Is the Quantum Code a Scam?

Is the Quantum Code a Scam

Michael Crawford, the millionaire you meet on the Quantum Code website, promises he will make you $10,000 a day starting immediately with no work and nothing to lose. His secret is his high-frequency trading software The Quantum Code No Uncertainty. But is The Quantum Code a Scam? Here’s what I discovered.

Product Name: The Quantum Code
Product Website:
Product Cost: $250 plus unlimited losses
Product Owner: Cannot be determined
Opinion: Not Recommended

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Is the Quantum Scam?

When you visit the Quantum Code website, a video begins playing which shows a robust middle-aged man walking toward a private jet. A stewardess greets him at the plane.

Is the Quantum Code a Scam?
The Quantum Code Website with Michael Crawford.

The man introduces himself as Michael Crawford, Wall Street Wizard, and Millionaire Trader. He promises to turn you into a millionaire overnight thanks to a highly-sophisticated software he developed.

Mr. Crawford claims his software is 100% guaranteed to make you profits every day, forever! And, you can have his software for free, no investment required.

Mr. Crawford claims he can make you $100,000 in the next few weeks.

He claims his secret software is faster than anything else, that it’s 100% automated and only makes winning trades. There is no uncertainty with The Quantum Code App.

Throughout the video, we watch as Mr. Crawford shows off the trappings of wealth and luxury. He flies in his private jet to the Quantum Code Inc. Headquarters. At the headquarters, he introduces the viewer to the computer geeks. He also speaks, via laptop, with people he has turned into millionaires.

As the sales video draws to a close, Mr. Crawford tells you to quickly claim your free copy of The Quantum Code because he is only accepting 20 people as beta testers for the latest version.

Michael Crawford is NOT real!

To be clear, Michael Crawford is a character portrayed by a professional actor. The same script is used by another scam, The Orion Code.

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What is The Quantum Code?

The Cash From Home Scam

There is nothing special about the Quantum Code software. Michael Crawford and his team of geeks did not invent it. That’s just a story.

When you join The Quantum Code membership area, three things will happen. 1. You will be required to give them your phone number. 2. And open a trading account with a specific broker. 3. You will be assigned an advisor.

Your adviser is NOT your friend. The adviser is a professional telemarketer who will try to trick you into depositing a lot of money into your trading account.

Also, the broker associated with The Quantum Code is not a legitimate broker. The US Securities Exchange Commission would call The Quantum Code broker an unregistered broker. The truth is, The Quantum Code broker is NOT a broker at all. The Quantum Code “broker” is just a stranger in a foreign country trying to talk you into giving them your money.

Everything about the Quantum Code sales video is designed to get you to open a trading account with an unregistered broker. When the Michael Crawford character says, you must activate your account; he means you must deposit YOUR money into the account.

Usually, the minimum deposit is $250, but your “adviser” will pressure you to deposit much more.

ScamAvenger Girl giving thumbs downThe Quantum Code Scam.

Here’s how The Quantum Code Scam works. If you join and open an account, you must deposit real money into the account to “activate” it and begin trading.

The so-called broker will let you win the first time. You’ll probably make $10,000 in the first 24 hours since that is what the Michael Crawford character promised.

The money you made with The Quantum Code software is NOT REAL! It’s just a digital figure your so-called adviser typed into the software.

You cannot take this money out, and you cannot spend it. With The Quantum Code, real money only flows one way. Your money goes into the broker’s account, and it never comes out.

Winning $10,000 of digital fake money is the setup. It gets worse, much worse.

Your adviser will tell you that the more money you put into your account, the more money you can make and the faster you will make it.

Believing you will soon be a millionaire, you take every dollar out of savings, borrow as much as you can against your credit cards, get a title loan on the beater, talk your mother out of her retirement money and give it all to The Quantum Code broker.

You roll the dice. But, it’s a rigged game. The Quantum Code is not real. The broker is not real. The adviser is not real. After you give them your money, you check your trading account.


You cannot get into your account. You cannot reach your “adviser.”

Your money is gone forever, and all you have to show for it is humiliation and soul-crushing debt.

That’s The Quantum Code Scam.

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If you found this article helpful or have an experience the Quantum Code, please leave a comment below. Thank you.

49 thoughts on “Is the Quantum Code a Scam?

  1. I looked a little closer at something similar. A Tesla based one. I only wanted to enquire more, and foolishly provided my phone number and email, for an advisor to contact me back. This he did within a day or so, and I tentatively agreed to opening an account at the end of the week. I literally had no money at the moment, but would have on Friday. However, in the meantime I started getting calls from other “advisors” and quickly realised it was a scam. So by the time I got back a call from the first one, I’d had dozens of callers and told him to stick it as well. This went on for many months, and if I didn’t have my phone number attached to my manufacturing business for 19 years, I’d have tossed the number just to stop it. They ring every day, a dozen, two dozen times some days. Usually from spoofed numbers and they can be landline or mobile.

    Not answering the interstate landlines was easiest but I could miss a customer if I refused to answer mobiles. SO many calls some days, I had customers struggling even to get through to me.
    I was becoming wild with rage. I’ve been very rude to some, I have begged others to please, for the love of God to stop! One told me if I signed up with them, it would stop. SOB!

    So recently I got a new phone and plan. It has an app already which separates suspected fraud, spam and telemarketers automatically and turns out to be very effective. Now while the calls continue to come in from these creeps, only a very few ever ring and by blocking and reporting them I add to the database. Not perfect but a huge relief from something which was adversely affecting my life and business.

  2. #1 tip-off. ‘100% guaranteed. You cannot lose on any trade’
    #2 tip-off That really bad ‘English’ accent.
    #3 tip-off I went to the website. Read the fine print at the bottom that actually include the phrase that all the people are fictitious! Really!
    For fun I Googled ‘scam Quantum Code’ and found your website.

  3. Hi my name is Terry I just read your post , but an hour ago watched this video Quantum code and that I had the oppurtuity to make thousands on my way to be a millionare , but myself as being a major sceptic needed to do some more research cause if it sounds to good to be true it usually is and as it happened not to long after i entered my information my phone rang and yes a woman from capital academy trying to get money from me but after listening to her for a while I just hung up and 2 unanswered calls later I found this site and appreciate the information ,, Thank you

  4. I was wondering why Michael Crawford didn’t have his jet a little more customized so that his head didn’t rub against the ceiling while sitting! Real $$ makes anything possible! Truly rubbish! They should be ashamed of themselves for praying on unknowing souls!

  5. I too, really appreciated finding and reading your post about the Quantum Code “come on”. Felt so excited about it at first, but I’ve always been somewhat sceptical ever since losing a lot of money via a pyramid scheme in the early 2000s. Also, I recently paid a fair amount for a training course on stock market trading. However, I did not feel that it addressed a total beginner in the way it promised. And, as a friend said, “Do you want to spend all day on the computer ?”
    Thanks !

  6. I signed up, and right away I was taken to a page to deposit money. That’s when I exited that page and got out of that site. I can’t deposit money into something that I don’t know anything about. Then someone kept calling my phone number, I did not answer the calls. Usually I would use an old expired or fake phone number to register for something that I don’t know about, but this time I decided to put my real phone number. A few days after that, I found this site after googling scams on “the quantum code”. I normally google about products and sites to check out scams about them before paying money, and I also use paypal to be safe. But even with paypal the sites could use an auto renewal which will automatically take money from your account, so I look for auto renewals as well. Thanks for your feedback on the ‘quantum code’. I’m just wondering how come Youtube don’t ban these scam ads to protect innocent people.

    1. I’ve often wondered by Google and YouTube doesn’t ban these sites too.
      The Quantum Code has been around a long time and has a proven scammer reputation.
      I’m glad you didn’t give them money. You never would have gotten it back.
      Thanks for sharing your experience.


  7. I thought it was a scammer as soon as I heard the fake accents of the Englishman and the Aussie. Thanks for confirming.

    1. Hi, Doreen!

      I didn’t pick up on the fake accents. Good catch. The Quantum Code is a real stinker. Nothing good will come of it.

      Thanks for stopping by,

      1. The accents were appalling! I’m an Aussie with an English background and those actors should not have been paid for their terrible renditions of what supposedly was product support. You’d think if they were going to go to all that trouble and expense of creating a scamming video they’d stump up a bit extra and hire real actors that dont need to fake and accent.
        The other ridiculous thing was the so-called ‘office building’. None of the offices had any personal effects of their ‘residents’. There were no phones, papers or other paraphernalia one would expect on a desk (even if it was empty most of the time).
        Thanks for your website. I hope no-one else falls victim to these scammers.

  8. Thanks for the good work. I am almost tempted to register with them but still considering if I can afford it. Doing the more important thing first had made me to delay until now that I saw your post. Thanks.

    1. Hi, Mackson!

      I’m glad my article on Quantum Code helped. You would only lose money if you tried them. All of the auto-trading schemes are losers.
      Thanks for stopping by,

  9. I was nearly tempted by the Quantum Code videò but suspected it might be a scam because of the fake accents of the English and Australian so called successful investors enjoying a buddy chat with multi millionaire Michael Crawford. I did give my name and email and phone no and was called by an American lady who wanted my mastercard details to deposit £250 to start off my acc and a broker would phone me in 2 days time. Needless to say I declined and phone call was terminated by same lady. BEWARE !!!

    1. Hi, Brian!

      I’m glad you dodged the Quantum Code bullet. Now that they have your phone number, expect to be hounded by telemarketers.

      Thanks for stopping by and sharing your experience.

      I’m here for you,

  10. Internet has become a scary place because of such cowboys. Common people obviously can not gauge the authenticity of content or source therefore start believing on face value. Good to hear there are persons like you who are exposing such frauds and keeping the hope alive. What checks do you suggest one should make to be safe from such fraudsters?

    1. Hi, Fred!

      I agree. The internet is a scary place. People struggling financially or who are trusting and believe others are inherently good are the most vulnerable. Unfortunately, it is usually the people who can least afford to lose money who are most often scammed. Quantum Code can be a very expensive lesson.

      You asked about how to be safe from scammers. The short answer is to assume any offer online is a scam until the business proves itself to you. Legitimate online businesses understand they must earn your trust and will usually offer a free trial so you can see the value they offer before you put up your money. A true free trial means no credit card required.

      Typical tactics scammers use is to try and make you feel greedy for the pig in a poke they are selling and to tease you with images of wealth and luxury. You might be interested in my article “How to Really Make Money Online and Never Get Scammed.” It goes into more detail about how to avoid scams.

      Thanks for stopping by,


  11. I really do appreciate you exposing this Quantum Code Scam. Too many people get ripped off by such cruel acts. In the desperation for an improved financial situation, so many people get caught with these scams.

    You have certainly put it right when you say that most legitimate “Make Money Online” offers a try it before you buy it, and without requiring a credit card or revealing personal information beyond a name and email address.

    Great info Gary. I hope you will keep posting them.

  12. Wow, it’s crazy and scary that there are so many different types of scams out there! This review was definitely informative. It makes me sad to think of desperate people getting duped or of older citizens being taken advantage of and deceived by scammer telemarketers.
    Do you have a few suggestions of things to remember or key points to look out for in order to not get scammed by online programs or telemarketers? Are there typical patterns or key identifying markers that set scammers apart?

    1. Hi, Angela!

      Scammers use greed, deception and confusion to trap people. If you are experiencing greed or confusion as you consider an offer, it’s a scam. Be sure you understand the offer. If you can’t understand it, it’s a scam.

      On any offer, there is some paperwork somewhere that the scammer uses to cover their assets. Online this is usually the “Earning Disclaimer.” You’ll usually find a link to the Earning Disclaimer at the bottom of the website.

      It is essential that you read the disclaimer before you get involved. If there is no disclaimer or you can’t understand it, it’s a scam. Please do not blame yourself if you can’t understand the disclaimer. They are typically written to be difficult to read. The scammers do not want you to understand what you’re getting into. They just want you to feel greedy for what they have, which is usually loss and pain.

      Never risk money you can’t afford to lose. Before getting involved, ask yourself what is the worse that can happen? Can you live with the worst? Can you afford it?

      Most legitimate make money online offers permit you to try it before you buy it. This means not requiring a credit card or revealing personal information beyond a name and email address.

      Thanks for stopping by,


  13. Oh my god are you serious? This is awful! It’s pretty obvious from the outset on that site that is a scam ($10k with no effort and no risk? Yeah, let me give you my credit card!) But still, the people who set up these honey pots are totally heartless!

    Also, financial trading? People need to be made aware that it’s not just a cash generating machine. You need to work at it and develop a profoundly different attitude to risk compared to most people!

    Thanks for writing this


  14. Hi Gary, thanks for sharing about the Quantum code. I ever come across a similar trading platform that promises me a great return by depositing $250, just like what you mention for the Quantum Code. I didn’t think this is a scam at first, but after a few conversation with their so-called ‘broker’, I found that they just keep on hard sell me the trading platform. Thank god that I didn’t join the platform at that time. After reading your review about the Quantum Code, now I understand how such kind of trading platform operate and scam other’s money. Thanks, Gary!

    1. Hi, IllusiozTan!

      I’m so glad you dodged that scam. The Quantum Code is typical of auto-trading software scams. They promise the moon but rob you blind. It’s very similar to the old shell game where shill spectators make money betting on a rigged game to lure the unsuspecting.

      Thanks for stopping by,


  15. It’s interesting to see the level of planning put into scams like this. The type of creativity if put into proper use would have resulted in similar result wouldn’t it? Only that it’ll be more sustainable. Anyway thanks for the alert and doing posts like this. I’m wondering if you have information on how to detect a scam for ourselves? Good work

    1. It is 2022 and they’re still going strong. They used their skills as such to make plenty. More than a real trading platform no doubt.

  16. Thanks Gary this is a great alert. Unbelievable what these guys are prepared to do. Tell me are Quantum Code and Neo2 connected in any way? It seems an identical scam as the approach and amounts of money are similar. Is it the same people and idea with a different brand? Thanks again for fighting the good fight.

  17. Gary,
    I love your slam them up against the wall approach to all these make money scams.Having been a victim of a few scams in my time, I really enjoyed reading your content.
    I am not familiar with Quantum Code but will stay clear as should everyone after reading the review.
    It is apparent that you really dig down and get the facts before writing a review and that makes your credibility go thru the roof.
    I plan to go back and read your complete website because of your honest, no holds barred demeanor.

    1. Hi, Jim!

      I appreciate your enthusiastic endorsement. It’s impossible to overstate how dangerous scams like The Quantum Code are.

      One reason I’m rather assertive in my approach is I know that many people want to believe these scams will make them rich. I hope my direct counter-message will cut through their emotional reaction to the scammer’s lies and wake them up.

      Thanks for stopping by,


  18. Hi Gary

    The Quantum Code as you say is one of the many scams that are out there. I have personally been duped by a few of these unregistered brokers sitting in places such as Cyprus. They make you believe that anyone can be a trader with some magic formula or strategy. Well, let me tell you that the only thing that works is hard work and dedicating yourself to developing a skillset.

    Thank you for this post because there are many naive and gullible folks out there that would attempt something like this. Keep reviewing these scams and all the best.

    1. Hi!

      I’m sorry you got taken by online scams. It seems to be part of the education process for those of us trying to learn to make money online.

      Thanks for reminding us that it takes work and skill to make money online. I’m convinced anyone can make good money online if they are willing to learn the skills and commit to making it happen. Here’s a good place to learn how to do it right.

      Thanks for stopping by,


  19. Hi, Gary, You hit the nail right on the head quite early in your review when you listed the product cost for this Quantum Code opportunity as being $250 and the possibility for unlimited financial losses.

    Once again, the lure/bait of earning $10,000 per day through little effort being done would still intrigue some naive individual who obviously does not know any better.

    The product is some never-before-seen trading software capable of earning a person 6-figues within a few months is the epitome of a get-rich-quick scheme that anyone would be foolish to get involved with – plus shell out that $250.

    It also lends credibility to your article when you listed the 3 steps that a person would immediately get involved with as soon as he/she joins this fraud opportunity.

    Giving some stranger a phone number right off the bat in my opinion is fool-hardy. Then opening an account with a broker would be idiotic as well – especially as it appears no training methods are taught.

    But it would not be necessary regarding any training as this scam would set you up with a bogus “advisor”. Heshe would provide all the training necessary. Right?

    Wrong! As you stated the “advisor” would really be a telemarketer trying to get a person to sink more $$ into this losing proposition.

    As I have stated a number of times in reading your articles, the individuals who still attempt to pull off these scams deserve to be in jail – and the key thrown away.

    But, as long as there are greedy individuals out there who dream of getting easy money, than these scams will still appear on the Internet.


    1. Hi, Jeff!

      I wish it was as easy to make $10K a day as The Quantum Code promises, but that’s just not the case. Plus, as you mentioned, when a stranger wants your phone number online nothing good will come of it. You’ll only end up burning that number as the telemarketers will not let you rest. And, the telemarketers know you’re interested in making fast easy money so you can imagine what kind of offers they will be presenting, the same garbage and lies.

      Thanks for stopping by,


      1. Hi Gary,
        Why would someone give you the opportunity to make $10,000 for $250 outlay, i’ts mad from the start. There must be an awful lot of greedy people around, if they believe that……Where is people’s common sense gone????

        Have a good day

  20. Hi Gary,

    Thanks for your review of Quantum Code. I have not heard of it and I’m always appreciate an increased awareness of potential scams. I agree that any promise to make $10,000 in a day or two, regardless of the forum, seeks too good to be true and it usually is.

    I have found Wealthy Affiliate to be totally awesome and I’m glad that I found it.

    Keep up the great work and sharing important information about potential scams.

    All the best,


    1. Hi, Miles!

      I agree, if it seems too good to be true, it probably is, especially when it comes to making money online. The Quantum Code is nothing more than a fairy tale designed to trick you into giving away your money.

      The truth is, there is no such thing as a magic software that will make you rich. However, if someone was willing to be a student of the internet, it is possible to make a very good living with an online business.

      Thanks for stopping by,


  21. Great article – I think when we all start out, we all get into these kinds of traps and dreams, but you only have to be caught once before you start googling these “get rich quick” schemes, and when people do with Quantum Code, I hope they find your article. I don’t think there are any Binary Code type trading that is legit.

    1. Hi, Laurie!

      I agree. At best, binary options trading is speculation, but The Quantum Code really isn’t trading binary options. It only pretends to trade. Really, it’s just a stranger in a foreign country trying to talk people out of their money. There is no way to win with The Quantum Code.

      Thanks for stopping by,


  22. Hi Gary!

    The whole “walking toward the private jet” thing kinda gives away the scam in the first place, in my opinion.

    Then, the promise of $10.000 a day should be the second hint to run away from these scammers. Too bad there’s many people in the world so desperate that they believe their promises and end up bankrupt.

    The Internet has its good things, but the fact that you can be annonymous, easily set people up and easily get away with it gives me the creeps.

    Thanks for the in-depth review so that we don’t get ripped off by this one.

    1. Hi, Israel!

      The Quantum Code scam might seem obvious to us, but I assume people fall for it because the darn thing won’t die. I can only speculate why people allow themselves to be scammed by these schemes. It might be that we are conditioned to trust authority figures such as the Michael Crawford character. I do know the moment we get greedy our brain goes on tilt and we cannot reason properly. Clearly, that is the goal of The Quantum Code sales video.

      Thanks for stopping by,


  23. Thanks for this. I have been hounded by the whole trading community because I sent my e-mail and phone number, just to get information. I cannot imagine why everybody in the world of entrepreneurs aren’t doing this if their claims are true. We would have no work to do.
    I appreciate more and more the hard work of writing useful content, and being very, very patient.

    1. Hi, MarieAnne!

      Unfortunately, as you now realize, it’s always a bad idea to give out your phone number unless you can absolutely trust the people asking for it. In most cases, online businesses ask for your number so they can sell you something, otherwise there is no reason for them to have it.

      Part of me still wishes there was a magic button that would make me rich. If there was such a thing, we’d all be lounging around the pool pressing our magic buttons.

      Thanks for stopping by,

  24. Hi Gary
    I myself am going through this type of scam, right now. Being hounded by every trader in Europe I am sure. Every day three or more different software traders wanting me to join. I did my research and none of it works until you send money, and it is not a small amount. They want hundreds of dollars.
    I am going to write about this kind of scam as well, so kudos to you, in making the public aware.

    1. Hi, Linda!

      Thanks for telling us about your experience. Please do write about this kind of scam. People need to know. It’s bad enough if you stumble onto their website, but if you get on their mailing list the trouble is far worse.

      The hundreds of dollars it costs to get started with these scams is just the beginning. They are after tens of thousands of dollars and they won’t stop until they have cleaned you out.

      Thanks for stopping by,


  25. Good morning Sir, After reading your review this morning on MOBE and that company I am very thankful to have been introduced to Wealthy Affiliate! I really enjoyed your review and it pains me to see so many people get scammed out of their hard earned cash. Your site is very user friendly and easy to read. Thank you again for helping us avoid another scam.

    1. Hi, Angie!

      Thanks for stopping by. The Quantum Code is one of the more sinister scams I have investigated. They typically try to take all the money a victim has and can borrow, leaving them broke and in debt.

      Thank you for your kind and encouraging words.

      All the best,


  26. I have not heard of the quantum code before although I have come across other scams like it. Anything that promises making $10,000 in a day or two using the stock market sounds highly suspicious to me. This Quantum Code also sounds illegal. Wouldn’t the FBI be all over a scam like this?

    1. Hi, Nikki!

      The Quantum Code probably is illegal in the United States. Sometimes when I access The Quantum Code website, I’m not permitted and a message appears that says access is not permitted in my country (US).

      From my experience, much of the legality of these scams depends on their disclaimer. A similar scam, The Orion Code, which uses the same script as The Quantum Code has a disclaimer that says the sales video if for entertainment purposes only. The Orion Code is available in the US. I just hope people read the disclaimer.

      The Quantum Code disclaimer is muddle and confused and does not communicate any useful information. I’m sure this is by design.

      Thanks for stopping by,


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