What Is Two Dollar Click?

What Is Two Dollar Click? Two Dollar Click Review

Can you really make $2 every time you click your mouse? Two Dollar Click says you can. In fact, Jordan Welsh, the owner of Two Dollar Click, promises you can earn “unbelievable profits for every click you make.” But, what is Two Dollar Click and how does it work? Continue reading to discover the Devil in the details.

Product: Two Dollar Click
Website: twodollarclick.com
Price: Free, upsells to $39.95 per month!
Owner: Jordan Welsh
Opinion: Not Recommended

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What Is Two Dollar Click?

For many years, paid to click or PTC sites have been a way for people to make a little money. These sites usually pay between $0.001 – $0.02, which is actually pretty low, but that doesn’t stop people from trying to make money with them.

When people run across the site known as Two Dollar Click, they are usually eager to sign up as the site promises $2 for every click.

Not So Fast!

If you think that you can make a lot of money with this pay to click site, you better think again.

Although the site is obviously too good to be true, unsuspecting men and women who are trying to figure out how to earn money online the right way still get tricked into signing up. That’s because the site does a great job of making you think that you can earn a lot of money really easily, but the truth of the matter is that the site is a complete waste of time.

Easy Money?

What Is Two Dollar Click? Two Dollar Click Review After registering online, you are led to believe that you can earn a $2 per an ad with little to no investment of time or money. But did you know there’s a limit to the number of ads you can click each day? Yes, my friend, the site will never support your dream of getting rich quick if you’re not able to click on as many ads as you’ll like.

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Two Dollar Makes Money Off YOU!

Here’s some false hope for you. To have more ads to view, you’ll have to purchase one of their premium memberships. The two levels of premium membership are Golden and Ultimate. Golden is $19.99 per a month while Ultimate is $39.95 per a month.

What is Two Dollar Click, Really?

Aside from the opportunity to view more ads, there’s not a lot of information on the site that explains what is included in each membership. Why would anyone purchase a membership that they know nothing about? The simple fact there is no available information about the memberships is a big red flag to me.

Just like you shouldn’t fall for the premium membership inventive, you should also walk right on pass the referral opportunity. I’m going to be upfront with you: buying referrals isn’t a good idea. Trust me.

Although the referrals are only $1 each, most people are not even going to stay active long enough for you to actually earn any money.

Heavy BS Ahead!

The site claims that you can earn between 10 percent and 200 percent, depending on if you are a Golden or Ultimate member. I know this sounds extremely tempting, but the site is really just trying to get as much money from you as possible while you are still unaware of their games.

Please don’t be tricked into thinking you can actually earn a lot of money from the referral program. You’ll be lucky to earn anything at all.

No Support.

What Is Two Dollar Click? Two Dollar Click ReviewDo you have any questions about this pay to click site? If so, you better hope that you eventually figure out the answer yourself.

Two Dollar Click doesn’t even have an FAQ page. In fact, the only form of support that the site offers is a contact box. However, after reading some of the comments online, the customers’ questions are rarely answered.

Why is this, you asked? I think it’s because the company doesn’t want to deal with any negative feedback from its members. The creator of the site knows that he is misleading innocent people. Any reputable pay to click site would at least have a forum.

It appears that Two Dollar Click just wants you to buy their $39.95 membership, click your mouse and shut up. When it comes time to pay you, apparently they just want you to go away.

Two Dollar Click Complaints.

After much research, I discovered that there are hundreds of complaints about this site online. I also ran across complains from Easy Insta Profits, which is another questionable program.

Serial Scammer.

To be honest, I’m not really surprised by the many complaints about Two Dollar Click. That’s probably why the creator of the site chooses to go by the alias Jordan Welsh. Unfortunately, this is not the only misleading site that he has created. Welsh has been affiliated with other questionable sites like Ten Dollar Clicks, Bux Inc, and Six Dollar Clicks. Are you beginning to see a pattern?

More Red Flags.

Similar to the extremely misleading system Easy Insta Profits, Two Dollar Click has so many red flags that I wouldn’t dare recommend this site to anyone. Please don’t sign up for this pay to click site. You’ll only be wasting your time clicking on ads as there will be no payday in sight.

First Earn a $1000

ScamAvenger Girl, says “Thumbs Down!”

In order to be actually paid by Two Dollar Click, you would have to earn $1,000. That’s right, One Thousand Dollars. Even if you are earning $2 per a click, it’s virtually impossible to make $1,000 in a reasonable time frame.

And Wait 60 Days!

But wait, there’s more! Two Dollar Click only processes payments on a net 60 basis. In other words, you will receive your payment 60 entire days after requesting it. Crazy, right? I think so!

If the site is supposedly paying $2 per a click, how will they generate enough money to pay their members when the company is actually paid 1/2 for each ad? The company’s business practices are simply not sustainable, so there’s only one conclusion: The site is not legit.

If you join Two Dollar Click, the best you can hope for is wasting your time. Unfortunately, if you believe their BS about making easy money, you might upgrade to a paid membership. If you do upgrade, you’ll be wasting your money AND your time!

The Truth About Pay To Click.

Pay To Click is a bogus business model all the way around. Pay To Click websites hook people with the promise of easily making money by just clicking their mouse. That’s just the story. What is really happening is the PTC company is selling a dream.

If you join a PTC company, you become an unpaid employee, or at best, a horribly underpaid employee. The truth is, the PTC company will do everything they can to avoid paying you. Plus, the will try to charge you for the privilege of working for them.

PTC companies are paid by businesses who need people to click on their ads. In the case of Two Dollar Click, they charge their ad clients $5 per click. That’s an insane amount to pay for untargeted traffic.

Think about it. They charge their clients $5 a click and then promise to pay you $2 a click, but before you can get your money you must accumulate $1000 and wait 60 days.

It will never happen. They will kick you out of the system before they pay you a dime, but not before they try to get you to pay them $39.95!

Work at Home in Your Pajamas.

The Right Way to Make Money Online.

If you are serious about making money from home, you need to stop trying to find an easy way. Making money online is not difficult, but you’ll never do it with any system that promises all you have to do is click your mouse. There is more to it than that.

The people who make money online have taken the time to learn new skills. Some are freelancers, and some are marketers. I do both, but my favorite is affiliate marketing because my websites make money 24/7, plus the revenue potential is unlimited.

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Learn Affiliate Marketing.

If you want to make money online, I encourage you to consider affiliate marketing. There is a bit of learning curve, but anyone who can surf the web and write an email can do it.

I learned affiliate marketing through the Online Entrepreneur Certification Course and that’s where I recommend you learn. The basic course is free and includes a lot of goodies to help you started right.

If you found this article helpful or have experience with Two Dollar Click , please leave a comment below.

9 thoughts on “What Is Two Dollar Click?

  1. If there is two dollar click, it is too good to be true. There is no shortcut or easy way to make money, legally. To be honest I would have click in to have a look! Great that you have a scamavenger website to tell people these are not true! One question: Do I really get a certificate or some sort after the course? What are the time frame to complete the course?

    1. Hi, Emily!

      When you complete the Online Entrepreneur Certification Course, you get a digital certificate of completion. The course is a work at your own pace deal. However, during the first 7 days of the course, you get full support and many benefits that expire at the end of the 7 days. You can learn more about the course by going here.

      Thanks for stopping by,


  2. Yet another Scam- It is so incredible how these people get away with ripping people of daily and this review is so great to read and will help people  realise it such a waste of time

    I clicked in your link and got taken to WEalthy Affiliate and I joined as I can see and feel how honest this business platform is and I want to thank you for sharing something truly decent after reading the review

    Can’t wait to get started- Looks so great already and I will be going premium as well 🙂

    Thanks so much for your help today

    1. Hi, Vicki!

      Two Dollar Click is indeed a scam. I hope as the internet continues to evolve it will become easier to spot these schemes before we get taken. 

      I’m so glad you found Wealthy Affiliate. It’s where I learned how to make money online the right way. I’ve been a member for three years and the community continues to enrich my life every day.

      Thanks for stopping by,


  3. These companies claiming that you can gain lucrative income from doing very little work is always one to be avoided in my eyes. To earn a good income effort, time and mindset is key to a successful business, all these get rich quick programmes just does not sit right with me, I am not knocking or being negative towards their business as I know nothing about them but people just have to be aware that there is not one person I know that has become successful overnight as these companies or adds claim.

    Thank you, for sharing this information, I am sure that it will help many others in there decision when starting to make an income online.

    Have a great day and all the success and prosperity that you deserve, take care.

    Kind regards.


    1. Ben, I agree. The false promise of making $2 a click is nothing more than bait to lure the unsuspecting into the Two Dollar Click trap.

  4. You raised several red flags here. I agree that you should know what benefits you are buying into with a membership. Not knowing exactly what you are supposed to be getting when you join is quite misleading. How do you really know if the top level of membership is any better than the basic level if they do not tell you anything more than “You will earn more money if you join at this level.”

    There is also most certainly a pattern with the websites the owner has or has been linked to. He seems to lack originality here.

    There are certainly legitimate ways to earn money online and finding a program that has lots of training and that does not present itself as a get rich quick scheme is the way to go.

  5. Getting paid $2 per click is actually unreasonable, because most get paid to click websites pay only a few cents per click.

    That in itself, is a sign of a scam. Not to mention that you have to PAY to make money. That’s just ridiculous! They’re supposed to pay YOU and not the other way around.

    There are legit business opportunities, but what I have learned doing your due diligence in researching the system is important. Thanks for this review!

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