What is the 700 Profit Club?

What is the 700 Profit Club? Is the 700 Profit Club a Scam?

In the 700 Profit Club sales video, you are guaranteed to make $700 a day on autopilot with their revolutionary new money making system. Plus, it will only take you ten minutes to get started.  The 700 Profit Club tech team will set up your money making website for you. All you have to do is spend the money. However, there’s a lot they don’t tell you. Follow me and I’ll show you the Devil in the details.

Product: A lousy website.
Website: 700profitclub.com
Product Cost: Approx. $285 for a 3-year contract, plus upsells.
Opinion: Not Recommended

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What is the 700 Profit Club?

In the 700 Profit Club sales video, you are guaranteed to make $700 a day with their revolutionary system. Plus, it will take only ten minutes to get started and “their team” will set up your money-making website for you.

The promise of making a minimum of $700 a day on autopilot is repeated throughout the sales video, and there is a lingering promise to give something away for free, although, this never happens. To be sure, the only thing the 700 Profit Club is giving away for free is hot air.

You are also reminded that today is the last day this incredible offer will be available. It doesn’t matter what day it is; it will always be the last day, forever.

A woman narrates the 700 Profit Club sales video and claims to have made 7 Million Dollars with her revolutionary system. We are shown a picture and led to believe it is the woman speaking, however, we are never told her name.

She claims to give us her credentials, so we’ll believe her and trust her. Her so-called credentials are nothing more than her bragging and flashing images of bank statements. Any eighth-grader with Photoshop can produce the same credentials.

As if making $700 a day isn’t tempting enough, our mysterious narrator promises you money, happiness, and freedom. What’s not the like?

Do you really believe you can make a quarter of a million dollars a year with only ten minutes of effort?

The 700 Profit Club never explains how their magical system works. They only say that you’ll need one of their special websites which usually sell for $5000.

What is the 700 Profit ClubAlthough they never tell you what it is, you are encouraged to click the button below the sales video and get started right away.

Is the 700 Profit Club a Scam?

The 700 Profit Club is a pig in a poke. The sales video repeatedly dangles the promise of making at least $700 a day under your nose with the intention of making you greedy for the mysterious thing they are selling. The fact they won’t tell you what they’re selling is a dead giveaway it’s a scam.

There isn’t even a disclaimer or terms of service page, which is yet more evidence 700 Profit Club is a stinking scam.

There’s a reason the sales video works so hard to make you greedy for their concealed product. They are really selling the dream that you can make $700 a day. That isn’t possible, at least not with what they’re selling, and they know it.

They want you to see yourself earning $700 a day, every day, for the rest of your life. They want you to believe they have the answer to all of your problems. With their special system, you will be wealthy, happy and free.

The sales video flashes images of luxury cars, exotic vacations, beautiful mansions and happy people. They are trying to put you in the picture.

The 700 Profit Club scam has several parts. It starts when you see yourself earning $700 a day for the rest of your life and believing the 700 Profit Club can make it happen for you.

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The First Stage of the 700 Profit Club Scam.

If you click the button below the sales video, you are taken to a web hosting company called CoolHandle. There is nothing special about CoolHandle. It’s just a garden variety web hosting platform. To get one of the magical 700 Profit Club websites you must sign up for hosting with CoolHandle.

This is the first scam. CoolHandle’s prices are consistent with the industry, but you have been tricked into getting hosting. Once you get your hosting and a website, you still will not know how to make $700 a day.

Most scams are usually a series of scams. An initial small scam sets the hook and pushes the mark, the victim, toward larger scams. That is the pattern with the 700 Profit Club.

The Small Scam.

The trick to getting you to pay for hosting is the initial small scam. It sets the hook, psychologically solidifies your belief you will soon be earning $700 a day, and makes you vulnerable to the big scam that follows.

Our mind continuously processes a lot of information and has evolved to help us make decisions quickly by reinforcing our earlier decision.

By our nature, we humans make decisions based on emotions. If you join the 700 Profit Club, you will join because you are greedy to make $700 a day, every day, for the rest of your life. Once you join, you’ll justify your decision with logic.

If we make the small decision to sign up for hosting, we are more likely to agree to the big decision that follows. We will agree to the big decision to reassure ourselves we were correct with our first decision. Scammers know this, and this is why scams are structured like the 700 Profit Club.

The Big Scam.

Imagine you have fallen for the 700 Profit Club promise and truly believe you will soon be making $700 a day, every day, for the rest of your life. Your mind has been taken over by greed. You have signed up for the hosting at CoolHandle and “the team” has completed your new site, but nothing happens.

You’re not making $700 a day as they promised.

Enter your new best friend. The 700 Profit Club will assign to you a personal advisor to help you get your website earning $700 a day. This person is not your friend, and they are not an advisor. They are a professional telemarketer who is highly motivated to sell you a bunch of useless and expensive make money online stuff. The reason they are highly motivated to sell you expensive stuff is that they make a huge commission each time you buy from them.

The Final Word on the 700 Profit Club

There is no magic software or revolutionary system that will make money for you on autopilot. As long as you believe the dream of making $700 a day, every day, for the rest of your life, you will buy their stuff. Nothing they are selling will help you make money. It will only cost you money.

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17 thoughts on “What is the 700 Profit Club?

  1. I’ve done tech support for 3rd party companies and this is the biggest scam I’ve heard of. Coolhandle will make you seem like your going to get rich and us as the tech support phone line are pissed at Coolhandle because they want us to keep them as customers. My advice do some research before you plan to spend your money on something you know nothing about.

    1. I total agree with you I came across the website and started to research, because I have been duped many times out of my money, they might let you in for the $45.00, but as you do the training u would not get to another step until you pay money for a personal trainer. So I learned my lesson and I don’t believe in none of the promises for no one, I will stay broke first. I and sick and tired of the greed dishonesty and scamming me out of my money sometimes it’s my last. And how do they get to put the News symbols in the mixed to make it look true.

  2. Thanks for your insights ! I have often looked for ways to create income on line. So yes 700 club at first glance looked like u should check it out. It didn’t take long to see it was looking like a scam. You gave confirmation and saved me time and possibly money. Good looking out big dog!!

  3. Hey Gary,

    I did not know about this 700 profit club. But now I do, it indeed smells like scam.

    Glad you posted about this. Lots of people are looking for quick ways to make bucks, and can fall into such traps. You might prevent some people from falling into this one.

    Indeed, there are ways to make some money online, even quite a lot of money. But there is no magic trick, you need to work for it. And it probably won’t be quick at first. Thanks for your insight

    1. Hi, Misan!

      You are absolutely right about the 700 Profit Club. Nobody is going to make $700 a day with some secret software. The internet is not an ATM. It’s just a means of mass communication. Now, thanks to the internet, we all can step onto the world stage. 

      If you want to make money with the internet, you need to deliver value to the world. It really is as simple as that. Value is just another word for helping people get what they want. This usually means solving a problem for them. The 700 Profit Club doesn’t do anything like that at all.

      Thanks for stopping by,


  4. Great review, as soon I started reading about the possibility of making $700 dollars a day on autopilot. I could smell scam from a mile away. I have been offered a similar opportunity with a trading system program but I watched someone who used it not make any money in a review. I will add the 700 dollar profit club to my list of fictional get rich quick schemes!

    1. Hi, Josh Ellery!

      The 700 Profit Club is indeed fictional, at least the money it promises is fictional. As I was researching the 700 Profit Club, I kept bumping into information about the 700 Club hosted by Pat Robertson, a Christian organization that has been around for 30 years or more. I’m sure the scammers intentionally positioned their scheme to be appear nearly identical to that religious organization. Their is nothing they won’t try to make a buck.

      Thanks for stopping by,


  5. Gary, I posted a comment directly on your site, but I am repeating it here for this project.
    I love your layout, your imagery, wording. It is all very refreshing and simple. You have great writing skills and techniques.
    Also, I truly love your video. I like that it was short and right to the point. You give great advice and information. You described one of my pitfalls, which is the scammers tend to create a sense of urgency in order to get you to empty your pockets, but with little or nothing in return.
    I like your unique subscription form and that you have incorporated social media options for sharing. Your website is organized and well written.
    I enjoyed reading several of your articles. You have a way of drawing the readers to your message because they can relate in one way or another. Your background experience shines through and you are truly in your element. I know you will be successful if not already!!!
    Best Wishes

    1. Hi, Kris!

      Thank you for your kind words. You made my day.

      I’ve fallen for the urgency trap too. We humans have some mental processing shortcuts hardwired into our brains. Urgency exploits one of the shortcuts. Scammers know this and will use it like a bulldozer to shove a prospect into the scam.

      Thanks for stopping by,


  6. Thank you for this great information! So many scams out there and, as times get hard for some, the urge to jump in becomes greater. Lucky to have sites like this that separate out the scam offers.

    And thanks for the comprehensive explanation. I’ll definitely come back to check this site out in the future. invaluable info!

  7. Is upsetting that some websites out in the online world will take everything away from you. There is no point into scamming people money. The 700 profit has something coming. $700?? Really? What goes around comes around. Have you had experiences of accepting other scam sites? I remember spending over $200 on useless programs but helped me learn what is factual. Sadly, there are more sites programs like 700 Profit Club but we will seek them down. Luckily, google and other search engines are really nailing down the false keyword searches out there and bring SEO to its core. We need have trustworthy info not scam.

  8. In-depth and great review about 700 profit club.
    It’s totally not possible to earn 700$ a day whatever business method you adopt. People who wants to get-rich-quick become victim of such scam. As per my opinion, greedy people always want to have more and ultimately get trapped in some scam.
    You have chosen one very good step to educate people about these online scams by giving Free online entrepreneur certification course.

    1. Hi, Himbru!

      I agree, it’s not possible for someone with little to no internet marketing experience to earn $700 a day. The 700 Profit Club preys on people’s desperation to make fast, easy money. As you mentioned, promising get-rich-quick is classic scammer’s lie.

      Thanks for stopping by,


  9. Wow, at least the 700 Profit Club makes it clear from the beginning that it is a scam. 10 minutes of effort for 700$ on Autopilot daily? What a joke really! I’m sure that people will and are buying into this kind of scam as most are desperate to make money fast. I know that 700$ sounds tempting but there is no way anyone can achieve that level of success in just a few minutes. Other programs, however, are not that obvious. This is the definition of scam thanks for pointing it out and great review by the way!

  10. Great page. It’s nice to see someone debunking sites like this.

    I know quite a few people who have fallen for sites like this and it’s heartbreaking to see.

    People are always looking for the get rich quick scheme, when it takes hard work, focus and consistency.

    The way you broke down the 700 profit club and what they’re offering is very helpful. The only way you can fight these scams is to expose them for what they are.

    1. Hi, Simon!

      I appreciate your comment. Scams like the 700 Profit Club really prey on people’s desperation. Like you mentioned, the best antidote for scams is to shine the light of truth on them. 

      Thanks for stopping by,


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