What is Digital Experts Academy?

What is Digital Experts Academy?

Will Digital Experts Academy really empower you to fulfill your potential and succeed as a digital marketer? Or, will it just leave you broke and bitter? Follow me to see the Devil in the details.

Product Name: Digital Experts Academy
Founders: Jay Kubassek & Stuart Ross
Product Type: Multi-level Marketing
Price: From $2,500, plus upsells to $20,000
Opinion: Not Recommended.

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What is Digital Experts Academy?

Digital Experts Academy (DEA) presents itself as a vehicle to take you where you want to go in life. While this promise might sound uplifting, it’s rather vague and ultimately meaningless.

What is Digital Experts Academy?In the Digital Experts Academy income disclaimer, DEA states, “DEA is an educational company and marketing platform, not an income opportunity.” But, just a few lines later, it states that “Some users will make NO MONEY AT ALL with this program.” What an odd thing to write about an educational company.

Why does an educational company have an income disclaimer on its website?

Apparently, for some reason, Digital Experts Academy is easily mistaken for an “income opportunity,” but some users won’t make money with it. Very confusing until you realize that perhaps Digital Experts Academy wants people to believe they are an income opportunity. Legally, however, they cover their assets with the claim they are nothing more than an educational company. Very deceiving.

The lesson here is don’t expect to make money with Digital Experts Academy.

Sister Companies.

What is Digital Experts Academy?Digital Experts Academy, aka DEA, is the sister company to the Six Figure Mentors. Both DEA and The Six Figure Mentors were created by the same people, Jay Kubassek and Stuart Ross.

Both companies are very similar which raises the question why would the founders create two nearly identical companies which appear to serve the same purpose? In a moment, once you are better acquainted with Digital Experts Academy and Six Figure Mentors, you will see the phenomenal advantage Jay and Stuart enjoy for having two companies in the same market.

First, let’s go a little deeper down the DEA rabbit hole.

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Joining Digital Experts Academy.

Before you can join Digital Experts Academy, you must first join Six Figure Mentors. If you try to go straight to Digital Experts Academy, you’ll be directed to first join Six Figure Mentors (SFM).

Six Figure Mentors has four levels. You cannot join DEA without first joining SFM and completing all levels. Each level costs money, plus there is a monthly membership fee.

Then, after you join DEA, you have another four levels of membership. Each level in DEA also costs money and there is another monthly fee. To join Digital Experts Academy means you have two memberships. One in Six Figure Mentors and another in Digital Experts Academy.

How Much Does DEA Cost?

The price of anything is relative. Personally, I think Digital Experts Academy and Six Figure Mentors are insanely expensive. That’s because I’ve been an internet marketer for years and know a far more affordable way to learn affiliate marketing.

Before I reveal how much Digital Experts Academy costs, I want to remind you we’re talking about learning how to be a successful affiliate marketer, not about going to Harvard University.

Before we look at the cost of Digital Experts Academy, I want you to know that you can get everything you need to succeed as an affiliate marketer for about $50 a month. Someplace else! There is no reason to pay a penny more.

Now, let’s see what it costs to join Digital Experts Academy.

ScamAvenger Girl giving thumbs downFirst You Must Join Six Figure Mentors.

Below are the four levels of Six Figure Mentors and the cost of each level.

  1. Affiliate Access – Free
  2. Student Access – $29.95
  3. Essential Membership – $297 + $97 per month
  4. Elite Membership – $2,500/year + $97 per month

Then You Can Join DEA.

After you join Six Figure Mentors, you can join Digital Experts Academy.

  1. DEA Silver – cost $2,500: A digital E-learning program
  2. DEA Gold – cost $8,000: A 12-month Coaching program and 3-Day Bootcamp
  3. DEA Platinum – cost $11,000:  A 3-Day Workshop.
  4. DEA Black – cost $20,000: An annual Mastermind Retreat.

The lesson here is you’re going to spend a lot of money if you join Digital Experts Academy, but remember, it’s not an income opportunity.

No Retail Products.

Digital Experts Academy has no retail products or services. The entire business model is dependent on members selling levels to new recruits. The lack of retail sales may be an indication of a pyramid scheme.

Digital Experts Academy Compensation Plan.

According to the Digital Experts Academy Compensation Plan, when a sale is made, 40% of the revenue is paid to the member who made the sale. 10% is paid to that member’s upline. 50% goes to the company (Jay Kubassek & Stuart Ross).

However, before a member can be paid commissions they must be qualified to receive commissions. To qualify, a member must first buy the membership level they are selling or recruit five people who buy that level. If they qualify by recruiting five new members to that level, the qualifying member is not paid a commission on those five sales.

Being forced to buy a product before you can sell it may also be a sign of a pyramid scheme. (See the FTC statement on pyramid schemes)

Before we leave the Digital Experts Academy Compensation Plan, don’t you think it’s odd that a business that claims to be an educational company has a compensation plan? Could this be the reason some people mistake Digital Experts Academy for an income opportunity?

Is Digital Experts Academy a Scam?

I will not say conclusively that Digital Experts Academy is a scam, although I do think some of their claims and marketing tactics are dishonest. The training and resources inside DEA may teach you to how to be an affiliate marketer. However, it will cost you dearly.

If Six Figure Mentor was any good, you wouldn’t need a Digital Experts Academy. Likewise, if Six Figure Mentor didn’t deliver on their promise, why would you expect Digital Experts Academy to do any better?

What is Now Lifestyle?Now we can see why Jay Kubassek and Stuart Ross created two nearly identical companies. It allows them to earn more money. It is my opinion that Digital Experts Academy is designed to extract as much money from each member as possible.

Legally, in the Digital Experts Academy income disclaimer, they claim to be an “educational company and not an income opportunity,” yet, they indeed promote what they claim is an income opportunity complete with a compensation plan. And they sell the dream of making lots of money.

Consider this. According to Merriam-Webster’s Learner’s Dictionary, a scam is “a dishonest way to make money by deceiving people.” Do you think Digital Experts Academy makes money by deceiving people?

Is Digital Experts Academy an MLM?

Both Six Figure Mentors and Digital Experts Academy are structured like a Multi-level Marketing company. Members are encouraged to promote the platform which is the same marketing scheme of MLMs.

Also, like MLMs, much of the training is not really training, it’s selling the dream of making lots of money. By selling the dream, Jay Kubassek and Stuart Ross keep members hooked into their expensive game and force them to keep paying monthly fees and buying expensive upsells.

The Last Word on Digital Experts Academy.

Digital Experts Academy makes learning affiliate marketing horribly complicated and expensive. There is no reason for it, except that this scheme is more profitable to the few people at the top of the organization.

Digital Experts Academy income disclaimer clearly states it is not an income opportunity, yet it sells the dream of making a lot of money and it has a compensation plan.

It appears to me that Digital Experts Academy is targeted at members of Six Figure Mentors who drank the Kool-Aid and bought the dream of making lots of money online.

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A Better Solution.

Wealthy Affiliate Work In Your PajamasA rational person who wants to learn affiliate marketing and knows they can get everything they need to succeed online for only $50 a month will not join Six Figure Mentors or Digital Experts Academy.

Honestly, affiliate marketing is not complicated or difficult, but it does take work, commitment, and patience. If you want to learn how to be a successful affiliate marketer join a community of marketers who will teach you, support you and help you every step of the way.

The place to start is the Online Entrepreneur Certification Course. The first 10 lessons are FREE. Discover how to build a profitable digital business on a shoestring.

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If you found this article helpful, or have experience with $2,500 please leave a comment below. Thank you.

9 thoughts on “What is Digital Experts Academy?

  1. This is a very helpful review of what looks like a terrible program that isn’t very educational and is over priced ! It really makes me wonder why you start two companies that are almost identical since you mention it !
    I hope others who are considering this service check your review first , because I hate to see people waste their money on get rich quick schemes and scams !
    Thanks for your exceptional public service and honesty !

    1. Hi, Mike!

      The only reason I can see for making a second company is to squeeze more money from their down line. It’s a horrible way to treat people and I’m sure it leaves many people in debt. 

      Thanks for stopping by,


  2. Gary,
    Thanks for this review. I think that you point out how important it is to always read the fine print of any “opportunity” like this. I did notice that you compared this obvious scam to an MLM company. What is your opinion of MLM? Is it (in your opinion) a legitimate business opportunity?

  3. Hi Gary!
    I am very interested on the topic you are writing about. It is very interesting how you describe this company, it made me curious to know more about it even though I had never heard about it.
    But one thing that makes me hesitate is the big investment that it requires.
    Also I would need to have more proof that this system works. Even that I like to believe on this program, I still have doubts. Will a lot of scams out there you need to think twice before investing on something.

    1. Hi, DreamGirl!

      Do NOT join Digital Experts Academy. It is way, way, way too expensive and the probability of succeeding with it is remote, in my humble opinion. There are far better and more affordable places to learn internet marketing. 

      If you are new to the online business world, I recommend that you enroll in the Online Entrepreneur Certification Course. The first 10 lessons are free and it will give you a solid foundation in internet marketing without risking a dime.

      Thanks for stopping by,


  4. Hi Gary! I came here for the picture of the cute kid with the confused look on his face. lolll. But what I got was a great review of a company that I never heard of before.

    My big and refined take away from it is whewww. That ‘s a lot of money to put into a system that one is not sure will work.

    If it does than great. But what a big risk. Besides it does sound a little iffy with the sister company thing. We have to be careful as consumers out here.

    1. Hi, Vertical!

      I’m glad you liked the picture of the kid. I was just as confused as that little guy when I first stumbled onto Digital Experts Academy. Why would anyone spend big money for the right to make other people spend big money?

      It breaks my heart that people think they must spend so much money to learn online marketing. There is nothing mysterious about it. Making money online is a lot like making money offline. It takes work. I do hope people will check out the free starter Online Entrepreneur Certification Course before they spend thousands they may not get back.

      Thanks for stopping by,


  5. Hi, Gary. It’s great to read another one of your posts. I hadn’t heard of Digital Experts Academy prior to your post. I’m glad I didn’t get sucked into that money hole. How does anyone think that they can recoup all that cost? All I can say is WOW! Once again you’ve warned me about a bad deal. Thanks.

    1. Hi, Grant!

      Digital Experts Academy sells the dream to people who have already been sold with Six Figure Mentors. On some level, these people become greedy. I don’t mean that as a criticism. Most of us will become greedy for one thing or another at any given time. It’s how our brains are wired.

      The point is, Digital Experts Academy knows how to make people greedy. The moment we experience greed, we become stupid and incapable of making a logical decision. Logically, there is no reason to join Six Figure Mentors or Digital Experts Academy, but once we are primed with greed, we fall into the trap. And, as you pointed out, it’s a very expensive trap.

      Thanks for stopping by,


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