Is Pure Haven a Good Opportunity? What You Need to Know.

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Pure Haven promises you can achieve your dreams with its program, but is Pure Haven a good opportunity or just another multi-level marketing company spewing hype?  Here’s what you need to know.

Is Pure Haven a good opportunity? Pure Haven is a very secretive company and does not publish the information needed to properly evaluate its opportunity. We do not recommend the Pure Haven opportunity. Caution advised.

While Pure Haven presents a squeaky-clean corporate facade, it is nearly impossible to find useful information about the company and its opportunity.

In this article, I reveal what you need to know about the Pure Haven opportunity. know BEFORE you get involved.


Is Pure Haven a Good Opportunity?

Secrecy is the theme of Pure Haven. Its evasive nature makes it difficult to properly analyze the business opportunity, which of course is the point.

We must assume if we could adequately evaluate the Pure Haven opportunity, we would see it isn’t an opportunity at all.


Why You Can’t Win with MLM (Video.)

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Who Owns Pure Haven?

Pure Haven, also known as Pure Haven Essentials, is a privately owned, for-profit, limited liability company. It is the re-branded incarnation of the former MLM Ava Anderson.

The owners of Pure Haven are not mentioned on the website, and it took substantial digging to find out who they are.

According to a article, Pure Haven is owned by Global Ventures Partners, which also owns two other MLMs.

Global Ventures Partners is owned by four veteran multi-level marketers; Bruce Jensen, Steve Kole, Rudy Revak, and Mary Julich.

The CEO of Pure Haven, Joe Ochoa, is also a veteran multi-level marketer and co-founder of the MLM company South Hill Designs.

The point is, Pure Haven is a multi-level marketing company owned and operated by multi-level marketers with extensive experience in the industry.

Pure Haven MLM rigged game

The Unstated Goal of Pure Haven.

The unstated goal of the owners and executives of Pure Haven is to maximize profits. This is a worthy goal, consistent, and the founding principles of capitalism.

For seasoned professionals who own the company or who are placed at the top of the sales organization, multi-level marketing can be extremely lucrative.

For everyone else, MLM is a financial and social disaster.

Although Pure Haven is a legitimate company with a legitimate objective of making a profit, it does not mean you can succeed as a Pure Haven Distributor.

Statistically, the odds are you will NOT succeed with Pure Haven unless you are a highly skilled and experienced MLM marketer.

Unfortunately, MLM company profits typically come from the pockets of its sales force who pay the company for the right to sell its products and who also buy excessive amounts of products to “qualify” to earn commissions and bonuses.

Remember, Pure Haven is not about helping you make money. It’s about helping Pure Haven, and its owners make money.

Key to Pure Haven’s success maximizing company profits is to convince people like you that Pure Haven offers a legitimate opportunity.

In this article, I show you how they do it.

Information on Pure Haven Essentials is Scarce.

As a member of the Direct Selling Association, Pure Haven is required by the DSA Code of Ethics to provide all the information anyone would need to make an informed decision about its opportunity.

In violation of the DSA Code Ethics, Pure Haven does not provide the required information.

In fact, the Pure Haven website provides very little useful information at all. It appears as if the company does not want to be held accountable for anything.

To properly evaluate the Pure Haven business opportunity, we need the following information:

  • Pure Haven Income or Earning Disclosure
  • Pure Haven Company Policies

The Pure Haven Income Disclosure, or Earning Disclosure would show how much distributors earned.

The Pure Haven company policies would show the total cost of becoming a distributor and the company’s refund or buy-back policies.

This information is essential to evaluating the Pure Haven opportunity because, throughout the MLM industry, less than 1% of distributors earn a profit.

And, many MLMs load their distributors with excess products causing distributors to go deeply into debt.

Product loading is a significant profit source for MLMs. Without seeing the company policies for Pure Haven, we have no reason to think it is any different than a typical MLM.

Because Pure Haven does not provide the necessary information, we are forced to use data from third-party sources and information about the MLM industry to evaluate the Pure Have opportunity.

Pure Have Bath

What Does It Cost to Join Pure Haven?

It costs $125 to join Pure Haven as an independent Distributor.

An entry-level distributor has the rank of Consultant, and that is the rank you will hold until you “qualify” as a Star, the second rank level of the Pure Haven Compensation Plan.

In a moment, I’ll reveal details about the Pure Haven Compensation you need to know. For now, it’s important to realize how much the so-called Pure Haven opportunity will cost you.

After you pay the $125 fee to become a Pure Haven Consultant, you will also be required to pay an additional $5 a month after the first 90 days to maintain your Pure Haven membership.

It is not clear what you get for your $125 membership fee. According to Pure Have Compensation Plan, in addition to paying this fee, you must “qualify for commissions.”

When an MLM requires you to “qualify,” it usually means you must buy a minimum number of products and enroll in auto-ship. This is typical MLM manipulation.

Think about it, you are required to pay for the privilege of buying and selling the company’s products and making the company money. It’s insane.

It’s also the primary reason MLM is so lucrative for the people who own the company.

The MLM business model forces the expenses of the company onto the sales force while siphoning most of the profits to the company and highest-ranking Distributors.

Pure Have General Rule of MLM

The Hidden Cost of the Pure Haven Opportunity.

Qualifying” for commissions is the hidden cost of the Pure Haven opportunity.

As a Pure Haven Distributor, before you can earn commissions on the sales you make, you must first “qualify.”

“Qualify” is code for “you must buy or sell products.”

And, you must “qualify” every month.

The minimum qualification is to “generate,” in other words, buy or sell, $300 worth of product each month.

The more products you buy or sell each month, the higher the commission you can earn on the products you sell.

If you buy less than $1000 worth of product in a month, you can earn a 30% commission on the products you sell.

For each additional $1000 of product you buy or sell, you can earn an additional 5% commission up to buying or selling $4000 worth of product where you earn 50% commission.

In other words, you can buy your way up to 50% commissions.

And, that’s the point.

You Are the Customer.

When you think about what you must do to “qualify,” you can clearly see that as a Pure Haven Distributor, you are not an independent businessperson, you are a customer!

That’s the purpose of promising you an opportunity.

Who in their right mind would pay $125 and then buy hundreds of dollars’ worth of over-priced products if they didn’t think they could some-how make money with the scheme?

Pure Haven Sells a Dream.

The Pure Haven products are incidental.

What Pure Haven is really selling is a dream of a better life.

Statistical analysis of the MLM industry, decades of research, and FTC investigations show that only a tiny percentage of distributors earn more than a minimum wage, part-time job.

In recent years, multi-level marketing companies have come under fire from the Federal Trade Commission for promising distributors an opportunity to quit their jobs, earn thousands of dollars a month, earn career-level income or become rich.

All that nonsense is just marketing.

The truth is, most rank and file distributors lose money.

Because of pressure from the FTC, many MLMs have scrubbed their websites and promotional materials clean of overt promises.

I suspect this is the case with Pure Haven.

On the Pure Haven website, you’ll find a promise that Pure Haven can help you achieve your dreams. It doesn’t mention how.

The FTC cannot regulate private conversations.

The thing to watch out for is outlandish claims from Pure Haven distributors trying to recruit you into the business.

The FTC cannot regulate private conversations.

That leaves the people trying to recruit you open to promising anything and everything to get you to join.

Pure Have is an MLM

It’s About Recruiting.

A Distributor’s success is based on recruiting. Pure Haven lives and dies by recruiting.

That is why the Pure Haven Compensation Plan is designed for recruitment.

Nobody is going to spend $125 to join Pure Haven and spend hundreds or thousands more unless they believe they can make a lot more money with the business.

That requires selling a dream.

Because only when someone is mesmerized by visions of success, will they spend $125 to join Pure Haven and buy $300+ of products each month.

Selling the dream emotionally bonds a distributor to Pure Haven and fools them into believing they are getting more value for their money than they are receiving.

It’s how an MLM company can earn millions each year while most of its distributors lose money.

Pure Haven women driven into debt

The Truth about the Pure Haven Compensation Plan. 

Pure Haven’s most powerful recruiting tool is its Compensation Plan.

The Compensation Plan is not available on the Pure Haven website, but you can find it here: Pure Haven Compensation Plan.

Not a Legal Document.

The Pure Haven Compensation Plan is not a legal document. It is a sales tool.

The Plan does not show how much money Pure Haven Distributors earned. It is a hypothetical illustration of what you MIGHT make if you jumped through all the hoops.

And, as we’ll see in a moment, jumping through all the Pure Haven hoops is very expensive.


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Pure Haven Personal Sales.

On the first page of the Plan, you will notice you can earn income through Personal Sales or (PS).

Personal sales are the sales you make to customers AND the products you buy for yourself.

Make a mental note of that, because it’s essential to understanding what is really happening here.

As mentioned earlier;

If you buy or sell less than $1000 worth of Pure Haven products in a month, you earn a 30% commission on the products you sell.

For every additional $1000 you either sell or buy, you earn an additional 5% commission, all the way up to buying or selling $4,000 worth of products and earning a 50% commission.

In other words, you can buy your way up to a 50% commission.

And that’s the point.

Pure Haven has incentives in place to entice you into buying $4000 worth of products in your first month as a Distributor.

An Illusion of Success.

There are a couple of other purposes for the Pure Haven Compensation Plan.

It’s complicated, so you’ll probably need an experience Pure Haven Distributor to explain it to you. That gives the experienced Distributor the opportunity to talk you into buying $4000 worth of products, or as much as you can possibly charge to your credit card.

The Pure Haven Compensation Plan also sells the dream by creating the illusion that anyone can earn a lot of money with the opportunity.

However, to rise above the entry-level of Consultant, you must recruit people. Recruiting is what defeats most distributors.

Recruiting is Hard. 

Most people can’t do it. Even the most successful MLM pros recruit less than 100 people in their entire career.

The Brief Career of a Pure Haven Distributor.

After looking over the Pure Haven Compensation Plan, here is what I expect will happen with most distributors.

They pay their membership fee and buy as many products as they can afford so they qualify to earn the highest commission possible. Right out of the gate, they are over $4,000 in the hole.

They might sell a few products to family and friends, but nobody joins them in the business. The first month passes, and they made 50% commission on a few products, but they are still about $4,000 in the hole.

A new month rolls around, and they must qualify AGAIN.

They must either sell or buy a minimum of $300 worth of products just to maintain their status as a Pure Haven Consultant.

If they still believe the dream they were sold, and there’s room on the credit card, they’ll buy more products.

If they wake up and realize they were sold false hope, they quit and walk away with a $4,000 credit card bill while Pure Haven is $4,000 richer.

Pure Haven Secret of MLM 450w Condensed

Most MLM Distributors Quit.

Most MLM Distributors quit within a few months of joining. They soon discover the opportunity is a liability instead of an asset.

Very few distributors hang on beyond a year. Pure Haven and every other MLM knows this.

Because most distributors quit within a month or two, MLM companies design their compensation plan to get as much money from a new Distributor as possible before they drop out.

Pure Haven’s Compensation Plan is one of the most aggressive I’ve seen. It grabs for $4,000 the moment you open your wallet or purse.

Pure Haven’s Most Honest Words.

Written in tiny text at the bottom of a few pages in the Pure Haven Compensation Plan, it states that the examples presented in the Plan are just to illustrate how the Plan functions.

It goes on to say, the Pure Haven Compensation Plan is NOT a representation of average Distributor results.

Finally, it reminds you that, most of all, Pure Haven does NOT guarantee you will generate sales or income.

These are the most honest words I’ve found in the Pure Haven Compensation Plan.

The truth is, no one can guarantee you an income. There are too many variables. Even the best plan for success requires skill, sustained effort, and a bit of luck.

The thing about Pure Haven that I find unethical is the implied promise you can make money with its opportunity when, in fact, Pure Have has rigged the game against you.

Pure Haven MLMs are a Nightmare for Women.

A Destructive Emotional Bond. 

Selling the dream with the Compensation Plan is how Pure Haven draws you in with a promise of opportunity than turns you into a captured customer paying them hundreds or thousands of dollars each month.

When you buy the dream Pure Haven sells, you become emotionally bonded to the scheme. And, you will remain emotionally bonded until you see the truth.

You will continue to play the game until you wake up or go broke.

For some people, chasing the dream is addictive. This is understandable, we are hard-wired to seek a better life for ourselves and the people we love.

Pure Haven isn’t really an opportunity. The promise of opportunity is just a marketing ploy to trick you into buying $4,000 worth of products.

The Insanity of Pure Haven. 

I can’t imagine an experienced salesperson joining Pure Haven or any other MLM.

An experienced salesperson knows that only MLM companies expect people to pay them for the privilege of selling its products, buying its products, and making the company money.

That’s crazy by any standard.

A business with legitimate retail sales pays the salespeople.

Don’t pay Pure Haven for the privilege of making the company money. You’re better than that.

Right now, you can become an affiliate for Amazon for FREE. Amazon will pay you a commission on anything you sell. They have a ton of products similar to Pure Haven products.

The same goes for Best Buys, right now, you can become an affiliate for Best Buys for FREE and earn a commission when you sell their products.

There are thousands of companies you can join for FREE, which will gladly PAY YOU when you make a sale.

And you don’t have to buy their products either!

Commissions range from 3% up to 100%. Yes, 100%, from a few pennies to thousands of dollars.

Protect the People Who Love You.

Most multi-level marketing companies expect a new Distributor to try to sell to and recruit their family and friends. In the business, this is known as your warm market.

If you don’t think about it, selling to the people who know, love, and trust you, makes sense. But, if you have a conscious, you know it doesn’t feel right.

Most MLMs, and I doubt if Pure Haven is any different, encourage Distributors to exploit their most valuable relationships.

If your friends and family don’t need or want what you’re selling, it’s foolish to force it on them. That’s not selling. That’s just bad behavior.

Also, if all the Pure Haven opportunity means is the chance to go $4,000 in debt, why would you wish that on the people who love you?

Your friends and family are far more valuable to you than the commission you might earn selling them Pure Haven products, or Heaven forbid if you recruit them into the opportunity.

Protect and cherish your friends and family, the way you want them to protect and cherish you.

Life is tough enough as it is. You’ll need your friends to be there for you from time to time. Return the favor and protect them from MLM’s false promises.

Pure Haven MLMs Damage Relationships

How Much Can You Make with Pure Haven?

Because Pure Haven does not publish an Income Disclosure or Earning Statement, we have no way of knowing what you can expect to earn as a Pure Haven Distributor.

Pure Haven has been in business since 2016. In the past three years, it has had to pay taxes at least twice. It knows how much its Distributors earn.

Also, as a member of the Direct Selling Association, Pure Haven is required to publish the information needed to properly evaluate its opportunity.

Apparently, Pure Haven does not have an issue violating the DSA Code of Ethics.

Why doesn’t Pure Haven publish and Earning Disclosure showing how much it pays its Distributors?

We can only guess.

Logically, if the Pure Haven Earning Disclosure proved that the opportunity was genuine, the company would boldly publish it on its website.

Because Pure Haven openly violates the DSA Code of Ethics and refuses to publish an Earning Disclosure, we can assume it would be damaging if the truth were known.

The most extensive analysis of the MLM industry showed that less than 1% of Distributors earn a profit and that most MLM Distributors lose money.

I guess that this is true for the Pure Haven opportunity too.

The Last Word on the Pure Haven Opportunity.

Pure Haven is an MLM, as such, it does not offer a genuine opportunity.

It’s a very secretive company founded and managed by veteran multi-level marketers. They know what they are doing.

The probability you will spend money and possibly go into debt with the Pure Haven opportunity is nearly 100%.

The probability that you will earn a profit is near zero.

Remember, the more you spend on the Pure Haven opportunity, the more you will lose.

Ultimately, if you manage to sell the Pure Haven dream to thousands of people and climb to the top of the Pure Haven sales force to earn a fantastic income and prizes, all you have achieved is a business inside of Pure Haven.

You don’t own it.

You are not independent. You must still dance to the Pure Haven tune.

If Pure Haven goes out of business, so will you.

How to Earn Unlimited Income.

There are countless reasons why you might get caught up with a company like Pure Haven. The more desperate you are, the more likely you will fall for their sales pitch.

Are you struggling financially? Can’t stand your job, or wish you had a job? Need to retire, but can’t afford to? Did you lose everything in a divorce? Are you scared to death you’ll die poor or be a burden to your children?

Discover how to leverage the internet to your advantage, and you will never again worry about money.

Pure Have Feature Narrow

Invest in Yourself.

Save your money and invest in yourself.

Your hobbies, interests, passions, and life experiences are valuable. When you combine what you already know with the power of the internet, there is no limit to how much you can earn.

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