Is Snap Cash Binary a Scam?

Is Snap Cash Binary a Scam?

Austin Ford, founder, and creator of Snap Cash Binary, claims his easy to use program will make thousands of dollars in a single day. Is Snap Cash Binary a magic button that turns the internet into your private ATM? Or, is it something less enchanting?

Product Name: Snap Cash Binary
Product Website:
Product Cost: $250 Deposit to open a trading account
Product Owner: Hexuan Cai
Opinion: Not Recommended

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Is Snap Cash Binary a Scam?

When you land on the Snap Cash Binary website, a video will introduce you to the charming Austin Ford, founder, and creator of Snap Cash.

Mr. Ford explains how he did not go to college to learn to invest but instead taught himself to write software code and developed a simple, easy to use program that made him over $100,000 in one day. And, how he’s now worth $12 million.

Ford says his Snap Cash Binary software is easy to use and that it is impossible to lose money with it.

Ford claims his Snap Cash Binary software can make anyone rich. To prove it, he goes out on the street to find two “regular” people to test his program. He finds a young Asian woman named Sam and a guy named Jeff. Ford gives them $250 cash to get started and loads the software into their smartphone.

At the end of the day, Sam has made over $6,000, and Jeff has made over $5,000.

Why Snap Cash Binary is a Scam?

Is Snap Cash Binary a Scam?

Scroll to the bottom of the Snap Cash Binary website and click on the “Disclaimer.” You will quickly learn that Mr. Austin Ford and his two test subjects are actors. The video is pure fiction and intended for entertainment purposes only. Snap Cash does not guarantee income or success.

Keep reading the disclaimer, and you will soon see that the software is nothing special either. In fact, Snap Cash Binary simply links you to binary options brokers who provide the free software.

In other words, all the promises Austin Ford made about how anyone can make money with his software are lies. The odds are you will lose money.

It’s tempting to believe there is some magical software that you can get for free that will make you rich, but it simply is not true. There is no magic software.

To understand what Snap Cash Binary, it’s important to know a little bit about binary options, because Snap Cash Binary is trying to trick you into opening a binary options trading account.

The Shell Game.

Let’s imagine you are walking down the street and turn the corner to find Mr. Ford from the Snap Cash Binary video. He is playing a shell game. Behind the table is someone you haven’t met. Let’s call him John. John is moving the shells around, and Mr. Ford is betting on which shell is hiding the pea. He’s making a lot of money.

Mr. Ford says how easy the game is and says you should play so you can make a lot of money too. Just guess which shell is hiding the pea.

You play, and you win a little bit, but then you lose a little more. You keep playing until you’ve lost all your money. What you didn’t know was John is skilled at manipulating the pea beneath the shells. He can make the pea appear or disappear whenever he wants. If you win, it’s because John lets you.

How Snap Cash Binary is a Shell Game

If you join Snap Cash Binary, you will be told to open a binary options trading account with a specific broker. To activate the account, you will have to deposit a minimum of $250 of your money into the account.

When you deposit your money, the broker pays the owner of the Snap Cash Binary website a commission. Like Mr. Ford in our shell game example, the Snap Cash Binary website owner is rewarded for convincing you how easy it is to win the game.

The free Snap Cash Binary software is like the shells and pea in our example. It may be programmed to take your money.

The binary options broker is John. He will keep you playing until he has all of your money.

The Truth About Binary Options

Binary options trading is not investing. At best, it’s gambling. But, it is probably worse than gambling, because, like the shell game, it can be manipulated.

The Snap Cash Binary disclaimer clearly states that binary options trading is very risky and not for someone who does not know what they are doing.

People who enjoy gambling may enjoy binary options trading. However, binary options trading should not be considered a viable way to make money. It is far too risky.

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