What is Digital Cash Academy?

What is Digital Cash Academy

Can you really make 7 figures a month with the strategies you learn in Digital Cash Academy? Maybe. The foundation of Digital Cash Academy is a clever and inexpensive method for testing a product before you invest time or money promoting it.

Name: Digital Cash Academy
Website: digitalcashacademy.com
Owner: JR Fisher
Price: Free webinar, then $997 (Payment Plan Available)
Opinion: Legit

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What is Digital Cash Academy?

Created by JR Fisher, Digital Cash Academy teaches how to quickly launch an eCommerce business with low-cost, quick scaling sales funnels.

The foundation of Digital Cash Academy is a clever, inexpensive method for testing a product before you invest time or money promoting it. This strategy saves you much of the frustration and expense associated with paid advertising.

What is Digital Cash AcademyIf you don’t know what you’re doing, running paid ad campaigns can get expensive quickly and produce little to no profit. Digital Cash Academy shows how to avoid the loss of failed campaigns by first testing a product to see if people want to buy it. Once a product is proven to be profitable with a short, inexpensive campaign, it is promoted with a full ad campaign to generate revenue.

Fisher candidly states that he usually must test 10 to 15 products before he finds one that has the potential to earn a substantial income. Each test costs about $10 in ad spend. By focusing on promoting only products with potential, you can be more profitable sooner.

Following the strategy taught in Digital Cash Academy, once you find a product that people want to buy, you then rapidly scale up the promotion of that product, confident you will be profitable.

The importance of first testing the demand and profitability of a product cannot be overstated. Ad costs are climbing as competition increases for ad space. By first testing the demand for a product with an inexpensive trial ad campaign, as taught in the Digital Cash Academy, you will know that every dollar you spend on ads will be profitable.

Each successful ad campaign becomes a revenue stream. Fisher recommends that you create 10 to 15 campaigns a year to produce multiple income streams and financial security. Each year add 10 to 15 more campaigns to continually boost your income.

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Who is JR Fisher?

JR Fisher is a veteran digital marketer, public speaker, and the president of Survival Cave Food. Fisher has been successful in eCommerce since 2010. You can read more about Fisher on Facebook and LinkedIn.

The Digital Cash Academy Difference.

The brilliance behind Digital Cash Academy is its focus on what works so you get results quickly.

In most endeavors, only about 20% of our efforts produce results. But often, the other 80% is what consumes our days, leading to dismal marketing results. Digital Cash Academy shows you how to quickly generate profits with methods he and his students have used for years and do it with much less work.

Unlike traditional affiliate programs, Digital Cash Academy teaches a hybrid eCommerce store/drop-ship strategy. Using the proprietary Digital Cash Academy software, you’ll find products few marketers are promoting. Plus, like traditional affiliate programs, you never have to handle or ship product. You get the best of both worlds and just focus on promotion.

The Digital Cash Academy Training.

Mr. Fisher states that he has generated 7-figure months with the strategies taught in Digital Cash Academy. It’s rare that a marketer of his status and reputation shares what he knows. I have no doubt that for those who are ready and willing to do the necessary work, the strategies taught in Digital Cash Academy will create phenomenal results.

What is Digital Cash AcademyMost of the training is taught with crystal clear, professionally produced, step-by-step videos. Mr. Fisher is an excellent teacher who takes the time to show you precisely how he implements his strategies.

You’ll also have behind the scenes access to many of Fisher’s campaigns to see what works and why.

Eight weeks of group coaching sessions with Mr. Fisher are included in the training. These weekly sessions are where you get your questions answered and get updated on tweaks and methods that are currently successful.

You also get Mr. Fisher’s system for managing and scaling your business. This system, combined with Fisher’s sincere desire to help you succeed, takes all the guesswork out of the equation. Because you will always know the next step to take, you’ll never feel lost or hesitate to implement the strategy.

As a student of Mr. Fisher, you’ll also have 24/7 support and encouragement.

30-Day Guarantee.

The Digital Cash Academy comes with a 30-Day Guarantee which is backed by a third party.

Who is Digital Cash Academy For?

If you’re familiar with affiliate marketing and are not intimidated by paid ads, and are ready to do the work, and you have $1,500 to put into your online business, Digital Cash Academy may be for you.

You’ll need $1,500 to cover the cost of Digital Cash Academy and the initial cost of paid ads. I’m estimating that with an ad budget of $500 you’ll be profitable, but every campaign is different, and your results may vary.

I do not recommend Digital Cash Academy for newbies. Most newbies will not do the work necessary to succeed or stick with a program long enough to see results. It would be foolish to spend $1,500 if you’re not going to put in the effort.

If you are an intermediate level marketer and not seeing the income you’d like, Digital Cash Academy may be what you need to boost your revenue.

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The Last Word on Digital Cash Academy.

Digital Cash Academy is a solid program taught by a respected and highly successful marketer. Be aware that Mr. Fisher is an aggressive email marketer. Once he has your email address you’ll hear from him often. If you purchase Digital Cash Academy and do the work, I’m confident you will see results.

A Better Option for YOU…

However, if the price tag is too much or if you’re new to eCommerce, I recommend you start with the Online Entrepreneur Certification Course. The first 10 lessons are free. To learn more, Click Here.

If you found this article helpful, or have experience with the Digital Cash Academy please leave a comment below. Thank you.

7 thoughts on “What is Digital Cash Academy?

  1. Thank you for the heads up. I hadn’t heard of Digital Cash Academy before. I am also a fan of traditional affiliate marketing but the eCommerce sounds very exciting because of its potentials for scaling fast.
    I think the price point of the Digital Cash Academy is not high for what it offers but I appreciate if you could guide me with these questions:
    1. How much is the success rate of their program?
    2. How long does it take on average to see considerable results?

    1. Hi, Albert!

      I think JR Fisher uses the word eCommerce to describe all forms of online marketing. He’s been very successful using paid traffic sources and that is what he teaches in Digital Cash Academy. I could not find any information about the success rate of the course or how long on average it took to see results. You can ask JR Fisher at his website.

      Thanks for stopping by,


  2. Hi Gary,

    Can you tell me is digital cash academy all about drop-shipping or are there other methods taught in the training on how to make money online. I’m trying to learn the online business for a while now but am open to different ways of getting there.



    1. Hi, Dave!

      Digital Cash Academy is largely about drop-shipping but the strategies can be used for affiliate products too. If you are involved with a particular business model now, don’t be too quick to abandon it for something else. I find with any online business I try, it takes three to six months before I see results. 

      On the other hand, if you have the money for it and you’ve exhausted all avenues with your current business model, Digital Cash Academy will be an excellent addition to your online education.

      Thanks for stopping by,


  3. Gary, Thanks for the interesting article about Digital Cash Academy. This is something I have not heard of before and was pleased to learn about the fact that digital products can be sold in a similar way to drop shipping. I didn’t completely understand how that works, so I would need to join the program to find out, unless you can tell me more about it.

    Anyway, it was refreshing read and I’d like to learn more about the drop shipping aspect, if possible.

    Thank you.

  4. Hi Gary,

    I had never heard of Digital Cash Academy before, but it sounds like it could be a great investment. I have recently been researching drop-ship companies and I like that this also combines the e-commerce side of business. It sounds like a great program, especially since he implements real world examples into the training.



  5. Hi Gary,

    Great Post! I really like how you give us (the readers) an in-depth look at this product with a very precise overview. I wasn’t familiar with this product or the program until reading this review. And I have to say, it sounds very intriguing. This is a great example of a well written review. It makes me want to learn more about digital cash academy.

    Nice Job,


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