What is Profit Genesis 2.0? Profit Genesis Review.

What is Profit Genesis 2.0? Profit Genesis Review.

Can you really make $1,000 a day, every day, with Profit Genesis 2.0? David Miller, the creator of the system, says you can. However, there is something you should know. Follow me to see the Devil in the details.

Product: Profit Genesis 2.0
Website: profitgenesisreloaded.com
Owner: David Miller (Probably a pseudonym)
Price: $37 + multiple upsells.
Opinion: Not Recommended

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What is Profit Genesis 2.0?

Some readers asked me about the Profit Genesis system and whether or not I recommend it. I want to break down my experience with Profit Genesis so that you can make up your own mind. If you go to the Profit Genesis website, you will find a video that makes a lot of interesting claims.

What is Profit Genesis 2.0? Profit Genesis Review.The sales video says you can make $5,000 per week on a consistent basis without putting in a lot of work. It then says that the “secret system” does not include old methods you might have heard of.

It says you don’t need to fill out surveys or use other saturated methods for making money online. To get started, you just need to watch the training videos and implement the three-step system. Apparently, from that point, the money will start flowing into your lap.

$5000 a Week?

What is Profit Genesis 2.0? Profit Genesis Review.While the video starts by saying you can make $5,000 per week, it goes on to list testimonials from others who claim to have made $14,000 and more in one week. In fact, one of the people in the video says he made almost $50,000 in one month without spending hours working on his business.

In simple terms, the Profit Genesis video says you can change your life, pay off your debts and live a life of which most people only dream. You can do all of that with as little as 15 minutes of work each day, giving you much more time to spend with your friends and family. You will buy the system, watch the videos and become rich in no time if you believe the claims made by the sales video. All of these claims are bold enough to grab attention and compel people to take a closer look.

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It’s NOT True.

I suspect some people who watch the Profit Genesis 2.0 sales video will believe it must be true. They might reason that if the statements were false, customers would sue the company for false advertisement.

I went over every page on the website and found where Profit Genesis 2.0 hides the truth. On the disclaimer page, the Profit Genesis team states that the claims made in their videos are based on their opinion of how much people could earn and that individual results can vary.
All those wild claims in the sales video about making $1000 a day, every day, is just their opinion. In my opinion, you won’t make anything at all.

The earning disclaimer states that the Profit Genesis team makes no guarantees as to how much anyone will earn using the system. The disclaimer ensures that the claims made in the sales video are not legally binding, which means most people probably earn little or nothing with the system.

What is Profit Genesis 2.0, Really?

Profit Genesis is a drop shipping course and not a very good one. The creators have overhyped the course and fail to mention on the website that the system involves drop shipping, which is a dishonest sales tactic.

What is Profit Genesis 2.0? Profit Genesis Review.Why do they hide the fact that Profit Genesis 2.0 teaches drop shipping? Do you really think a legitimate business system would be dishonest about its methods?

It’s vital you remember that drop shipping is a legitimate business model, but it’s not as easy as the Profit Genesis system would like you to believe. Drop shipping is a system in which you set up a website and sell products.

The catch is that you never stock inventory or buy anything until a customer places an order. When someone buys a product you list, you will then buy the product from the manufacturer and ship it to your customer. You begin by finding a product to source from Aliexpress, marking it up to earn a profit and listing the item on a Shopify store.

Although making a profit with drop shipping is possible, you must invest in overhead, and the startup costs can be significant. You will likely need to test several products before you find one that sells consistently enough for you to profit, and you have to invest in advertising.

If you would like to learn about dropshipping, you can find resources much better than Profit Genesis. For example, Shopify’s Ultimate Guide to Dropshipping teaches you everything you need to set up a drop shipping business, and the best part is that

ScamAvenger Girl, says “Thumbs Down!”

you won’t need to pay a dime.

Is Profit Genesis a Scam?

It’s now time to look at the big question; is Profit Genesis a scam? At best, Profit Genesis is VERY misleading. Why would you want to do business with a company that is so misleading?

Since it does offer a viable system for making money online, and because it’s backed by the ClickBank 60-day refund policy, it’s not a complete scam.

That does not mean I recommend you try it. I don’t.

Profit Genesis 2.0 is Selling a Dream.

The Profit Genesis 2.0 sales video is selling a dream. It’s long of hyped promises of making a lot of money quickly and easily, but it’s terrible short on details.

I doubt the product will help you make money online. The purpose of the Profit Genesis 2.0 product is not to help you. You can tell because the focus of the sales video is not on the product and how it will help you.

Instead, the sales video focuses on making you feel greedy for the pig in a poke they are selling. It’s just an emotional blast off that is trying to make you feel so excited about making fast, easy money that you stop thinking.

The Last Word on Profit Genesis 2.0.

Profit Genesis is an overhyped system that stretches the truth and uses disclaimers to avoid accountability. One of the people in the testimonial video is a known actor on Fiverr, and that makes me wonder what else the creators of Profit Genesis are dishonest about.

If you want to learn drop shipping, enroll in the Shopify training. However, be prepared to invest at least $500 before you earn your first nickel. There more affordable ways to build an online business.

If you want to make money online and you don’t have the capital for a drop shipping business. I have a suggestion.

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Work at Home in Your Pajamas.

A Better Idea.

Affiliate marketing has all the earning potential of drop shipping with only a fraction of the startup cost. The internet is the greatest opportunity in the history of the human species and affiliate marketing permits anyone with the right training to create multiple income streams.

I’m sure you’ve heard the phrase, “It takes money to make money.” That’s true, but it doesn’t have to take a lot of money.  You can get started for free and maintain your business with lunch money. However, it is essential that you learn to do it right.

The place to learn affiliate marketing the right way is the Online Entrepreneur Certification Course. The starter course is completely free, no credit card needed.

If you found this article helpful or have experience Profit Genesis 2.0, please leave a comment below. Thank you.

13 thoughts on “What is Profit Genesis 2.0? Profit Genesis Review.

  1. I get the gist of profit genesis 2.0 is a scam, making all that boast about how hard you work will earn a lot, but not true statement. What’s true is that this site will bankrupt you the minute you join the site and it’s product’s. All it does is make a market on the product, advertise it, and sell it to buyers with little commission or more. Including the so called drop-shipping reviews.  

  2. yeah the whole a 1,000, 5,000, or 10,000 a week profit made was no more than spectators opinion to exaggerate their website and rip people’s hard earn money off like some kind of pyramid scheme. I’m glad i run across this website and read what their facts on Profit genesis 2.0 discovery, i’m not sure how they operate but test on how far to make their site success while the people’s dream is scatter away with their dreams of achieving something they like to do.

    1. Hi, TerraBlade Logan!

      You are so right. While it is possible to earn that kind of money online after you’ve built a business, you won’t do it with Profit Genesis 2.0.

      Thanks for stopping by,

  3. Hello Gary,

    Great article on this Profit Genesis, sounds like another… “sell the dream”… this is such a bunch of unnecessary hype and is misleading to those who are genuinely looking for real oppertunities online.

    This kind of sales tactics is so prevalent out there, we can begin to believe it if we are not careful. Thanks for bringing us to a balanced mental state with your review. It is good to have dreams, that drives us to actions in making them a reality.

    Hard work and good ethics will improve someone’s life in so many ways!

    Keep up the good work…  

    1. Hi, Chad!

      I agree. It seems that everyone is selling the dream. I’ve come to the conclusion that if an offer is “selling the dream” its because their product has no value. How else can you sell a pig in a poke than to hype the heck out of it with false promises about how it will change your life, etc. ad nauseum.

      Thanks for stopping by,


  4. Hi Gary,

    Thank you for making me aware of the very scummy tactics of this product.  I appreciate that you exposed them for what they do, the sell a dream.  After I had watched the video from Profit Genesis, I was really skeptic and wanted to know if their secret was really something worthwhile.  Am I ever grateful that I searched and found your review!  

    I realized after reading your review that the truth about the way they do business is that they hide what is really behind what they are selling, just to get our money. 

    Thank you so much for taking the time to review this program.  You have saved me from wasting my time and money with it!


  5. Dear Gary Horton,

    Thanks a lot for the review post on Profit Genesis 2.0 your review post saved a lot of my time.

    $5,000 per week on a consistent basis without putting in a lot of work this statement is enough for me to say NOOOOO! I am wondering why these people are making such claims and playing in the life of innocent people. To be honest, I was a victim of many scams and lost a lot of money so I know the pain and how it feels.

    For sure your review is going to save people time and money. Thanks again for sharing your experience with Profit Genesis 2.0! 

    I hate fake testimonials and misleading information… Thanks for revealing the truth!

    Wishing you great success!

    Your Friend,


  6. Thanks Gary for your review. I had always wondered what Profit Genesis was selling and now I know. I always try to stay away form opportunities promising to make me a lot of money quickly with little time and effort. I also try to stay away form companies that don’t offer a real service. Looks like Profit Genesis is 2 for 2. In order to make money it takes hard work and it is important to provide a service. I think that affiliate marketing is a much better way to go.

  7. Wow, another “get-rich-quick” scheme. I really hate it that there are so many of these online and it makes it very, very hard for someone wanting to make money online. I personally have been taken by a few scams and it was hard to take. It takes time, patience and excellent training to be successful online. Affiliate marketing is certainly the best option for anyone considering an online business and I hope people realize that there is no such thing as a quick fix. Thank you for bringing Genesis 2.0 to the light. It was a very helpful and informative article!

    1. Hi, Walker!

      Thanks for pointing out that making money online is a lot like making money offline. It takes patience and proper training. Still, I’m convinced anyone who is capable of surfing the web and sending an email can build a profitable online business. Commitment and patience are essential.

      Thanks for stopping by,


  8. Making real and sustainable money online takes time, effort and commitment. I have learned it the hard way.

    I also even tried dropshipping in the past and it’s not as easy as Profit Genesis claims it is, just like you mentioned.

    You have to find reliable suppliers, research products, compare pricing, add and edit listings, make sure you’re deleting discontinued or out-of-stock products, also deal with customer service and you have absolutely no control over what and how the shipment is being done.

    It was a headache for me!

    Now I’m in affiliate marketing, which as you mentioned, is a way better and easier business model. It still requires work, but at least you don’t have to deal with customers and worry about listings.

  9. Hi Gary, I would like to get a phone number for Profit Genesis. I would also like to report very business practice on their part. I have been in email contact with them for about 2 weeks now as I requested a refund. As I clearly explained to them, I have a mental illness = bipolar = which occasionally gets out of hand and I overspend, thinking I can handle the steps involved, as in going through their business structure and then making money. Today I was offered a refund of 51.32 CAD , whilst I asked for the full amount of greater than 400. It is not just the money; I cannot focus easily and remember what I learn so it makes for a very poor way to spend my time and make a little extra money.. I was in a hypomanic state at the time I did the order(s). I have explained all of this to ‘David Miller’ and support staff.

    1. Hi, Colleen!

      I’m sorry you were taken by Profit Genesis and I understand about manic episodes. Profit Genesis has intentionally made it difficult to impossible to contact them. You might try this 1.4806242599. This is the number of their domain registration.

      All the best,

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