the saffa method scam

Is the Saffa Method a Scam.

The Saffa Method promises an easy way to make hundreds of thousands of dollars in just a few weeks. However, a closer investigation exposes an ugly secret you should know. Follow me as I expose the Devil in the details.

Product Name: The Saffa method
Product Cost: $250 plus all they can get!
Product Owner: Cannot be determined
Opinion: Not Recommended

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Is the Saffa Method a Scam?

In the Saffa Method sales video, Jake Mason promises you can quickly make hundreds of thousands of dollars, or he will pay you $10,000. Mason claims his software program will turn you into a millionaire. He’s lying.

Mason says if you want to make hundreds of thousands of dollars in the next month, all you have to do is create a free account, get his free software and click your mouse a few times.

the saffa method scam

The Saffa Method website.

Several people in The Saffa Method sales video tell how they made hundreds of thousands of dollars with The Saffa Method app. However, the same people say the same thing in The Kiwi Method. We can only assume they are actors reading a script.

To prove how much money you can make with his system, Jake Mason logs into his bank account to show us his balance of $12 Million. It’s fake. The same thing happens in The Brit Method, The Kiwi Method, The Aussie Method, The Singapore Method and The Malay Method videos.

Is The Saffa Method too good to be true? You better believe it!

The Saffa Method is a scam of the highest magnitude. It’s yet another binary options fraud from an unknown international organization that spits out “Method” scams by the dozens.

the saffa method scam

Same actor on Kiwi Method and Saffa Method. Different Jake Masons.

Jake Mason is Fake.

Remember in at the beginning of the video when Jake Mason guaranteed you’d make hundreds of thousands of dollars the first month, or he’d pay you ten grand? Don’t hold your breath. Jake Mason isn’t real.

Jake Mason is Jake Mason in The Kiwi Method and Jake Pertu in The Aussie Method, and Jake Shen in The Malay Method.

He’s a paid voice actor, and his picture is nothing more than a stock image of a male model. Jake Mason is no more real than Santa Clause. Sorry for a dose of reality, but it’s time you knew.

Read the Disclaimer!

The truth is, you will not make hundreds of thousands of Dollars your first month, and Jake will not pay you $10,000.

The Saffa Method earnings disclaimer states they don’t guarantee anything.

You can read the Saffa Method Earning Disclaimer yourself if you scroll to the bottom of the webpage and click on “Disclaimer.”

The disclaimer is not easy to read. The Saffa Method scammers have bolded all of the text to create a virtual wall of words, no doubt, hoping you’d ignore it. But please DO READ if, if you are remotely considering getting involved.

Read the disclaimer, and you will see The Saffa Method does NOT guarantee you anything.

Mason’s promise and all the claims from the testimonials are lies.

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Why the Saffa Method is a Scam.

There is nothing special about The Saffa Method. It’s just a long sales video designed to get you to open an account with an unregistered binary options broker and give them at least $250.

Is the Saffa Method a Scam. 1 Is the Saffa Method a Scam.

They will try to get a lot more money from you, but their scheme starts at $250.

If you give your money to The Saffa Method broker, you will NOT get anything back. Nothing. Money only flows one way with The Saffa Method scam.

Think of The Saffa Method broker as a psychopath seated in a smoke-filled room in a former Warsaw Pac country typing on a Russian-made laptop. He’s not a broker at all. He’s just a stranger in a foreign country who will take your money.

The Difference Between a Registered and Unregistered Brokers.

The United States, the Securities Exchange Commission grants licenses to registered brokers who conform to the securities trading laws of the US and a code of ethics. If a registered broker cheats a trader, the trader can ask the SEC to help them get their money back.

Unregistered Brokers are not licensed or regulated, and their code of ethics is nothing more than honor among thieves, which is to say, not much. Typically, unregistered brokers are in a foreign country out of reach of regulatory agencies.

When an unregistered broker gets your money, you will not get it back.t. It’s gone forever.

The United States SEC reports that unregistered brokers, like The Saffa Method, use software to fake losing trades, steal people’s money and their identity.

The truth is, an unregistered broker is not a broker at all. They do not broker trades. They just take people’s money. Money only flows one way with The Saffa Method scam.

It is misleading to call an unregistered broker a broker. It’s like calling a thief an unauthorized distributor.

The Saffa Method will lie to you until they get you to give them your money. And they will adjust the software to trick you into giving them more money.

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