MyEcom Club Review

MyEcom Club Review

Can you really build a passive business in 7 days with MyEcom Club? Maybe, but it will cost you. Follow me to see what they aren’t telling you.

Product: MyEcom Club
Price: Free, $37 upsell and $1,997 upsell
Owner: Rocky Lin
Opinion: Not Recommended.

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MyEcom Club Review.

Created by a guy named Rocky Lin, MyEcom Club claims to be an incredible education platform that provides you with the necessary training to build a profitable e-commerce business. Apparently, with his amazing product, you’ll be able to make as much money as you would like, even if you do not know anything about starting an online business before you join.

3 Things.

MyEcom Club Website
MyEcom Club Website

According to the short sales video on the company’s website, you only need three things: a storefront, a product, and a customer.

Guess what? MyEcom Club claims to help you get all three, plus one-on-one coaching, advertising, and a community of other entrepreneurs just like you.

Once you have those important things, all you’ll have to do is scale. When you use the program’s exclusive trainings and services, the sales video leads you to think that you’ll definitely be able to create a profitable e-commerce business in no time. NOT!

Can you really earn a generous income with MyEcom Club? Of course, Rocky Lin thinks you can, but I’m here to share with you the truth.

An Expensive Start.

It costs so much upfront you are unlikely to earn any money with this program. More on that in a moment.

There are less expensive ways to learn eCommerce. Trust me. If you aren’t yet convinced, let’s explore how this product works, shall we?

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Six Free Training Videos.

Inside the member area, you’ll find six free training videos that teach the process of creating an e-commerce business with drop shipping.

The eCommerce Business Model.

This type of business might seem appealing because you don’t need to stock inventory or ship products. The Shopify store integrates with AliExpress, so after someone buys a product, the AliExpress supplier will ship the product directly to the customer. In simple terms: the customers pays you, you pay the AliExpress supplier, and the AliExpress supplier ships the products to your customers.

Although the drop shipping business model is legitimate, it doesn’t mean MyEcom Club is legitimate too.

Because the training in the program is only an introduction to making money with an e-commerce business, I would be extremely surprised if anyone were able to create a profitable online business with the basic information provided.

To build a successful e-commerce business, you need more in-depth training and support.

Beware the Strategy Session.

MyEcom Club ReviewInteresting enough, the people behind the product understand that the free material alone will not ensure that your online business is profitable.

That’s why once you complete the first six training videos, you face a final video called the “Strategy Session.”

The Trap is Set.

During the Strategy Session video, the spokespeople try to convince you to upgrade to a “done for you” version of the program.

For only $1,997, you’ll be given two completely built e-commerce stores.

If you have never made money online before, buying two done-for-you eCommerce stores will not help you.

The Gotcha.

While $1,997 is an outrageous amount of money for an e-commerce store, that is just the beginning.

There are complaints online stating MyEcom Club will ultimately try to get as much as $40,000 out of you (Source). That’s the ultimate danger you face when you begin to follow the MyEcom Club sales pitch.

MyEcom Club buries the hook in free stuff and excitement, but you can bet there’s a hook in there. Don’t take the bait.

That’s a Lot of Money!

$1,997 is a lot of money.

A newbie doesn’t have the experience or the knowledge to understand they are getting ripped off by MyEcom Club.

Incidentally, $1,997 will buy everything you need for an affiliate marketing business for 5 YEARS with a legitimate training program!

Rocky has a History.

While the limited training and annoying upsells makes me raise an eyebrow, perhaps the most troubling suspicion lies in the fact that Rocky Lin has been associated with scam products before.

While researching Rocky Lin, I discovered that he was the creator of My Secret Sites, which is an extremely misleading product that I don’t recommend.

Since he has a reputation as a scammer, I would suggest leaving MyEcom Club alone.

MyEcom Club Complaints.

There is an abundance of MyEcom Club complaints online. Read some of the complaints here.

Complaints about MyEcom Club include upsells costing $15,000, $30,000 and $40,000! Apparently, once they have you, they are going to squeeze every nickel they can out of you.

There are also complaints that MyEcom Club sells the personal information and credit card numbers of their members.

Not Recommended.

Let me be completely clear. I absolutely would not recommend MyEcom Club to my readers.

After reading the information that I have shared with you, wouldn’t you agree that much of the sales material is misleading and the training is just too expensive?

Don’t be fooled by the company’s advertising that claims you can start learning for free. You might start with free material, but pretty soon, you’ll be forced to purchase one of their expensive programs if you want even a chance at creating a profitable business.

I doubt you’ll ever make money with their program no matter how much money you give them.

Ask Yourself.

Before joining this misleading program, ask yourself: Why would you enroll in a system with gaps in its “free” material, only to find out later that you have to buy over-priced training for the online business to work properly?

Shopify Has Free Training too.

If you are interested in drop shipping, start with the Shopify free training. However, if you have never made money online before, I think you’ll find affiliate marketing a better choice.

Affiliate marketing is far less expensive to start and maintain. It does take time and effort, but it doesn’t cost much if you do it right.

Affiliate Marketing is Better for Newbies.

Drop Shipping requires substantial startup capital and work. Plus, with drop shipping the business owner is responsible for every step of the sales process. If an order gets screwed up, you have to deal with it.

Affiliate marketing is much easier, and faster to set up, and it costs very little to get started.  It only costs about $50 a month to get everything you need to build a profitable affiliate marketing business.

As an affiliate marketer, you are paid to match a customer to a product. You’re not responsible for product fulfillment or customer support. If an order gets screwed up, the company takes care of it, not you.

There is no limit to the products you can promote as an affiliate marketer, or the number of income streams you can create.

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How to Learn Affiliate Marketing.

Wealthy Affiliate Work In Your PajamasTrying to find a legitimate place to learn affiliate marketing can be a challenge.

As you may have discovered already, anything online that has to do with money is often a scam. MyEcom is a case in point.

The only place I recommend for learning affiliate marketing is the Online Entrepreneur Certification Course. The starter level is FREE and I’m available to mentor you for FREE too. There’s no risk, no strings, no gotchas.

If you want to make money online, my friends and I will show you how to do it the right way. Sign up for the FREE starter level of the Online Entrepreneur Certification Course.

To Learn More, Go Here.

If you found this article helpful or have experience with MyEcom, please leave a comment below.

17 thoughts on “MyEcom Club Review

  1. I like that you posted links so that your audience can look at the site in question for themselves. I also like the way you have presented an alternative to this scam and others like it by recommending Wealthy Affiliate.

    I have been scammed before and was so caught up in the excitement that I didn’t think to look for a “scamavenger”. I certainly wish I had. I thought you presented the topic well.

    1. Hi, Chrisleen!

      Thank you for your kind words. I understand about getting caught up in the excitement of a scam. Emotion is a scammer’s deadly weapon. Whenever, we respond emotionally to a situation or offer, our rational mind shuts down. It happens to all of us because of how the human brain evolved. 

      A closer look at a scam reveals that their sales pitch is a constant bombardment of power words that target our emotions, specifically our greed. Scammers know that if they can get us to respond emotionally to their offer, they have us hooked. Logical thinking goes out the window. It’s happened to me more than I want to admit, and cost me dearly.

      Thanks for stopping by,


  2. I too have been a victim of online scams. It’s unfortunate that there are so many people who are so willing to steal money from people. I imagine it must take about the same amount of work and sell legitimate products. Actually, I would think it would take more work to scam because you would constantly be having to set up new scams.

    Thank you so much for taking the time to research these things for the rest of us!

    1. Hi, Chrisleen!

      It seems that getting scammed is a rite of passage for people who are trying to build an online business. I agree, it probably takes as much or more work to scam people as it does to build an honest business. An honest business grows naturally, but a scam has to be propped up constantly. And, when a scam business is discovered to be a scam, it is out of business.

      However, I think there is a personality type that cannot make money honestly if their life depended on it.

      Thanks for stopping by,

  3. Hi Gary!Very nice review of the My Ecom Club program! Unfortunately I have never heard about this offer and didn’t also search online for it. Anyway, I am WA Premium member and that is fine for me. Just to know i have signed into your free course to check it out! The subscribing system works perfectly and it is very well done! Congrats!Nice way to gather subscribers! And a nice site too!Wish you very best success!Best regards!Stay well, market better, convert best!

  4. Thanks Jan, for the warning. Get rich fast programs always make me suspicious. It’s great to have someone dive into it and point out the weaknesses of these offers. I’d be very disappointed if I put my time and effort in those courses only to find out they want a bucket full of money.

    I don’t mind paying for service, training, knowledge and support. But I’m glad I didn’t fall for a scam training program. Thanks to people like you, who weed out the bad seeds.

  5. Hi Gray,

    Thank you for bringing this MyEcom Club to awareness and l had read the complaints filed to BBC. That’s really disgusting with a lot empty promises. It’s almost the same of modus operandi used by fraudsters to lure you into their sale funnel with low or fee entry cost, and once you locked in you throw up with plenty of upsells that promise you the sky.

    Drop shipping was never my cup of coffee, further l never believe in any kind of “Done For You” system. If you want to succeed in any kind of business, it’s all due to your effort and commitment you put into your business.

    I agreed with you that Affiliate Marketing is the cheapest business to setup and the return is lucrative, if you done it right. 

    Best regards

    1. Hi, Zayn!

      I agree. “Done-for-You” is really just a come-on for people who believe they can find an easy way to make a lot of money fast. It’s right in there with “push button wealth” and “make money on auto-pilot.” It doesn’t happen.

      I struggled to make money online for years. It was only after I discovered Wealthy Affiliate that I was able to build a stable online income with a business model I love.

      Thanks for stopping by,


  6. Hi Gary,

    Great post, excellent information about  ECom Club.

    Fortunately I have never heard of them!

    I followed your link to check out complaints and my goodness, horrific!!

    So there you go, so important isn’t it, to find out all you can prior to handing over the cash and reviews are a great source of knowledge, promotion or complaint!



    1. Hi, Michele!

      You are so right about checking things out before handing over your cash. The challenge is schemes like MyEcom Club draw you with a free offer and then slowly turn up the heat. It might never occur to a person to step back and do a little research.

      Thanks for stopping by,


  7. This sounds like something that is right up my alley. The Online Entrepreneur Certification seems like the way to go. You mentioned that no credit card is needed. So, am I to assume that the entire certification course is free? That would be a great deal. So, how are you able to provide this training and be completely free?

    I totally understand how affiliate marketing works and given the right platform and support, can be a wonderful way to make passive income online. I have been burned in the past by so called affiliate marketing tricks that say they will build everything for you and you don’t have to do a thing. No thanks. I’ll pass on those types of sites and MyEcom Club sounds like one of them. Thanks for this post, I will be sure to steer clear of MyEcom Club.

    1. Hi, Bob!

      Indeed MyEcom Club is a stinker. 

      You asked about the Online Entrepreneur Certification Course. The first 10 lessons are free and show you the fundamentals of affiliate marketing. In addition to learning the basics, you get a trial membership in our community. Most of all, it’s a no-risk opportunity for you to see what it really takes to succeed as an affiliate marketer and how we can help you build a business that will free you from the 9 to 5 grind.

      Thanks for stopping by,


  8. I have to say that I am not impressed with My Ecom at all. I’ve been through these programs where they promise you everything and charge you millions of dollars.

    It amazes me as to why we all don’t see through these scam artists. They sucker you in and they get the money and you lose. It happened to me each and every time I tried one until I finally smartened up.

    Once I found Wealthy Affiliate I finally stopped getting scammed. It as such a relief to finally find a program that could help me build my online business and not charge an arm and a leg.

    Ecom? No way! Wealthy Affiliate has over 4 million members now. They all got your back!I joined for free. Would you suggest a newbie to go premium like I did?

    1. Hi, Rob!

      Sorry to hear you have experienced schemes like MyEcom Club up close and personal. It seems to me that the search engines could simply de-index these creeps. I don’t know why they don’t.

      I agree Wealthy Affiliate is the place to learn how to make money online the right way. It’s where I learned and it’s where you’ll find the free starter level of the Online Entrepreneur Certification Course.

      Thanks for stopping by,


  9. If I were doing drop shipping, I’d imagine that I am better of spending 40,000 dollars on some wholesale products as oppose to more training courses. Spending that kind of money on training seems like way too much risk for something that is really competitive. I’d imagine most dropshippers need to be a cost efficient as possible.

    1. Hi, Jessie!

      That’s a great point. Giving MyEcom Club $40K is not going to help your business, but buying $40K of inventory might be a worthy investment. However, the truth is, there is no reason to sink that much money into drop shipping in the beginning. 

      Thanks for stopping by,


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