What is Panda Research About?

What is Panda Research about

Panda Research clearly states on its ‘Terms and Conditions’ page that they won’t pay you for “only completing the surveys.” In this article, I answer the question ‘What is Panda Research About.’ Plus, I reveal a few more surprises hidden in the Panda Research ‘Terms and Conditions.’

Name: Panda Research, Inc. (aka PandaResearch).
Website: PandaResearch.com
Price: Free
Owners: A&A Marketing
Opinion: Not Recommended.

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What is Panda Research About?

At the top of the Panda Research home page, it boldly claims “Receive Cash for each successful offer/survey completed!” 

The operative word here is “successful.” Panda Research will determine if you have successfully completed a survey or offer. When we look at a few details buried on the Panda Research Terms and Conditions webpage, you’ll see how they not only DON’T pay you; but if you let them, they will probably TAKE your money!

Panda Bear

At the time of this writing, Panda Research claims to have paid out more than $2 million. This claim is misleading.

While Panda Research might pretend to be a survey site, what they do is much different.

What Panda Research does is offer you something that looks like a survey but is actually a cleverly disguised way of getting you give them your credit card information and sign-up for a trial offer.

Sneaky Credit Card Charges.

The free trial converts to a charge on your credit card if you don’t cancel in time.

If you cancel during the free trial period, it costs you nothing, but you don’t earn anything either.

If you don’t cancel during the free trial period, your credit card is charged, and Panda Research might pay you a fraction of the commission they earned when your credit card was charged.

Then again, they might not pay you a dime.

Let me put this another way; you don’t make money for trying out a product or service. It costs you money, and if you’re lucky, Panda Research gives you a little of your money back and says they paid you.

Take a look at paragraph M of the Panda Research Terms and Conditions below. Please read it carefully because you are now looking at the heart and soul of Panda Research.

“M. PROVIDE CASH INCENTIVES. PandaResearch offers cash incentives to members in exchange for completing surveys and signup for trial offers. Members won’t be eligible for cash incentives by only completing the surveys. Signing up for the offers, advertised by our partners, is necessary to be eligible for cash incentives. Members are responsible for any taxes due as a result of payments made for their participation in PandaResearch.”

Did you see that? “Members won’t be eligible for cash incentives by only completing surveys.” Wow! It’s not about the surveys at all. The surveys are just a come-on so you’ll buy the products and services.

“Signing up for the offers, advertised by our partners, is necessary to be eligible for cash incentives.”

Panda Research is Owned by a Marketing Company!

Here’s the ultimate insult, because Panda Research says they paid you, you may have to pay income taxes on that money, which is your money. But don’t worry about it, the odds are won’t get paid.

Panda Research has a lot of loopholes to justify NOT paying you.

The offers you sign up for with Panda Research require a credit card or a debit card. You’ll be encouraged to sign up for lots and lots of offers under the false promise of making money.

Because you must sign up for so many offers, it’s very likely  you will forget to stop the trial before they bill your card.

You have to cancel quickly to avoid these charges, but if you cancel during the free trial period, you won’t make any money. And, if you don’t cancel during the free trial period, it will COST you money.

What’s the point? Either way, you don’t make money, and it’s a waste of time.

To make matters worse, Panda Research might require you to jump through hoops when you try to cancel before getting billed.

Just to be clear, spending a dollar to make a nickel is NOT making money.

Panda Research Terms and Conditions.

ScamAvenger Girl, says “Thumbs Down!”

There is more bad news buried on the Panda Research Terms and Conditions page.

The promises Panda Research makes on its Homepage are taken away on their Terms and Conditions page. The “Home Page” giveth and the “Terms and Conditions” page taketh away.

Look at this!

“A.6) TERMINATION AND CANCELLATION. Panda Research at its sole discretion and for any reason or no reason at all may terminate any Members without prior notice . . .”

In other words, if they owe you money, they can terminate your account and not pay you.

Read below to see how they set the hook!

“A.2) MEMBER’S INFORMATION: Member must provide valid and truthful information; First name, Last name, Email address, Phone number and Mailing Address to Panda Research. Member must provide this same valid, accurate information to advertiser or partner when completing any offer presented by or in conjunction with Panda Research.”

The only reason I can think that they want your phone number and mailing address is to try to sell you stuff or sell your information to marketing companies that will try to sell you stuff.

Like my granddaddy would say, “It gets worser and worser.”

Read below to see that Panda Research doesn’t guarantee you anything!

“D. NO PAYMENT GUARANTEE. PandaResearch does NOT guarantee that a member will receive credit for a completed survey and offer.”

In other words, they don’t have to pay you. If they don’t have to pay you, they probably won’t pay you.

“L. SECURITY: . . .Panda Research cannot guarantee the security of any information that you transmit to us or from our sponsors and You do so at Your own risk.”

Kiss your privacy good-bye!

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Panda Research Complaints.

There is a ton of complaints about Panda Research online. Most of the Panda Research complaints are about not getting paid, being tricked into buying stuff and getting spammed to death. Here are a few of the Panda Research complaints I found online.

“. . . Panda Research is one big ripoff. RUN in the other direction if you ever see the name. Do not sign up, do not do any business there – you will get ripped off. It’s nothing but a scam site run by a bunch of con artists.” Todd Jacobucci (Source:MySurvey123.com)

“. . . for some of the surveys that I did complete, I was required to sign up for something that cost money. . . .They gave you a trial period to cancel, but when I called to cancel, I was LITERALLY!!! on hold for two hours and thirty-seven minutes. DO NOT REGISTER WITH YOUR OWN EMAIL ACCOUNT. Since registering with Panda, I am receiving HUNDREDS of spam emails per day. Per DAY!!!” BigSam (Source: Scam.com)

“These guys are not legitimate and will not pay you. I have met all of the requirements with absolutely zero money paid as it should be. This is a complete waste of your time!!!!” Shannon (Source: OnlineMarketingWithVince.com)

“I tried Panda Research when I first started doing surveys. I found that they wanted me to sign up for everything (of course there was usually a credit card involved). I didn’t lose too much, however. I kept pretty good records of all the trials that I had signed up for and was able to get out of them before I had to pay. However, I must have missed some of them. I had to call the credit company and tell them to kill my card. Not to mention the several hundred spam messages I got in my inbox every day. . . . Stay away from pandaresearch.com.” PinkyParrot (Source: Scam.com).

Panda Research BBB
Panda Research BBB Complaints.

If you search online for Better Business Bureau complaints against Panda Research, you will be directed to the Chicago and Northern Illinois BBB and a listing for A&A Marketing, Inc.

A&A Marketing, Inc. owns Panda Research.

A&A Marketing also owns several other so-called survey websites.

It is revealing that Panda Research is owned by a marketing company, not a research company. In my view, this is proof positive that Panda Research has nothing to do with research. It’s about selling stuff.

A&A Marketing, Inc. is not accredited by the BBB. However, the Chicago and Northern Illinois BBB gives the company a big fat “F.” And there are 36 complaints against A&A Marketing, Inc. registered with the BBB.

Please share your experience with Panda Research.

If you have experience with Panda Research, please comment below.

The last word on Panda Research.

I’m convinced that Panda Research is not a survey company. From what I have found online about Panda Research, I’m confident that it is a marketing company that uses the pretense of completing surveys to trick you into buying stuff.

In my opinion, you will not make money with Panda Research and it will probably cost you money.

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If you found this article helpful or have experience with Panda Research, please leave a comment below.

9 thoughts on “What is Panda Research About?

  1. Wow! It sounds like a total scam. How do they stay in business? I tried a few other survey systems when I was starting out online trying to find a way to earn money. I didn’t make a penny with any of them. The only one I have stuck with is Swagbucks and I only do that because they offer gift cards when you get so many points and I can earn points by using their search engine. There is no easy way or shortcut to earning money online. It is easy to get distracted and waste time and money trying to find one. I like your suggestion in the video! ~Gina

  2. Good stuff Gary, keep up the good work.

    I came across Panda Research a while ago, when looking for ways to make some quick money, at least that’s what I thought I would do!
    Luckily I never signed up with them, simply because of their website looking very strange, that something was wrong there.

    Still, I can confirm, from my personal experience, that I have tried 2-3 survey websites but never managed to make a single dime out of them!

    1. Hi, TM!

      Thanks so much for commenting. I really appreciate that you shared your experience with online surveys. I tried them too and never made a dime either. They’re a big waste of time for sure.

      All the best,


  3. Wow, after reading through I feel drained completely and I haven’t even signed up to Panda Research! Sounds like they are blood sucking leeches!
    They aren’t the only online business to make the cancellation process difficult. This seems to be catching on with every company, everything I try to cancel becomes a hassle, usually the m.o. is to keep making more offers and try to make us feel exclusive. My emails gets loaded with junk offers!
    It`s really sad to see some companies with interesting proposals take this turn for the worst. I have never gotten involved with any survey companies or instant money making online proposals, but this is definitely eye opening. I`ll make sure to steer clear of the pandas!

    1. Hi, Tami!

      I didn’t mean to drain your energy, but I’m pleased you will be steering clear of Panda Research. Blood sucking leeches is a great description. I don’t know how people can work for such a business.

      It is disturbing to read a promising proposal only to learn it’s all lies and come-ons.

      Thanks for stopping by,


  4. This online opportunity for panda research is the first time for me hearing about it. I have never got involved with any survey companies personally but have wondered if they were worth doing.

    I always like to be aware of different opportunities for making money online so your website is an excellent source for what to avoid and what is legit.

    Your video about surveys helps to explain why there is no real opportunity there, and your alternative for making money with Wealthy Affiliate shows great promise.

    Thanks for the update about Panda research.

    1. Hi, Travis!

      Thanks for stopping by. Many people think Panda Research is a legitimate survey company, but by simply reading the Terms and Conditions, it’s easy to see they are deceptive.

      There really isn’t an easy and fast way to make money on the internet, but it is possible to make money. In face, once you understand how the search engines operate and how to give them what they want, it’s possible to make a full-time income or more. It all depends on what a person’s goals are and how much they are willing to work to reach it.

      I learned through Wealthy Affiliate and that’s what I recommend. If you go here, it’s free to start.

      All the best,


  5. I haven’t seen Panda Research yet, but I get a number of these opportunities online, probably from when I was looking for a job. One survey company mailed be information with a $2 bill. Yeah, $2 for me, but how much do they get from me filling out their surveys. The more people know about these companies, the quicker they will be out of business.

    1. Hi, Kevin!

      I appreciate your comment. I hope you’re right and one day these phony survey sites are closed down, but I find new ones popping up every day. They’re like weeds after a rain. That’s funny about the $2 bill they sent you.

      There might be a few legitimate research websites with real surveys, but even they don’t pay more than chump change. Most of the so-called survey websites are traps luring people in to buy stuff that nobody would buy if it was marketed honestly.

      I wish more people would realize that just about anybody with a little common sense can make money online if they have a website, a legitimate business, plus the right training and support.

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