Is MLM a Scam?

Is MLM a Scam? What You Need to Know.

Has a friend or relative told you about an MLM business opportunity? Are they trying to recruit you into their business or sell you products?

In this article, I discuss MLM, otherwise known as Multi-level marketing, network marketing, or direct sales and reveal what you must know before you get involved.

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Is MLM a Scam?

MLM works by selling a dream of financial independence. The MLM website may not directly promise you financial independence, but that is what they are selling. The sales pitch typically states you can be in business for yourself and make a lot of money.

An MLM chartIf an MLM didn’t sell the dream of making a lot of money and becoming financially independent nobody would join. And, without fresh blood, an MLM will die a quick death.

The truth is, there is no opportunity with MLM. Your chances of making money are better in Las Vegas. In-depth analysis of the industry show that most people lose money when they try MLM. (Source: FTC)

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If You Want to Be Financially Independent.

Don’t bother with MLM if you want to be financially independent. MLM is a very old business model that never worked anyway (At least not for the little guy).

The future of marketing is online. Thanks to the internet, it’s easier now than ever to make money from home. And, there are reliable strategies for achieving financial independence in 3 to 5 years, but MLM is NOT one of them.

In a moment, I’ll explain what I mean. But first, I want to prove to you why MLM is a bad idea.

The MLM Business Model.

On the surface, an MLM appears to be a clever way for people to make money by selling products directly to their friends and family. The more ambitious may also choose to build a sales force and earn a percentage of each sale that is made by their organization.

Looking more closely at the MLM business model, you’ll discover that the products are expensive, usually extremely expensive compared to products sold through traditional channels.

An MLM company will justify the high cost of their products by explaining that their products have special qualities. However, if you look closely, the only thing special about the products is the price.

MLM is a Product-Based Pyramid.

Peel away the excitement, the slick website and claims of magical products, and you’ll see that an MLM is a product-based pyramid scheme. To see what I mean, first look at a pure pyramid scheme.

How a Pure Pyramid Scheme Works.

An MLM pyramid structureA pure pyramid scheme does not sell products. Instead, a pure pyramid scheme sells only a business opportunity. When you follow the money, the mechanics of a pure pyramid scheme become clear. The same mechanics drive an MLM too.

Here’s a generic example of how a pure pyramid scheme works; you pay the person who recruited you into the pyramid $100.

In exchange for giving the person who recruited you a $100, you are licensed to recruit other people into the organization and charge them $100.

When you recruit someone, you get to keep a portion of the $100 as a “commission” and pass the rest up to your sponsor and upline. Everyone in the organization is feeding money to the person at the top.

If you want to keep making money, you must “qualify” to earn commissions each month by paying another $100 to your upline. If you don’t pay $100 each month, you are not qualified to earn “commissions” and can’t make any money.

Because pure pyramid schemes do not have a product, there is very little expense. The money that comes into the organization is entirely profit.

Most countries outlaw pure pyramid schemes because they do not create anything of value that contributes to the economy and because they ruin people’s lives.

For simplicity, in the example above, I used a $100 to show the flow of money from the bottom of a pyramid scheme to the top. In truth, many pyramid schemes charge thousands and encourage members to put it on a credit card.

A Product-Based Pyramid Scheme.

A pyramid scheme is a massive funnel channeling cash to a handful of people at the top. To say they are insanely profitable would be an understatement.

Creating an organization that vacuums money out of the pockets of thousands of people can be extremely lucrative, if you can stay out of prison.

How can you build and manage, and most importantly profit from a pyramid scheme and avoid the law? You add a product line and call your scheme an MLM.

Network marketing, Multi-level marketing, MLM, call it what you will, but if you follow the money, you’ll see it’s just a product-based pyramid scheme.

How a Product-Based Pyramid Scheme Works.

Is MLM a Scam?An MLM will use every psychological trick in the book to keep you paying them money each month.

Follow the Money.

It starts with a very expensive product.

Remember in the above example of a pure pyramid scheme money is funneled from the bottom of the organization to the top.

With a product-based pyramid scheme, instead of just passing money up from one level to the next, which is illegal, they sell a cheap product for a lot of money.

What’s the difference between handing your upline $100 cash or paying them $100 for a product that cost the company $1? Not much.

Would You Buy the Product IF…

When looking at an MLM opportunity, ask yourself if you would pay the price they demand for their products if you knew you’d never make any money with their business opportunity.

People join an MLM because they believe they will make a lot of money. Why else would someone pay $100 for a product they can get at WalMart for $5?

The MLM Business Opportunity.

A typical MLM will sell you the business kit for a flat one-time fee. The price varies, but it is usually set low enough to make the opportunity appear affordable.

When you buy the business kit, you might get a cloned website and some business materials, including what appears to be a very lucrative compensation plan. The one thing you won’t get is products.

While the business kit might get you started but, it usually isn’t enough for you to earn commissions. If you want to make money in MLM, you must first “qualify” to earn commissions by buying products.

In the beginning, you’ll be encouraged to buy a product starter pack. These are an assortment of the company’s products packaged together. The cost can range from a few hundred dollars to thousands.

Remember, when you purchase MLM products, you are paying many times more than what the product is worth.

You Must Qualify to Earn Commissions.

Woman laughing at MLMThe expensive starter packs are the MLM’s method of getting as much money out of you as possible before you quit. And, you will eventually quit. Either you will become discouraged, or you will run out of money to pay for products and can no longer “qualify” for commissions.

Each month you must qualify again by buying more products. Most MLMs force members to commit to an auto-ship agreement, where they automatically buy product each month. If you don’t agree to the auto-ship, you will not be “qualified” to earn commissions.

The auto-ship requirement is the MLM’s strategy for keeping the money flowing from the bottom of the organization to the top, just like a pyramid scheme.

What You Must Know About MLM.

According to the Federal Trade Commission, 99% of people who try an MLM business opportunity will lose money. In other words, you have a 1% chance of making money with MLM.

It’s safe to assume the chance of becoming financially independent with MLM is near zero. (Source: Jon M. Taylor, MBA, Ph.D., Consumer Awareness Institute)

How the Compensation Plan Gets You.

The compensation plan for an MLM is a masterpiece of psychological manipulation.

The purpose of an MLM Compensation Plan is to sell you the dream of financial independence. It creates the appearance that you can make big money with the opportunity.

The compensation plan is designed to make you feel greedy to join the MLM. Greed is an emotion. When you are emotional, you cannot possibly make a rational decision. The creators of MLM don’t want you to use logic, if you are logical, you will see through their scheme.

The compensation plan puts you in an emotional state. And, for good measure, the plan is complex, so your logical mind cannot engage with it. This one-two punch forces you to make an emotional decision when you should be making a rational decision.

After you join an MLM, the purpose of the compensation plan is to keep you bound to the company and buying products each month.

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The Inside Joke.

The inside joke with MLM companies is that you aren’t a business partner with them. You’re a customer whose belief in the dream of financial independence keeps you locked into their scheme.

The Other Thing You Must Know…

Is MLM a Scam? What You Need to Know. 1 Is MLM a Scam? What You Need to Know.An MLM company teaches that the big money is in recruiting a large downline. Recruiting is difficult. For most people, it’s impossible.

The MLM industry has a huge turnover. People quit all the time. Building a downline is like filling a bucket with a hole the size of your fist. People quit faster than you can recruit them.

If you want to make money in MLM, you must become a recruiting machine. And, you can’t get discouraged when a third of your downline quits each month, because people quit in mass.

Can you go into someone’s home, sit among their family, gain their trust, look them in the eye and sell them the dream of becoming financially independent with your MLM business opportunity while at the same time, you know they have less than 1% chance of making any money at all?

Can you do that every day, year after year, until you succeed? If you can’t do that, you have no business in MLM, because that is what it takes.

A Better Option for You…

Aspiring to be financially independence is a worthy goal and, a realistic one, if you find the right vehicle to get you there.

Earlier I mentioned how it’s possible to achieve financial independence in 3 to 5 years. That is assuming you get the proper training and support, and you do the work.

Your Greatest Opportunity.

By any measure, the greatest opportunity most people will ever have is the internet. For the first time in history, an individual has access to the global marketplace and unlimited earning potential.

Technology makes it possible to build a six and seven figure online business with minimum overhead and no employees. For the price of an average dinner for two each month, anyone can launch and manage a profitable internet business.

If you want to stake your claim to the global marketplace, you must first learn how to sell properly. It’s not difficult.

How to Sell to the World.

Is MLM a Scam? What You Need to Know. 2 Is MLM a Scam? What You Need to Know.MLM teaches the worse way to sell. Most MLM members are left to figure out how to sell the products on their own.

They usually end up trying to talk a family member into buying something they don’t want and don’t need for more money than it’s worth.

The easy way to sell is to help people. It starts with finding a group of people with a desire or a problem. Then find a product that fulfills their desire or solves their problem. When you match a product to people’s needs, they gratefully buy your product.

If you combine the philosophy of selling by helping with the global reach of the internet, you can help a lot of people and make a lot of sales. Call it affiliate marketing.

The Future of Marketing.

MLM is a ridiculous business model that dates back 80 years to the 1940s.

It’s predatory and exploits everyone in the lower levels. For years, it might have seemed like the only options some people had for improving their lives. That was never true, and it is especially not true in the Digital Age.

Thanks to the internet. Products can go straight from the supplier to the customer. And, if you help to introduce customers to the products, you can make a lot of money without leaving home. It’s called affiliate marketing.

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The Place to Start.

Every day, my friends and I teach people from every walk of life how to profit from affiliate marketing. Affiliate marketing is surprisingly affordable and easy to start.

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