Is Prime My Body A Scam? A Prime My Body Review.

Is Prime My Body A Scam?

Has a friend or relative told you about the Prime My Body business opportunity? Are they trying to recruit you into the business or sell you products? In this article, I show you the cold hard facts you need to know before you spend a dime with Prime My Body.

Company: Prime My Body
Products: Beauty Products & Nutrition Supplements, plus an MLM Business Opportunity
Owner: Digital International Media Group, CEO Paul Rogers
Opinion: Not Recommended.

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Is Prime My Body A Scam?

Prime My Body sells a dream of financial independence. They are careful not to make this promise directly, but that is what they are selling. At one point, in the Prime My Body Business Opportunity video, John Taylor says you can make $75,000 a week. You can’t.

Is Prime My Body A Scam?In addition to claiming you can earn $75,000 a week, Prime My Body uses several tactics to convince you that they are on the ground floor of a huge market. And, if you build a business with them, you’ll be rich.

That won’t happen.

Your odds of making money are better at a Las Vegas slot machine than with Prime My Body. Statistically it has been proven that you will probably lose money if you try to build a business with Prime My Body.

If you want to be financially independent, I admire your ambition. It shows you have fire in your belly.

However, I feel I must inform you that Prime My Body will not lead to financially independence. In all probability, you will only lose money with Prime My Body and possibly go into debt.

There are realistic ways to achieve financial independence in 3 to 5 years, but Prime My Body isn’t one of them. Later in this article I’ll discuss another option available to you that offers a much higher probability of success.

However, I want to first show you why I believe Prime My Body is a product based pyramid scheme.

The Prime My Body Business Model.

On the surface, Prime My Body appears to be a Multi-level marketing company promoting a small line of Health, Beauty and Nutritional products.

Their flagship product is Nano Enhanced Hemp Oil, which sells for $130 for a 50 ml bottle (50 ml = 1.7 US fluid ounces). The company claims Nano Enhanced Hemp Oil has 100% bioavailability.

That simply means the product is available for your body to absorb, not that your body will absorb it. In other words, it’s just marketing jargon.

Prime My Body describes its business model as network marketing, network marketing is a kinder word for Multi-level Marketing, otherwise known as MLM. Watch the Prime My Body Compensation Plan video and you can see there are multiple levels.

Multi-level marketing is a socially acceptable name for a product-based pyramid scheme.

Read Why Affiliate Marketing is Better Than MLM

How a Pyramid Scheme Works.

Is Prime My Body A Scam?A pure pyramid scheme doesn’t promote products.

Instead of products, a pure pyramid scheme promotes an opportunity to make money. To understand how a pyramid scheme works, you must follow the money.

Here’s a hypothetical example of how it works; you pay the person who recruited you into the pyramid $200.

In exchange for giving the person who recruited you into the scheme $200, you now have the right to recruit other people into the scheme. When you recruit someone, they pay you $200. You share this “commission” with your up line, the person who recruited you and the person who recruited them, etc.

To keep making money, you must “qualify” to earn commissions each month by paying another $200 to your up line. If you don’t pay $200 each month, you can’t make any money.

A pure pyramid scheme is insanely profitable for the person who starts it, because it funnels vast sums of money from the bottom of the organization to the top. Because there is no product, the money is pure profit.

Pure pyramid schemes are illegal in most countries because they create nothing of value and because they destroy people’s lives.

When you look at the impact a pure pyramid scheme has on the person at the bottom and compare it to the impact of an MLM for someone on the bottom, there is very little difference.

In both cases, the person at the bottom of the organization loses money.

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The Product Based Pyramid Scheme.

Because pyramid schemes are so insanely profitable, some people cannot resist the urge to create them. However, because pyramid schemes are illegal, they must be disguised as something acceptable.

Making a pyramid scheme look legitimate is most easily done by adding a product and charging an outrageous price for it. Call it an MLM, Network Marketing, Direct Sales or whatever you like. A name does not change the nature of the beast. It’s a product-based pyramid scheme.

How a Product-Based Pyramid Works.

Prime My Body PyramidIn this example of how a product-based pyramid scheme works, I’ll use Prime My Body’s product information and business opportunity to prove my point.

Remember to follow the money, because it all about the money. It starts with a closer look at the Prime My Body’s flagship product, Nano Enhanced Hemp Oil.

Follow the Money.

Remember, Nano Enhanced Hemp Oil sells for $130 for a 1.7-ounce bottle. What does it do? We don’t know. Prime My Body only says it “delivers healthful benefits.”

Prime My Body does not mention a single specific benefit of the product. While there is a lot of buzz about the health benefits of hemp oil, very little is proven. As far as we know, it’s just vegetable oil made from hemp.

How does the price of Prime My Body Nano Enhanced Hemp Oil compare to other hemp oils? On Amazon, the price for their most popular brand of hemp oil is about 60 cents per ounce.

To be clear, that’s 60 pennies. Compare that to Prime My Body Nano Enhanced Hemp Oil which costs $76.47 per ounce!

Is one better than the other? No. Neither one has any proven health benefits.

The Only Proven Health Benefit of Hemp Oil.

According to research reported on, the only recognized health benefit of hemp oil is for the treatment of epilepsy. The U.S. FDA has recommended approval of a very specific formulation of hemp oil to treat two forms of childhood epilepsy. (Source: WebMD)

Science has not found any other benefit of hemp oil. And, Prime My Body Nano Enhanced Hemp Oil  has not been approved by the FDA.

Not One Specific Benefit.

If you read the entire Prime My Body PDF about Nano Enhanced Hemp Oil you will not find a single word stating a specific health benefit.

It’s just very expensive hemp oil.

It’s Not About the Products.

It’s about the money.

Remember in our example of a pure pyramid scheme how money flows from the bottom of the organization to the top? With a product-based pyramid scheme, instead of just passing money up from one level to the next, which is illegal, they sell cheap products at an outrageously high price.

What’s the difference between handing your upline $130 cash or paying them $130 for $1 worth of vegetable oil? Not much. It gets worse.

The Prime My Body Business Opportunity.

Prime My Body CBD OilWhy would anyone spend $130 for 1.7 ounces of vegetable oil? They do it because they believe they can make money.

The only way you can sell $1 worth of vegetable oil for $130 is if you can convince people that it will make them rich.

That’s why Prime My Body sells the dream of financial independence.

You can get started with Prime My Body for $39. That buys you a cloned website and business materials, but no products.

Before you can earn commissions, you must first buy at least $200 worth of product. If you want to continue to make commissions each month, you must continue to buy a minimum of $200 worth of product each month.

When you join Prime My Body, you will be encouraged to go all in and purchase a large, expensive starter pack of products. The price of a starter pack varies from $200 to over $1000.

Convincing you to buy expensive starter packs is just a clever way of getting as much money out of you as possible before you quit. And, you will quit. It’s only a matter of time.

Either you will quit when you become disillusioned or you will quit when you run out of money and can no longer buy product each month to qualify for commissions.

The Ugly Truth about MLM.

According to the Federal Trade Commission, 99% of people who try an MLM opportunity, like Prime My Body, will lose money. They never recoup the money they spent to play the game. (Source: Jon M. Taylor, MBA, Ph.D., Consumer Awareness Institute)

The Prime My Body Compensation Plan.

Instead of regurgitating the Prime My Body Compensation Plan, I want to tell you its true purpose. You can read the compensation plan on the Prime My Body website.

The true purpose of the Prime My Body Compensation Plan is to two-fold.

First, it’s difficult to understand. It confuses the logical mind, so instead of making a logical decision, you are forced to make an emotional decision when you should be making a logical one. (Source)

If you stay emotional, you cannot make a logical decision. It’s impossible. We humans cannot be emotional and logical at the same time.

The second purpose of the Prime My Body Compensation Plan is to trick you into believing you can achieve financial independence with their business opportunity.

They use it to sell the dream and to keep you believing you can succeed with their program. You can’t, but it gets uglier.

An Uglier Truth about MLM.

Prime My Body MLM chartIf you join Prime My Body, you will be told, either directly or indirectly, that the big money is made by building a large downline.

While this may be true, it is difficult to do and perhaps impossible for someone with a conscious.

Remember 99% of the people who try MLM lose money. In other words, less than 1% will make money. (Source: Federal Trade Commission)

Any MLM organization, including Prime My Body, has a huge turnover. Assume that during any month, 30% of your downline quits. That’s normal in MLM.

You must be a recruiting machine if you want to make money with Prime My Body. You must recruit 30% of your downline each month to maintain, and more than that if you want to grow.

Here’s the ugliest truth about MLM. Can you go into someone’s home, look them in the eye and sell them the dream of becoming financially independent with Prime My Body, knowing they have less than a 1% chance of making money? And, can you do that every day, day after day, until you succeed?

That’s what it takes to win at Multi-level Marketing!

A Better Option for You…

I share your dream of financial independence. It’s a worthy goal and a realistic one, if you choose the right vehicle to get you there.

Earlier I mentioned that it’s possible to achieve financial independence in 3 to 5 years. I’m assuming you get the proper training and support, and that you do the work.

The Greatest Opportunity.

The greatest opportunity most of us will ever have to fulfill our potential is the internet.

For the first time in the history of the planet, anyone can step into the global marketplace and stake their claim. The earning potential is staggering.

It’s never been easier to build a online business. For the cost of a couple of large pizzas each month, you can launch a six-figure online affiliate marketing business.

It starts with understanding how to sell properly.

How to Easily Sell Almost Anything.

Prime My Body is a classic lesson in how NOT to sell.

Selling is NOT trying to convince your brother to pay $130 for a 1.7-ounce bottle of vegetable oil. Try it and your brother will make excuses to avoid you. That’s bad business and bad family relations.

Instead of chasing after people trying to convince them to buy an overpriced product they don’t want, never asked for, and don’t want, try helping them. Be a helper.

Here’s how it works. It starts with finding a group of people who need a solution to a problem. Then, you find a product that solves that problem. Then you show the people with the problem how your product will help them.

For example, if you found a bunch of hungry people, all you have to do is find some food for them. They’ll buy all you have. It’s so much easier to make money that way!

Helping People Online.

Instead of chasing after your friends and family, and hounding them to buy your lousy Prime My Body business opportunity, use the internet to find the greatest number of people you can help with a product. It’s called affiliate marketing.

It’s what my friends and I teach people to do every day. It’s easy to start and costs very little to maintain.

You can build a highly profitable affiliate marketing business for the cost of a couple of large pizzas each month.

The Future of Marketing.

MLM, the business model Prime My Body promotes, was created in the 1940s to sell vitamins. That’s 80 years ago. MLM is the most inefficient and expensive marketing model imaginable.

We now have the internet. Products go straight from the producer to the customer. And, if you facilitate this process by finding people who can benefit from the product, you can make a lot of money from home. That is the future of marketing.

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The Place to Start.

Anytime you venture into business, it’s smart to minimize your expenses until the business is profitable and paying its way.

I recommend the FREE starter level of the Online Entrepreneur Certification Course, because it’s the best place to learn affiliate marketing and it’s FREE. Totally. No Risk.

The FREE Starter Course will teach you the basics of affiliate marketing and how to make money online the right way. You’ll also meet an online community of marketers who are ready to help you every step of the way. We’ll be there for you 24/7.

Naturally, I’m available to help you too. We want you to succeed brilliantly and to earn more than enough to transform your life and those of the people you love.

To learn more about the FREE starter level of the Online Entrepreneur Certification Course, Go Here.

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22 thoughts on “Is Prime My Body A Scam? A Prime My Body Review.

  1. In addition to everything correctly stated in this article, the “company” used my credit card WITHOUT my authorization yesterday. I reported them to the BBB and the FTC. This company is a scam; and, when I verify that 100%….. They messed with the wrong chic.

  2. I didn’t think you would print my response. Too afraid of any person having a difference of opinion. Why not research the products? Too afraid of FACTS! You have no credibility as a journalist.

    This is for your use as I know you won’t print it – coward!

    1. Hi, David!

      If you disagree with my review of Prime My Body, instead of slinging insults, I’d appreciate something more specific.
      My review is accurate according to information published by Prime My Body. And, my analysis of the industry is accurate
      according to well established research published on the FTC’s website.

      If you would like to challenge any of the points I make about Prime My Body, please link to information
      on the Prime My Body website.

      Name calling and hearsay are not helpful.

      Thanks for stopping by,

      1. This company also uses your credit card without authorization. That happened to me yesterday. RUN FAR AWAY FROM THIS “COMPANY”. I am going to see if they truly are a LLC. SCAM is what they are. I agree with everything you wrote.

  3. Hello Gary, thanks of the wonderful piece of information. I do reckon that certain MLM (network marketing) companies do offer overpriced products / services to its consumers.

    That really depends on the marketer / consumers ability to execute some in-depth research of the company for the products / services it’s offering. I’m a fan of some health & wellness MLM based companies. And after tonnes of research done on the company’s products, I believe the products they’ve produced are actually TOP-NOTCH.

    That’s why you can’t find those products in ordinary store shelves in any form of store / mall. They’re usually distributed by these “independent distributors” regardless of the company they’re associated with (in any niche). These marketers (distributors) also work as an ASSOCIATE for the company. That’s because these ASSOCIATES are getting paid based on the level of service they’re offering to its clients.

    Yes, I do agree that they’re some illegitimate MLM companies that’s available on the market that tends to PROFIT solely from the products / services they’re offering to the public, but usually these kind of companies would either be torn down by the overwhelming complaints from its clients / by the masses (the media).

    MLM is a unique kind of business marketing model, in my opinion, just the same as the AFFILIATE MARKETING marketing (business) model. It does require certain form of refinement if any company would like to adopt the “age-old” business model as mentioned in your article in order to continue to sustain in today’s DIGITAL ERA & ever changing commerce landscape.

    Affiliate marketing is definitely a UNIQUE way to earn money on the internet, in short earning from the “citizens” on the internet. Which might be most of the time, the cold market. The hardest segment of audiences to gain trust from but also the MOST SUSTAINABLE way to earn money on the internet.

    Wealthy Affiliate is DEFINITELY a go-to place for anybody who’s entrepreneurial mindset & who’s daring to TAP into the uncharted territories of internet marketing (being an associate) for any company / brand someone desires to. Wealthy Affiliate is a well-known & legitimate online business education platform on the internet. Your money will definitely be well-spent if anybody decides to BE & STAY as a premium member. A no-brainer choice for anybody who wants to learn & earn from the affiliate marketing business model (via internet marketing).


  4. You have covered a topic, that I hadn’t heard about before in some depth here, with a very comprehensive review, which held me from start to finish, so that shows your writing is good

    The format is nicely laid out and for me led me semlessly through the article, without me asking myself questions on this topic and wondering where the answer would be

    I have not come across this before, but if I did now would be a mind to steer clear of it

    Thanks for sharing valuable and money saving content

  5. well researched and written article, though i have not heard of that Prime-my-body thing, i have known MLM since a long time ago and frankly speaking, i don’t really like that concept as i think it is a rip off especially the guy at the bottom of the line.

    The funny part is even though every one knows most MLM is money losing scheme, there are still a lot of people joining the game and even though people know a product like Prime-My-Body is not the real thing, still there are people attracted to it.

    Could it be because of the lucrative rewards or the greed of human?

  6. Hi Gary – I’m still looking for a good online opportunity. I did Amway back in the day 🙂 Not sure if that was a scam – is it still going? – but ran into the inevitable recruiting problems. Had to rely on friends and family as we didn’t have social media mareklting then! 🙂

    I didn’t know all MLM was based on a  pyramid scheme. Are there no legit plans?

    Not heard of Prime My Body but I check out these things when they come on my radar. Sounds like a definite rip-off! Amazes me how they ever recruit anyone, especially with all the info – like yours! – on the net. I suppose they prey on gullibility 🙁

    More power to you Masked Avenger! 🙂


    1. HI, Iantrader!

      I tried Amway back in the day too, long before the internet. Yes, they are still around. I learned how MLMs are product-based pyramid schemes from the published research of Jon M. Taylor, MBA, Ph.D. 

      Taylor researched over 300 MLMs and joined one of the largest and worked his way up to the top 1% of distributors. He describes them all, including Amway, as product-based pyramid schemes.

      Here’s a little about Jon Taylor:

      Jon Taylor’s educational credentials include an MBA degree from Brigham Young University in 1965 and a Ph.D. in Applied Psychology from the University of Utah in 1986. An inveterate entrepreneur and communicator, Taylor has over 30 years of sales, marketing, and entrepreneurial experience, having personally started or assisted in the creation of over 40 businesses.

      Taylor worked on the administrative staff of and performed research for two universities and has taught adjunct college classes in business management, entrepreneurship, personal finance, communications, and business ethics. He has traveled the country teaching business-related seminars and has sponsored income opportunity events, as well as educational programs for businesses and consumers. He has also written and published on numerous consumer and business topics.

      Thanks for stopping by,


  7. This is power packed article, I learned some things on your website.

    Although, I’d never heard about Prime My Body business opportunity before. But I took my time to read the entire article, you did depth research about all those fake and scam MLM that are out there deceiving people and ripping off the resources.

    I had join some of those pyramid networking before, in fact i run into debt as you said. I spent my hard earning money to buy product which I could not sell because of how expensive they are. They will come up with marketing plan that will make people go crazing about making money within short time and you discovered they has nothing of offer, you end up into debt.

    Look at an Nano Enhance Hemp oil $130 for $1 worth of vegetable oil, is an indirect way of exploit people financially. People trying to be free financially you end up incur debt that will cause stress, sickness and anxiety into our life.
    We should be wary the way we are looking for money.

    Although, people like me I had fall into some of those MLN, pyramid stuff before I get my sense back.

    Is not easy I prayed may God help to get the right place for the free financially.

    Thanks for your vast info.


    1. Hi, Omosomi!

      I’ve fallen for MLM more than once in the past. For years, it seemed like the only game in town for someone who wanted to improve their finances or escape the 9 to 5 grind. Unfortunately, as you point out, MLM doesn’t lead to financial freedom. It only leads to debt and humiliation.

      Thanks for stopping by,

  8. Hello there. Thanks for sharing your Prime My Body review. Sincerely speaking, I don’t like Prime My Body at all for three reasons. It will not be easy at all to convince someone to join this program. This is one of the stuff I don’t like about MLM. This program is very expensive too. Not too many persons will be able to afford this opportunity. It’s filled with many misleading claims too.

    I should be sincere with you. I’m scared of MLM. I’ve lost some money to MLM opportunities in the past. I’m currently trying Affiliate Marketing and my experience has been awesome.


    1. Hi, Barry!

      I agree. I will be difficult to convince someone to join Prime My Body and it is expensive. More and more, I think the Prime My Body affiliates aren’t really affiliates, they are captured customers. And, as long as they believe they can make money with the Prime My Body business opportunity, they will continue to pay $200 or more a month to buy overpriced products.

      Thanks for stopping by,


  9. What?! in Prime My Body we can make $75K/week? lol. You explain very clear what is MLM, the one I don’t like. I agree with you that a good option is in Affiliate Marketing, there the best I have found is Wealthy Affiliate. Thank you for made the review of Prime My Body and I don’t recommend it 🙂

    1. Hi, Maria!

      Yes, that’s what the man said, you can make $75K a week. 

      My guess is the only people making that kind of money are the few at the very top of the pyramid, and they are making it at the expense of everyone else. Why would anyone would waste their time and treasure on a scheme like Prime My Body when they can build an affiliate marketing business they control, that is more profitable and so much easier?

      Thanks for stopping by,


  10. Very true Gary, I had a bad experience with a MLM company and it did put me off for a bit but I was so determined to make money online that I kept searching in hope. I was certaintly much more aware and found it more easy to look for red flags. For those who have been mislead, I say keep faith. I managed to find a way to make money online so it is possible. 

    Thank you Gary for breaking down a MLM. 

    1. Hi, Choannah!

      You’re a fast learner. It took me four attempts, a lot of money lost and years of wasted effort before I finally learned that MLM is a scam. For the past eighteen months, I’ve studied MLM closely and I’m still finding wrinkles in the scheme that guarantees only the few at the top of the pyramid make money. The only way they can sell it is to convince people they can make a lot of money doing it, but the odds are people will only lose money.

      Thanks for stopping by,


  11. Thank you for the review on Prime My Body and information on Multilevel Marketing, MLM business.

    I once joined an MLM company hoping to make money. Spent lots of money buying products in order to earn commission. At the end, losing money and quit.

    You’re right. When we venture into new business, we should keep our expenses to the minimum. Better still, FREE starter course 🙂

    1. Hi, Christine!

      I had the same experience with MLM. I really wanted to believe it could work and I’m pig-headed enough to see my way through anything. Now, I’m convinced that there isn’t any way to win with MLM unless you start the company. Research into over 300 MLM companies show that there is less than 1% anyone will make money with MLM. Compare that to the odds of winning at a slot machine in Vegas which is about 25%.

      Thanks for stopping by,


  12. Its always a red flag when you start losing money trying to make it. I’m pretty skeptical when it comes to these type of things online and I’m very wary of pyramid schemes, I just do not like them whatsoever, and they’re a huge waste of time for anyone trying to join them obviously.

    And the sad thing is that they are every where online.

    1. Hi Ty!

      You’re so right. They are everywhere and the pitchmen can be so darn persuasive. I tried 4 different MLMs over the years and know a lot of people I respect who tried it too, none of us made money. The deck is stacked against anyone who tries.

      Thanks for stopping by,


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