What is the Crypto Genius?

What is the Crypto Genius?

Can you really make nearly $6000 a day on autopilot with the Crypto Genius? Chris Peterson says you can. He even claims Mark Cuban makes $5,900 every day with the Crypto Genius software. However, there is more to the story. Keep reading to see the Devil in the details.

Product Website: thecryptogenius.com
Product Cost: Minimum $250 Deposit.
Product Owner: Cannot Be Determined.
Ranking:  NOT Recommended

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What Is The Crypto Genius?

‘The Crypto Genius’ guarantees you can earn $5,900 every 24 hours with their auto-trading software. The Crypto Genius’ software is said to have been developed by a team of industry experts led by Chris Peterson. Chris Peterson is also known as ‘the crypto genius’ or ‘the lazy trader.’ However, a closer investigation reveals some alarming facts about the Crypto Genius you should know.

What is the Crypto Genius?

When you visit the Crypto Genius website, you are welcomed with a bold promise that you can earn $5,900 daily with their free software. The sales video claims that the Crypto Genius has over 10,000 active users including billionaire Mark Cuban. Three recent users also claim that they made their first $5,900 within a day after signing up.

The video also shows how Chris Peterson made over $13 million in 18 months by employing the Crypto Genius auto-trading software. He began by hiring a group of developers who came up with a 98 percent accurate trading algorithm that identifies trading opportunities. According to Chris, the algorithm is 0.39 times faster than any other trading software which is enough time to make a profit in the Forex market.

Before developing the Crypto Genius software, Chris Peterson worked at a factory in Alberta, Canada. It was there that he began trading cryptocurrencies. His software enabled him to achieve such financial success that he was able to quit his job and focus on full-time trading. Chris’ success has also landed him on popular publications including Bloomberg, Business Insider, and TMZ.

The sales video indicates that Chris shared his software with his mother, uncle, friends, and neighbors, and it earned them all $5,900 every day. He then released the software worldwide but later shut down new registrations.

Recently, Chris Peterson decided to re-introduce the software that made him $13 million by first running a beta test of 50 users. If you are among the 50, all you need to do to make money with the Crypto Genius system is provide a valid email address and fund your account. Once you are allowed into the platform, you will have an opportunity to access the Crypto Genius software for free and make $5,900 daily.

If only the Crypto Genius was what it claimed to be. We would all be millionaires. Unfortunately, the Crypto Genius is far less than it appears.

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Is The Crypto Genius a Scam?

The sales video found on the Crypto Genius website is by all means exciting. Who would not love to make $5,900 every day with just the click of a button? However, signing up on this platform is not only a colossal waste of time, but it is also a huge waste of your money too.

The sales video is false and misleading. The characters interviewed in the video claiming to earn $5,900 every 24 hours do not existent. They are paid actors playing a role. Their job is to entice you to sign up.

Read the Disclaimer!

The website disclaimer states that the sales video is fictitious and only markets third-party signal providers. The website is a link between its users and external trade signals sellers whose accuracy is not guaranteed. In other words, if you join the Crypto Genius, you will be shunted off to an unknown and unregistered forex broker.

The SEC warns that unregistered brokers are suspected of stealing the identity of their clients, manipulating software to create losing trades and locking clients out of their accounts. Opening an account with an unregistered broker is a very bad idea.

Incidentally, forex and cryptocurrencies are not the same things. Apparently, the Crypto Genius actually has nothing to do with cryptocurrencies.

In the disclaimer, you will learn that your success with the Crypto Genius is NOT GUARANTEED.  Also, you will learn that the Crypto Genius does not even recommend trading the Forex markets.

Perhaps the only true thing on the Crypto Genius website is their advice not to invest money you cannot afford to lose.

How the Crypto Genius Scam Works.

Signing up on the Crypto Genius platform is easy and straightforward. All you need is a valid email address, and you allegedly get listed among the first 50 beta test users.

Before you begin trading, you are required to deposit money into your trading account. According to the sales video, a minimum of $250 will guarantee you the $5,900 daily. Unfortunately, every dollar you give to the Crypto Genius is lost forever.

After you deposit $250 into your account, the Crypto Genius software goes into work. After every hour, you will see the profit numbers in your account consistently increasing. You will seem to be making a killing out of the Forex market and convince yourself that earning $5,900 at the end of the day is real.

However, the money you invested in your trading account is not making the alleged returns. What looks like returns are just numbers being added by the software in a systematic manner. Even after the 24 hours, you cannot withdraw or spend your earned profits.

The Crypto Genius software is designed to create an impression that your investment is making real returns. During the initial days, the management will advise you to deposit more funds into your account to reach the millionaire status faster. Do not fall for this trick. It’s intended to scam all your hard-earned money and replace it with virtual numbers that can neither be withdrawn nor spent.

You will not make $5,900 daily with Crypto Genius, and you will not become a millionaire either. The more money you give them, the more you will lose. That’s the Crypto Genius scam.

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16 thoughts on “What is the Crypto Genius?


  2. This is crazy. I am guessing he feels like he can get around legal problems by admitting the video was fake. He should still be shutdown, and I still see it as false advertising. I’ve never purchased any of the investing programs, but they have always been scams when I looked them up. I understood the allure of quick money, but I wish people would also do their research so they don’t get taken advantage of.
    Many of the programs “malfunction” when you are supposed to make a profit, and even those few that have actually paid out are heavily skewed against the buyer. When I first started trying to make money online I used to see things like this all the time. It’s sad.

    1. Hi, Adrian!

      I suspect because Crypto Genius has a disclaimer they are allowed to promote their scam in the United States. Unfortunately, as you pointed out, the disclaimer is nothing but legal CYA. 

      I would be that very few people actually read the disclaimer. They are too excited about making lots of fast easy money. I wish it was that easy to make a lot of money quickly, but that just isn’t reality.

      The truth is that there is no magic software that will make us rich. 

      Thanks for stopping by,


  3. Wow this seems like a straight out scam, and hopefully it will be removed from the market very soon.

    I know crypto currency is a big thing right now — so I feel sad that they are taking advantage of people and trying to steal their money and in return give them false numbers as if they are making a killing.

    I know a few people that are big into crypto currency, and will be sure to tell them to stay clear of this website.

    Thanks again.

    1. Hi, Michael!

      It seems that every scam on the internet is now trying to cash in on the cryptocurrency craze. Just today, the SEC published a report that cryptos are a mess with no regulation. That’s the real crypto. The scams like Crypto Genius are total losses.

      Putting money into cryptocurrencies is not investing. It’s speculating at best.

      Thanks for stopping by,


  4. Very nice post again. Well done website! cryptocurrency fast money is not a reality for many people.

    To make big and fast one with it you need powerful strong machine and software blocks of mining hardware and software in huge numbers of pieces.

    These machines are working 24/7 using a lot of electricity, what also costs a lot of money.

    This is not possible to achieve for ordinary people.

    There are people who made a lot of money with cryptocurrencies because they started at the beginning of this “boom”, and because of big rate difference.

    Anyway, keep up the good work!

    1. Hi, Igor!

      Thank you for your kind words. And, thanks for pointing out the huge amount of electricity the mining hardware needs. There are better ways to make money.

      Thanks for stopping by,


  5. This is er informative and well-done website! I like it! Many scams out there! The people are running after fast one and then at the end, they just “jump into trouble”!

    Making money online is not easy! The “Big bang!” of crypto-currencies made it looking easier and faster. As You said in your article, to make money in cryptocurrency niche, you need strong and powerful mining software which consume a lot of electricity and are working 24/7

    The ordinary people can’t make it

    As offline to make one online you need people as well So “sleeve up”, and heavy marketing of valuable products or services!


  6. Oh look, yet another Crypto scam doing its rounds on the web!

    From its seriously hyped up sales page, I can see how vulnerable folks are drawn in by the Crypto Genius. A lot of people are looking for QUICK and EASY ways to make a LOT of money on the internet, so fraudsters use it to their own advantages.

    In reality, to make thousands of dollars a day requires plenty of learning, skill and also investments.

    Whether it’s Crypto or Forex, I don’t believe any newbie without the right knowledge could ever become rich. If it was that easy, ANYONE could become the next Warren Buffet overnight lol.


    1. Hi, Neil!

      Yes, unfortunately, another cryptocurrency scam. I can’t keep up with them. Crypto Genius is yet another garden variety autotrading scam. It doesn’t have anything to do with cryptos. You might say it’s the same old binary option scam, but it really doesn’t have anything to do with binary options either.

      Really, it’s just a story that talks people into giving their money to a stranger in a foreign country.

      Thanks for stopping by,


  7. Hi, Gary. Before reading your review I’d never hear of Crypto Genius. I often wonder how do people fall for such “something for nothing” pitches, but then everyone wants wealth.
    I had my run at making money in the futures market a few years ago, using the technical trading method. While not a scam, the training was skewed toward the optimistic side, and I lost a couple of thousand dollars trying to play the game. Now I’m extremely skeptical of anything that promises “autopilot” millions.
    Making money takes work. If it didn’t, everyone would be rich. Thanks for the review.

    1. Hi, Grant!

      Scams like Crypto Genius apparently trap a lot of people. Many people are introduced to it through an email from someone they trust. If they are in a desperate financial situation or predisposed to believe that the internet is magical, they are vulnerable to the scheme. 

      I’m sorry to hear you lost a couple of thousand dollars playing futures. Like you, I don’t trust auto-trading software. Also, if the investment strategy creates an emotional rush, it probably isn’t investing. It’s probably speculating. 

      I agree. Making money takes work. The internet has given us tremendous leverage and unbelievable market reach, but we still must do the work. I struggled for several years before I learn to earn a consistent and respectable income online. Then, one weekend, while I was away camping, my website made $500. In a way, it was the easiest money I had ever made, but in another way, it took me a couple months to build the website to that point.

      Thanks for stopping by,


  8. Hi Gary, Love your website, especially the videos. It’s true, there are so many scams out there and many desperate people that are down on their luck are taken for a lot of money, money that they can’t afford to lose. Too bad there aren’t more people with good ethics. Very interesting website, thanks, Deanna

    1. Hi, Deanna Martin!

      Thank you for your kind words. Crypto Genius is a real stinker and obviously trying to bank on the current crypto mania. These sorts of scams will always try to capitalize on popular trends. Next month it will be something else.

      Thanks for stopping by,


  9. I do not think I have heard of this one, but that is probably for the better! Anytime I see unrealistic promises like making thousands in a day, I feel suspicious!

    It is sad to know that they supposedly made this scam as a joke, according to their disclaimer, yet still knowing that many others are going to lose their money, due to believing that it is possible.

    As you mention, the best approaches to making money online are through remote jobs and building an internet business.

    Out of curiosity, what online companies would you say are good for finding remote jobs? I am currently seeking an online position and was wondering if you could give some suggestions.

    1. Hi, Arie!

      Crypto Genius is clearing trying to cash in on the cryptocurrency hysteria. As you mentioned, it’s a joke until someone loses their money. Then it’s not funny at all. It’s telling that they speak of $250 as if it not very much money. I know people who work 40 hours a week and don’t bring home much more than $250.

      I write in detail about work at home jobs in my article Work at Home Jobs. In that article I recommend an affordable job board with a stellar reputation. It also offers a generous guarantee. You can read my Work at Home Jobs article here.

      Thanks for stopping by,


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