What is Trendtrader?

What is Trendtrader?

TrendTrader is said to be the single most powerful auto-trading software available. CEO Jonathan Miller claims the average member earns more than $1,300 a day. However, there is more to the story. Follow me to see the Devil in the details.

Product Name: TrendTrader
Product Website: trend-trader.net
Product Cost: Free, but there’s a catch
Product Owner: Cannot be determined
Opinion: Not Recommended

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What is Trendtrader?

What is Trendtrader?

When you visit the TrendTrader website, a sales video begins. The voice of a character said to be Jonathan Miller, owner, and CEO of TrendTrader explains how TrendTrader is the single most powerful auto-trading software available.

Mr. Miller tells about how for years he struggled to crack the code on trading binary options. He assembled a team of the best minds on Wall Street and hired the most knowledgeable trading software designers available. After considerable investment and several years of research, trial, and error, they created the TrendTrader software.

According to Mr. Miller, TrendTrader software links to all of the most powerful financial databases around the world and updates every minute. It also has access to market data going back a hundred years.

In the sales video, Miller explains how TrendTrader constantly searches for recurring patterns in the financial markets and compares the information it finds to historical trends. When it finds a potential trade that historically has a high probability of profit, it automatically places that trade.

Mr. Miller claims TrendTrader has a 93% accuracy and is 100% guaranteed to make you money. In fact, Miller states several times in the video that the average user earns at least $1,350 each day.

According to Miller, TrendTrader places about 26 successful trades a day. If you wager $25 per trade, you have the potential of earning more than $600 a day. If you wager more per trade, you potentially will earn more.

Miller also promotes what he calls the 50/50 rule. That is, he recommends you take half of your earnings out each day and re-invest the other half, so you continue to make money.

What is Trendtrader?

The software is free; however, Miller claims to earn thirty cents on every successful trade you make.

It sounds amazing, doesn’t it? It’s a good story. That’s all it is, a story.

What is Trendtrader, Really?

TrendTrader is nothing more than a sales pitch trying to get you to open a binary options trading account with an unregistered broker and deposit money into that account. Usually, the minimum deposit is $250, but they will try to trick you into depositing much more.

The TrendTrader software is nothing special. It’s just part of the story. Like the magic beans in the story Jack and the Beanstalk, the software is merely a device to get you to believe the fairytale.

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Here’s the thing to remember, any money you deposit with an unregistered broker is gone forever. You will not get it back.

The United States Securities Exchange Commission warns that unregistered brokers are unregulated and may be engaged in illegal activities such as refusing to credit a customer’s account, identity theft and manipulating the software to generate losing trades. In other words, unregistered brokers will say and do whatever they want.

Greed Makes You Stupid.

The TrendTrader sales video is designed to make you feel greedy to make a lot of easy money fast. They are trying to plant visions of wealth in your head and convince you it’s a sure thing.

If TrendTrader can get you to feel greedy for their software, they know it will be easy to talk you into depositing $250 into their broker’s account.

If they can get you to feel greedy enough, you might rob your bank accounts and max out your credit cards to deposit $10,000 into the account.

If you believe their fairytale of easy riches, you might even borrow from friends and family. Many people have.

TrendTrader’s goal is to get as much of your money as they can because once you deposit it with the broker, you will not get it back.

Read the TrendTrader’s Disclaimer!

Everything TrendTrader promises you in the sales video is taken away in the disclaimer. Read the first two paragraphs of the TrendTrader’s disclaimer, and you will see that there are no guarantees.

In other words, the claim that TrendTrader is the most powerful auto-trading software available is NOT true. And the 100% guarantee that it will make you money is NOT true either.

Remember what your granny said, “If they will lie to you, they will steal from you.”

The Last Word on TrendTrader.

At best, trading binary options is highly speculative and risky. At best, it’s more like gambling than investing. Legitimate brokers warn you never to invest money you cannot afford to lose.

Every trade, even in the best of times with the most reputable broker involves risk. There is always a possibility you will lose your money.

Trading binary options with an unregistered broker like TrendTrader is financial suicide. TrendTrader is designed to take your money. That’s what it was created to do, and that is what it will do if you let it.

You will not make money with TrendTrader. You will lose money.

There isn’t a magical product that will make you rich. There is no kind millionaire who will reach out to you through the internet and offer to share his secret.

The truth is, the laws of finance and wealth generation are not secret. They have been known for thousands of years. Making money and creating wealth is a science. It’s not magic.

Anyone with the desire can learn to earn more money and create wealth. Unlike people in the past, you have a tremendous advantage. You have the internet.

A Better Option for You.

As long as you believe there is some secret to making a lot of money, you will be vulnerable to scams like TrendTrader. There are millions of scams on the internet and more pop up each day.

The good news is you CAN honestly make money online. If you stick with it, you can make a lot of money. You’ll have to learn a few new skills. And it takes commitment, focus, and patience, but you can do it. Millions do every day.

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