What is Wealthy Affiliate? What You Need to Know.

What is Wealthy Affiliate?

The internet gives everyone access to the world market where they can earn an income twenty-four hours a day, seven days a week. Wealthy Affiliate shows you how.

What is Wealthy Affiliate? Wealthy Affiliate is the world’s largest Internet Marketing community, with more than 800,000 members in 195 countries. Each year, through Wealthy Affiliate’s training and support, thousands of people from all walks of life become successful online entrepreneurs.

Name: Wealthy Affiliate
Website: WealthyAffiliate.com
Price: FREE Trial Membership at WaFreeTrial.com, Premium Membership, $49/month.
Owners: Carson & Kyle
Who it’s for Newbie to Experienced Marketing Professional
Rating: Highly Recommended

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What is Wealthy Affiliate?

What is Wealthy Affiliate?It’s true; Wealthy Affiliate is the largest community of Internet Marketers in the world. However, it’s also much more. Wealthy Affiliate provides all the training, tools, hosting and support necessary to profit from the internet at a single monthly membership fee anyone can afford.

Wealthy Affiliate teaches proven strategies, business principles, and the industry’s best practices. Anyone who can write an email, conduct an online search and who is willing to put in the effort, can build a profitable online business with Wealthy Affiliate.

Each month, more than 10,000 new online businesses are launched through Wealthy Affiliate. Each day, more than 1,800 Wealthy Affiliate coaches help more than 23,000 members. Most questions are answered in less than two minutes.

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My Top Recommendation.

With the right training and support, it’s possible to work from a laptop and earn more than most professions. I’m convinced Wealthy Affiliate is your best shot at achieving financial independence.

I’ve been an internet marketer for more than ten years. Before joining Wealthy Affiliate in 2015, I purchased dozens of Internet Marketing products and programs. And, I continue to buy more every year to review.

Wealthy Affiliate is my top recommendation for anyone who wants to create an online income.

There are a few other good affiliate marketing programs, but none deliver as much as Wealthy Affiliate does at such an affordable price.

Wealthy Affiliate probably saved my life. In a moment, I’ll tell you my story and guide you on a visual tour of Wealthy Affiliate.

Wealthy Affiliate FREE Trial Membership.

Try the free trial membership. You don’t need a credit card, and no one will ask you for money. There are no sneaky up-sells or surprises.

Wealthy Affiliate Free Trial MembershipIf you get the free trial membership through any of the links on this page, you’ll join through my affiliate link and come under my care. That means I’ll be your mentor. I’ll be notified whenever you need help and will always be there for you. Go here to sign up as a free member.

The free Wealthy Affiliate trial membership gives you access to the community, the first level of the Online Entrepreneur Certification and Bootcamp training, an affiliate program, special tools, two free websites and support for 7 days.

Use the free training to discover what it takes to make money online the right way. If it feels right to you and you’re ready to do the work, upgrade to the premium membership.

Enjoy Multiple Streams of Income.

Once you are confident with the fundamental marketing skills taught inside Wealthy Affiliate, you’ll have the ability to create additional income streams whenever you wish. That’s financial security.

Do you want to earn more? Build another income stream by adding more content to your website or building another website. My friends and I at Wealthy Affiliate will show you how.

Are You an Online Entrepreneur?

You really can make serious bank from home, but first, you must answer a couple of questions. Please this next section carefully and be honest yourself. Honesty and transparency are essential.

Ask yourself; Are you an Opportunity Seeker or an Online Entrepreneur? Hold that thought and let me explain.

Chris Farrell asked me this question early in my online marketing career. It woke me up and showed me why I was struggling with my business. The insight I gained from answering this question has made all the difference. Thank you, Chris.

Now, I ask the same question of you. Take time to ponder what it means. If you don’t understand the difference between an Opportunity Seeker and an Online Entrepreneur, you’ll never make more than chump change online. Let me explain.

Wealthy Affiliate Opportunity SeekerAn Opportunity Seeker is someone infected with the “shiny object syndrome.” They chase after one make-money product after another. They are forever searching for the gimmick or secret that will magically make the internet pour money into their bank account.

They’re vulnerable to unethical promises of fast, easy money and push button riches. And they spend more money on dubious products and courses than they make.

An Opportunity Seeker believes financial independence is a one-time blast off like winning the lottery. They live for the excitement of finding yet another product that promises overnight success. They’re like addicts chasing their next high.

An Online Entrepreneur understands that financial independence is the result of a systemic, do-it-yourself process that takes work, patience, integrity, and commitment. They see the unlimited internet opportunity and are committed to mastering the necessary skills.

An Online Entrepreneur is value focused. They understand that creating value means helping people solve problems. They know when they create value in the market place, people will gladly give then their money over and over again. And, through the power of the internet, these business transactions can occur on an unimaginable global scale.

Now, ask yourself; Are you an Opportunity Seeker or an Online Entrepreneur?

Wealthy Affiliate is for Online Entrepreneurs.

The core training inside Wealthy Affiliate is called Online Entrepreneur Certification for a reason. It shows you how to think like an online entrepreneur. You won’t find this anywhere else, and it is critical to your success.

You’ll learn there is no magic button or secret sauce that will make you rich. Instead, you’ll discover how money is really made online.

Will You do the Work?

Earlier, I wrote that you needed to answer a couple of questions if you wanted to enjoy the freedom and rewards of an online business. Yes, there’s another question you must answer.

Wealthy Affiliate Work In Your PajamasYou see, unlike offers that want you to believe making money online is easy, I want you to understand it takes sustained effort, some might call it work.

Yes, an online business is easier than dragging yourself to a wage-slave job and dealing with a torturous boss. And, it’s easier than trying to live on Social Security too. And, it’s infinitely more profitable than trading your time for money.

Yes, you can make a $1000 or more in a day AFTER you have the skills and after you have gained some experience.

But, in the beginning, you must do the work. There’s that word again.

Honestly, working online is not the same as working offline. It’s more like reading, writing, and playing a video game. The truth is, as your skills improve, so does your income.

It doesn’t matter if you’re not one of the chosen beautiful people of the world. It doesn’t matter if you didn’t go to a good school or if you’re young or old. Your sexual orientation doesn’t matter either; neither does the color of your skin, or where you’re from or where your ancestors are from.

All that matters is; Will learn the skills and do the work?

Are You Ready?

And yet another question. A Zen proverb reminds us when a student is ready; the teacher will appear. Perhaps there’s a cosmic reason you’re investigating Wealthy Affiliate at this time.

If you’re ready, let me, my friends and the Wealthy Affiliate community be your teacher. I invite you to try the free membership.

A Principled Community Built on Integrity.

Wealthy Affiliate is a principled community built on integrity. The Wealthy Affiliate mission is to help you achieve financial independence with an online business.

Try it for free. Trust the process and don’t quit. You can’t fail if you don’t quit.

Curse of the Digital Serengeti.

The core training taught inside Wealthy Affiliate teaches how to get high-quality free traffic from Google, Bing, and Yahoo. This strategy is proven and reliable. It’s the perfect starting point for a new online business because it doesn’t cost anything.

Wealthy Affiliate Serengeti
The Serengeti

Getting traffic from the search engines is indeed an excellent strategy. Unfortunately, it might take several months for the search engines to rank your new website and send it traffic.

The time gap between building your website and seeing results will test your commitment and sanity. It will make you doubt yourself.

This is where newbies are vulnerable to Opportunity Seeker behavior. They’re at risk of quitting and chasing after a shiny object promising faster and easier rewards. Don’t be that person.

I call this gap the Digital Serengeti because it can feel like trudging across the Great Serengeti Plain of Africa. The only way to get through is to keep going, keep building your business.

Eventually, Google, Bing, and Yahoo will catch up and send your site traffic.

As you’re crossing the Digital Serengeti, it’s essential to have the support of an active community of marketers like Wealthy Affiliate. We know the challenges you’ll face, and we know how to overcome them.

More Digital Serengeti Dangers.

Not only must you cross the Digital Serengeti, but you must also ignore the endless pitches for make-money products crowding your inbox. Most of them will only disappoint.

The emails promising faster, easier riches are like the ancient sirens from Greek mythology luring you to disaster. If you follow their call, you’ll lose focus on what works, waste a lot of time and energy and probably lose money.

To be sure, there are faster ways to make money online, but not in the beginning. If you don’t know anything, you must first learn the basic skills of internet marketing and have the confidence to use them.

That’s what Wealthy Affiliate gives you.

After you know the fundamentals, like how to build a landing page and generate traffic, you can launch a campaign in a day that earns a lot of money. However, that is only possible after you have the basic skills.

Focus on the training. Trust the process and do the work.

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Be Unbeatable.

Wealthy Affiliate UnbeatableWealthy Affiliate’s training and support makes you unbeatable. You can’t fail if you don’t quit. If you refuse to quit, it isn’t a matter of IF you will succeed; it’s only a matter of WHEN.

Commit to your success and stay the course.

Wealthy Affiliate Has Helped Thousands.

Wealthy Affiliate has helped thousands become successful online marketers. It’s where I learned the right way to build an affiliate marketing business and where I still learn.

Because it has everything you need at a very affordable price without gimmicks or gotcha’s, Wealthy Affiliate is my top recommendation.

An Online Home.

I stumbled onto Wealthy Affiliate in 2015. Immediately, I knew it was what I had been searching for. It has become my online home.

Wealthy Affiliate is more than an online community of internet marketers. Sure, the training is second to none, and we all help each other, but as a Wealthy Affiliate member, you’ll also make friends with people from around the world. And, when you need it, you can get warm fuzzy “you can do it,” cheer leading support too.

No Nonsense.

You won’t find silly gimmicks or self-appointed gurus in Wealthy Affiliate. You will find people like you who are changing their lives with an online business. They’re ready to help you do the same thing.

A Full-Time Income on a Shoestring.

Wealthy Affiliate has everything you need to build a profitable online business on a shoestring; including the up to date training, experienced marketers ready to help you, automated software tools, high-security web hosting, proven strategies and more.

Opportunity Seeker Hell.

What is Wealthy AffiliateBefore I found Wealthy Affiliate, I was lost in Opportunity Seeker hell for six years. The more I failed, the more desperate I became, and the more desperate I became, the more I bought junk training programs promising me riches and the more I failed.

I’m sure I did everything wrong at least twice.

I’m embarrassed to admit this, but back my Opportunity Seeker days, I paid $300 for a training course that was sold in English and taught in Spanish. And, I paid $600 for a video training course where the instructor apparently snorted coke before each lesson. (I was married to a coke-head for ten years. I know the signs).

In my Opportunity Seeker Hell days, I could see the immense earning potential the internet promised, but could not crack the code. It didn’t help that scammers were lined up for as far as the eye could see to take my money.

Eventually, I somehow managed to build a budding online empire of five-page niche sites. Altogether, they earned about $500 a month. I thought I had figured out the internet, but Google had other ideas.

I learned the hard way that pride goes before destruction and a haughty spirit goes before a fall.

Google Moves in Mysterious Ways.

While I was celebrating my modest success in blissful ignorance, Google changed the rules.

Every one of my websites got kicked out of the search engine. My income dropped to zero overnight. Months of work evaporated into the digital ether, gone forever.

I had been gaming the system, and I got caught. A lot of marketers were doing it at the time, and I thought that was the path to internet success.

It was a hard lesson, but I realized piecemeal courses do not lead to online success. And neither does training from some stranger making big promises who happens to know my email address.

I mourned the death of my fledgling online empire for longer than I should have. Then I entered a period self-pity and self-loathing after I was forced to admit I had been an opportunity seeker.

After getting my head right, I switched gears and approached online marketing as an entrepreneur. I stopped listening to every marketer promising me the secret to fast, easy money.

No more nickel and dime eBooks or over-hyped video courses for me. I didn’t want a gimmick. I wanted to know proven business principles and the industry’s best practices. I want to know how to create value in the global marketplace.

The Mother Lode.

Wealthy Affiliate LogoWhen I began to think like an entrepreneur, an interesting thing happened. First, I learned to ignore the emails and ads that appealed to opportunity seekers. Then, I was able to see the real opportunity.

It’s like I had a new vision. That’s when I discovered Wealthy Affiliate. It had been there the entire time. I just couldn’t see it.

Soon after I joined Wealthy Affiliate, I sent the founders an email thanking them for creating such an awesome place to learn. Like many members, I feel blessed to have found it.

Through Wealthy Affiliate’s training, I learned how to build an authority website that Google loves. Because Wealthy Affiliate taught me how to help Google, I’m rewarded by the search engines, and I never worry about losing what I built.

Now, a single article on just one of my websites earns more than I ever made with my little online empire.

You Can Do This.

If I can do this, you can do it. It’s not rocket science or brain surgery. If you can write an email to a friend and surf the internet for information, you can build a profitable online business.

Learn the skills and do the work. Wealthy Affiliate will show you how.

Wealthy Affiliate Has Everything You Need.

You’ll never find a magic button that will make you rich, but Wealthy Affiliate is the next best thing. Wealthy Affiliate shows you how to market to the world and provides everything you need to build a profitable internet business.

If you’re serious about becoming financially independent, follow the training inside Wealthy Affiliate and do the work, your internet business can pay for itself within a few months and replace a full-time job in 18 to 24 months.

That’s probably not as fast as you would like, but it’s realistic, and it’s a heck of a lot faster than most businesses and professions.

Discover Proven Business Strategies.

Trust the ProcessAs a Wealthy Affiliate premium member, you’ll discover how to combine proven business principles with the unlimited reach of the internet and profit by giving people what they want.

It’s an unbeatable strategy that can be extremely lucrative. Once you have such a strategy in place, you’ll have a business that rewards you for years.

A Few of My Favorite Things.

Here’s where I list a few things I love about Wealthy Affiliate. You’ll see why it’s the best place to learn internet marketing.

  • Wealthy Affiliate is Newbie Friendly. Anyone can make this work if they follow the training, ask questions and put what they learn into practice.
  • It’s free to start, really. There’s no risk.
  • Wealthy Affiliate opens the door to infinite opportunity and unlimited earning potential.
  • Wealthy Affiliate is an ethical community built on integrity and devoted to the success of each member.
  • Easy to follow training.
  • Live, person-to-person help 24/7.
  • Fast, highly-secure web hosting with daily malware scans and backups with 99.9% Uptime.
  • A centralized dashboard so you can efficiently manage your online empire.
  • An automated website builder that creates a new site in minutes.
  • Direct access to experts and highly successful affiliate marketers.
  • A spam-free environment. No one will try to sell you junk.
  • No hidden fees. Just two membership levels, free and paid.

You’re Never Alone.

Working from home as an affiliate marketer can get lonely. As Max Ehrmann reminds us in his wise and lovely poem, Desiderata, “Many fears

Wealthy Affiliate Never Alone
As a Wealthy Affiliate member, you are never alone.

are borne of fatigue and loneliness.”

As a member of Wealthy Affiliate, you will always be connected to the community and you’ll never have to go it alone.

When I discovered Wealthy Affiliate, I was at a low point in my life. Getting out of bed was a struggle, and I had nothing to look forward to. Wealthy Affiliate turned that around. I’m not exaggerating when I say Wealthy Affiliate changed my life.

As you are building your online business, you will face many challenges. Sometimes you might just need to know which box to check and sometimes you might need reminding of why you started this adventure.

Wealthy Affiliate helps you stack the deck in your favor, so success comes more quickly and more easily.

The Price is Right.

Wealthy Affiliate has only 2 membership levels: the Free Starter Membership and the paid Premium Membership.

Unlike other learning platforms, Wealthy Affiliate will not surprise you with other fees. There are no other fees.

Begin with the FREE Starter Membership. Think of it as a trial membership where you can check out Wealthy Affiliate without risk.

As a free member, you’ll have access to the community and initial levels of two training packages, plus two free websites, the automated SiteBuilder, a keyword tool, SiteManager, several software tools and 7 days of support.

If it feels right to you, upgrade to the paid Premium Membership. You can get the first month of Premium for $19. Use this time to really put Wealthy Affiliate through her paces. Kick the tires and squeeze all the goodness out.

After the first month of Premium Membership, you can continue at $49 per month or pay by the quarter, semi-annually or annually for considerable savings.

Is Wealthy Affiliate Right for You?

The free membership does have its limitations. Don’t expect to build a business with just the free membership. It’s possible, but very difficult for a newbie to succeed without investing in their business.

Use the free Wealthy Affiliate membership to determine if the community is right for you.

Everything You Need.

The Wealthy Affiliate Premium Level is everything you need to succeed online. Plus, it will accelerate your journey tremendously.

As a Premium Member, you’ll have access to everything Wealthy Affiliate offers at one low price, including assistance from proven experts who want you to succeed.

At the bottom of this article, you’ll find a table comparing the benefits of the Free Starter Membership and the Premium Membership.

Invest in Your Success.

We all want fewer bills and more money.

I understand the desire to make money without spending money. I was like that in the beginning too. That’s one reason I was stuck for so long.

Wealthy Affiliate Invest in YourselfBuilding an online business is sort of like farming. In the beginning, it is essential to invest time and money. Before you can make money, you must first plant quality seeds on land you own and nurture them until harvest.

Trying to build an online business without spending money is like trying to farm on land you don’t own with dubious seeds someone gave you. It might work, but it won’t be easy.

In my crude analogy of farming, I mentioned that owning the land is vitally important. The same is true for building an online business.

When you try to build an online business without spending money, you are forced to use a subdomain website. The two free websites you get with Wealthy Affiliate are subdomains. As a premium member of Wealthy Affiliate, you get server space for 25 domains you own.

The free websites you get at Wix or any other free site are subdomains too. That means you do not own them.

Websites are valuable online real estate. Why would you want to build a business on internet property you don’t own?

It’s important not to spend money foolishly and to make your online business pay for itself as soon as possible. However, with any business, there is a balance between spending time and spending money.

If you don’t wisely spend money to build a business, you will be forced to spend time. Spending long hours trying to build an online business can be exhausting. It can lead to frustration, burnout and quitting.

Because Wealthy Affiliate offers everything you need to build a profitable online business, the $49 membership fee, plus about $15/year for a domain name, is all you need to spend until your business is profitable. Once your business is paying for itself and generating a profit, you might decide to purchase other tools to boost your earnings and to increase the efficiency of your workflow.

As a Premium Wealthy Affiliate member, you will succeed faster and with less frustration. That is more than worth the cost of membership.

How to Pay for WA Membership.

A simple way to pay for your Wealthy Affiliate membership is to write articles for Textbroker.com. It’s free to join, and they have free training about how to write for the internet. You can easily earn enough in a day to pay your monthly membership fee.

There are also a couple of ways to earn credits inside Wealthy Affiliate you can convert to cash and use to pay your membership fee.

The Real Deal.

Wealthy Affiliate will show you how to build an online business that leverages the immense power of the internet.

As with any business, success online requires patience, commitment, and sustained effort, otherwise known as work.

If you will commit to your success, learn the skills and do the work, you can create an extraordinary life for yourself. You can free yourself from financial worry and from ever having to answer to a boss.

Join Wealthy Affiliate.  Get involved in our community and immerse yourself in the training.

A Picture Tour of Wealth Affiliate.

When you join at the free level, and after you set up your free account and watch the walk-through video, you’ll discover the Wealthy Affiliate dashboard. This is your access to the community, training and the control center for your empire.

What is Wealthy Affiliate Dashboard

Notice there are several ways to get help. Plus, as a premium member, you can send a private message to other members directly.

After you join, you’ll soon discover that some members specialize in specific areas of internet marketing, such as email marketing, WordPress or paid advertising. They can be terrific resources as your online business grows.

Take a moment to look at the numbers in the left sidebar in the above image. Numbered from 1 to 4, these are; Training, Websites, Live Events, and Research. When you click on any of these, a new menu opens. In a moment, I’ll discuss these in more detail.

The Genius of Wealthy Affiliate Tools.

Later, we’ll take a look at the tools included with your Wealthy Affiliate membership. For now, I want to point out that as your internet business grows, it will become necessary to streamline your workflow. That’s the genius of the tools included with your premium Wealthy Affiliate membership.

Tools like SiteManager, SiteContent, SiteBuilder, SiteComment, SiteFeedback, SiteSupport and Jaaxy will save your hours of time and frustration. And they are all included with your Premium Wealthy Affiliate membership.

A Closer Look at Wealthy Affiliate Training.

When you click on Training in the Wealthy Affiliate dashboard, you are taken to a page that looks like this:

What is Wealthy Affiliate Training

The initial training inside Wealthy Affiliate is the Online Entrepreneur Certification course. Think of it as basic training for Online Entrepreneurs. It shows you how to quickly build a website, create content the search engines love, generate traffic and make money.

The skills you will learn in the Online Entrepreneur Certification training are core skills for affiliate marketing, but they will help you make money in other ways too.

For example, when you know how to build websites, you can create sites for others and earn $100+ an hour. Plus, you can also create websites and sell them for 30 times their monthly earnings. A website that earns $1000 a month can sell for $30,000.

You will always be able to make money once you have basic internet marketing skills and a little confidence.

Beyond the Online Entrepreneur Certification training, there’s an abundance of specialized training as shown by the red arrows in the above image. Specialized training includes; list building, email marketing, social media, video marketing, paid advertising, local SEO and more.

Inside Wealthy Affiliate, you’ll learn many different strategies for building multiple streams of income. With the skills you learn as a Wealthy Affiliate Premium member, you’ll always be able to make money.


In addition to training, Wealthy Affiliate provides all the tools you need to build and manage websites. As a Premium Member, you get enough high-security server space to host 25 domain websites and 25 sub-domain websites. You only need one website, but with your membership, you have plenty of room to grow your business.

If you click on “Websites” in the left sidebar, you’ll come to a page that looks like this;

What is Wealthy Affiliate Websites

Once you click on the “Websites” tab, you gain access to all things related to websites.

Within the Websites area, you’ll see SiteManager, SiteBuilder, SiteDomains, SiteContent, SiteComments, SiteFeedback, and SiteSupport.

In SiteManager, you can manage all the websites you own from one central point. As a premium member, you also get SiteSpeed.

SiteSpeed is special software that dramatically boosts the loading speed of your website. Fast loading sites create a better user experience for visitors and rank higher in Google. Ultimately, a faster site means more revenue.

Site SSL, aka https, is included for free for all the websites you host inside Wealthy Affiliate. SSL ensures an encrypted connection to the internet. Search engines rank SSL sites higher than non-SSL sites.

Remember, the higher your site ranks in the search engines, the more traffic it will get. The more traffic to your site means the more money it can make.

Also free with your Premium Wealthy Affiliate membership is SiteProtect. SiteProtect blocks spam BEFORE it gets to your site.

SiteBuilder is a software tool that builds a website in minutes. It really is super easy. With SiteBuilder, all you have to do is fill in a couple of boxes and press a button. And Presto! You have a new site. From that point, all you need to do is tweak the design and add content.

SiteContent is an advanced writing platform that accelerates content creation. It includes several templates and checks to ensure your content is original.

SiteComments is a fast and easy way to get comments on your website. Comments demonstrate to the search engines that people are engaged with your website. Activity on your site will boost your rankings in the search engines. Better rankings usually mean greater income from your website.

SiteFeedback invites Wealthy Affiliate members to review and critique your website. Feedback will tell you how other people experience your website, so you can make logical improvements if necessary. You always want your visitor to have the best possible experience.

SiteSupport is Wealthy Affiliate’s tech support team. They keep your website up and running like a top. If something isn’t working properly on your site, SiteSupport will fix it. If you mess around and break your site, SiteSupport will reboot a backup copy of our site, so it’s good as new.

I once was locked out of my site when a plugin went rogue. SiteSupport went into my site, took out the rogue plugin and had me back in business within the hour.

Full tech support is available 24/7, and most issues are quickly resolved.

Wealthy Affiliate Live Events.

Back in the dashboard, you’ll see “Live Events” in the left sidebar. When you click on it, you’re taken to a page that looks like this:

What is Wealthy Affiliate Live Events

Live Events is live training given each Friday. It’s given by an experienced and successful marketer. This is where you learn about current trends in internet marketing and changes you should be aware of.

Usually, the Live Events training is presented by Jay, a 12-year Wealthy Affiliate veteran with many successful websites and thriving local SEO business.

Jay has extensive experience in most areas of Internet marketing, including advertising, content development, SEO, and website design.

He’s especially keen on the use of analytics and gifted at presenting complex marketing subjects in simple terms anyone can understand.

Jay answers questions during the Live Event and takes the time to ensure everyone benefits from his training. He knows how intimidating internet marketing might be to a beginner. For over a decade, Jay has helped newbies gain the confidence they need to succeed.

All weekly Live Event training is recorded and stored in the archives so you can refer to it anytime you wish.

Recent Live Events training has included, Youtube Marketing, SEO for 2019, Keyword Opportunities in Google Search Console, Bing Webmaster Tools, and an Introduction to the Google Search Console.

A Brief Side Adventure.

What is Wealthy Affiliate Side TripAllow me to take a side trip to expand on two of the sessions in Live Events; SEO for 2019 and an Introduction to the Google Search Console. These are perfect examples of how your Wealthy Affiliate membership keeps you current with the best practices in the industry.

To my knowledge, no other marketing platform offers this.

SEO for 2019. SEO, otherwise known as Search Engine Optimization, is the art and science of helping search engines rank your website. Over the years, SEO has changed dramatically over the years. And, it continues to change.

SEO is essential to your site’s success. When it’s done right, SEO makes the search engines fall in love with your site and favor it above the competition. And, when it’s done wrong, it can seriously damage your website’s rank.

Five years ago, when I got the Google Slap, it was because, in my ignorance, I failed to do SEO properly. Wealthy Affiliate helped me see the error of my ways.

The Google Search Console. Google gives you a lot of valuable free information to help you rank your website and keep it healthy. Unfortunately, it can be intimidating and confusing for a newbie to navigate through the data.

Plus, over the years, Google’s webmaster interface has changed many times. It’s now called Google Search Console.

The Wealthy Affiliate Weekly Live Event keeps you up to date with every Google change that may impact your business.

The rules for internet marketing are constantly changing. Wealthy Affiliate’s weekly Live Events keeps you up to date with the best practices in the industry.

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Wealthy Affiliate Research.

In the Wealthy Affiliate dashboard, you will find the Research tab in the left sidebar. Click on it and you come to a page that looks like this:

What is Wealthy Affiliate Research

The Research tab connects to Jaaxy. Jaaxy is an extremely powerful keyword research tool. It streamlines and accelerates niche and keyword research.

To understand how Jaaxy boosts your productivity, it’s essential that you first realize the importance of niche and keyword research.

Remember, a niche is a bunch of people who share a common interest. Let’s say they all like exotic fish. With the right information, which you get from Jaaxy, you could build a website about exotic fish and successfully promote products to that niche.

At Wealthy Affiliate, we recommend that beginners start with a niche they love. When you love the subject of your website, it makes building your business so much more enjoyable.

Getting the proper keywords is vitally important. A keyword is a phrase someone enters into Google to find what they are searching for. Jaaxy delivers money-making keywords, quickly and easily.

When you know the keywords people are using online, you can create the content they are searching for. Then, they’ll come to your website like bees to honey. In the process, you make money. Wealthy Affiliate shows you how.

Site Rank: If you have tried to figure out where your posts rank in the search engines, you know how boring and time-consuming it can be. I’d rather have a root canal.

Just to be clear, remember, a post is an article “posted” on your website.

Jaaxy SiteRank takes the work out of finding the search rank of your posts. Instead of scanning page after page on Google, you enter the keyword you want to rank for and click a button. It’s that easy. In seconds Jaaxy tells you where your post ranks in Google, Bing, and Yahoo.

Search & Analysis: Finding a keyword is only the beginning. You also need to know if you were to write a post for that keyword if the post would rank high enough to bring traffic to your site. With Jaaxy, you’ll know.

Based on a highly advanced logarithm, Jaaxy gathers data from across the internet to deliver an estimate of the competition for a keyword and how much traffic you can expect that keyword to draw to your site. It’s like having a crystal ball.

The Alphabet Soup Method: The Alphabet Soup method is a clever technique for finding low competition keywords. Using this method, Jaaxy works with the Search Engines to find unique keywords very few marketers know about.

Brainstorm HQ: Imagine linking your brain with the internet to find niche ideas and keywords. That’s what you can do with Brainstorm HQ. This is how you discover lucrative niche ideas no one else thought about.

Affiliate Programs: There are tens of thousands of affiliate programs available online. However, finding the right one can be a challenge.

Jaaxy cuts through the chaos to pinpoint the affiliate program that best fits for your niche.

Jaaxy’s Four Levels.

There are four levels to Jaaxy; Jaaxy Starter, Jaaxy Lite, Jaaxy Pro and Jaaxy Enterprise.

The difference between the versions of Jaaxy is how fast you can get information and how much information is provided.

What is Wealthy Affiliate Jaaxy IIJaaxy Starter and Jaaxy Lite are plenty for a newbie. Jaaxy Starter is free for free members. It’s all you need to get started.

Jaaxy Lite is the second level. It’s free to Premium members. With more speed and more data than the Starter Level, Jaaxy Lite is enough to launch your business.

Once your website is making a profit, it’s advisable to re-invest some of your profits back into your business. Upgrading to Jaaxy Pro or Jaaxy Enterprise is recommended. Upgrading to the more powerful versions will save you time and boost your workflow efficiency.

Wealthy Affiliate Live Chat.

Back in the Wealthy Affiliate dashboard, over on the right, you’ll see the Live Chat column. This is the heartbeat of Wealthy Affiliate.

Wealthy Affiliate has thousands of members scattered all around the world, and you’ll find the chat area buzzing twenty-four hours a day.

This is where you can socialize with other members or get your questions answered. The founders of Wealthy Affiliate, Kyle and Carson, are often in the chat.

If you get stuck, go to Live Chat and ask for help. Do you want to share some good news? Share it in the chat. Need some help staying motivated? You’ll find it in chat.

The Wealthy Affiliate Blogroll.

Back in the Wealthy Affiliate dashboard, in the center, you’ll find the community blogroll. As a member, you can publish blog posts on your Wealthy Affiliate profile. Your blog posts will also appear in the community blogroll so all members can see them.

In your blog posts, you can write about most subjects that would be suitable for a family audience, but you can’t sell stuff. Wealthy Affiliate is a strict “Spam Free” zone.

What is Wealthy Affiliate Blogroll

Wealthy Affiliate Founders.

Wealthy Affiliate was launched in 2005 by Kyle and Carson. When you join Wealthy Affiliate at the free level, these guys will be among the first to welcome you to the community.

I was so grateful when I found Wealthy Affiliate, I private message Kyle to thank him. He answered right away. I was awestruck.

Kyle and Carson are highly active in the community and genuinely want every member to succeed. As a premium member, you can send a private message to them directly.

Behind the scenes, Kyle and Carson oversee a staff that keeps Wealthy Affiliate running smoothly and up to date.

Kyle and Carson are committed to constantly improving Wealthy Affiliate. Each year more is added to ensure that the community will always be the best place at the best price to learn internet marketing.

Get Premium Membership for FREE.

Earlier, I mentioned that the Online Entrepreneur Certification training inside Wealthy Affiliate recommends that you begin your online business in a niche you love.

Take a moment to give that serious thought. When you build a business about something you love, you come to love your business. That’s so much easier.

The niche you choose determines the products you promote. If promoting Wealthy Affiliate is a good fit for your niche, you can pay for your monthly membership after selling just two Premium memberships.

Click to Get Your FREE Trial Membership

Where to Start.

The Online Entrepreneur Certification training is the place to start if you have never tried affiliate marketing, or if you aren’t making a full-time income as a marketer.

What is Wealthy Affiliate BeginStarting with the Online Entrepreneur Certification training will give you a rock-solid foundation on which to build. Also, if you tried other training but didn’t succeed, the Online Entrepreneur Certification training will make sure you know the most up to date methods.

The Online Entrepreneur Certification training will show you how to build a revenue-generating blog. A blog has proven to be the most reliable, affordable and profitable strategy for a beginner.

However, a blog does require a lot of writing.

If writing intimidates you, please understand you don’t have to be an English grad to succeed with a blog. You can write the posts on your blog in the same style you write an email to a friend. Be friendly and informative, and you’ll do fine.

Wealthy Affiliate shows you how.

Once your website is generating enough profit, you can outsource the writing. Outsourcing is how many marketers earn six and seven figures each year.

Also, when your website is profitable, you’ll have the funds to experiment with additional income streams like advertising, email marketing, and build websites to sell.

Wealthy Affiliate FREE Trial Membership.

Join at the Free Starter Membership level and set up an account. Soon after you join, if you have joined through a link on this page, you’ll get a message from me welcoming you aboard.

Add a picture and a short bio to your Wealthy Affiliate profile, explore the community and start the training.

Use the Free Starter Membership to get your questions about Wealthy Affiliate and affiliate marketing answered.

If you want, you can stay at the free level forever. There’s no pressure to upgrade to the paid Premium membership. However, upgrading will accelerate your online success.

What is Wealthy Affiliate Banner

The Last Word on Wealthy Affiliate.

The point of this rather lengthy article is to show you all the goodness you get as a Wealthy Affiliate member. And what a bargain it is.

If you have been an Opportunity Seeker, isn’t it time you got real? Be an Online Entrepreneur. Stop chasing shiny objects.

Your new life begins with creating a website about something you love or otherwise find interesting. My friends and I will help you every step of the way, even if you need us to hold your hand.

What is Wealthy Affiliate Zero Risk (2)

No one can make you successful. You have to do it yourself. Wealthy Affiliate will show you how and give you everything you need. When you add work, patience, and commitment, financial independence can be yours.

If you can write a friendly email and search Google, you can build an internet business that will support you and the people you love.

Without a doubt, the internet is the greatest opportunity most of us have to be financially independent and Wealthy Affiliate is your best shot to make it happen.

Try Wealthy Affiliate for FREE.

If you found this article helpful or would like to share insight into Wealthy Affiliate, please leave a comment below. Thank you.

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