Blast4traffic Review

Blast4traffic Review

Blast4Traffic presents itself as an instant bulk email and advertising service and claims to give you access to over 70 million targeted buyers a month. That’s doubtful. If you could get 70 million visitors to your website for $34.50, you probably shouldn’t. Here’s why.

Product: Instant Bulk Email & Advertising Service
Price: $34.50 one time payment
Owner: Can Not Be Determined
Opinion: Not Recommended.

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Blast4traffic Review.

Blast4Traffic website
Blast4Traffic Website

Blast4Traffic claims they can send your email message to more than 70 million inboxes every month. Don’t let the big numbers blind you to what is happening with Blast4Traffic. Even if Blast4Traffic succeeded in delivering your email to millions of inboxes, it won’t help your business. It could harm your business.

It is impossible to deliver high-quality, targeted traffic at such volume and such a low price.

Time or Money.

Quality, targeted traffic is valuable. Because the market balances supply and demand, there will always be a price to pay to attract high-quality, targeted traffic to your offer.

You can pay for traffic with money or you can pay for it with time.

Economics 101.

Blast4traffic ReviewRemember the theory of Supply and Demand from your economics class? Me neither, but I looked it up and it goes something like this; the greater the demand for a product, the greater the price will be. In other words, the market automatically balances price and demand.

It’s the same in the website traffic market. Not surprisingly, the higher the quality of traffic and the more targeted it is, the more valuable that traffic is.

The Google Keyword Planner shows the market value of a visitor for specific keywords. Most marketers would be tickled pink to get a high-quality, targeted visitor to their website for 50 cents.

If a high-quality visitor costs 50 cents each, what kind of visitor do you get for $34.50 per 70 million?

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Why We’re Not All Rich.

If it was possible to get millions of high-quality, targeted visitors to our product offers at such a low price, we’d all be rich. Unfortunately, cheap traffic does not covert. That’s why we’re not all rich and I feel really bad about it too.

As Good as It Gets.

Whenever you use a traffic generation tool like Blast4Traffic you are probably doing more harm than good for your business. When low-quality traffic comes to your website, the visitors typically stay on your site just long enough to see what it’s about and then they click off.

Imagine sending millions of low-quality visitors to your website in a single blast. How does that look to Google and Bing? The search engines will see millions of visitors bouncing off your site in seconds.

To the search engines, it looks like your site is uninteresting and irrelevant. The rank of your website in the search engines will suffer. That’s as good as it gets with traffic generation tools.

Woefully Out of Date.

The Blast4Traffic website is nearly 17 years old and it looks like it too. On the internet, technology goes bad faster than sushi.

Two details evident on the Blast4Traffic website suggest how woefully out of date their system might be. The website is not secure, and it is not mobile responsive.

At first, the link between an outdated website and the Blast4Traffic service may not seem to matter. However, if Blast4Traffic doesn’t maintain their website, do you think they maintain their service?

As of this writing, 30% of the top million websites use Hypertext Transfer Protocol Secure (HTTPS), and the number is rapidly growing. Without getting technical, https provides some assurance that you are communicating securely with the website and that hackers have not hacked into the communications stream and created a clone website.


On a practical level, adding https to a website is easy and inexpensive. Conscientious webmasters add https to their sites to protect their visitors.

Not Mobile Friendly.

The design of the Blast4Traffic website appears to be at least ten years old. It is not mobile friendly. Over 50% of internet traffic comes from mobile devices. Even a neophyte webmaster can create a mobile friendly website. Plus, there are services online that will make an existing website mobile friendly with just a few clicks of a mouse.

Nobody’s Home.

Why isn’t Blast4Traffic updated, secure and mobile friendly? Either nobody’s home or they don’t care. Do you think they will deliver the goods they promised?

Blast4Traffic Complaints.

I found a forum thread in Warrior Forum that discusses Blast4Traffic. The forum thread dates back to 2009, but as I mentioned earlier, not much has changed with Blast4Traffic.

The images below are screenshots from that thread. You can see that the two marketers gave Blast4Traffic an extensive try and were disappointed.

Blast4Traffic Complaints
Blast4Traffic Complaints

Good News.

Two good things about Blast4Traffic is it’s cheap and it’s guaranteed. If you want to try Blast4Traffic, it only costs $34.50. There are no upsells, but there are ads inside the members area for other services.

Blast4Traffic is a ClickBank product and backed by ClickBank’s famous 60-day refund policy.

The Last Word on Blast4Traffic.

Blast4Traffic is a dud. It appears to me that Blast4Traffic targets inexperienced and poorly trained marketers. Cheap traffic is not the answer.

Who cares how cheap traffic is if it doesn’t convert? Instead of cheap traffic, you want traffic that makes more money than it costs.

The Holy Grail of Internet Marketing.

Finding quality traffic that makes more money than it costs is the perpetual challenge facing every internet marketer.

Generally speaking, a marketer can either buy advertising, which costs money, or create content that attracts visitors through Search Engine Optimization (SEO), which costs time.

Where to Start.

Because paying for traffic can get expensive in a hurry and because it can cost hundreds of dollars to test a campaign, I recommend that new marketers focus on learning SEO first.

Making money with SEO is a slow start. It can take months of work before money begins to flow in, but it is a very forgivable process. If you screw up, it will only cost you your time.

If you screw up buying traffic, it can cost hundreds of dollars.

Building on Success.

Building a profitable website based on SEO has another huge advantage. You can use the profits to fund paid ad campaigns instead of taking money from the family budget or the kids college fund.

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Learn for Free.

If you haven’t made money online, or if you aren’t making the money you hoped for, I encourage you to build an online business based on Search Engine Optimization. The FREE starter level of the Online Entrepreneur Certification Course will show you how. I’m also available to help you at no cost.

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If you found this article helpful or have experience with Blast4Traffic, please leave a comment below.

16 thoughts on “Blast4traffic Review

  1. Thanks for your review of this site and the business of offering millions of visitors.  I had not run accross this site but mostly because I believe content is better than volume.  My own site has had a lot of quick visits because I have not done a good job of providing new content.  I hope your review will keep new on-line marketers from wasting their money on a service like Blast4traffic.

    Are there a lot of other sites offering similar services to generate high volumes of traffic?  Are they all as bad as you portray Blast4traffic?

    1. Hi, Jrs43!

      Blast4Traffic is typical of traffic generating software. You can also find gigs in Fiverr that promise massive traffic for very little money. Also, Adfly will send a 1000 visitors to any site for about $5. Getting traffic is not difficult. The challenge is getting traffic that will convert to your offer. 

      The best way to get traffic that will convert is to create quality content on your website that will attract traffic interested in your offer. I think the second best traffic is pay per click advertising, but that requires a bit of trial and error and can get expensive.

      For the beginner, quality content is the way to start. Once a website is earning consistent income, it may be time to begin experimenting with pay per click.

      Thanks for stopping by,


  2. For getting success in any online business, you need quality traffic. Organic traffic is always a safe and great way to prosperous in your online business. Just Create quality content and creating content consistently is the key. Don’t look for a quick fix, it’s not worth it. Thank you so much for sharing an in-depth review on blast4traffic with us.

    1. Hi, Bushra!

      You are so right. Organic traffic is always better. And, like you mention, organic traffic is dependent on quality content. 

      I wish more people would understand that they can make an excellent income if they will simply take the time to learn how to make money online the right way, apply what they learn, and be patient. Anyone who can write an email and surf the web can build an online business that will earn a full-time income.

      Thanks for stopping by,


  3. I did not even know something like Blast4Traffic exists.  However, it would never occur to me to use this type of service because I firmly believe in quality over quantity.  I should not be surprised, though.  I see many TV commercials offering many products for long periods of time, some products even for years; yet I have not found one single buyer who is satisfied with the products advertised… but they still sell (at least once).  And we know how VERY expensive television advertising is!!!  So after reading this review, I can relate to how an outmoded and unattended website still gets away with getting some people to fall for it!  I wonder if the owner just keeps the site running for an occasional $34.50???  Would be interesting to know if the site owner is really making money off of this… just wondering.

    1. Hi, Janxio!

      I suspect the owner of Blast4Traffic does make money for the owner. In the early days of internet marketing, something like Blast4Traffic probably worked for a short time. It certainly doesn’t work now and will harm a website.

      The problem is newbies don’t know that low quality traffic will harm their online business. All a newbie sees is tons of traffic for next to nothing. 

      Thanks for stopping by,


  4. I will never use Blast4Traffic or any other kind of traffic generation software. It’s too dangerous. Most people who had used similar tactics regretted doing it. Their sites went from online to non-existent after that and no matter what they do, they can’t seem to bring in anymore natural traffic after that. Using illegal automated system is like death penalty to one’s site. Don’t do it!

    1. Hi, Cathy!

      I agree. The search engines are smart and getting smarter by the minute. They know who’s been naughty and who’s been nice. Why do people want to game the system when it’s much easier to cooperate with the search engines. Blast4Traffic doesn’t deliver.

      Thanks for stopping by,


  5. It seems that all of these cheap cost traffic generation type sites are just in it for a quick buck, because they are not delivering the quality traffic that they should for the price that you are paying. It is the question of wether you want 100 visitors that are there because they are interested in your content vs 100000 visitors that are there for two seconds to make a quick buck. Quality matters and is always better in the end then quantity. 

    1. Hi, Shy!

      Blast4Traffic has nothing to offer.

      Indeed, quality does matter. I’m convinced that as the internet continues to evolve reputation and relationships will be the cornerstone of marketing success. The marketers who don’t care about their reputation or about establishing a relationship with their customers will fail.

      Thanks for stopping by,


  6. Hello,

    Thanks for this Blast4traffic review.  We all want traffic to our websites so it is so tempting to try all these companies that make such huge promises.  You pointed out some good points as why this one isn’t a good choice.  Basically, we get what we pay for.  My red flag went up when I read at the beginning of your post that the owners were unknown.  That’s never a good sign.  Who do we hold accountable when the the promises aren’t met?  The fact they aren’t up-to-date in regards to security and mobile use is also a red flag. I know Clickbank is popular so I’m surprised this product is available there, which is why such reviews as yours are important.  Thanks again for your opinion.  I think I’ll stay clear of this product.


    1. Hi, Debbie!

      I was surprised that Blast4Traffic was on ClickBank too. I’m sure they get a lot of chargebacks. On the other hand, they must be making money and don’t care to change a thing about their product.

      Thanks for stopping by,


  7. Hi friend,

    Thanks for the good job you have done in reviewing Blast4traffic. I don’t think I will go in for a traffic that is low targeted again. I did that sometime ago with some bad implications on my website. I have realized that it has made my rankings suffer and my organic traffic has also reduce. 

    I initially thought it will rather be of help, but instead, I have seen the consequences of using low quality traffic, a mistake i will never rep[eat in my life. I mean if I need traffic, why prevent me from using Bing Ads which is quite low in terms of pricing compared to Google Adwords. 

    So, although it looks cheap, I will never give such a poor offer a try just to ruin my website. You really did some good job, and I like your honesty in this review. You will save a lot of readers from wasting their money on this low quality traffic.


    1. Hi, Stephen!

      The smarter the search engines become the more they want to see quality content on a website and genuine traffic to a website. Any time we try to fake it with cheap traffic the ranking of our website will suffer. Blast4Traffic is an antique from the dark ages of the internet. It  has nothing to offer now.

      If you want to pay for traffic, learn to use PPC advertising. It has a steep learning curve, but can be extremely profitable once you’re competent with it.

      Thanks for stopping by,


  8. I totally agree If blast4traffic isn’t keeping up with their website they probably don’t care about you or how good the traffic is they want you money.

    It is pretty sad to know that people just think about money before really thinking about how their product could help others or even hurt them. It is a cheap way to get traffic I agree but like you said your bounce rates William be high if the people that come to your site don’t care about what you are talking about.

    I believe we should all stay away unless you want to be the guinea pig the. By all means go ahead but I wouldn’t because my site is like my baby you know?

    Thanks for the in-depth review of blast4traffic


    1. Hi, Matt!

      I agree. Blast4Traffic won’t help you. It’s just a hangover from the early days of the internet when junk traffic might have made a difference. It doesn’t now.

      Thanks for stopping by,


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