What is Now Lifestyle?

What is Now Lifestyle?

Now Lifestyle is a network marketing organization. Its members promote nutritional supplements, a fitness program, and a business opportunity. However, there is more to the story. Keep reading to see the Devil in the details.

Product Website: nowlifestyle.com
Product Cost: $50/month
Product Owner: Joel Therien
Opinion:  NOT Recommended

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What is Now Lifestyle?

Now Lifestyle is a network marketing company in the Health and Wellness niche. The owner, Joel Therien, has launched several companies in the past 18 years, including Global Virtual Opportunities Inc, Pure Leverage, Got Backup, and 7 Minute Workout.

Others have described Now Lifestyle as a Multi-Level Marketing company, otherwise known as an MLM. To learn more about network marketing and MLM, read my article “The Heartbreak of MLM.”

Is Now Lifestyle a Scam?

Now Lifestyle Scam DefinitionRegarding Now Lifestyle, I think it would be helpful to define what the term ‘scam’ means. The online Merriam-Webster’s Learner’s Dictionary defines scam as “a dishonest way to make money by deceiving people.” The foundation of a scam is deception.

While researching Now Lifestyle, I discovered a lot of essential information was missing from their website. I also found several red flags that should give anyone pause about joining.

The first time you visit the Now Lifestyle website, Joel Therien uses artificial urgency to try and pressure you into joining immediately. Artificial urgency is an unethical marketing method. An honest business does force its customers to make a hasty decision.

Because Joel Therien tries to force prospects to join immediately, it suggests there is little value in his offer.

Why I Do NOT Recommend Now Lifestyle.

There are several reasons I do not recommend Now Lifestyle. The biggest reasons are because it is a network marketing company and because it appears to be focused almost exclusively on recruitment rather than retail sales.

Also, like every network marketing company, Now Lifestyle has at its core a fatal flaw that makes it unsuitable as a business.

Is Now Lifestyle a Pyramid Scheme?

The difference between a genuine network marketing company and a pyramid scheme can be razor thin. To determine conclusively if Now Lifestyle is a pyramid scheme would require a formal investigation. However, the Federal Trade Commission reports that

“A lack of retail sales is . . . a red flag that a pyramid exists.” (FTC)

At the time of this writing, Now Lifestyle offers products in three categories. These categories include Health and Wellness, Nutritional Supplements and What is Now Lifestyle?Business Automation Tools.

The Health and Wellness product is an in-home fitness program. The Business Automation Tools include an autoresponder, a lead capture system and landing page templates.

The Nutritional Supplements include only 5 products. Only 5! The products are two flavors of Whey Protein, an energizing capsule, and a psyllium fiber product. That’s the complete nutritional supplement line. Furthermore, there are no prices on the nutritional supplements and no way to order them.

Because you cannot buy the nutritional supplements, it begs the question “Why are they on the website?

Now Lifestyle Red Flags.

Missing Information.

A lot of information is missing from the Now Lifestyle website. The cost of the products is unclear and there is no mention of how much commission you will make with each sale or what you will be paid for sales by your downline.

Token Products.

The nutritional products are pathetic and suggest their only purpose is to create the appearance of a legitimate network marketing company.

The focus of Now Lifestyle is the business opportunity. This focus combined with the pathetic product line suggests that retail sales are minimal. Given this fact, Now Lifestyle may meet the FTC’s definition of a pyramid scheme.

Joel Therien Skims 5%!

Read the Now Lifestyle earning disclaimer. You’ll find a link to it at the bottom of the website. About halfway down the earning disclaimer page, under “Affiliate Sales and Commissions,” you will discover that Joel Therien skims 5% of all commission payouts!

You will also discover that if you quit Now Lifestyle, you forfeit all owed commissions.

Fake Corporate Office.

On the Now Lifestyle website, you will see an image of a building with the Now Lifestyle logo over the front door, suggesting that the building is the Now Lifestyle corporate headquarters. However, it appears the logo on the building was photoshopped.

When I searched the Now Lifestyle business address in Google, I found the same building but there was no logo over the door. It looks like an empty building. This suggests that Now Lifestyle does not have a corporate office, although Joel Therien clearly wanted you to think otherwise.

You can check out the street address in Google by clicking here ===>Now Lifestyle Street Address.

Now Lifestyle’s Fatal Flaw.

Network Marketing can be very profitable for the founder of the organization and a few of his closest associates. However, for everyone else, it’s a fatally flawed business model.

When you join a network marketing company, you are investing your time, energy, emotions and resources into a business you do not control. You are building your business inside a larger business that is controlled by someone else. In other words, you are building their business for them.

They can change the rules at any time, sell the company or shut you down. You can lose everything you’ve worked for in an instant.

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If you found this article helpful or have experience with Now Lifestyle, please leave a comment below. Thank you.

16 thoughts on “What is Now Lifestyle?

  1. Gary, what is the matter with your blog/website here? I left a truthful explanation about Now Lifestyle a couple of days ago and you or whoever couldn’t be bothered to publish it… Is it that I didn’t bash Now Lifestyle like you would have preferred?

  2. I just want to say this about, ‘Now Lifestyle,’ and, ‘Pure Leverage Inc.’ and that is that although I am not an active member of Joel Therien’s Organization, I joined several years ago, (maybe 5 or 6 years ago), for $25.00. When I realized within a week or so that it wasn’t for me, ‘Pure Leverage,’ immediately refunded me my money. I believe they still do this today. I don’t think that they are blatantly dishonest but maybe as people have said there really isn’t a sizeable building that bears the name, ‘Pure Leverage,’ on it.

  3. Hi,
    I’ve not even once visited this site – nowlifestyle. Today I lost $25 . This is a fraud company. I wonder how they flicked my credit card details. Don’t believe this company.

  4. I actually joined this in March 2017. I paid $997 to join and each month it was $24.99 to keep the autoresponder which was actually rubbish! The idea was to recruit … once the products became “available” to purchase I was told after around 6 months of being in NLS … the products are not available to send to the UK … I was advised to buy similar products in the UK for the same desired effect. Was absolutely fuming as I had spent a lot of money on traffic to find new business. One of Joel’s top recruiters was left owed $250,000 in commissions. He no longer represents the company but apparently the company continue to use his name and video to recruit. Joel Therien is nothing more than a true scammer! A lot of the people associated with him have now disassociated with him. There are still a few die hards still willing to promote his stuff, but I see them all promoting other products now … so that tells me … NLS is going nowhere! FAST

    1. Hi, Carol!

      I’m sorry you had such an awful, and costly, experience with Now Lifestyle and the infamous Joel Therien.
      Thank you for sharing your experience here. I’m sure you have helped others avoid this scam.

      Most “Make Money Scams” pressure members to invest heavily in the beginning because they
      know the members will soon become disillusioned and quit. Schemes like Now Lifestyle grab
      all the money they can in the beginning before you get away.

      This is also true with many so-called legit, MLMs.

      An important strategy to remember is to always limit your
      financial exposure. I’m sure you know that now, but for the benefit
      of anyone who might read this comment and reply, it is
      essential to never risk more than you can afford to lose.

      Thanks for stopping by,

    2. Yes I am happy to see all the info on this. I have to say thankfully he has not got 1 cent from me’ But
      He Is trying very hard to hook me In, Not a day go’s buy I don’t find 4 to 5 emails from him.
      Always trying to get me In to one of his scam videos. And It’s always “This Is your last chance!
      And two days later starts all over again! Anyone that works this hard to suck you In , Is In my book
      a scammer!
      I am so sorry for your loss, and belief In a legit way to make money on the Internet.
      I have been looking for years now, And there all the same just a different hook.
      Sad thing Is they keep getting away with It and nothing happened to them!
      A lot of the time we are people out of work and broke and have to use credit to start, just to find out
      you got burned, and not you pay the credit back with Interest that’s 24, 27% back,
      I just hope one day, God will take care of It.

  5. I specifically scam searched Now Lifestyle because it just seemed too good to be true. And it definitely seem like it is, what if one day I decide to walk away from it. I would then OWE all that money back. No thank you. In the video I watched it said that I get 100% of my commission, is that after the 5% that goes to John? Again, no thank you. Thanks for helping me figure out if this was worth it or not.

    1. Hi, Jen!

      I’m glad you found my article about Now Lifestyle before it was too late. There are far better and affordable ways to learn how to make money online. I recommend the Online Entrepreneur Certification Course. The first level of training is free and will introduce you to an online community of writers, webmasters and marketers who are eager to help you make money online.

      Thanks for stopping by,

  6. Glad I’m not the only one who thinks that Now Lifestyle is a waste of time.

    I did not know about the corporate address thing. If he’s really doing that then that is very deceptive and I refuse to do business with anyone like that.

  7. Gary,
    To be honest as a person actually cannot purchase most of the physical products that are supposed to be “offered” by this company, in my book it fits the definition of an illegal pyramid scheme.

    Because as you stated in your review, Now Lifestyle is seemingly just about a member being able to recruit others in a down line in order to build up his/her MLM business. Added into the fact that one cannot even purchase the nutritional pill products, (probably non-FDA approved) that should be available through this company, by definition as no actual physical products are technically available for purchase then Now Lifestyle fits into the category of an illegal/criminal pyramid scheme.

    So many bogus MLM opportunities are in the category of health/wellness that they’re all lined up like 30+ year old unsalvagable cars at a junk lot. Yet, because people still believe in the fallacy of easily making money in an online business and their being scammed through untold numbers daily it’s why these companies remain “open for business”.

    If only people would use their heads! Hopefully, with people reading this review, they’ll become wise and not even consider joining Now Lifestyle. It would be a lifestyle that a person would regret after he/she had forked over money in this scam, later realizing and by then too late that it would never be recouped.


    1. Hi, Jeff!

      You make some terrific points. Indeed, if people would take a dispassionate perspective and avoid emotional decisions, they could see the risks they are taking with Now Lifestyle. Not only will they lose money. They will also lose the time spend on trying to make this stinker profitable.

      Thanks for stopping by,


    2. Pretty much no health supplements are FDA approved. And yes they are really at that location running GVO and NLS out of it. Their are prices for all products, digital as well as supplements. Here is my link you can go in and look for yourself, no credit card needed. tools.davesmith.info

  8. oh wow, thanks for your comprehensive review Gary.

    When you list out all the red flags about the company it seems clear that this is a business opportunity to stay well away from.

    I don’t want to be associated with peddling dodgy products and being associated with dodgy people, especially ones that are taking a 5% cut of my commissions!

    1. Hi, SJ!

      The Now Lifestyle message is very confusing. At best, confusion is a sign of poor communication. However, scammers use confusion to mask their scheme. This is the case with Now Lifestyle. 

      Thanks for stopping by,


  9. Thank you for unmasking Now Lifestyle. I really liked the profound investigation you have made and you clearly showed that this is another scam. The idea about checking the address on Google Maps is brilliant! I had never used Google Maps for this purpose and now wonder why I never thought about this as it is a great way to check whether or not the company has actual office. Thanks again for making me aware that Now Lifestyle is nothing more than a waste of my money and time, and not worth even considering.

    1. Hi, Arta!

      Google Maps is very revealing. One of the early clues I noticed that Now Lifestyles may not be what it pretends to be was the poorly done logo on the building. It looked like something you’d get on Fiverr and that is probably where it came from. 

      Digging into the earnings disclosure revealed that the company skims 5% from all commissions. That is just plain stealing.

      Thanks for stopping by,


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