, the so-called magical properties of the product justify the high price.

It’s not about the products. It’s about the money. And the money comes from recruiting people, pushing an expensive starter pack on them and forcing them to commit to buying product every month. See The Heartbreak of MLM

Selling the Dream.

Most of MLMs sell you a dream of financial freedom, and HempWorx/MyDailyChoice is doing it too. The only way they can get you to pay big money for their dubious products is if you believe you can make bigger money with their so-called opportunity. You won’t.

Read the Income Disclosure Statement.

“…less than 1% of MLM participants profit. Multi-level marketing makes gambling look like a safe bet in comparison.” – Jon Taylor, MBA, Ph.D., Consumer Awareness Institute.

In the quote above, Dr. Taylor is referring to the MLM industry as a whole. However, when you read the MyDailyChoice Income Disclosure Statement, you see that less than 1% of HempWorx affiliates earn a profit too. Remember, MyDailyChoice is the MLM that sells HempWorx products.

The data below is taken directly from the bottom of the MyDailyChoice Income Disclosure Statement. You can find a link to the statement at the bottom of the HempWorx website.

Please note that the reporting period in the statement is 18 months! MyDailyChoice is presenting these numbers as though the income was earned over a 12-month period, very misleading.

“Average…income for all Affiliates (active and inactive) during the reporting period was $580.08 USD. [The average is all the money earned divided by the number of affiliates]*.

Median annual income for all Affiliates was $0 USD. [This means the bottom half of the organization did not earn a single penny.]

Approx. 37,124 Affiliates signed up in the US during the time period, and about 26,123 were active at the end of the year. During that time, 24,941 of all Affiliates received no income at all.

Based on a survey conducted by MyDailyChoice in 2018, the average annual expenses an Affiliate incurred were $1,608 USD.” (HempWorx/MyDailyChoice Income Disclosure Statement)

*Statements in brackets added for clarity.

The Nightmare.

Hempworx Shaking Out People's MoneyAccording to their Income Disclosure Statement, if you join MyDailyChoice and attempt to make a business it out of it, the best you can hope for is to spend $1,600 to earn $500.

You can’t make a business out of losing twice what you’re earning.

Also, note in the disclaimer that the bottom half of the organization did not earn a thing. The top half of the organization is making all the money.

Everything about HempWorx and MyDailyChoice is about funneling the money from the bottom of the business to the few pockets at the top.

HempWorx isn’t selling a dream. They’re selling a nightmare.

And, it Gets Worse.

The lifeblood of MLM is recruiting people and building a large organization. Unfortunately, most people quit the organization within months. The MyDailyChoice Income Disclosure Statement reveals that

“After the first year, 70.3% of all Affiliates do not continue with MyDailyChoice.”

Trying to recruit people into MyDailyChoice is like trying to fill a bucket with a hole the size of your fist. Success under these conditions will require enormous energy and questionable ethics.

Expensive Products.

Although you only need to pay an upfront fee of $20 to become an affiliate, you will be required to purchase a product package.

Before you hand over your hard-earn cash, let me state that these product packages aren’t cheap. Depending on the specific product line that you would like to promote, the company expects you to pay between $59 and $599 for these overpriced items.

Cheaper Competitor Products.

Along with its costly price tag, the problem with these products is that you can essentially find the same type of items at a cheaper price somewhere else.

Some of the company’s products include Hemp Drops, Revive Cream, HempWorx Relief, CBD Cream, and HempWorx For Pets.

Don’t these products sound pretty basic? There are dozens of similar products available on Amazon that cost less.

As if the overpriced products don’t sound bad enough, another red flag is that the company wants you to believe that purchasing one of the product packages will set you down the path to earning anywhere from $500 to $1 million a month.

We’ve already seen that this isn’t true. The chances of making money with HempWorx is slim at best.

Only a Few Make Money.

Like most MLMs, the only people making money with HempWorx are the few people at the top, and perhaps a few affiliates with a large following online.

Typically with MLM, the few people who make the most money are the people who started the company. Everyone else feeds money up the organization to the top.

Massive Endless Recruitment.

Always keep in mind that success with MLM is dependent on massive recruitment. There is a lot of direct selling involved in this process, and quite frankly, it’s just not worth your time.

Complex Compensation.

Most MLMs have a complicated commission plan, so I wasn’t to surprise to learn that HempWorx also has a complex compensation plan.

In basic terms, a distributor can earn money in a variety of ways with this company. Depending on the amount of product that you purchase and sell, you can get paid weekly or monthly and earn as much as 85 percent commission on Business Volume or BV.

But don’t act so fast! As previously mentioned, you’ll have to recruit a crazy amount of people.

The compensation plan is intentionally complex. It’s designed to appear very lucrative and to serve as a recruitment tool. It’s part of illusion, part of selling the dream. It only serves the few people at the top.

Poor Customer Service.

The final red flag that I spotted is the company’s reputation for poor service to distributors and customers. I don’t know about you, but I don’t trust people who can’t treat others with respect.

Due to these many red flags, and the simple fact that this company has a flawed business model, I absolutely would not recommend HempWorx. Most people who try MLM lose money and fail anyway, so do you want to take your chances with this questionable business opportunity?

“99% of the people who try MLM lose money.” – Consumer Awareness Institute

Your Honorable Goals.

I respect your desire to start a business, improve your financial life and to become financially independent. These are honorable goals. However, HempWorx can’t help you.

A Better Option for YOU…

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If you found this article helpful or have experience with HempWorx, please leave a comment below. Thank you.

6 thoughts on “Is HempWorx a Scam?

    1. Hi Philip!

      I doubt HempWorx will help with an enlarged prostate. There is no scientific study that
      suggests CBD oil would promote prostate health.

      However, there are several studies that show tomatoes and green tea DO SUPPORT
      prostate health. You can learn more about scientifically proven methods
      to improve prostate health at

      Search for “prostate” and you’ll find several videos
      that show proven nutritional methods for reducing the size of the prostate
      and preventing prostate cancer.

      Thanks for stopping by,

  1. Anyone who recommends a person to buy CBD from Amazon as opposed to a legitimate company with proven success and results is uninformed and has not done their research. Good luck !! Do your own research Polovina. You will find that not all CBD is created equal. Many have heavy metals and pesticides. You should be very careful what you purchase from Amazon.

    1. Hi, Kim!

      You make a good point. The problem is the CBD oil industry is not regulated and there is no legal definition of CBD oil. There is nothing to stop unethical marketers from charging outrageous prices for snake oil.

      And, while there are some interesting stories about some people experiencing phenomanal results with CBD oil, there is very little science to support the miraculous claims some CBD oil marketers pitch.

      MLM companies like HempWorx are notorious for making unsubstantiated product claims to justify the horrendous price of their products.

      Although some cheap CBD oil products may have toxins, heavy metals or worse, so might the most expensive CBD oil products. We have no way of knowing.

      When HempWorx claims their products are better or more pure, they are just bragging. Bragging does not justify charging so much for vegetable oil.

      Thanks for stopping by,





    1. Hi, D. Polovina!

      If you want to try CBD oil for pain, I recommend you shop Amazon and start with the least expensive oil. There are several multi-level marketing companies pushing CBD oil and I would NOT buy from any of them.

      You may also want to consider adding turmeric to your diet. It can help reduce inflammation which may contribute to pain. You can learn more about turmeric here:

      You may also find some relief from pain by making some dietary changes, you can learn more about that here:

      I hope you are soon feeling better,


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