What is Millionaire Blueprint?

What is Millionaire Blueprint? Is Millionaire Blueprint a Scam?

There are at least three online businesses using the name Millionaire Blueprint. One appears to be linked to MOBE. Another is linked to Stock Investors Blueprint. This review is not about them. This review is about the Millionaire Blueprint found at millionairesblueprint.co and that uses the slogan Design Your Destiny Today. Do NOT trust Millionaire Blueprint. Here’s why.

Product: Binary Options Trading Software
Product Website: www.millionairesblueprint.co
Product Cost: $250+
Product Owner: Cannot be determined
Opinion:  Not Recommended

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What is Millionaire Blueprint?

Millionaire Blueprint claims to be an “Online Marketing and Development Company passionate about trading binary options along with being awesome at improving or developing new highly specialized software.”

However, they fail to mention who is behind the company or where in the world they are located. There is no physical address. They can’t be too proud of themselves if they hide behind a website.

A Suspicious Website.

What is Millionaire Blueprint? Is Millionaire Blueprint a Scam?ScamAdvisor.com describes the Millionaire Blueprint website as suspicious.

They might be an online marketing company, but they don’t develop software. Their sole purpose is to feed you to the sharks and get paid handsomely for it.

Magical Software.

Millionaire Blueprint would like you to believe they have special 100% automated trading software that wins 82% of the time. And, that you don’t need knowledge, skills or experience to make money with their magical software.

According to Millionaire Blueprint, all you have to do is log into the member’s area, click twice to initiate a trade and get paid. Your ferret can do it.

To prove how easy it is, Millionaire Blueprint shows a couple of brain-dead boring pictures with captions stating “$219 Profit in 13 hours” and “$299 Profit in 24 Hours.” Of course, these images are meaningless.

What is Millionaire Blueprint? Is Millionaire Blueprint a Scam?False Promises.

In the FAQs, Millionaire Blueprint claims you could easily make  $3,000 to $7,000 per week. Don’t believe it. You will not make thousands of dollars a week with Millionaire Blueprint. You will lose every dime you give them.

Soon after they promise you can make thousands of dollars a week, they write “the results depicted on this page aren’t typical.”

Trading Binary Options is Extremely Risky.

Later in the FAQs, Millionaire Blueprint states “binaries are one of the safest investments.” This is NOT true on many levels. First, trading binary options is not investing. It’s speculating, in other words, it’s gambling. Plus, trading binary options is extremely high risk.

At the bottom of the Millionaire Blueprint website, a risk disclaimer states, “Binary options trading involves significant risk.” Remember those words “significant risk.”

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Is Millionaire Blueprint a Scam?

Millionaire Blueprint is a marketing funnel designed to direct people to unregistered binary options brokers. Each time a person goes through Millionaire Blueprint, opens an account with a broker and then puts money into that account, Millionaire Blueprint makes a commission.

Commissions range from a $100 to $500.

Beware the Unregistered Broker.

What is Millionaire Blueprint? Is Millionaire Blueprint a Scam?Calling these guys unregistered brokers is like calling a car-jacker and unauthorized driver.

The brokers that Millionaire Blueprint recommends are not registered. They do not abide by any laws or ethics. If you give them money, you will never get it back.

The so-called brokers are not brokers. They’re scammers hiding under the cloak of a broker. The probability of making money with Millionaire Blueprint is zero. The probability of losing money is 100%. Why would you want to do that?

The Millionaire Blueprint Software is a Dud.

There is nothing special about the Millionaire Blueprint software. It is little more than an empty box with bells and whistles. Giving away software is an old gimmick to trick people into opening an account.

Notice how everything on the front end of the Millionaire Blueprint website is about the free software and how it will make you rich.

There isn’t a word mentioned about how much it will cost you to fund an account until after they have you hooked. The minimum is $25O.

You’ll also have to give them your phone number. Please don’t do that.

If you buy the cockamamy Millionaire Blueprint story and believe you can make thousands of dollars a week by clicking your mouse, and give them your number, telemarketers will hound you with endless get rich quick nonsense until you are broke, in debt, and thoroughly humiliated.


More on Unregistered Brokers.

Trading binary options is NOT investing. At best, with a registered broker, it’s gambling. (Read How to Invest to see the difference between investing, gambling and a scam.)

Millionaire Blueprint is worse than gambling, it’s a guaranteed loss.

The Millionaire Blueprint Binary Options Scam.

The SEC warns that unregistered brokers are known to steal the identities of their clients, manipulate software to make it appear a client has won or lost a trade and lock clients out of their accounts.

By manipulating the software, the broker can make you think you made money.

The binary options scam works like this. You put $250 or more into your brokerage account.

Then, you click your mouse under the illusion that you are trading binary options trades. What fun! Then, presto-change-o, your account shows you made money just like Millionaire Blueprint promised.

You might think you are going to be a millionaire. Not so fast buckaroo! It’s just a cruel trick.

You can’t take this money out of your account because it’s not real. The broker is stringing you along, so you will put more money into your account, say $10,000? Katy bar the door if you do.

The moment your broker thinks he’s gotten all the money he can from you, he will lock you out of your account and keep your money. End of story.

There is no Magic Software.

I don’t care how smart you are, you cannot make thousands of dollars a week with the Millionaire Blueprint magical software because there is no magical software. And, there is no magic button or special secret formula that will automatically make you rich. Anyone who claims they have a special something that will make you rich is only trying to scam you.

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If you found this article helpful or have experience with Millionaire Blueprint , please leave a comment below.

25 thoughts on “What is Millionaire Blueprint?

  1. Thank you for this article. I am getting so many emails and phone calls from binary option companies. Their marketing strategies are so aggressive. The trouble is they package it up as something else and when you click on it, it’s not always clear that they are binary options. Then you get this little voice in your head saying that it must be true otherwise they wouldn’t say it. Thanks to your article, I checked these guys out but won’t be conned this time.

    Thanks again.

    1. Hi, Flavia!

      Even now, after years of investigation online scams, part of me still wants to believe I could make lots of money by just pushing a button. Then, my inner adult speaks up and reminds me how much it hurts when I fall for their pitch.

      For every binary option scam I investigate, I find dozens more. They’re like fleas.

      Thanks for stopping by,


  2. I’m glad I came across this site. I’ve seen other sites that promote something like this and I know theirs was legit because a friend of mine told me about it and showed me proof of earnings, so I assumed the rest of them were.

    Now that I know there are some fakes out there doing the same thing, I know to be careful and always ask for proof of earnings, but even with that, you still have to be careful because they can be photo shopped.

    1. Hi, Amazon LaShaun!

      I’m glad you found value in my article about Millionaire Blueprint. In my experience, proof of earnings are meaningless because they can be faked as you mentioned. 

      The people I know who make big money online, are quite ordinary and never want to bring attention on themselves. Also, legitimate make money online programs offer free trials so anyone can try it out without risking a dime. They won’t even ask for a credit card number. In other words, legitimate programs know they must earn our trust.

      Thanks for stopping by,


  3. Wow, that’s scary to think that some people would really do this to others!
    Unfortunately, that’s the reality and quite a lot of people buy these unrealistic promises of making thousands of dollars in a single week without learning new skills nor putting some effort on it.
    Before I read your post I had no idea of what is Millionaire Blueprint. Now I do and will keep a huge distance from them.
    Thanks for the great info.

    1. Hi, Eliane!

      I know, it’s troubling to imagine people can exploit others the way scams like Millionaire Blueprint does. Every weeks I get messages from people who have lost thousands of dollars. Some people borrow against their home or borrow from friends and family only to lose it all.

      Thanks for stopping by,


  4. I believe that I have heard of this one before but did not know much about it. Thanks to your review, I now know to stay away from it as I cannot afford to just throw $250 down the drain.

    I honestly find it sad that anyone is able to create a scam site like this just so they can make a living off stealing others money.

    My question is, have you tried either of the other 2 Millionaire Blueprints systems? Also, do you think they are both scams as well?

    I heard some good things about MOBE other than it being super expensive so I would think that one maybe good but I am not sure.

    1. Hi, Arie!

      I haven’t heard of the other Millionaire Blueprints, but will look into them. MOBE is nothing but bad news and an easy way to lose a lot of money quickly. For anyone considering MOBE, read the disclaimer and you will see that the chances of anyone breaking even with MOBE is about 1 in a 100. The odds are far better in Vegas. A heroin addict has a better chance of staying clean and sober than you have to make money with MOBE!

      Thanks for stopping by,


  5. What a letdown!
    All those promises. I knew there was something fishy about this company.
    Thanks for your very honest review.
    I am already with that certification course you recommended. It is going great so far. I just got my first set of commission from the eBay partner network. I learned how to do all of that from that Wealthy Affiliate training course. I was looking for ways to invest my profits but this will definitely not be it.
    Keep up the good work.

  6. Gary,

    Surely to the naive, innocent individual looking for a way to generate money online in a business, the name “millionaire blueprint” for a site like this would no doubt intrigue him/her.

    Of course the individual does not have his/her thinking cap placed on his/her head either. Get-rich-quick-schemes as this opportunity looks to be simply that truly earn a lot of $$$$ for a person do not exist online. Only the uneducated people who still roam the Internet daily in search of “the” opportunity are unaware of that fact.

    As stated in your review, this is yet another scam opportunity that promises a person nothing but lies, carefully disguised as a lot of b.s. with their “millionaire blueprint” system.

    You revealed that this venture represents an unregistered brokerage firm that too many people are unaware is completely illegal. You stated quite clearly what too many of these unregistered brokerage firms look to do to people who invest their money seeking to become wealthy. These people end up with a lot of misery instead after their identities have been stolen as well as other unethical procedures undertaken all in the lie about “trading” binary options.

    A person cannot believe that investing $250+ would lead them on the path to becoming rich because as you revealed the only people who would get rich are the ones who pocketed that person’s money.

    It’s too bad that there still are a lot of people out there who just “don’t get it” as the best possible decision they should make would be to avoid these scams!


  7. Great article. I feel like I have read a lot reviews on various different types of online money-making programs and yours is the first one that I have read that does not recommend the program. That is refreshing because it feels like you are not out here just to make money and approved programs, but rather give honest feedback.

    1. Hi, Austin!

      Thank you for your kind words. I just call ’em as I see ’em. Millionaire Blueprint is a real stinker. Anything associated with binary options in any form is suspect. At best trading binary options is speculation, but with unregistered brokers like Millionaire Blueprint it is just throwing money away.

      To help people who are searching for a way to make money online and are ready to do the honest work it requires, my friends and I created the FREE Online Entrepreneur Certification Course. Go here to learn more about it.

      Thanks for stopping by,


  8. Wow, thanks for your review on Millionaires Blueprint. This is one of the companies I was considering myself to make some extra cash. I always check reviews on these types of money making opportunities to see if they are legit. I never thought about a broker being registered or not. So, I was wondering, how do you determine that the brokers are unregistered?

    Thanks for the review.


    1. Hi, Frank!

      Assume most online brokers are not registered. They probably are not even brokers. That’s just the story they tell to be people to give them money. To see if a broker is registered in with the SEC, you can check here: https://brokercheck.finra.org/

      Thanks for stopping by,


  9. Awesome job on this article Gary. It is always refreshing to see individuals out here giving us the scoop in these scamming businesses. I am so glad that I usually am fortunate enough to happen upon information about a scam group before I get involved and lose money. So again thank you for this information.

  10. I’ve read a couple of your reviews because I know some people very close to me who have been scammed and I let them know as much as possible which ones to stay away from. I don’t know why but it seems to be an addiction for some even though they’re getting scammed..

    In your Millionaire Blueprint, you mentioned the product owner and even their physical location is not there.. I always look for this type of information and I also want to see their faces.

    What I don’t understand is how these sites are even allowed.
    Is there not a place to report these sites?

    Thank goodness, you’re here to let people know of scammers.

  11. Hi, Gary. Thanks for your review on the Millionaire Blueprint scam. Back in the day I signed up for a course that taught technical trading of futures, and I thought I would make good money, but I pretty much lost it all. I’ve stayed away from such things since.
    What’s binary options? Never heard of it before.
    I’ve read several of your blog posts now and you continue to provide valuable information. Keep it up!

    1. Hi, Grant!

      Futures is a tough game, but at least you took a course in technical trading. Some people just dive in and start throwing money around. It doesn’t end well.

      Binary options really is whole lot of nothing. It’s another market where the big guys can make money out of nothing. Imagine you are in a local pub enjoying a beer. The television is on behind the bar and the market ticker is scrolling at the bottom of the screen. You turn to the guy beside you and you say to him, “I bet a hundred dollars IBM stock will move up at 3pm on Thursday. That’s a bet and you are gambling. If you’re lucky, you win.

      Imagine you make this same bet with a registered binary options exchange like NADEX. Now, you’re trading binary options. If you’re lucky, you win.

      Still yet, imagine you make this same bet with an unregistered binary options broker. With an unregistered binary options broker, like Millionaire Blueprint, you’re not gambling and you’re not trading binary options. You can’t win no matter how lucky you are. You’re getting scammed. 

      99% of the so-called binary options brokers on the internet are unregistered and will scam you.

      Thanks for stopping by,


  12. Thank you for these reviews, this is the second review of yours that I’ve read. It is amazing how many scams there are out there and they rely heavily on a lack of knowledge. I got caught in a publishing quasi-scam when I self-published my novel and I still receive phone calls and emails from them trying to sell me more marketing products that aren’t going to get me anywhere. To have someone like you that has the knowledge and is out here warning people is helpful. I do have a question: are all websites that use/advertise/push binary option “investing” a scam?

  13. This is a complete scam and the people are shady and unscrupulous. I was almost burnt by them and they won’t stop calling/e-mailing you once you cancel.

    I told them i wasn’t interested anymore then a week later got a guy saying he was from the IRS lol.

    Glad you reviewed them because you are saving a lot of people a lot of headache, time, money and false hopes.

    There is no software out there that you push buttons and it makes you money on the market, that’s just complete daydreaming.

    1. Hi, SamDal!

      Thanks for sharing your experience with Millionaire Blueprint. Hopefully, some day soon, people will understand the true potential of the internet. It can do amazing things and do them quickly, but it’s not an ATM. As you mentioned, there is no software that will make you a millionaire.

      Thanks for stopping by,


  14. Prior to the WA, I have signed up MOBE through John Chow but had to withdrew within 48 hours. I would not endorse them…

    Far too many get rich quick scams out there on this World Wide Web.

    As far as trading goes, I will not trust any software to do my works without studying further before investing on that particular entity. If there is such a software, it will not be the budget that average Joe/Jane can afford…I still think anyone should do more research on what they are about to get into…

    1. Hi, Pamela!

      I hope you did not lose money with MOBE. You are so right. The internet is crawling with get-rich-quick scams.

      There is no magic software or magic button that will make people rich. The truth is, there are no shortcuts to making money online. If someone wants to make money online, the best strategy is to build a business that helps people.

      Thanks for stopping by,


  15. Hi Gary,

    Nice sharing of your review of Millionaire Blueprint here.

    I heard about Millionaire Blueprint for a period of time but never go into details. By the way good article – neat and informative.

    I read your review about Millionaire Blueprint and I realize you spent quiet time to list the pros and cons of the product, as well as your personal experience and advice about it.

    This product is definitely not worth trying for sure. My time and effort better invested elsewhere.

    Your review here tells me a lot about how you care about your readers.

    Thanks for the heads up for Millionaire Blueprint.

    1. Hi, Maxx!

      I appreciate your kind words. It is my hope that we all learn to steer clear of scams.

      Thanks for stopping by,


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