What is Trendtrader?

What is Trendtrader?

TrendTrader is said to be the single most powerful auto-trading software available. CEO Jonathan Miller claims the average member earns more than $1,300 a day. However, there is more to the story. Follow me to see the Devil in the details.

Product Name: TrendTrader
Product Website: trend-trader.net
Product Cost: Free, but there’s a catch
Product Owner: Cannot be determined
Opinion: Not Recommended

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What is Trendtrader?

What is Trendtrader?

When you visit the TrendTrader website, a sales video begins. The voice of a character said to be Jonathan Miller, owner, and CEO of TrendTrader explains how TrendTrader is the single most powerful auto-trading software available.

Mr. Miller tells about how for years he struggled to crack the code on trading binary options. He assembled a team of the best minds on Wall Street and hired the most knowledgeable trading software designers available. After considerable investment and several years of research, trial, and error, they created the TrendTrader software.

According to Mr. Miller, TrendTrader software links to all of the most powerful financial databases around the world and updates every minute. It also has access to market data going back a hundred years.

In the sales video, Miller explains how TrendTrader constantly searches for recurring patterns in the financial markets and compares the information it finds to historical trends. When it finds a potential trade that historically has a high probability of profit, it automatically places that trade.

Mr. Miller claims TrendTrader has a 93% accuracy and is 100% guaranteed to make you money. In fact, Miller states several times in the video that the average user earns at least $1,350 each day.

According to Miller, TrendTrader places about 26 successful trades a day. If you wager $25 per trade, you have the potential of earning more than $600 a day. If you wager more per trade, you potentially will earn more.

Miller also promotes what he calls the 50/50 rule. That is, he recommends you take half of your earnings out each day and re-invest the other half, so you continue to make money.

What is Trendtrader?

The software is free; however, Miller claims to earn thirty cents on every successful trade you make.

It sounds amazing, doesn’t it? It’s a good story. That’s all it is, a story.

What is Trendtrader, Really?

TrendTrader is nothing more than a sales pitch trying to get you to open a binary options trading account with an unregistered broker and deposit money into that account. Usually, the minimum deposit is $250, but they will try to trick you into depositing much more.

The TrendTrader software is nothing special. It’s just part of the story. Like the magic beans in the story Jack and the Beanstalk, the software is merely a device to get you to believe the fairytale.

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Here’s the thing to remember, any money you deposit with an unregistered broker is gone forever. You will not get it back.

The United States Securities Exchange Commission warns that unregistered brokers are unregulated and may be engaged in illegal activities such as refusing to credit a customer’s account, identity theft and manipulating the software to generate losing trades. In other words, unregistered brokers will say and do whatever they want.

Greed Makes You Stupid.

The TrendTrader sales video is designed to make you feel greedy to make a lot of easy money fast. They are trying to plant visions of wealth in your head and convince you it’s a sure thing.

If TrendTrader can get you to feel greedy for their software, they know it will be easy to talk you into depositing $250 into their broker’s account.

If they can get you to feel greedy enough, you might rob your bank accounts and max out your credit cards to deposit $10,000 into the account.

If you believe their fairytale of easy riches, you might even borrow from friends and family. Many people have.

TrendTrader’s goal is to get as much of your money as they can because once you deposit it with the broker, you will not get it back.

Read the TrendTrader’s Disclaimer!

Everything TrendTrader promises you in the sales video is taken away in the disclaimer. Read the first two paragraphs of the TrendTrader’s disclaimer, and you will see that there are no guarantees.

In other words, the claim that TrendTrader is the most powerful auto-trading software available is NOT true. And the 100% guarantee that it will make you money is NOT true either.

Remember what your granny said, “If they will lie to you, they will steal from you.”

The Last Word on TrendTrader.

At best, trading binary options is highly speculative and risky. At best, it’s more like gambling than investing. Legitimate brokers warn you never to invest money you cannot afford to lose.

Every trade, even in the best of times with the most reputable broker involves risk. There is always a possibility you will lose your money.

Trading binary options with an unregistered broker like TrendTrader is financial suicide. TrendTrader is designed to take your money. That’s what it was created to do, and that is what it will do if you let it.

You will not make money with TrendTrader. You will lose money.

There isn’t a magical product that will make you rich. There is no kind millionaire who will reach out to you through the internet and offer to share his secret.

The truth is, the laws of finance and wealth generation are not secret. They have been known for thousands of years. Making money and creating wealth is a science. It’s not magic.

Anyone with the desire can learn to earn more money and create wealth. Unlike people in the past, you have a tremendous advantage. You have the internet.

A Better Option for You.

As long as you believe there is some secret to making a lot of money, you will be vulnerable to scams like TrendTrader. There are millions of scams on the internet and more pop up each day.

The good news is you CAN honestly make money online. If you stick with it, you can make a lot of money. You’ll have to learn a few new skills. And it takes commitment, focus, and patience, but you can do it. Millions do every day.

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26 thoughts on “What is Trendtrader?

  1. Gary that is a great video, quick and to the point. In other words like you said, everything is JUST a sales pitch sadly. Before fully engaging myself in the text I began thinking the program was legitimate because I skimmed the top where it said “single most powerful auto-trading software…” With honest opportunities like WA, I can never understand why people prefer scamming instead.

    Thank you, this helps a lot.

    1. Hi, Jaron!

      I’m glad you like the video. It was fun to make. Gosh, I hope people don’t think I’m endorsing the TrendTrader. It just a garden variety internet scam, but it can sure damage someone’s finances.

      Thanks for stopping by,


      1. I don’t think people think you’re endorsing them and I feel people are more inclined to click play before skimming the top anyway.

        Always a pleasure stopping in Gary!

  2. Amazing review. I like the picture above, Lol.

    Often time I will be very cautious with these type of scam that over promise. It sounds very promising and they are trying to entice people like newbies.

    I hope more and more people able to read this before wasting their hard earned money.

    Great job.

    1. Hi, Maxx!

      I agree, scams like Trendtrader prey on the newbie. This is why I recommend the FREE Online Entrepreneur Certification Course. The course teaches the fundamentals and best practices for an online business. Once you complete the course, you’ll have a solid understanding of what it takes to make money online.

      Thanks for stopping by,


  3. I can really relate to internet scams. They are all over the internet and I got scammed by being greedy and I lost quite a bit of money. It was devastating. I learned to thoroughly research EVERYTHING before I invest any money in it at all. I am very cautious and I’ve been through many work at home webinars, answering all kinds of personal questions, I invested hours of my time only to find out at the very end that these people wanted $9,997.00 to get in on their AWOL work from home business!!! I was furious.

    1. Hi, Debbie!

      I’m sorry you had to go through all of that. Your story is very powerful and I hope will save others from the pain. Unfortunately, for those who are determined to build an online business the journey often leads through a minefield of scams. Too often, people are ruined and their finances destroyed. It’s a testimony to your personal strength that you are still in the game.

      Thanks for stopping by,

  4. I love the picture in your article – it really drew my attention in and gave me a chuckle. I think TrendTrader sounds like another form of gambling in a way. your quote from your Granny is very accurate, and we should heed these pieces of advice – especially since older people have the benefit of time for their nuggets of wisdom. My brother was a bone fide trader for a long time, fully qualified through university, and working for big banks, the rewards were pretty good, but then again the stress levels went hand-in-hand with it! His opinion is to avoid platforms like this at all costs. My feeling is if it was that easy to make $1300 per day, everyone would be doing it, right? I’ll add this to my every growing list of things to avoid in life 🙂

  5. Wow! I will never forget TrendTrader. That’s crazy how cleverly they steal from people. Thank you kindly for the heads up. I have to ask, where did you get that cool image of the super hero lady?

    Soon as I heard their promo was a video, that right there would send me bouncing off somewhere else. If they ain’t got the smarts to know this puts people off then I find that a very bad sign for me.

    Great post.

    1. Hi, Philip Colbert!

      I think some people are in such deep financial trouble they want to believe TrendTrader is real and that all their money problems could be solved by the end of the week. Unfortunately, it’s a trap.

      I’m glad you like ScamAvenger Girl. She made me promise not to disclose her origins. She might be from another planet, or the library, I’m not sure.

      Thanks for stopping by,


  6. Hello Gary,
    Thanks for such an engaging and informative review on Trendtrader. I have never heard of them before your review. I have traded binary options before and yes, you need to be aware of the legality and registered companies when it comes to any monetary program. No one likes to see their money ‘take wings and fly- in the opposite direction- ie away from them.
    Thanks for the heads up.

  7. This is a very informative review. Yes so many scams out there, we are living in a world where more and more people are trying to find legit ways to make money online, but there are some greedy people out there for sure. Im quite new to all of this but its good info for someone like me. Thanks

    1. Hi!

      Unfortunately, there are legions of scams like TrendTrader online. I’ve investigated internet schemes for more than two years and estimate that 99% of the make money online offers are worthless junk and scams. If you are considering a make money online offer, assume it’s a trick to take your money. 

      Think about what you might be risking if you get involved with it. TrendTrader pretends their scheme is free until the last minute when you are told you must deposit a minimum of $250. 

      Thanks for stopping by,


  8. Excellent site. I almost fell into the Millionaire Mentor scam but I didn’t because buying training material that is somewhat useless to someone new then turning around and help sell what was sold to you is unethical, it just felt wrong. Then there was the cost, ridiculous! Thank you for your insight, keep up the good work!

    1. Hi, Karl!

      So glad to hear you dodged the Millionaire Mentor bullet. Your ethical intuition is strong.

      Thanks for stopping by,


  9. Hi Gary,

    Very well said everything you mentioned/wrote in your website are typically what is really happening in the world of internet. And it is true that there are a lot of people out there just watching and waiting to whom they are going to get scammed. I actually called them “Money Suckers” Because they do not want to earn it the hard way but getting others people’s hard earned money.

    And I also agree with what you said that there is no such as EASY MONEY nowadays! If you want to be SUCCESSFUL in all you do YOU NEED TO PUT EFFORTS AND TIME on it and not only that BUT AN INVESTMENT. I strongly believe, like what you said if someone offered you a system for like $5-10 it could be a scam” that is why when I found out Wealthy Affiliate and finds out that there is such a membership fee/subscription fee if you would want to bring your membership to higher level with also a big possibility you will really earn what you desired to earn in the near future…INVESTMENT FOR ME = FUTURE HARVEST.

    So,, generally , I enjoyed reading all the topics you have here am sure with this the number of people to be scammed will decrease.

    God bless you and have a good weekend.

  10. Unfortunately, outfits like Trendtrader are becoming more the norm than the exception. The internet is filled with people who are trying to make money online, many of whom are in dire straights financially and can’t afford to by ripped off by companies like this taking money from them they don’t have, and putting them deeper in debt.

    It’s ok for people to dream, but you have to make business decisions logically and responsibly, and not just because you are excited by the pitch of wealth and riches, especially when you know it’s unrealistic.

    Keep up the great work keeping people informed of these type of scams, and directing them to Wealthy Affiliate, who will teach you that, WITH HARD WORK and patience, you can make some real money online.

    1. Hi, Oliver!

      Unfortunately, as you mentioned, the people who can least afford to lose money are often the ones who get scammed. It would be wonderful if there was a magic software that could make us rich like Trendtrader claims, but it’s just not real.

      Thank you for mentioning Wealthy Affiliate. In my eight years of working online, Wealthy Affiliate is the only place I would recommend for someone to learn how to honestly make money online. Yes, it does take effort and commitment and patience, but the rewards are more than worth it.

      Thanks for stopping by,


  11. Trendtrader is a very creative piece of copywriting. How can anyone make such bold statements about the most powerful auto-trading software in the world? So, I’m guessing the CEO really doesn’t get thirty cents for every trade. That’s just a load of BS to trick people into putting their money down.

    I love your analogy to the magic beans in Jack and the Beanstalk. It’s the same old pig in a poke story that’s been around since the dark ages. Thanks for keeping it real.

    1. Hi, Taq’uee Hicks!

      The line about earning 30 cents for every trade is just a lie to justify their story of free software. Honestly, the software for these scams is worse than junk. It’s malicious and can be programmed for continually losing trades.

      For example, let’s say you put down $250 to start with. The broker might let you win. Maybe you win a thousands dollars and it was fast and easy. With a little nudge from the broker, you decide to put $10,000 in. You have to empty all of your bank accounts, throw in the mortgage payment for the month, borrow from your in-laws and Granny, but you manage to scrape together $10K.

      You believe you can turn that $10K into $100K in a week. Unfortunately, once you put your $10K in the broker’s account, the software eats it up with a string of losing trades. You’re broke and you have to go home and tell Granny and the in-laws what you did. There’s no free lunch.

      Thanks for stopping by,


  12. Hi Gary,

    What a great website you have here!

    I’ve been looking into the scary world of binary options and there is one thing above all that I have learned. There simply is no such thing as a guaranteed way to make money with binary options!

    What is even more scary is just how many companies, like Trend Trader, try to scam innocent people into their trickery.

    Thanks for such a great article –

    1. Hi, Stephen!

      I don’t recommend binary options in any form to anyone. At best, with a real, registered broker, binary options is little more than a game of chance. In the case of an unregistered broker like Trendtrader, the odds are stacked nearly 100% against the trader. Actually, I hesitate to even refer to Trendtrader as a broker. It’s really just a automated system for taking people’s money.

      Thanks for stopping by,


  13. Gary,

    Thank you for such a thorough review and warning about Trendtrader. There are many legitimate ways to make money doing trading, but as you point out there are also the scams. I think sometimes we are so anxious to make extra money that we don’t always do our homework and ask enough questions. Just before joining Wealthy Affiliates I signed up for a program which turned out to be a scam. It cost me four weeks and $97 before I realized it was a scam. Wishing you continued success.


    1. Hi, Roy!

      I agree there are legitimate ways to earn money trading. However, true investing requires a specific, rationally planned strategy that begins with proper financial management and a fundamental understanding of the markets you are investing in.

      Binary options is not the place the start and Trendtrader is definitely not a place to risk one’s money.

      I’m sorry to hear you got scammed, but a $97 loss isn’t bad compared to many stories I’ve heard. I’ve know of people losing tens of thousands on scams. It takes years to recover from a loss like that.

      I spent $600 for an online marketing program that was pitched in English but taught in Spanish. I don’t speak Spanish, but couldn’t get a refund. I don’t think they were a scam, just an over ambitiousness amateur trying to make money. I consider it the cost of learning about the internet. Hopefully, you and I both are past spending money on losing programs.

      Thanks for stopping by,


  14. Great post! It’s a scary world out there. So sad that some people are so greedy that they don’t even see through all of the obvious smoke that these companies are blowing in their faces!

    On the other hand, it is heartwarming to know that there are people such as yourself willing to expose these scam artists!

    1. Hi, Ally!

      Great picture of you and your little man.

      Yes, it is a scary world online. Scammers like Trendtrader know how to make us feel greedy and greed makes us stupid. It happens to me. It happens to anyone with emotions. It’s just the way we’re wired as human beings.

      Scammers know that promises of fast, easy money will trigger our greed emotion. Once that happens, stupid kicks in and we forget to read the disclaimer. Or, we get lost in a fantasy of easy riches and toss our money into the ring hoping it’s true. It never is. There is no magic software that will make you rich. I wish there was, I’d be all over it, but there isn’t.

      However, it is possible to make money online, even a lot of money. Millions of people do every day. It requires learning a few new skills, commitment, focus and patience. If you’re interested, the best place I’ve found to learn how is this community.

      Thanks for stopping by,


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