What Is Automatic Edge?

what is automatic edge

Automatic Edge presents itself as a work from home, internet-based business. However, they are very secretive, and there is little information online about the company and their products. Lack of information makes it difficult to evaluate them. However, after substantial digging, I found a disturbing pattern you need to be aware of if you are considering  Automatic Edge.

Product Name: The “Automatic Edge” Attraction Marketing System.
Website URL: theautomaticedge.com
Price: $97, plus many expensive upsells.
Opinion:  Not Recommended

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What Is Automatic Edge?

Automatic Edge presents itself as a work from home opportunity. However, in a complaint registered with the West Florida Better Business Bureau, Greg L. describes Automatic Edge as;

“. . . a ploy to get people to pay thousands of dollars on a hyped up training program . . .”

When I tried to access the Automatic Edge Terms of Service and Privacy Policy, I was blocked. Also, I could not find a single legitimate review of Automatic Edge. Although I did find two fake video reviews which I discuss below.

Automatic Edge makes it difficult to figure out what exactly they are offering other than some pie in the sky dream of making lots of money.

However, I did see a pattern with Automatic Edge that is similar to scams I have uncovered in the past. The pattern is nearly identical to Countdown to Profits.

The Automatic Edge Homepage.

The Automatic Edge Homepage is misleading.

What Is Automatic Edge?

The deception begins at the top of the homepage where you see the impressive icons for CNNMoney, SkyNews, Financial Times, and Bloomberg Businessweek.

Those financial news outlets have nothing to do with Automatic Edge. Automatic Edge is not endorsed by these companies and it has never been featured by any of these business programs.

Using the icons of these reputable financial news companies is an attempt to convince you that Automatic Edge has an association with these businesses and is also reputable. This is deliberate deception.

In other words, the secretive people behind Automatic Edge are trying to convince you that their program does the work for you. Do you believe that?

After they have convinced you of how easy their Automatic Edge System is, they drop a few numbers to excite your greed. They mention a “Wealth Accelerator” program and how it’s by invitation only. What a crock.

Then they casually mention making $3,000 to $5,000 a week Do you believe that?

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The Automatic Edge Coaches.

In the middle of the Automatic Edge homepage, there is a big green bar. This bar gives the impression that if you join Automatic Edge you will get a coach who will help you make money. Usually, in these kinds of operations, the so-called “coach” is nothing more than a telemarketer with a script.

The coach/telemarketer knows just enough about online marketing to sound convincing to someone who doesn’t know anything at all.

The job of the coach is to keep you greedy for what Automatic Edge is selling and then talk you into buying a more expensive level with another coach/telemarketer who sells you yet another more expensive level.

Automatic Edge appears to have 21 levels or steps. Each level is more expensive than the last. The coaches/telemarketers will keep pushing you to buy higher, more expensive levels until your credit card is maxed out.

Everything about the Automatic Edge homepage is designed to make you feel greedy for what they’re offering without revealing what it is.

Every copywriter knows if they can make you feel greedy for something, they have you hooked.

The Automatic Edge homepage is designed to hook you into the dream of making lots of money. If you buy into this dream, the coaches/telemarketers at Automatic Edge will scam you until your credit card bleeds.

The Automatic Edge Reviews.

I found two Automatic Edge video reviews. One was by Grandpa Martin, and one was from Sheryl Reviews. Both had nothing but good things to say about Automatic Edge, although in each video they appeared to read from a script. Their Automatic Edge review video is the only video on their channel.

Let’s take a closer look at Grandpa Martin. Here he is singing the praises of Automatic Edge.

And here is Grandpa Martin on Fiverr. He’s a Top Seller named OldManSteve. For five bucks he’ll make a video promoting anything you want.

what is automatic edge

The Automatic Edge Terms of Service and Privacy Policy.

The Automatic Edge TOS and Privacy Policy cannot be seen. When I click on the links at the bottom of the Automatic Edge homepage, I get an error notice.

I’m left with two possible reasons this scary page appears when I try to access the Automatic Edge Terms and Privacy Policy. Either Automatic Edge is a dangerous site, or they are using this scary page to hide their terms of service and privacy policy. Either one is reason enough to avoid them.

Automatic Edge and the BBB.

Automatic Edge is not accredited with the BBB. However, the West Florida Better Business Bureau still gives Automatic Edge a big fat F.

Automatic Edge Complaints.

Below is an excerpt of a complaint registered with the West Florida BBB by Greg L. In this complaint, we see mention of a 21 step program and how you are sold higher steps or levels.

“The Automatic Edge is advertised as a work from home, internet based business that guarantees a certain income or your money back. The problem is, they do not elaborate on this guarantee until after you pay the $97 fee to begin a 21 step program. After only 6 steps you learn that you have to complete all 21 steps, which includes paying thousands more to actually start using their program . . .”

What is Automatic Edge Really?

It appears to me that Automatic Edge is a cloaking website for a multi-level marketing company called My Online Business Empire, otherwise known at MOBE. It is also known by the names My Top Tier Business and My Online Business Education.

MOBE hides behind a vast array of websites. Automatic Edge is only one. Countdown to Profits and YOBV are two others.

MOBE is based out of Malaysia and owned by Matt Lloyd.

People buy into MOBE at what first appears to be a reasonable price, but quickly realize they must buy higher levels if they want to earn larger commissions. While MOBE claims you can build an online business around any niche you want, the truth is, MOBE is set up to sell MOBE.


As a member of MOBE, you will be encouraged to introduce your friends, family and everyone you know to MOBE telemarketers who will then try to sell them for you.

The people who succeed with MOBE are the people who sell it. And, make no mistake, it takes extraordinary marketing skills to sell the high-end MOBE products that cost tens of thousands of dollars.

MOBE is not for newbies. MOBE chews up newbies and spits out them out broke. If you introduce your friends to MOBE, you will be contributing and possibly profiting from their financial ruin.

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The last word: Is Automatic Edge a Scam?

A legitimate business will not hide behind other names and websites. A legitimate business is very clear about what it is offering and how much it costs.

Automatic Edge is deceptive and deception is the primary tool of a scammer. Would you risk your money with an organization you can’t trust?

As Greg L. pointed out in his complaint, you don’t know what Automatic Edge is until you spend your money and are deep into their scam.

A Better Way.

The truth is, building an online business is not complicated, and it’s not expensive to learn either.

If you would like to try a legitimate training program for free and learn how to build a profitable online business, the place to begin is the Online Entrepreneur Certification Course.

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If you found this article helpful or have experience with Automatic Edge, please leave a comment below.

33 thoughts on “What Is Automatic Edge?

  1. Hi Gary,

    Thank you for your information. Sadly I didn’t see your post first before I got myself involved with Automatic Edge. I had already paid $97 back in October this year thinking that maybe this might not be a scam due to the many review comments and videos.. I got through the first couple steps and then found out in November that I was automatically charged $37. I then asked my coach about it and he said that it was part of the agreement which I don’t remember reading anything of being charged $37 monthly before I signed up for it.

    My coach mentioned that if I don’t want to be charged monthly I can stop and call in and get a full refund. So I said I will think about it and let him know. Which I did within a week or so by leaving a voice message, but he never returned my call. And it’s also my fault too for forgetting to follow up with him until now. So I called him and he didn’t pick up but I received a text saying that today is his day off. So I texted him back apologizing for calling on his day off and asking if he got my voice message about wanting to discontinue automatic edge and get my refund.

    Then he texted me saying that he is no longer a coach of Mobe and for me to call customer service for my refund. That’s when I thought to myself, maybe this is a scam and was about to go off on him, but I didn’t because I don’t know his side of story. So I replied asking how did he went from texting me that it’s his day off to him no longer a coach of Mobe. He replied that it was an auto message sent from his phone.

    So without hesitation, I went ahead and called the customer service. Unhelpfully, the lady that I spoke to said that they can only refund me for “this month” because it had already past the 30 day money back guarantee! I was mad, but couldn’t argue much with them because I lack knowledge of how to deal with this kind of situation. I said okay to her. She told me that the upper supervisor (or whatever higher position I can’t remember) will review this and send me an email.

    So for me to watch out for the email. Then she asked me if I had any other questions she can help me with. I was still curious about why they can’t refund the full amount of both Dec and Nov charge that they took out without my authorization besides the first $97 charge to sign up. I asked her again why can’t I get my full refund back because when I signed up for the program I don’t remember reading anything that I will be charged $37 monthly.

    She just replied the same response earlier that because it had passed the 30 day money back guarantee, they can only refund me this month’s charge. I was still mad but don’t know what to do so I asked if there’s someone who I can speak to or the manager. And she replied that she’s the highest customer representative or something (I can’t recall clearly since I was mad and trying to think what I can do) and that even the manager can’t make this transaction refund.

    So lack of experience of how to deal with this, I just say okay. I then spoke with my bank afterwards, but they said that I can file a claim, but I might end up getting nothing back since I had already agreed to their settlement. So I just decided to leave it at that and just get the $37 refund. The rest of the $134 is my lost for being dumb.

    (Sigh) Anyways, I guess I learned my lesson. Someone once said, if you don’t make mistake, you will never learn to improve. And as commonly said, we learn from our mistakes. What I learned from this experience is that if you don’t agree to the settlement with the merchant, you should tell them that you disagree with them and that you will file a claim with your bank. Or don’t make any contact with the merchant and just contact your bank and file a claim. If you have any advice for me to deal with this kinds of situation, I would really appreciate it.

    Thank you.

    1. Hi, Bao Xiong!

      Thank you for sharing your experience with Automatic Edge and MOBE. I’m sorry you lost money but thankful you did not lose more. Many people who join Automatic Edge lose thousands of dollars. MOBE is a notorious pyramid scheme that hides behind websites like Automatic Edge. The coaches with Automatic Edge/MOBE are not coaches. They are salespeople. They are paid to talk you into spending more money and buying the next highest level. There are 21 levels and it gets very, very expensive. Go here to read more about MOBE and the websites it hides behind.

      I think at this point if you can get the $37 back that would be great. Be sure that MOBE cannot take anything more from your bank account. Also, consider the emotional toll this has had on you. The sooner you can move on the better it will be for your peace of mind. You were not dumb to fall for the Automatic Edge/MOBE scam. You were very human. So, please do not beat yourself up over your experience. These scammers know exactly what they are doing and they have had years to perfect their trap. They lure people in by the thousands.

      In the future, when you are considering a make-money-online offer, assume it’s a scam and make them prove to you that they are not. I recommend you only try make-money-online offers that give you a free trial and that do not require a credit card. I know of only two legitimate places that really teach how to make money online and who offer a free trial without a credit card. Only one of these is suitable for a beginner. That’s Wealthy Affiliate.

      As soon as you can, move on. Starting out with any business requires a lot of trial and error. Try as we might to spend wisely, there is always waste. Think of your loss to Automatic Edge/MOBE as money spent on education. Now you know and you won’t do that again.

      If you want to know how to build an online business the right way, without risking a dime. I strongly recommend you join Wealthy Affiliate. The Starter Membership is free. You don’t need a credit card and no one will ask you for money. There is a paid option too, but that is for later. When that time comes, you’ll know if it’s right for you.

      In Wealthy Affiliate you’ll have everything you need to build a successful online business, plus 24/7 support from real people who are also building online businesses. Wealthy Affiliate does not promise you’ll make a lot of money fast and there is no guru worship. Wealthy Affiliate is the real deal. Making money online takes time, commitment and perseverance, but the rewards are phenomenal. In Wealthy Affiliate, you’ll learn how to do it right.

      If you’d like to learn more about Wealthy Affiliate, I encourage you to read my review by going here.

      Thanks for stopping by,

  2. Thank you Gary for this very crucial information. I had just paid the 97 dollars and completed the 2nd step on the way to the third. When I signed in I came across your article on Google search. This is my first time delving into these waters and I cannot afford to be scammed. Thank you and I will check out Wealthy Affiliate.

    1. Hi, Rochelle!

      I’m so sorry you didn’t find my article about Automatic Edge until after you spent money, but it could have been worse. Thank you for telling me my article was helpful. Let me know what you think of Wealthy Affiliate.

      Thanks for stopping by,

  3. Hi Gary, I am always amazed by these unscrupulous people who will create a video promoting something for a price. And in doing so duping people into buying products that are useless.

    Wealthy Affiliate is the only way to go if you are looking to make a living online with internet marketing.

  4. I love your website – it is packed full of such great information. This Automatic Edge scam, although not one I’ve come across, is definitely one to look out for and avoid. You’ve done some serious digging here – especially on Grandpa Martin/OldManSteve – I mean, good grief! I wonder how many other sites he’s promoted for money?Brilliant article, Gary. I look forward to reading more.

    1. Hi, Jules!

      I appreciate your kind words. Yes, I had to chuckle with I found Grandpa on Fiverr. I’m sure he’s made the rounds.

      Thanks for stopping by,


  5. Thanks for telling me about the risks of Automatic Edge. There are so many scams online it’s hard to know who to trust.

    And thanks for recommending Wealthy Affiliate. I signed up for the free membership and I will really like what I see. Everyone is so helpful and the training is just what I needed to understand how to make money online.

    thanks for the information provided and please keep me updated always



    1. Hi, Jose!

      You are very welcome. I’m glad you are enjoying Wealthy Affiliate and learning how to make money online the right way. It really isn’t complicated, but it does take time, commitment and sustained effort. I look forward to your online success.

      Thanks for stopping by,


  6. Gary,

    I’ve heard of and encountered many scams before, but not Automatic Edge. Interesting.

    I now know if I ever come across Automatic Edge to turn and run the other way.

    Thanks for the great review, and all the work you put into uncovering the internet’s many scams.

    All the best,


  7. Very informative post here. I myself have never heard of “Automatic Edge” until now, and from the information provided here, I am glad I never did. Seems to be a business built on purchases almost like a pyramid-scheme.
    I noticed you only found two reviews on the business. Was this simply due to the lack of people reviewing, or some other reason?
    You hit some strong points here that honestly anyone looking into this company should see.This is a very informative and we’ll written post. Nice work.

    1. Hi, Kenny!

      Thanks for taking the time to comment. The company behind Automatic Edge does indeed appear to be structured like a pyramid scheme, aka Ponzi scheme.

      I think the reason I didn’t find more reviews was because Automatic Edge does not have an affiliate program. Most positive reviews for make money online programs like Automatic Edge are created by affiliates hoping to make a commission.

      In fact, when I realized the two video reviews did not have affiliate links, I figured the reviewer had been paid to review Automatic Edge.

      Thanks for stopping by,


  8. Thanks for the article Gary. This is actually the first time I’ve heard of this program and from the looks of it, I need not look any further. You’re very correct, If they can’t tell you everything up front then you don’t need to mess with it. All these programs do is take more and more money from you every chance they get.

    1. Hi, Andres Santos!

      Thanks for stopping by. You are so right, programs like Automatic Edge is all about making money for the guys at the top. Anyone getting involved is just a mark to be fleeced.

      There are affordable ways to learn how to build a profitable online business. There is no reason to take risks. For anyone interested in learning to do it right, I suggest they go here.

      All the best,


  9. Gary… we meet again. SCAM AVENGER ROCKS! Your superior writing skills have presented a comprehensive overview of one of the most confusing work-at-home-money-making-$cams I have come across in my years researching this genre.

    You have presented essentials that I and I believe many others would miss in our individual searches into are-these-folks-feasible-for-me-or-not for earning a few dollars online.

    Thank you so much and please keep up the terrific work!

    1. Hi, Loretta!

      Thanks for stopping by. I appreciate your comment and kind words. I’m glad to offer my insights into online scams. There are so many of them.

      I wish people would realize that making money online does not take expensive or mysterious training. Business online is the same as business offline. When you offer something of value to the customer that solves their problem or fulfills their desire, the customer will give you money. It’s as simple as that.

      To anyone interested in learning how to make money the right way, I recommend this article.

      All the best,


  10. I would definitely have a hard time to take any business to serious when I’m not able to have a free trial or free package to see just what they are all about.

    It’s too easy to make a mistake on what can actually be offered when somebody can say one thing and your impressions will have you thinking something else.

    I find the easiest way is only to check things out with my credit card in my pocket, and I’m able to get a free trial or free package to see if it does what they say.

    When in I’m in doubt, I send off an email, and if I get no reply, regardless of what they offer, I’m gone.

    1. Hi, Travis!

      Thanks for stopping by.

      Your advice to first send an email to check out an offer is great advice. Recently, I was investigating an internet marketing business offer and did just as you suggest. I sent an email to their support. It’s been three weeks now and no response. That is very revealing.

      All the best,


  11. Hello Gary
    Any program with upsells in my opinion, are trying to squeeze more money from members,why not offer everything in a bundle and sell as 1 item?
    Automatic edge is no exception,$97 is a whole lot of money and to have upsells is ripping people off.
    With their wealth accelerator and promise of big bucks,l see how newbies can easily be tempted.
    I like the fact that you even managed to track grandpa Martin on Fiver (lol).What honest program gives fake testimonials from cheap Fiverr gigs?
    They may choose to keep the owners private,but hiring people to make fake testimonials is a no-no.
    Thanks for your Review Gary,really enjoyed and now one more program added to my to avoid list.

    1. Hi, Roamy!

      Thanks for stopping by.

      I agree, upsells and one time offers (oto) are unethical. When a business lures you in with a low-ball offer, then immediately offers a more expensive products you know they are just after your money. Keep you credit card or debit card in your wallet. Don’t give them another penny.

      When I was starting out, I once got taken for $600 in upsells with a business that was recommended by someone I thought I could trust. Big mistake!

      The best way to avoid this stupid game of upsells and one time offers is to refuse play. Only trust businesses that know they must prove to you they can be trusted by letting you try their product for free. Free trials is standard fare for legitimate online businesses.

      Remember, if they need your credit card or debit card, it’s not a free trial.

      I’m glad you got a chuckle out of Grandpa Martin. I did too. What tipped me off was he was promoting how good Automatic Edge is but didn’t have an affiliate link below the video or any call to action. I thought this was odd. Why would he make the video if he wasn’t getting anything in return? That’s when I thought I’d take a look on Fiverr and there he was!

      You are so right about fake customer testimonials. That’s a violation of FTC laws. However, if Automatic Edge is a front for My Online Business Empire as I suspect, the FTC can’t touch them because they are in Malaysia. Those guys know exactly what they are doing to scam as many people as possible.

      All the best,


  12. First off thanks for the heads up on this deceitful and conniving business.
    Wow the measures some people will go to in order to cheat you out of your money. I have never heard of this Automatic Edge before and from your review I hope I never do. Being a newcomer to online marketing this information is greatly appreciated and extremely educational. The sad thing about it is there are tons of these types of shaninagins running rampant all over the internet and flying under the radar so a lot of unsuspecting people fall victim before the word gets out.
    Thanks for sharing.

    1. Hi, Shakem!

      Thanks for stopping by. I appreciate your comment.

      Yes, you are so right. There are legions of scammers online. I wish more people would understand that there is no secret to making money online. There is no magic button or magic software that will make fast, easy money.

      I admit, the easiest money I ever made is the money I make with my internet business. However, that is because I treat it as a business and I follow proven business principles based on integrity and value. In other words, I help people. Some people find value in what I offer for free and then buy some of the products I recommend. That’s how I make money.

      There’s no magic to it. It’s common sense really. Help people and be trustworthy. The rarest commodity on the internet is trust. If you want to make money online, be trustworthy and you will beat 99% of your competition right out of the gate. And, learn how to build an online business the right way, by going here.

      All the best,


  13. Hi Gary,
    Thanks for the heads up about Automatic Edge.This is another of so many scams geared toward relieving someone who honestly wants to succeed of their hard earned money.
    Thank you for sharing Wealthy Affiliate. I think that it looks like a legitimate way to build a business.
    Can you find out about WA without spending a lot of money?

    1. Hi, Marty!

      Yes, Automatic Edge is a really stinker. Don’t get involved in anything online you can’t try for free.

      Thanks for asking about Wealthy Affiliate. Wealthy Affiliate is the only place I recommend for someone to learn how to build a successful online business.

      Wealthy Affiliate has a free starter membership and a paid membership. To watch a short video about how to build an online business the right way and to sign up for the free starter membership, go here. Use the free starter membership to decide if the paid membership is right for you.

      All the best,


  14. I would think that a website could get in serious trouble for displaying high profile icons such as CNN Money And Blomberg. Am I wrong? I have been scammed by contractors working on my home, too many times too count. Guess it has to do with being a single female. Shame on people who run work-at-home opportunities like this just to out right rip people off!

    1. Hi, Matt’s Mom!

      I agree, I would think that any business fraudulently using another company’s logo could indeed get into trouble. My guess is that the companies who own these logos don’t know about it. If they do learn about it, probably the worse that will happen is they’ll demand Automatic Edge take them down. At which time, Automatic Edge will replace them with logos from other reputable companies.

      I’m sorry to hear you got scammed by contractors. That’s another field rich with rip-offs. Yes, unfortunately, single women are prime targets.

      Thanks for stopping by,


  15. Thanks for this warning ! I guess my gut instinct was right when I thought this was just too good to be true. I could see myself falling prey for this mostly because I would be interested in seeing how cold traffic turns into money. It is an interesting concept that if true, I would probably consider.

    Nevertheless, nameless and faceless companies do not deserve a single hard earned penny from anyone.

    1. Hi, Jerry!

      Thanks for stopping by.

      I wish these promises were true, but alas they are not! And I agree, these scammers do not deserve anyone’s money, not even a penny.

      All the best,


  16. Can’t say that I have heard of Automatic Edge yet or even My Online Business Empire, but reading your review, I can name a dozen others just like this one.

    I can’t believe so many scamsters get away with taking other people’s money for rubbish like this. We really need to have an online police type body that goes around and shuts down sites such as this one.

    1. Hi, Michel!

      Yes, there are dozens if not hundreds of traps like Automatic Edge online. Hopefully, as the search engines evolve, these scams will be de-indexed. Until then, it’s essential to be cautious.

      The best places to learn how to really make money online are crystal clear in what they have to offer and what it costs. The best one that I know of offers a free trial so you don’t even need a credit card. Unfortunately, most make-money-online programs are either scams or horribly over-priced.

      Thanks for stopping by,


  17. Hi Gary,

    Of all the deceiving money make sites on the web, I had never heard of Automatic Edge. They sound like a money draining nightmare and it’s pretty obvious they thrive on misleading people. It’s great how putting something so simple, like the definition of the word ‘scam’ drives home the point and your site is the only review page I’ve seen that has it! Do you have any stats on how successful people who use their ‘coaching’ are, compared to other scammers out there? Seeing how private they are, I’m sure there are no (legitimate) success stories out there.

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