What is Appcoiner?

What is Appcoiner? Is Appcoiner a Scam?

Can you really get paid for using apps? Appcoiner says you can and that you can get paid in cash. They even provide a calculator to help you determine how much you can make. However, like so many make money offers, there is more to the story. Follow me to see the Devil in the details.

Product Name: AppCoiner
Website: appcoiner.com
Owner: Cannot be determined.
Price: $27 plus $9.95 Upsell
Opinion: Appcoiner is a Pay to Work Scheme. You will not make money with it.

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What is Appcoiner?

Appcoiner presents itself as a platform that pays you to help new apps get found. In the Appcoiner sales video, they claim all you need is a Smartphone or a tablet.

The short Appcoiner video initially claims you can get paid for using apps, but eventually explains the process like this, “Simply choose an app…, log into your account, write a review and get paid.”

What is Appcoiner? Is Appcoiner a Scam?On the Appcoiner website, you’ll find a calculator that will estimate how much you can earn based on how many apps you test and review each day. The default settings I found on the earnings calculator was testing and reviewing 3 apps a day, 5 days a week to earn about $11,000 a year.

While it can be fun and exciting to play with the calculator and imagine how much money you will make reviewing apps, until you join Appcoiner and test and review a few apps, you don’t have a realistic idea of how much time it will take.

Imagining you can make $11,000 a year is meaningless unless you have a firm understanding of what you must do and how long it will take to earn this money. Writing a review for anything can be time-consuming.

Misleading Sales Video.

Since so much of the Appcoiner website is misleading, I suspect it is not possible to make $11,000 a year reviewing apps with the Appcoiner system. As I’ll show you in a moment, if you want to make money writing reviews, there is a better and more lucrative way to do it.

The video gives the impression that you will be paid to write reviews about apps. And that Appcoiner will pay you cash immediately after you write the review. That’s not how it works.

The Appcoiner promotional video is misleading in several ways. Although Appcoiner claims all you need is a Smartphone or tablet. In truth, you’ll need much more before you can expect to make money writing reviews about apps. If you don’t have these things already, you’ll have to pay to get them before you make your first dime.

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What is Appcoiner, Really?

Although Appcoiner intentionally creates the impression you will be getting paid to test apps and write reviews about them. There is more to the story.

Yes, it’s true as a member of Appcoiner you will have access to their database of apps where you can download an app, test it and write a review. However, what they fail to mention is you are only paid when someone buys the app you reviewed through your affiliate link.

You Don’t Get Paid for Writing Reviews.

What is Appcoiner? Is Appcoiner a Scam?You will not get paid for writing the review. You are only paid when someone buys the app through your affiliate link. However, since Appcoiner has been so misleading, I would not trust them to pay you at all.

Another detail they fail to mention is you will need a website. If you don’t have a website, you’ll need to build one before you can expect to start making money with Appcoiner.

And, yet, another detail Appcoiner does not mention is you will have to drive traffic to your website before anyone reads your app review. You’ll never make a dime if nobody reads the reviews you write.

In other words, we are talking about affiliate marketing. Unless you understand affiliate marketing, how to build and maintain a website and how to drive traffic to your site, you will not make money with Appcoiner. And, if you do understand affiliate marketing, websites, and traffic generation, you don’t need Appcoiner.

A Pay to Work Scheme.

Appcoiner is preying on people who want to make easy money online but who can’t see Appcoiner for what it is. Appcoiner is a “pay-to-work” scheme.

There are thousands of affiliate programs online, many of them promote apps. None of the legitimate affiliate programs ask you to pay them for the privilege of promoting their products. Test this for yourself, search Google for “App Affiliate Programs” (without quotes).

ScamAvenger Girl, says “Thumbs Down!”

Affiliate marketing is a superb way to make money online. However, paying Appcoiner for the privilege of working for them is not terrific. It’s unnecessary and a waste of money.

The truth is, you CAN make money writing reviews. However, there is no reason to pay Appcoiner for the opportunity.

The Last Word on Appcoiner.

Appcoiner wasn’t designed to help you make money online. It was designed to help the creator of Appcoiner make money. It is telling that we do not know who created Appcoiner. That alone is a red flag.

While there are two short videos on the Appcoiner website of people claiming they made money with Appcoiner, these videos are not convincing. I doubt anyone has made money with the system.

Appcoiner is promoted through ClickBank and Clickbank has a 60 Money Back Guarantee. However, there are complaints online that Appcoiner has not honored the guarantee.

I’ve never had a problem getting my money back from Clickbank, but I have had issues with vendors who market through Clickbank. If you want your money back from a vendor who promotes on Clickbank, go straight to ClickBank to ask for a refund.

The fact that some people could not get their money back from Appcoiner speaks to that company’s lack of integrity and is yet another reason not to get involved with them.

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How to Really Make Money as an Affiliate.

Wealthy Affiliate Work In Your PajamasYou won’t make money with Appcoiner, but you can make money with affiliate marketing if you have an entrepreneurial spirit and get the right training.

Affiliate marketing is an easy business to start and once you know the basic skills it can be very lucrative. The place to start is the Online Entrepreneur Certification Course. The starter level is completely FREE and includes all you need to get started.

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If you found this article helpful or have experience with Appcoiner, please leave a comment below. 

7 thoughts on “What is Appcoiner?

  1. I highly appreciate your time and energy to expose the hidden tricks of appcoiner
    Your article will bring clients for you as the real procedure to make it online.Give free info or products to attract the traffic in your niche

  2. I’ve come across a number of these pay-to-work schemes and this sounds exactly like the others. The minor details like having to build a website plus the fact that you only get paid when someone buys the app under your affiliate link are huge factors. Thanks for setting the record straight for the many out there who don’t recognize a scam when they see one.

  3. Hi Gary,
    I can’t express in words how much I appreciate your review. I’ve gone through so many scams already where I couldn’t get my money back or I put a lot of time and effort and never got paid a dime which infuriates me. I was “careful” to look for reviews for the apps I joined and there were very positive about it. Of course, people want you to use their affiliate links but doing it through scams is just selfish from them.
    I think the best option as you mentioned at the end is to actually educate yourself about legit ways to make money online. Better to study than to pay people who just want to take advantage of you! What do you think it would be the best affiliate programs to join when you don’t have a lot of experience yet?

  4. I am looking to earn some extra cash with apps before bumping into your blog. It seems like there’s very little legitimate apps out there that can pay cold hard cash. Or maybe because I am being over optimistic.

    After reading this review, I don’t think that AppCoiner is worth trying. Do you have any other recommendation for money making apps that actually work?

  5. Hi There Gary,

    Thank you kindly for this rather helpful and detailed warning regarding a ridiculous pay to promote scheme. It is truly appreciated – thanks.

    Every single time I see a pay to promote opportunity, a product that you must pay for in order to promote it my own scam detector gland get a bit over active!

    If a product is genuine, real and of quality, their sales team or potential sales team would not be asked to pay for the privilege of selling such a product. In fact, I just can’t think of any legitimate product in the business world where such practices occur.

    Thanks for the warning

  6. Thanks for claifying what exactly appcoiner is and isn’t. Basically your just an affiliate of the program — and you’ll only get paid if someone clicks on your link and buys something.

    While affiliate marketing is good, like you said there are better ways to go about doing it they can make you a lot more money.

  7. Thank you for the helpful article on the Appcoiner. It does seem scammy to me, as well, after reading all your findings. And I totally agree with you that no need to pay to Appcoiner for the opportunity to earn money for reviews. Instead, it is better to write reviews for your own website and to earn money for yourself. Therefore, I wouldn’t risk joining Appcoiner as I would prefer working for myself and to rely just on myself.
    Without doubt, in order to succeed online, a proper training and support are needed as there are so many nuances to know so Wealthy Affiliate seems to be the right place to join and learn. Especially, as it is possible to test them out for free.

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