What is The Super Affiliate Network?

What is The Super Affiliate Network?

When you join The Super Affiliate Network, you are NOT joining a community that wants to help you. When you join The Super Affiliate Network, you enter a privately own marketplace controlled by Misha Wilson and his so-called coaches. The image of shooting fish in a barrel comes to mind.

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Product Website: thesuperaffiliatenetwork.com
Product Cost: $1 (30 Day Trial) then $37/mth, plus multiple upsells.
Product Owner: Misha Wilson
Opinion: NOT Recommended!

What is The Super Affiliate Network?

Good grief. The Super Affiliate Network sales video is an hour long. An hour of industrial strength hype and ballistic BS so powerful, it broke my BS meter.

The entire video gives you nothing of value, only implied guarantees and promises of making lots of money while living the laptop lifestyle. Misha, the founder of The Super Affiliate Network, repeatedly claims you can make huge commissions without lifting a finger. That’s a lie.

All the testimonials and claims of income are meaningless without also showing how much it cost to make that money. You won’t see that.

What is The Super Affiliate Network?
The teaser to the sales video. Nothing promised was delivered.

You would think that in a sales video that lasts an hour, there would be a few morsels of valuable content or at least an explanation of what they’re selling. Not a peep.

Essentially, it is nothing more than Misha Wilson teasing the listener with promises of making big money while relaxing on the beach. Misha Wilson is selling a pig in a poke.

Rule #1.

Recently I reviewed a near clone of The Super Affiliate Network, My Super Affiliate Mentor. It’s also owned by Misha Wilson. It has a 30 minute sales video. In that review. I pointed out a simple rule of thumb for assessing a sales video and how bad it will hurt you if you buy the product.

Here’s the rule, tattoo it on your forehead and remember it forever. “The longer the sales video, the less valuable the product and the more it will cost.”

Is The Super Affiliate Network a Scam?

What is The Super Affiliate Network?
The big print giveth & the small print taketh away – unethical!

On the surface, it appears that Misha Wilson is selling membership to his online marketing community where the training focuses on building email lists. You can try his program for $1 for the first month. Thereafter, it’s $47 a month. Or, you can skip the $1 trial and join for $37 a month.

In what should be a simple process of joining The Super Affiliate Community, you can see the manipulation. Why not have a free trial and after that charge a straight $37 a month? Why complicate it? Why play games?

The truth is, the entry fee is just the beginning. It’s just the ticket to the show. If you stick around, it gets very expensive.

Although that painfully long sales video promises you will have everything you need to build multiple streams of income while chilling on the beach, once you’re inside The Super Affiliate Network, you will be “encouraged” to purchase upsell after upsell. That’s why you are assigned a personal coach. It’s the coach’s job to push you into buying more stuff.

Here’s a secret about The Super Affiliate Network coaches. They aren’t really coaches. They’re telemarketers.

Don’t Be a Fish in a Barrel.

When you join The Super Affiliate Network, you are NOT joining a community that wants to help you. When you join The Super Affiliate Network, you enter a privately own marketplace controlled by Misha Wilson and his so-called ScamAvenger Girl giving thumbs downcoaches. The image of shooting fish in a barrel comes to mind.

If you believe Misha has the answer to making money online, you will remain fixed in his controlled marketplace and let the coaches talk you into buying one expensive upsell after another.

Why would you trust someone who is trying to fleece you at every turn? That’s a lousy way to start a business.

The Super Affiliate Network Refund Policy.

The Super Affiliate Network promises they will refund your money if you’re unhappy with the program. However, read the refund policy fine print, and you’ll see it is much more complicated, and you will have to jump through a bunch of hoops before you are “entitled” to a refund.

Don’t expect to get your money back.

Rule #2.

Here’s another rule. Tattoo it on your head beneath the last rule and remember it always, or just write it on a post-it. “The first rule of business is to STAY in business.”

The reason most businesses fail is they run out of money. This happens in a couple of ways. Either the owner didn’t have enough money to start with, or she foolishly blew the budget before profits were made.

You can’t stay in business if you throw your money away on scams and telemarketers masquerading as coaches.

The most successful internet marketers I know started on a shoestring, rarely spending more than $50 a month until profits were coming in consistently. The FREE Online Entrepreneur Certification Course will show you how to do this.

Do you think The Super Affiliate Network wants to help you succeed when they push you into violating the first rule of business? No, they just want to get as much money out of you as possible.

Can the methods taught in The Super Affiliate Network make money? Yes, but you will probably run out of money and motivation before you see results. In addition to the many upsells you are expected to purchase, you will also have to pay for traffic. Buying traffic is expensive and is usually not profitable at first.

There’s a better way.

Instead of diving into The Super Affiliate Network and hemorrhaging money until your spouse locks you out of the house, why not learn how money is really made online?

Building a business, either online or off, takes time, commitment and sustained effort. You can throw a lot of money at your business and hope for the best, or you can save your money, roll up your sleeves, and get to work.

The Get to Work Model.

For someone who isn’t afraid of work, the strategy for making money online is really very simple. All you do is build Black and white photograph of Gary Hortona website, create content for your website and promote products that will help your visitor solve a problem.

When it’s earning profits, you can invest some of those profits back into your business by buying traffic. This is how you leverage your business and eventually make the big bucks.

You don’t need a coach, and you don’t need to spend a lot of money. You just need to learn how to do it right and then do the work.

The totally FREE Online Entrepreneur Certification Course will walk you step-by-step through building an online business based on the simple strategy I outlined above. You’ll also get a free website, hosting, training, support, and one-on-one mentoring.

Click Here to enroll for free. No credit card needed.

I’m here for you,

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20 thoughts on “What is The Super Affiliate Network?

  1. Hey Gary, great article on how companies can be deceptive and con people out the money they work hard for that are looking to earn some extra money to better their lives . I was one of them ( sad to admit) when MOB basically stole thousands from me and I worked my butt off every day for almost two years and I never mad a dime even though I done everything they told me to do. I signed up for wealthy affiliate a few years ago on the 30 day trial and I never got going for some reason, might have been my divorce I was going through, (who knows) but was wondering what I need to do to get back to joining ( confused at this point) who would be my coach, you who I signed up under or who I want , like you?

    1. Hi, Terry!

      Good to hear from you.

      I’m sorry you got tangled up with MOBE. I’m sure that was expensive. They were masters at stealing people’s money.
      Before MOBE was shut down, I often received emails from people who had lost thousands to those guys. They really were heartless.

      MOBE also threatened to sue me several times and ultimately forced me to remove what I had posted about them. When I heard the FTC
      had busted them, I did a little happy dance.

      Divorce can really mess with your head. I hope you’re doing better now. I discovered Wealthy Affiliate while I was recovering from
      my divorce. The friends I made at WA and the structured training helped me get back on my feet.

      There are a couple of ways you can come back to Wealthy Affiliate. You can simply log into your original account and reactivate it. If you do
      that, you’ll stay with coach you originally had, if they are still with WA.

      If you would like me to be your coach, follow this link https://scamavenger.siterubix.com/coachingpromise and create a new WA account with a new email address.
      I’d love to help you build a profitable online business. I’ve been an affiliate marketer since 2005 and a copywriter since 1986.

      If you will do the work, I’ll do everything in my power to help you become financially independent through affiliate marketing.

      I’m here for you,


      1. Thanks Gary, that’s really nice of you to want to help me with this, I’m working on getting a new computer and as soon as I get one I’ll do as you said so you can be my coach. Really appreciate you taking the time to answer me and be willing to help, can’t find too many people that’s willing to do that today and yes I’ll definitely do the work and follow instructions .

        Stay Blessed,

        Terry Johnson

  2. Gary,
    Thank you so much for the great review! As a stay at home mom, I have been looking for ways to earn an extra income. What I have found, just like you mentioned, a lot of people say they are offering a great service at a reasonable price, but then you have to keep making purchases (upsells) in order to get your online business going. If I had the money to purchase or participate in the upsells, I probably wouldn’t be looking for an online business to begin with! Thanks again!

    1. Hi, Tiffany!

      You make a great point. If we could afford all the stupid upsells scams like Super Affiliate Network demand, we wouldn’t need to make money online. I remember when I was struggling to make money online. I bought so many worthless products and courses. 

      Once I bought a $300 Facebook advertising course that was advertised in English with an English sales video and an English webinar. After I downloaded it, I discovered the course was in Spanish! No refunds!

      Since then, I’ve come to realize that affiliate marketing is really very simple and it should never cost more than about $50 a month for everything anyone would need to build a profitable online business. This is why my friends and I created the FREE Online Entrepreneur Certification Course. This course introduces you to the simplicity of online marketing and how to build an honest business.

      Thanks for stopping by,


  3. Hey Gary,

    Thank you for breaking down The Super Affiliate Network, as I’ve been in the online marketing/ affiliate marketing field for over 2 years now, these types of products make me cringe more and more. Their adverts are just plain selling rainbows. And then comes the upsells! I’m glad to have someone like you to warn us against them. 🙂


  4. Hi Gary, I came across Super Affiliate and all looked good so I decide to do a search for a review. Glad I came across your review. It has stopped me from wasting my time and money. I’ve taken your advice and enrolled in the Online Entrepreneur Certification Course. Thanks heaps.

  5. Wow. It’s scary how easily we all can be fooled. I’ve been scammed before and sure wish I would have seen your site before that. It seems you have done a lot of research in the field on on-line scams. Have you had any experience with affiliate marketing? What do you think about being an affiliate marketer?

    1. Hi, JL Marker!

      Thank you for your kind words. Yes, unfortunately, I have been scammed before, more than I want to admit. We all are vulnerable to the scammer’s seduction. 

      You asked for my thoughts on affiliate marketing. I think the internet is the greatest opportunity of all time. As traditional jobs and careers evaporate by the day, the internet offers us a real chance to fulfill our potential. I have had some brutal jobs in my life, everything from brick mason to Army Ranger. Now, thanks to the internet I have online businesses that earn money around the clock regardless if I’m at my computer or not. It’s amazing.

      Affiliate marketing is the fastest and easiest way to make money online. Unfortunately, there are scams everywhere. This is why my friends and I created the FREE Online Entrepreneur Certification Course. It teaches the basic of internet marketing and shows you what it takes to make money online. Go Here to Enroll for FREE.

      Thanks for stopping by,


  6. Although I have never heard of this program prior to reading your post, you confirmed that there are still programs out there whose #1 goal is to make money off of you, instead of providing the right training and support to help you succeed. Thanks for a well thought out post that is sure to help others avoid becoming a victim of this scam program.

  7. Thanks for the heads up on this program.

    I have never heard of this program before but I do know this-if it seems too good to be true it probably is.

    You did mention that the coaches offer up sell after up sell. They probably are paid a commission on every up sell. To me, that is the what makes me put my guard up. When they are not teaching they are just selling.

    To be successful online you must provide value to your target market. Help them in some way. Teach them something. It’s important and it’s what will make the difference for you online. That and hard work, you are right. If people are saying they are making tons of money online and not doing any work beware!

    Keep up the good work!

    1. Hi, Chad!

      Yes, the coaches are just telemarketers. Their job is to push the higher priced products and services. Early in the coaching interview they will try to find out if you have a credit card or access to a line of credit. If you don’t, they will lose interest very quickly. 

      Thanks for stopping by,


  8. Thanks, Gary. This was really informative and I learned where not to go to make money online. Besides the long videos, is there anything else we should look for on the home pages of these scam sites that should be an automatic red flag? I suppose if they promise a lot of money at the outset right on the home page, that would be a red flag!

    1. Hi, JackieRR!

      Thanks for asking about more red flags when it comes to scams. Scammers will always appeal to our emotions, particularly greed. Most of us humans are emotional beings. It’s just the way we are wired. When we are responding to information with emotion, we cannot make a rational decision. Scammers know this and will hammer our emotionally buttons without mercy. That was all the long video on The Super Affiliate Network did.

      So, when looking at an offer, ask yourself does the offer provide solid information for why I should accept it, or is the offer only pitching emotional messages. The advice to sleep on it is always good. A real opportunity is not going to vanish overnight.

      Thanks for stopping by,


  9. Good article. I have joined so many programs and I hate feeling like I got scammed. When you invest your money in a training it’s important to feel supported and not like you’re on an island all by yourself. I never tried the Super Affiliate Network, but now I’ll never be tempted to.

    1. Hi, FreedomJunkie!

      I know what you mean. Sometimes the worse part about getting scammed is feeling like an idiot. The truth is, these scammers know precisely what they are doing and they know how to exploit our weaknesses. 

      Thanks for stopping by,


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