Is the Aussie Method a Scam?

Is the Aussie Method a Scam?

The Aussie Method promises a free, simple, easy and fast way to make hundreds of thousands of dollars. However, a closer investigation reveals something a bit darker. Follow me as I show you the Devil in the details.

Product Name: The Aussie method
Product Cost: Minimum $250 cash deposit.
Product Owner: Jake Pertu (voice actor)
Opinion: Not Recommended

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Is the Aussie Method a Scam?

In the Aussie Method sales video, the narrator, Jake Pertu, promises you can make hundreds of thousands of dollars in 30 days, or he’ll pay you $10,000. Pertu claims his method will make you a millionaire in a few weeks.

Is the Aussie Method a Scam?

According to Pertu, all you have to do to start making hundreds of thousands of dollars is create a free account, activate the system and click your mouse a few times.

Several people in the video tell how they made hundreds of thousands of dollars with Pertu’s Aussie Method in the first 30 days of trying the system.

In the sales video, Pertu appears to log into his bank account to show a balance of over $12 Million and says he wants to make you a millionaire too. He promises it won’t cost a dime to learn his method.

The Aussie Method is completely free and, according to Pertu, you could be making money within hours. All you have to do is open an account and activate the system.

Pertu says that his method is like nothing else on the internet and has nothing to do with penny stocks, options, real estate or FOREX.

Why the Aussie Method is a Scam?

The chances of making money with Jake Pertu’s Aussie Method is nearly zero. The chances that you will lose money with his system is practically 100%.

To be clear. You will not make money with the Aussie Method; you will lose money.

There is nothing special about the Aussie Method. It’s just a long sales video designed to get you to open a binary options trading account and deposit a minimum of $250.

is the aussie method a scam

When Jake Pertu says in the video that you must “activate the system,” what he means is you must deposit at least $250 of your money into the broker’s account. Putting your money in the account activates it.

The point of all the promises and hype in the sales video is to get you to put your money into an account with the broker. You are the only one taking a risk.

You will get free software, but the software is designed to turn your money into the broker’s money as quickly as possible. You can easily burn through $250 on the first day and have nothing to show for it.

The owner of the Aussie Method website earns a commission each time he gets someone to open an account with the broker.

The moment you open an account with the broker and put your money into the account, the owner of the Aussie Method website earns a commission.

The Aussie Method Earnings Disclaimer

Remember how Jake Pertu guaranteed you’d make hundreds of thousands of dollars the first month, or he would personally pay you $10,000? He was just blowing smoke.

You will not make hundreds of thousands of dollars your first month, and he will not personally pay you $10,000.

Jake Pertu is not a real person and the Aussie Method earnings disclaimer clearly, states they don’t guarantee a darn thing.

You can read the Aussie Method Earning Disclaimer yourself if you scroll down to the bottom of the webpage and click on “Disclaimer.”

The disclaimer is difficult to read, but dig into the first paragraph, and you’ll see this line, “THERE IS NO GUARANTEE YOU WILL EARN ANY MONEY.”

In other words, all the promises, testimonials, and guarantees are meaningless.

The Last Word on the Aussie Method

There are thousands of websites like the Aussie Method on the internet. Most of them have a few things in common. The story goes like this;

Our super-duper method will make you rich. It’s simple, fast and easy, and you can get it for free because we’re nice guys. Just sign up for free, activate the account and start making money.

Here’s what’s really going on.

Trading binary options is not investing. It’s not even trading. It’s gambling. And, like gambling in a casino, the casino has the advantage. When you trade binary options, the broker has the advantage. Most of the time the broker wins, and the trader loses.

Binary trading is very lucrative for the broker. Because it is so lucrative, the broker pays high commissions to anyone who can bring in more traders.

Most of the binary options websites on the internet, are simply trying to get you to open an account with a broker. The Aussie Method is no different.

All the videos, free training, coaching, free eBooks and free software are just gimmicks to get you to open an account.

When you put money into that account, you are the only one who stands to lose. The broker can only win, and the affiliate can only win too. You, unfortunately, can lose all of your money and probably will.

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Here’s What I Recommend.

Please forget all the exciting promises the voice actor portraying Jake Pertu made. Yes, it would be amazing to earn hundreds of thousands of dollars in the next 30 days, but it’s not going to happen.

The way to make money on the internet is to do it the old fashion way, based on integrity and proven business principles. With the right training, anyone who can write an email or surf the net can make a full-time income online.

Making money online won’t happen overnight, but with a few new skills, consistency and commitment, you can replace a salary and more. The trick is learning to do it right.

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If you found this article helpful or have experience with the Aussie Method, please leave a comment below.

40 thoughts on “Is the Aussie Method a Scam?

  1. Thanks for calling this what it is: a total scam. Sales videos, despite the initial alarm bells going off in your head, can be very persuasive.

    I appreciate you taking the time to dig a little deeper. It typically doesn’t take much digging to discover the true nature of any given program.

    If at least one person skips joining this program because of your post, you’ve succeeded.

    BTW, have you ever discovered an investing system that actually works? I did once, but after one (very fun!) summer, it all evaporated.

    1. Hi, JonBro!

      We are raised on fairy tales. Unfortunately, as adults we still sometimes want to believe them, particularly if we’re desperate to change our life. The Aussie Method plays to our desperation. The two actors who pretend to earn a lot of money with the program are believable too. Add in that they make you think it is free until the end when they mention the minimum $250 you need to open an account.

      I would love to hear the details of the investing system you discovered that worked for a short time. Why did it stop working?

      I’ve never found an investment program that actually works as presented. Usually, like The Aussie Method, the claim of making money is just a pitch to steal from you.

      Thanks for stopping by,


  2. A few mouse clicks doesn’t seem like you could possibly earn big money and is just a way to fleece a person of their hard earned cash in hopes of making money. I appreciate the warning against the Aussie Method! Thanks! Get rich quick offers frequently are scams and it’s helpful to know about this one. Thanks for letting me know about real deal methods, too! ~ Tam

    1. Hi, Tam!

      Yes, indeed, the Aussie Method is a real stinker. Unfortunately, it’s typical for an unregistered binary options broker. It’s not investing and it’s really not binary options either. It’s just a pure scam, turning your money into their money.

      Thanks for stopping by,


  3. Hi Gary,

    As you mention, binary options are gambling and the only winner with gambling is the house. Occasionally there will be someone that is able to play the system to their advantage, but very few and far between.
    Unfortunately, the advantage they often play is to pray on vulnerable, desperate people who don’t have the money to lose in the first place.

    The first rule of gambling — Do not play/pay what you can’t afford to lose.

    1. Hi, Jenny!

      I agree. Trading binary options at best is gambling and the house has the advantage.

      The Aussie Method is worse than gambling in that the broker intends to take your money. The FTC has issued a warning that unregistered binary options brokers are suspected of freezing people’s accounts, refusing to pay out winnings, stealing identities and manipulating the software to create losing trades.

      Not the kind of people to be betting against.

      Thanks for stopping by,


  4. It is so good to have articles like this online because so many people are susceptible to falling for the many scams that are presented online. I have been working online for a few years now and always appreciate coming across a page like this because it outlines the do’s and don’ts of online investment. Have you heard of Digital Altitude? It is something that I was looking into that I’m sure is a scam as well, might be worth it to do some research and tell us what you think! Thanks

    1. Hi, Manika!

      Yes, I have heard of Digital Altitude. Do you mean Aspire Digital Altitude? I’m convinced it’s a pyramid scheme. You have to buy into a level before you can sell that level. Each level is very expensive. And, the only people buying the levels are the members. According to the FTC, these are strong indications of a pyramid scheme.

      You can read my article on Digital Altitude here.

      Thanks for stopping by,


  5. Hi there,
    Great work my friend, you’re doing the people a real service in warning the everyone of all the scams that are so prevalent online at the moment.
    One has to give due diligence nowadays when deciding to join these so called “get rich quick schemes”.
    I hav’ent come across this scam business as of yet, but fortunately I’m much wiser now, thanks to your good investigations.
    ‘Forewarned is forearmed’ as you probably know well from your previous life.
    Cheers again…………..Philip Browne

    1. Hi, Phil!

      Thanks for your words of encouragement. I wish more people would take five minutes to research online before they throw their money into these schemes. The Aussie Method is like so many others that claim to help you make fast, easy money. I wish it was possible to earn a thousand dollars day with a computer program, but it’s not. If there is such a thing, nobody is talking about. I’ve been searching for the magic button for eight years and haven’t found it yet.

      Thanks for stopping by,


  6. A very exciting topic and very worthy to mention, I gave up some years ago on internet business because of similar scam or misleading information.

    I have indeed came across the binary option scheme and I always wonder if it is 100% guarantee, why not offer it for free and allow the users to pay a commission for a life time. A $1000 per month would be much greater than the commission earned from the $250 one time fee.

    1. Hi, Collin!

      I’m sorry you had experience with a scam similar to the Aussie Method. It’s brutal out there, but we learn and grow. And, like you, if we keep at it, we eventually figure it out. I’ve been scammed more than I want to admit.

      You might be interested in a book called “Influence, The Psychology of Persuasion,” by Dr. Robert Cialdini. He devoted his professional life to understanding how we get scammed and he got scammed all the time! Most scammers, whether they realize it or not, exploit mental short cuts our mind take to form a decision. After you read “Influence,” you’ll see it everywhere on the internet.

      I like your idea about a trading software user paying a monthly commission. That makes perfect sense IF the software worked. In most cases, the software is meaningless and just a way to make a person believe they have something magical that will make free money.

      Thanks for stopping by,


  7. Hi Gary,

    Thanks for highlighting that the Aussie Method is a total scam. I really hope anyone wanting to join finds your article first.

    It’s awful that this type of thing still goes on. $250 is a lot of money but to throw it at binary options is just plain nuts. The guarantee of Jake Pertu (even if he isn’t real) is a joke isn’t it. These scams really make me angry.

    Have you heard of one single person making money after joining this Aussie Method?

    1. Hi, Craig!

      These binary options scams like the Aussie Method must make a ton of money for the guys behind it. The initial $250 they require to open an account is just the beginning. They will try to talk you into depositing much more.

      Because the Aussie Method is unregistered and unregulated, you don’t actually trade binary options. That is just the sales pitch. Once you give the Aussie Method broker you money. It’s gone. Their software will merely create the cover that you lost it in trades, but you will never know for sure. They could have just taken it.

      The money only flows one way with unregistered and unregulated brokers like the Aussie Method.

      Thanks for stopping by,


  8. Thanks for the insight in the Ausssie method. Came across a few binary trading programs that try to pass themselves off a business opportunities. Surprised the Financial Authorities allow them to exist? Just preying on those that can least afford to gamble their money.
    Keep up the good work

    1. Hi, Pete!

      Yes, I often wonder why the authorities don’t shut down the unregistered brokers like the Aussie Method. The Securities Exchange Commission has issued a warning and most of the unregistered brokers have short lives, but then resurface with another name.

      It seems to me it would be an easy thing for the search engines to de-index these scam sites, but I suspect they are a source of advertising revenue for the search engiens. So, it gets back to the money.

      In the end, there will always be people who fall for these scams. My hope is the work I do can save the few who are sincerely looking for a legitimate way to earn money online.

      Thanks for stopping by,


  9. Hi! Gary, and thanks for exposing 1 more of these ” Scam Technicians “.

    It never ceases to amaze me how these frauds keep coming up with ” fortune-making ” ideas, to strip you of your money.

    I know that many of us have fallen victim to these shysters, but once you get the “smell” of these ” stinkers ” they will NEVER get you again!

    You are providing the online community with a very valuable service, and I want to encourage you to continue on this journey.

    What is the best/most ludicrous “scam” that you have come across?

    This is a great read.Thank you for the “heads-up”.


  10. Unfortunately there are too many of these scams on the internet these days.

    They annoy me as it takes the shine off some of the genuine offers out there which people will also walk away from after being stung by a scam!

    I saw what you wrote here about the Aussie Method and I can see it is a scam straight off.

    Offering you the chance to make millions with a free signup and a few mouse clicks has scam written all over it.

    How do they get away with it? Who does Google not recognize these sites as rip offs and ban them?



    1. Hi, Chris!

      I’ve often wondered the same thing about Google and the other search engines. A few years back, Google destroyed thousands of mom and pop internet businesses when they changed their algorithm. It seems to me that the FTC and SEC could persuade Google, Bing, and Yahoo to simply not index these scam sites.

      My guess is it’s more profitable for the search engines to list these sites. Advertising anything that claims to make money is very expensive. I’m sure it’s a money maker for Google and the others.

      Unfortunately, not everyone can see that sites like the Aussie Method are scams. Some people, like gamblers, are addicted to scam make money offers. For a brief moment, they get to pretend they will soon be rich. That fantasy can be like a drug for some people.

      Thanks for stopping by,


  11. As always, if something seems too good to be true then it probably is. If this guy had something soo amazing so that you could earn several hundred thousand dollars in a month, would he then sell it on the internet? No way he would not, nobody would.
    What these people do is simply to mess with peoples minds. They profit from other peoples needs, desires and dreams.
    It is a shame, really
    Thank you for making people aware of these kind of scams.

    1. Hi, Joaim!

      I agree, if the Aussie Method was so lucrative why tell anyone? It would be easier to sit back and rake in the cash. The truth is the Aussie Method leads to an unregistered broker who will take your money.

      The entire sales pitch is trying to make you feel so darn greedy you do something stupid like open a trading account with the Aussie Method broker, max out your credit card to fund your trading account and then activate the software.

      When you do, all of your money will magically disappear from your account and magically reappear in the broker’s account. You’ll be left to pay the credit card bill for the next few years.

      Thanks for stopping by,


  12. Hello Gary,

    Like other scams, it’s too good to be true. After reading your posts here, now I know what is the end result in binary trading. That there’s only one fixed winner here and that isn’t investor, whereas it is entirely different if there is no yield for trader and investor due to poor performance. Unlike binary trading, whatever happens does not determine any success or failure for traders, just solely a waste of money.

    1. Hi, Tar!

      You’re right. Most online binary options brokers are not registered and play by their own rules. Whenever they promise you can make a lot of money, they are just trying to steal yours. Statistically, binary options are high risk. No genuine investment adviser would ever recommend them.

      NADEX is a registered broker. If you visit their website, they are open and direct about how risky binary options can be. The saving grace with NADEX is there is a strategy for limiting risk, but this only means you can stop the amount you will lose.

      The classic example NADEX shows is that you wager $97 dollars to try and earn $500. If you win, you get $500. If you lose, you lose $97 and that money goes to the winning traders.

      Compare this to an unregistered broker like The Aussie Method. With The Aussie Method, you deposit a minimum of $250 and crank up their software which quickly takes all of your money with a string of losing trades and that money goes to the broker!

      Thanks for stopping by,


  13. Just when you think it’s safe to step out into the online world, another scam emerges. I’ve always had an interest in trading and I thought that binary may have been the way to go, since I know absolutely nothing about it, but now I have so much doubt. Is there a safe way to start or is my money more invested in my online business?

    1. Hi, Ryan!

      I think the online world will always have its dangers. The trick is to learn to recognize them at a distance. Because binary options trading is difficult to regulate online, there are new so-called binary options brokers popping up every day. Most are scams and a guaranteed way to lose money.

      As a rule, I do not recommend binary options for anyone. Binary options are speculative, which is to say, binary options are essentially gambling. And that’s if you use a licensed and regulated broker! The Aussie Method is NOT a licensed, registered broker.

      If you had a regular income, like a profitable online business, and you had a fat reserve of cash to cover emergencies, and you had a well-funded retirement account, and your house payment or rent was covered each month, and you had a conservative investment program like value investing or physical precious metals you contributed to each month, then it might be okay to risk a little cash on binary options with a registered broker like NADEX.

      I’m not recommending NADEX, but they are licensed and registered and must play by the rules. NADEX won’t steal you money like the unregistered brokers, but binary options is still risky business.

      Thanks for stopping by,


  14. Hi Gary,

    I really love the name of your site. Pretty cool.

    There are so many so called products and systems out there claiming to make people rich. The fact is that systems like the Aussie Method only benefit the owners/promoters at the top. Users don’t usually benefit. You may have the odd one or two persons, but generally most people end up losing as you said – 100% of their money.

    I’m glad that sites like yours make it easier (not easy but easier) for the average man or woman to sift through all of the rubbish.

    Thanks for posting.

    1. Hi, KW!

      The Aussie Method is just one of hundreds of such sites. Most quickly shut down because the scam is exposed.

      I wish more people would realize there is no magic button or magic software or magic guru who will make them rich. It’s true anyone with who can use the internet can make a darn good living online The internet essentially delivers the world to your doorstep. If you have an honest business that helps people, you can do very well online. But even then, it won’t be overnight riches.

      Making big money online takes commitment, patience and perseverance and it’s more than worth the effort. If you would like to know how to really build a successful online business, I suggest you read this article.

      Thanks for stopping by,


  15. I hadn’t heard of the Aussie method before but I had heard about the Brit method and the looks of it they are the exact same scam. These people dont care about what they are doing and are happy just taking money and lying to people. If they wantes to earn the commission why not just be clear and just set up a sit that recomends brokers like an affiliate site. Thanks for sharing and watching put for us.

  16. Binary trading is definately becoming more and more common especially with the ease to be able to do it online, hell you can even get apps to do it from your phone. Therefore i don’t see it as a surprise that people are taking advantage of the sudden rise in popularity. Thank you for exposing the bad ones and making sure as few people as possible are exposed to that kind of risk

    1. Hi, Connor!

      I noticed that NADEX is advertising all over the place now. NADEX is one of, it not the only, licensed binary options broker in the United States. NADEX points out that binary options trading is “speculative” and risky. They advise not to risk money you cannot afford to lose.

      Binary options trading can be exciting in the way, horse racing and other games of chance are exciting. However, binary options is not a rational method for building wealth. Most people lose money with binary options.

      The Aussie Method leads to an unregulated broker which means you are betting against the broker when you place a trade. Think about it. You are betting against the broker and using their “special” software to make the trade. What could go wrong?

      Thanks for stopping by,


  17. Hi Gary,

    Just been reading your post, “Is the Aussie Method a Scam”. In no uncertain terms you explain in very clear and easy terms, the online scam being presented. This Aussie Method offering hundreds of thousands of dollars in 30 days, should ring alarm bells. Paying out ten thousand dollars of his own money, another red herring. When you wrote that Jake Pertu was fictitious, and said it was an actors voice, it would have been nice if you could write how you know this.

    Two Hundred and fifty dollars to open an account, another rip off. Showing he had twelve million dollars, made me laugh. The disclaimer you pointed out is very telling because it is hard to find and is his get out clause.

    By reading your post, I would not go anywhere near the Aussie Method, if it was that easy to become a millionaire, why is he sharing the plan.

    Comparing this to Wealthy Affiliate is another fantastic way to get your point across. You write WA offer everything, including what you could earn with hard work, but guarantee it is down to the individual.

    As you can see I really enjoyed all the information on this post, very easy to follow and understand. One of the easiest reads I have had.

    1. Hi, John!

      I appreciate your comment and kind words. The reason I say Jake Pertu, who narrates the video, is a voice actor is because the image of him is a stock image available from several stock image websites. And, when searching his name online there is nothing to be found about him except The Aussie Method sales pages.

      The pitch he uses about having a special software that can make anyone rich, is the same pitch used by dozens of other binary options scam sites. The Orion Code, Snap Cash Binary and Auto Profits Replicator are all essentially the same pitch. They are all selling a pig in a poke.

      Thanks for stopping by,


  18. With so many scamming sites promising us that we’ll make tons of money, is it any wonder people are becoming disillusioned. Your recommendation Wealthy Affiliate is actually the real deal, I’ve been with them for three years now so I can vouch that their training is awesome and their yearly membership fee is peanuts for what they teach.

    1. Hi, Sharon May!

      Thanks for stopping by. Yes, it is understandable why people can’t trust anything they hear on the internet. A few years ago, a copywriting colleague told me the most rare and valuable commodity on the internet is trust. He is so right.

      Wealthy Affiliate is the only place I recommend for some who wants to learn how to build a profitable online business. Nothing else compares.

      All the best,


  19. Hi there Gary,

    Thank you kindly for the warning about the Aussie scam. It is quite despicable that these people can do that quite freely and get away with conning people out of their hard-earned money.

    I’ll give that legit system that you mentioned a look over. Sounds pretty interesting.

    1. Hi, Derek!

      Yes, the Aussie Method is nearly identical to dozens of other scams. Each one promises fast, easy money with their super-duper software. The truth is the Aussie Method and most of the others are just affiliates trying to drive people to unregistered binary options brokers. Because these brokers are unregistered and unregulated, they can promise anything to get people to open an account and fund it with a minimum of $250. The moment, they try the software, their money is gone forever. These so-called brokers are just stealing people’s money.

      Thanks for stopping by,


  20. Hi Gary, thanks for the good work. There are many scams out there and many fall for them but worse lose lots of money.
    We need more people like you Gary to help those truly interested in online business to land on the right ground.
    I recently joined WA and have a website “genuine online businesses”. My passion is to help as many to find the right business deal.
    Gary I would love to learn more from you coz my business idea falls perfectly in yours.
    Thanks again. Please keep on this good work

    1. Hi, Dan!

      Binary options are very risky and really more like gambling than investing. I don’t think a professional financial manager would ever recommend binary options. Professional traders working through legitimate binary options brokers like NADEX still lose a lot of money! A newbie working with an unregistered broker like the Aussie Method doesn’t stand a chance. They are sure to lose.

      Thanks for stopping by,


  21. Hi Gary,

    Thanks for your review of the Aussie method, I’d heard of it previously and had always wandered if it was a scam or not and judging from your review my suspicions were correct!
    I’m very interested in making a real income from online business and hope that your recommendation works out!

    1. Hi, Neil!

      I’m glad you found my review of the Aussie Method before you got involved. The Aussie Method is nothing more than a quick way to lose a lot of money.

      You can make a real income online. I recommend you read about our online community of entrepreneurs and how we can help you build a profitable internet business. Click Here to read an article I wrote about us.

      Thanks for stopping by,


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