Is Wealth Generators a Scam?

is wealth generators a scam

Wealth Generators claim they can change your financial landscape for the rest of your life. I have no doubt their philosophy will change your financial landscape for the rest of your life, just not the way you expect. There is a lot they don’t tell you. Keep reading to see the Devil in the details.

Product Name: Wealth Generators
Product Website:
Product Cost: $99.99 one-time fee, $129+ a month
Product Owners: Ryan Smith, Chad Miller, Annette Raynor, Mario Romano
Opinion: Not Recommended

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Is Wealth Generators a Scam?

At best, Wealth Generators is an MLM that sells financial advice. As an MLM, it thrives on recruiting people into the organization and requires them to pay expensive monthly membership fees. I suspect the true nature of Wealth Generators is more sinister.

The Wealth Generators website implies they can make you wealthy, but probably the only people getting wealthy are the people at the top.

Is Wealth Generators a Pyramid Scheme?

. . . a pyramid scheme forces its members to pay money for the right to sell a product. (FTC)

Is Wealth Generators a Scam?

Only a legal team from the FTC can determine conclusively if Wealth Generators is a pyramid scheme. The real question is not whether Wealth Generators is a pyramid scheme. The real question is, is Wealth Generators right for you?

When you visit the Wealth Generators website, you will notice that the only thing that is clear about it is the implied message they will help you become wealthy. As you venture deeper into the website, it gets confusing. Scammers use confusion like a surgeon with a knife. Never invest your time or your money in something you don’t understand.

Based on information from the Federal Trade Commission’s website, I suspect Wealth Generators is a pyramid scheme for these reasons;

  1. Wealth Generators recruits must buy the right to sell products and services. While this detail is clouded in guarded language, it is clear a recruit must maintain a specific level of monthly purchases to earn commissions.
  2. Some of the financial advice and services promoted by Wealth Generators contradict core investment principles and common sense. Wealth Generators promotes Forex trading. Most people lose money when they attempt FOREX.
  3. The Wealth Generators website implies professional financial services, but their description on the BBB states they are only a publisher of financial advice.

A Closer Look at Wealth Generators

is wealth generators a scam

Before you can make money with the Wealth Generators compensation plan, you must maintain a specific volume of sales, including personal volume, or PV, which means you must buy the products and services before you can earn commissions from selling them.

Wealth Generators’ products and services are expensive, and the compensation plan is confusing. It will probably be very challenging to find people who would buy it.

One of the methods Wealth Generators promotes for creating wealth is FOREX trading. This is madness. In the Wall Street Journal, Joshua Brown, vice president of investments at Fusion Analytics Investment Partners LLC, an asset-management firm in New York, had this to say about FOREX trading:

“I think individuals should allocate zero dollars to currency [FOREX] trading. To go to an online brokerage and think you’re doing anything more than gambling is foolish.” (WSJ)

On their website, Wealth Generators presents themselves as professional financial advisors with some privileged insight into the markets. However, on their Better Business Bureau entry, they describe themselves as simply a publisher of information.

This company offers Financial Education and Trading Strategies – we are classified as a publisher of information …, Additionally, our clients may refer others, and they are compensated for bringing others to our program. (BBB)

The Last Word on Wealth Generators.

Wealth Generators is a very expensive way to try to build wealth. Paying $129 or more a month to learn how to live on a budget is like burning down the house to pay the mortgage.

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If you are interested in creating wealth, read books on budgeting, personal financial management and value investing. Investing comes after you have learned to live on a budget and after you have saved enough money to see you through emergencies. See my article How to Invest.

Creating wealth begins with managing your money, living on a budget, and only investing money you won’t need.

Paying monthly fees to be a member of Wealth Generators and chasing after your friends to sell them memberships will not make you wealthy. It will make you broke and lonely.

FOREX trading as promoted by Wealth Generators will destroy your finances. Read this Wall Street Journal article to learn the real story on FOREX.

The Best Investment.

The best investment you can make is to invest in yourself. That’s as close to a sure thing as you will ever find.

Another good investment is to create your own business. An online business is affordable and, with the immense leveraging power of the internet, it can pay phenomenal returns. However, it does require patience, commitment, and proper training. If you build an online business around something you enjoy, it’s fun, AND it makes money.

If you would like to learn more about creating an online business the right way, I recommend you enroll in the Online Entrepreneur Certification Course. The first 10 lessons are free. Click here to learn more.

If you found this article helpful or have experience with Wealth Generators, please leave a comment below.

43 thoughts on “Is Wealth Generators a Scam?

  1. Hello Gary,
    could you please take my hands and help me to build an online business? Though, I don,t have that kind of fee WG is asking for, but my friend is persuading me.

      1. Hi, Ben!

        I don’t recommend WinTrills. There is no way to determine the quality of the traffic you will be purchasing which practically guarantees you’ll get junk traffic. If you just want traffic and you don’t care about the quality of the traffic, get traffic from Adfly. It costs about $3 per thousand hits. For all you know, this is what WinTrills is doing, selling you traffic they buy for $3. If you want to purchase ads that actually put money in your pocket, learn to run PPC campaigns with Facebook, Bing, and Google.

        Thanks for stopping by,

    1. Hi, Ben!

      I’d be happy to help you. Enroll in the Online Entrepreneur Certification Course. The first ten lessons are free and you’ll have email access to me. Eventually, you’ll need to put some money into your business, but it should not cost more than about $50 a month to start. For now, start with the free training, you can sign up here. I’ll be in touch.

      I’m here for you,

  2. Hello, Mr Gary, someone just introduced Wealth Generator to me, right now he is persuasive i join, what is your kind advice, because i lost a huge chunk of money two years ago on MLM, ofwhich my wife keeps reminding me of the previous events, which keep hunting me not to take further steps on online business. I will appreciate your kind advice either to join or forget about it.

    Awaits your response.
    Mr Bright O.

    1. Hi, Mr. Bright O!

      Unfortunately, Wealthy Generators is not the opportunity it pretends to be. I would advise that you cut your losses and not give them another dime. I’m sorry to hear you wife keeps reminding you of your past experience with MLM. That can be very damaging to a man’s confidence. The fact you have tried MLM tells me you are willing to take a risk to improve your life and the life of your family. That is an honorable ambition. No one gets it right the first time. Every successful person I know failed many, many times on their way to success. It’s part of the learning process.

      I once lost $2,500 on a scam. I know people who have lost hundreds of thousands of dollars because they trusted the wrong person. I even knew a man who lost $15 million! I asked him if that hurt and he said, “Every time I have to go to work.” Before he died, he earned that back and more.

      I’ve tried four different MLM companies and do not recommend any of them. MLM is a highly inefficient business model and ripe for scams and exploitation. At best, when you join an MLM, you are forced to build a business inside a business. You are essentially doing the marketing for the MLM for free. Even if you are the best of the best and the highest earner in the MLM organization, they can take it all way from you in an instant. It’s not yours.

      You would do much better to build your own online business outside of any other organization. That way you will own it and control it. There are countless opportunities to make money online as an affiliate and it doesn’t cost much to get started. I recommend you enroll in the Online Entrepreneur Training. It’s free and I teach some of the training.

      In the free training and the training after it, you will learn valuable skills to build an online business you own, and you’ll have abundant support. There is no reason to spend a lot of money to learn how to succeed online.

      Mr. Bright O, I’m sorry I did not see your comment until today. I appreciate your patience.

      Thanks for stopping by,

  3. Gary, I agree with you that Wealth Generators is a scam

    But real MLMs are not a scam. How could they be one? They are selling products to customers and if you are good enough you can build up a huge organisation.
    To be honest a big amount of people will fail to build up an organization in their company,because they do not have the skills, the workethic or even the willingness to succeed hard enough. Guess what you have to fail a lot to stand up from the rest. It’s in every business model the same.

    What most MLMS do they only promote building up a huge organisation, let’s say recruit as many as possible.
    I for myself I want real customers, if anyone wants to build up a business with me, sure I will help them,but real customers are where the money is at.

    You can earn A LOT more money with 1000 customers than with 10000 partners. Because 1000 customer will buy the product every month, 10000 partners only thrive for the money, so they will not even buy a product if they do not make money within the company.


    IT’s like the phoenix, the phoenix has to burn to rise.

    1. Hi, Marc!

      I appreciate your comment and for reminding us that failure is indeed part of the journey to success. An internet marketer I respect recently told me that we should expect to fail and I have to agree.

      However, I do not share your perspective on MLMs, even if technically they are not scams. The business model is inefficient and even if you succeed with it, you have built a business inside another business which someone else owns. An MLM can always change the rules, steal your downline and boot you out. Read the terms of service/earning disclaimer for any MLM and you’ll see they reserve the right to destroy their distributors. It happens with consistent regularity in the industry. The history of MLM goes back fifty years and the path is littered with the ashes of ruined lives, relationships and finances.

      Thanks for stopping by,

  4. Hi Gary

    MLM schemes seem to be everywhere and their marketing is so slick and deceptive people will always fall for it (including me).
    I still don’t understand what kind of service wealth generators are supposed to be providing other deceiving people into handing over their hard earned cash.
    Wish the FTC would tighten regulation wth regards to these sorts of business models.MLM business have been known to ruin relationships and family ties.

  5. Another MLM scheme for the record books ! It’s so crazy how companies don’t get tired of this type of marketing. You are right , paying $129 just to learn how to survive bill by bill. What are some good MLM if you know of any ?

    I personally prefer affiliate marketing but hey i’m always willing to try new ventures.

    1. Hi, Yunier Gonzalez!

      There are no MLMs that I would recommend. An MLM is a pyramid scheme that has been dressed up enough to make it legal. The reason we see so many MLMs on the internet is because they are highly profitable for the people at the top.

      MLM is a failed business model. All of the expenses are pushed down on the lowest levels while the profits are funneled to the top. The chances of making money with an MLM are remote for most people.

      MLMs sell the dream of financial independence. It’s a false promise, but many people fall for it. I did at one time.

      I agree with you, affiliate marketing is a much better way, but it requires commitment and patience.

      Thanks for stopping by,


  6. I’m glad this website is looking out for consumers. There are many opportunities to make money. I looked for a while before I found the right opportunity. One opportunity can open the door for another opportunity. The more you work every day, then you can be successful. Nothing comes for free, but, with effort and perseverance, we can be successful.

    1. Hi, Charles!

      You are so right. Success in any endeavor requires commitment, patience and sustained effort. The biggest difference with online success is that because of the awesome reach of the internet, it can be phenomenal and life changing.

      However, it won’t happen with Wealth Generators or any MLM. That is a failed business model.

      Thanks for stopping by,


  7. Hi sir..thank you for this update..prior before now..I have never heard of scamavengers until I stumbled into it now…Good a thing is that I was scheduled for a seminar with wealth generators tomorrow. But After reading this…I have changed my mind about them and about forex.. Mean while the person that introduced me..talked about leverage in forex..that its will help novice like us to excel in forex trading.. Pls what’s your take out this? Thnk u sir.

    1. Hi, Innocent!

      I’m glad I could help. I DO NOT recommend FOREX trading either. It’s high risk and definitely not the place for a newbie. Investing is about SAVING money and putting it to work. Spending and hoping you’ll get lucky is not investing.

      If you want to make money online, start an online business. The Online Entrepreneur Certification Course is a great place to start and it’s FREE. If you want to invest, please read “The Only Investment Guide You’ll Ever Need” by Andrew Tobias. Be sure to get the most recently updated version. It’s about $10 on Amazon. It has a lot of resources in it about how to invest the right way.

      Good luck,

  8. I’m definitely not a fan of MLM’s and I don’t like to see people get scammed. You’re absolutely right when you say never invest in something you don’t understand. I think a lot people fall for this still.

    So if I were to sign up (I won’t be) I would have to keep a certain volume of sales, recruit people including maintaining my personal volume.

    I just quit something very similar to this. It was very difficult to maintain my personal volume every month. I really like the product. BUT… I was accumulating a lot of inventory even though I was able to sell some but not all.

    It finally became too stressful just to maintain my personal volume. I’m not good on chasing after my friends and family…

    I’m very glad I read your article on Wealth Generator and certainly will pass this information on. Thanks!

    1. Hi, Monica!

      Schemes like Wealth Generators know their business model is unsustainable for most people who will either run out of money, credit, energy or time before they see the first glimmer of success. Any business model that requires you to chase after people is a failed model. Inherent in such a model is the recognition that the product has no value.

      If the product had value, that is it actually solved a problem at a fair price, you would not have to chase after people. You would only have to find the people who have the problem that the product solves. I had to learn this the hard way by struggling with four MLMs over the years.

      Because schemes like Wealth Generators knows most of their members will drop out in the first couple months, they charge outrageous upfront fees and expenses. In other words, they squeeze all the money out of the newbies. This is a predatory practice and has the effect of shoving all of Wealth Generator’s business expenses down to the newbies and funneling all of the profits to the top tier. You can’t win unless you’re at the top.

      Thanks for stopping by,


  9. I personally like the fact that you placed you affiliate link within the first paragraph. The next thing, which is personal to me is images being linked…I like that! You’ve done a very good job and I took notes on a couple things! Keep up the great work and to your continued success!


    1. Hi, Tyler!

      I’m not familiar with Etoro, but I did take a look at their website and read their disclaimer. While the Etoro website is exciting, their disclaimer reminds you that the products they promote are high risk. Another issue I have with Etoro is that it appears to recommend following the crowd. In my experience, this is the last thing you want to do when investing or trading.

      Speculative trades, like those promoted by Etoro, are not investing. These sorts of markets were created to give the large trading houses and hedge funds a massive advantage. However, for the big traders to win, they need thousands of small traders to lose. That will be your role if you trade in the speculative markets.

      Because of its speculative nature, I would never recommend Etoro.

      Before you put your money into anything online, I encourage you to study money management and value investing. There are books available. Also, Great Courses Plus, has a brilliant course called “The Art of Investing.” That would be a great place to start. You can find it here:

      All the best,

  10. I agree with you that people would be better off paying an advisor than putting their hard-earned money into some MLM scheme, but it’s important to know how to choose an advisor. They’re not all made the same, or necessarily put their clients’ interests first. It would be better advice to refer people to a FIDUCIARY, and not an ‘advisor’ who may be a broker who earns commissions by selling their investment products. A fiduciary is legally bound to put the client’s interests first – like a doctor or accountant, or lawyer would. A fiduciary charges a fixed fee. Be sure to ask questions before hiring an advisor to make sure they are serving your interests. Tony Robbins just released a book that includes info about this. Here’s a video about what a fiduciary is: . All the profits from the sales of his book go to fulfilling his mission to feed a billion people. I hope this is helpful.

    1. Hi, Esti Allina-Turnauer!

      Thanks for reminding me about fiduciaries. You make a tremendous point. I agree a fiduciary would be a better choice. And, yes, many so-called financial advisors are actually sales people. The Tony Robbins video you recommend looks promising. Mr. Robbins nails the fundamental problem when he asks, “Who can you trust?”

      Thanks for stopping by and for your valuable contribution to the discussion.


  11. Thank you for your article. I’m not sure it’s fair to say that FOREX is the same as gambling. It is if you’re not educated. I know many people who make a very good living trading FOREX. In any market, you have to be knowledgeable, and get your emotions out of the way. WG has an auto-trading system for FOREX that supposedly have a very high profit rate. I don’t know. I am not a member, though I considered it. I’m very wary of any of these investment programs that are also an MLM. My thinking is if the program is so profitable, why would you need the MLM to make money on it as well. It would have more credibility without the MLM part. I’m been in MLM, but am so done with it.

    1. Hi, Esti Allina-Turnauer!

      Thank you for your insight into FOREX. I have several issues with FOREX, although as you mentioned if a trader is knowledgeable there may be money to be made. The same can be said for the game of Black Jack where there is a slight advantage to someone who can count cards and is knowledgeable of statistics, but for most people, Black Jack is gambling.

      I cannot imagine an experienced and responsible investor recommending FOREX trading to an inexperienced investor. And, as you also mentioned, why encumber an investment strategy with MLM? Like you, I’ve tried MLM and I’ll never do that again.

      Thanks for stopping by and sharing your valuable insights.


  12. He think he Has the member Fee for free every month because.
    He think His money get more four percent every month. And he think he can Pay the membership from 4 percent. He think also He can recruit New members and get a passive income.
    I said to him His money will get Burned.
    What Do you think about it? Sorry for my english.

    1. Hi, Hilbert!

      Your friend is taking a huge risk to just earn 4%. I think he will lose his money if he gets involved with Wealth Generators.

      Again, I highly recommend that he gets the advice of a licensed investment professional before he commits his money to Wealth Generators. Wealth Generators has your friend emotionally stirred up and excited about making money. His decision to join Wealth Generators is an emotional decision. Decisions based on emotion rarely end well.

      Wealth Generators uses emotion to trap people.

      In any potential investment, it is essential to get as much information as possible and to consult with as many knowledgeable people as possible. The cold hard facts of investing wisely are never as attractive as a charlatan’s outrageous promises of getting rich. However, the wise investor must keep his emotions in control and choose a calculated path of reason.

      A fool and his money are soon parted. Wealth Generators is playing your friend for a fool.

      I strongly encourage your friend not to be a fool and to consult with a licensed investment professional before giving his money to Wealth Generators.

      Please keep me posted.

      All the best,

    1. Hi, Hilbert!

      Yes, I’m afraid your friend will indeed lose his or her money if they give it to Wealth Generators. Please ask your friend to read my article on Wealth Generators. For $10,000 your friend would do much better to consult with a licensed and certified investment advisor.

      Wealth Generators is an MLM. They are not licensed or certified to advise people about investments. Like most MLMs, Wealth Generators sells the illusion of wealth and uses greed to trick people into giving them their money.

      Thanks for stopping by. Please keep me posted about your friend’s decision.

      All the best,

  13. hi gary. to me it sounds a bit like a pyramid scheme. over $100 per month is way to much. I hesitate to pay $30 per month!!! I have looked into FOREX before, a long time ago. I even have an app that I have had for at least a year and have never used it. i know in order to delve into FOREX, you should really be an expert. I am nowhere near that. I will not be using that app.

    when someone says they will make you wealthy, unless you are an expert in the field of FOREX, i strongly believe that will not happen.

    1. Hi, Arif!

      I agree. Building wealth begins with financial management. This means learning to control spending and saving a large cash reserve. FOREX is speculation at best and based on the different value of currencies around the world. The big players in FOREX are the hedge fund managers and money managers for large insurance and pension companies.

      These guys trade hundreds of millions of dollars a day and have the fastest, most up to day computers. A small trader will always be behind the big boys. The FOREX market is organized so the small trader keeps the market liquid so the big boys can make all the money. All the hype about FOREX is to keep drawing the suckers into the market.

      Thanks for stopping by,

  14. Hi Gary

    I appreciate you thorough review of Wealth Generators. You mentioned Wealth Generators promotes FOREX trading. Does FOREX mean Foreign Exchange Trading? Why do you say FOREX trading is speculative? I thought a lot of people were trading in FOREX and making a lot of money. What’s wrong with Wealth Generators being an Multi-Level Marketing Company?

    1. Hi, Larry!

      I have several issues with Wealth Generators. It’s an MLM that sells the dream of wealth, it’s dependent on recruiting others, it costs a lot each month just to be a member, a member must buy in at a specific level before they can sell that level and earn a commission and Wealth Generators promotes FOREX.

      If a person is interested in investing and creating wealth. They need to approach investing and wealth creation with a clear and unemotional mind. Jazzing someone up emotionally on dreams of wealth like Wealth Generators does is all about selling something of questionable value. That’s the strategy of pyramid schemes.

      MLMs are dependent on recruiting. An MLM is an inefficient business model that funnels money from the bottom of the organization to the top. If someone joins Wealth Generators they created a monthly bill they didn’t have before. That’s not investing and that is not creating wealth.

      For the cost of membership into Wealth Generators a person could meet with a licensed financial planner once a month, subscribe to several investment newsletters that have been around for 30+ years and still have money left over to invest. And they would not be pressured to recruit others into the organization.

      A licensed financial planner will never recommend FOREX. FOREX is not the place build wealth. It’s too speculative. Small investors are fed into the market to keep it liquid for the large investors. FOREX trading can also be addictive. Addictive behavior combined with your finances is a train wreck waiting to happen.

      The first rule of investing is to preserve the principle. The principle is the money you start with. This is assuming you have already built a foundation of living on a budget and have a large cash reserve for emergencies and extra money to invest that you will not need for a long time. From that point, a wise investor will look for opportunities to invest and will assess each opportunity according to a calculated risk.

      When it comes to investing the moment emotions are involved you are lost. This is why any so-called investment opportunity that excites and stirs the emotions is not a legitimate investment.

      Thanks for stopping by,


  15. A lot of work and information you did a great job, I did not have any clue about scam avenger but it is clear now.

    Went through your website and it looks great.

    Hope to see more on the upcoming days, will follow.

    Take care, keep up the good work.

    1. Hi and thanks for stopping by.

      I appreciate your kind words about my website and Wealth Generators Scam post. I started ScamAvenger two years ago after getting scammed. As a copywriter, I should have seen it coming. Now, ScamAvenger is a my mission to warn others.

      All the best,


  16. Gary,
    After viewing your website and reading the information you presented on MOBE brings the darkness into the light in other words, I joined MOBE in which cost $50 to begin the 21 step process. I made it to step 6 and that’s when the coaches wanted me to invest in their software which also cost approximately $3,000. The funny thing is this…I have not heard anything else from anyone in almost a month. Yes, I agree that it is nothing but up-sales so the actual scammers can take your money. I appreciate the warning in addition to the information you have provided regarding MOBE!!!

    1. Hi, Christopher!

      Thanks for sharing your experience with MOBE. I’m glad you saw where it was taking you before you put more money into it. Losing $3K would hurt.

      As you discovered, MOBE is all about getting your money.

      Thanks for stopping by,


  17. Hi Gary,

    Your site is one of my favorites! I always check first the reviews of any platform that I plan to join before hopping in and ScamAvenger is the one site I always go to.

    I am very interested to try FOREX and I have completed a free online course from babypips. It looks to me that FOREX is good until I read this blog. Maybe Wealth Generators is a scam but FOREX is still worth trying, isn’t it?

    And by the way, have you got any updated article about FOREX? The link opens an article that was published in 2011. Maybe a lot of changes has taken for FOREX since then.

    Looking forward to hear your advice soon.

    1. Hi, Rule2020!

      I’ll write a more detailed article about FOREX soon. To be clear, I do not recommend FOREX for anyone. Getting small traders into the FOREX market is a strategy to fund the market so big traders with super computers that make thousands of trades a second can make a ton of money. At best FOREX is speculation. It’s not investing.

      Thanks for stopping by,


  18. Hey there. My name’s Geoff and I had to jump in and comment after reading this article. I first want to say thanks for the warning. Thanks for taking the time to build a website that reveals money pits like Wealth Generators. There’s other great info here too such as FOREX trading. I wasn’t very aware of it and will have to take a closer look. I like your practice of comparing the onsite advertisement to the one they list on the BBB. Funny how different they are. Well I was confused about Wealth Generators just like you said. I’m going to take your advice and avoid them.

    1. Hi, Geoff!

      Thanks for joining the discussion. Yes, unfortunately, the overwhelming information on the internet about FOREX is nothing more than sales pitches. It’s very lucrative for the affiliates pitching it, like Wealth Generators, but FOREX is nothing but a black hole of financial loss for the people who actually tried to make money with it.

      On the front end, Wealth Generators appear to say all the right things, but dig a little deeper and you’ll see it’s just a pyramid scheme.

      Thanks for stopping by,


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