What Is Noble 8 Revolution?

What is Nobel 8 Revolution?

Is Noble 8 Revolution the ultimate path to financial independence and your ticket to a richer life? Or is it a feel-good scam that takes your money and crushes your dreams? Follow me to see the Devil in the details.

Name: Noble 8 Revolution, LLC
1910 Thomes Ave.
Cheyenne, WY 82001-3527
Website: noble8revolution.com
Owners:  Blaine Williams, Jim Anderson, & Mark Campese
Price: $25 to $250,000 (No Refunds)
Opinion: Not Recommended

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What Is Noble 8 Revolution?

When you visit the Noble 8 Revolution (N8R) website, you are greeted by images of every charitable need imaginable. You’ll see pictures of disabled vets, homeless children, abused animals, and youth in crisis. Among these heartbreaking graphics, Noble 8 Revolution boldly states its What Is Noble 8 Revolution?mission of giving more than a billion dollars to charities around the world.

Noble 8 Revolution presents itself as the fusion of three cultural trends; global charity, entrepreneurship and personal growth. At first glance, N8R appears to be an extraordinarily generous non-profit organization.

However, buried deep beneath the images that pull on your heart strings and the feel-good ad copy, is a clever deception.

Noble 8 Revolution is Not a Non-Profit.

Because of the promise to give more than a billion dollars to charity, we might think that Noble 8 Revolution is a non-profit organization. However, the IRS does not list it as a 501(c)(3) non-profit. And, none of the major charity watch organizations such as Give.org, Charity Watch and Charity Navigator, recognize Noble 8 Revolution as a charity.

N8R Promises 10% of Every Sale to Charity.

In a video on the Noble 8 Revolution website, co-founder and CEO Blain Williams describes N8R as a for-profit company and promises to give 10% of all sales to the 8 Noble Pillars of Giving. The 8 Noble Pillars are 8 global areas of need.

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N8R Compensation Plan Takes 10%.

The Noble 8 Compensation Plan withholds approximately 10% from the commissions of each sale and supposedly earmarks it for donation to charity. This is money that may otherwise be paid out in commissions. However, I can find no evidence that this money is actually paid to charities.

No Evidence of Giving.

I can find no evidence that Noble 8 Revolution has ever given as much as a penny to any charity. There is no mention on their website or anywhere else on the internet that Noble 8 Revolution has ever made a single charitable contribution.

If Noble 8 Revolution was serious about giving more than a billion dollars to charities around the world, I would expect to find information on their website about specific charities they support and how much they have given. This should be public knowledge and easily found. Where are the charities Noble 8 Revolution supports?

What Is Noble 8 Revolution?
A Wolf in Sheep’s Clothing.

Without evidence Noble 8 Revolution actually donates to charities, we must assume their charitable façade is nothing more than cover for a dubious money-making operation.

Noble 8 Revolution is an LLC.

Noble 8 Revolution is registered as a Limited Liability Corporation in the state of Wyoming. Clearly, it’s a for-profit company and not a charity.

They’re in it for the money. And, how they make money exposes their dirty little game for what it is.

Noble 8 Revolution Sells the Dream.

Noble 8 Revolution sells the dream of financial independence and they do it with the feel-good twist of supporting charities. It starts with a $25 purchase.

You become a customer by making the initial $25 purchase of the Life Mastery Academy, Steps to a Dynamic Life. When you recruit three people who also purchase this digital training you become qualified to earn commissions.

It’s important to note that until you recruit three other people into Noble 8 Revolution by selling them the entry level course, you are considered a retail customer. However, once you recruit three others and are qualified to earn commissions on Noble 8 Revolution products, you become an IBL, aka, an Independent Business Leader, otherwise known as an independent contractor who recruits people into Noble 8 Revolution and earns commissions.

Is Noble 8 Revolution an MLM?

Noble 8 Revolution is beginning to look like a Multi-level Marketing company. Except that it’s dependent on recruitment and that’s a bad sign. The initial cost of entry is relatively small at $25. However, before you can make the big money you must buy ever more expensive levels before you can earn commissions on those levels. (Noble 8 Revolution Compensation Plan).

In other words, the money comes from recruitment, not retail sales. According to the SEC, when money is earned through recruitment and not retail sales, the organization may be a Ponzi scheme. The products are token products and merely serve as a legal excuse to funnel money from the mass of people at the bottom of the organization to the few at the top.

Is Noble 8 Revolution a Ponzi Scheme?

BehindMLM.com describes Noble 8 Revolution as a “Ponzi fraud.”

What is really happening is members buy a position in Noble 8 Revolution by recruiting others. Recruits are said to be customers until they recruit three people and become “commission qualified.” The products are incidental and are only an attempt to conceal the flow of money from the bottom of the organization to the top.

A History of Fraud.

Two of the founders of Noble 8 Revolution, Blain Williams and Mark Campese were directors of Waszupp Global. BehindMLM.com reports that Waszupp Global is a ponzi scheme and structured much like Noble 8 Revolution.

What Happens to the Money?

According to the N8R compensation plan, approximately 10% is held back from each sale to give to charity. Yet, there is no evidence this is ever actually donated to a charity. Also, because Noble 8 Revolution may be a Ponzi scheme, it is doubtful a genuine charity would accept money from them.

We must ask, where does the 10% go if it isn’t given to charities?

How to Succeed with N8R.

To succeed with Noble 8 Revolution, you must have the personality to ruthlessly recruit others. If you are unable to maintain the N8R charitable facade and lack the drive to recruit others, you will not succeed.

N8R is not a legitimate business model. Although Noble 8 Revolution sells the dream of financial independence, it is really just a scheme that funnels money from the mass of people at the bottom to the few at the top.

The Last Word on Noble 8 Revolution.

There is nothing noble about Noble 8 Revolution. Assuming Noble 8 Revolution is a legitimate MLM company, I still would not recommend it. MLM is a lousy business model. At best, when you join an MLM, you are building a business inside a business. You are actually building a business for someone else and could lose it all at any given moment. Read the Heartbreak of MLM.

In my opinion, Noble 8 Revolution is not a legitimate MLM company. It is a Ponzi scheme hiding beneath a charitable veneer. The products attempt to conceal the true purpose of the organization, which is to pass money from the bottom of the organization to the top unimpeded by genuine commerce.

The founders have years of experience building elaborate schemes and concealing them with slick, feel-good images. Noble 8 Revolution is merely their most recent attempt to perfect their money-making deception.

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20 thoughts on “What Is Noble 8 Revolution?


  2. Hey Gary!
    Im so glad you did this article. Before I read this
    i thought Noble 8 Revolution was a charity organization.
    I became a confused when I heard of the program I didnt recieve alot of information on it. Im glad I stumbled upon your post in my research because now I have a better understanding of what the program actually has to offer.

    The whole thing felt uneasy to me. After reading what you had to say, I could see why. Ill look into it more, now that I have an outside veiw thanks to you I can research it better.

    Thanks much!

    1. Hi, Che Braxton!

      Noble 8 Revolution has invested a lot of money to make it appear as if they are a charitable company. It’s painful to know how they fool people with their charity pitch when, actually, they are stealing from people. I could not find a speck of evidence anywhere that Noble 8 Revolution contributes to a single charity.

      Thanks for stopping by,


  3. Hey there Gary,

    I clicked on your post and saw the price going upto $250,000 (which is very expensive if you ask me). And the worst part is, you don’t get a refund.

    These were enough red flags for a scam.

    These guys are not here to help folks, they are just out to make money fast. I agree with behindmlm site that this is a Ponzi fraud. I can’t dare join it and see my money run down the drain.

    1. Hi, Dave!

      I thought $250,000 was a bit steep too. You have to wonder, who in their right mind would put that kind of money into a scam? You are so right, Noble 8 Revolution are not here to help anyone but themselves. It is particularly bothersome that they pretend to be so charitable when in fact, that is part of the scam.

      Thanks for stopping by,


  4. Hello Gary!
    I just believed Noble 8 Revolution is a charity organization.
    I became a bit confused when I received a request from a person who had previously contacted me with similar actions. I did some research and found your description. Yes, I have to say that the very idea is just fine.
    But when it starts to smell of pyramid, I have to say. It seems very hidden until you dig a little deeper into what it really is.
    My question is.
    Do you think that at some point a law is being made against this kind of business?

    1. Hi, Steen!

      In the United States, there are laws on the books that forbid Ponzi schemes. Bernie Madoff is doing life in prison because of his Ponzi scheme. These laws are enforced by the Federal Trade Commission and by the Attorney General of each state. Apparently, the legal system is overwhelmed with these schemes and seem to pick and choose who they investigate. Also, the internet has made it very easy for someone to launch a Ponzi scheme.

      Eventually, a Ponzi scheme will collapse when there aren’t enough people paying into the bottom of the scheme to keep it afloat. That’s when the top players walk off with most of the money. Typically, they set up another Ponzi scheme and start over.

      Thanks for stopping by,


      1. I have often seen the same people go again, with new schematics. When the old ones expire

        1. Hi, Steen!

          That seems to be the pattern. They know their scheme will eventually collapse. When it does, they simply start over. I hope in the information age we can track them and perhaps minimize the damage they cause. Although Noble 8 Revolution’s heavy claim of donating to charity is a clever marketing ploy that appears to be working.

          Thanks for stopping by,

  5. Hey Gary:

    Aw, rats! Thanks for the skinny about the Noble 8 Revolution. That’s a disappointment, that is.

    I do appreciate your taking the time to track down whether these guys are walking the talk they’re talking. Apparently it just ain’t so.

    One more MLM/Ponzi thing to pass on by. (Sigh!)

    1. Hi, Netta!

      Sorry to disappoint. Noble 8 Revolution does have a convincing website and story. Unfortunately, when I started to dig, all I found was bad news. Since publishing this article, no one has contacted me from Noble 8 Revolution to show me that they do actually contribute to charities. Noble 8 Revolution appears to be nothing more than a scheme to take people’s money.

      Thanks for stopping by,


  6. Another despicable company ripping people off!

    I’ve been a skeptic of MLM style business models for quite some time. I see some potential in them, but also a lot of flaws. But ponzi schemes and pyramid schemes like these are practically designed to bring out the absolute worst in people.

    They not only encourage harassment-level, desperate sales tactics, but it can create a temptation to lie.

    And under the guise of being a charity centered company.

    Thanks for the warning!

    1. Hi, Jordan!

      You bring out some great points. There is always a temptation to lie when money is involved, but, as you point out, when you’re operating in a corrupt business model lying may be the only way to make money with it. 

      Years ago, long before the internet, I tried repeatedly to make MLM work. All that happened was I alienated my friends and spent a lot of money. I now know that MLM does not lead to financial independence for most people. It’s a lousy business model at best.

      Thanks for stopping by,


  7. Hi Gary,

    I really believe that we need more people like you on the internet! I write about sustainability quite a lot and I am appalled by how some companies act!

    I can also see that you did your research when you could find out the history of the scams involved prior to Noble 8..Keep up the good work! I will definitely be back for more!

    All the best,

    1. Hi, Matteo!

      Thanks for your kind words. Noble 8 Revolution strikes me as particularly sinister because of its false promise to support charities. As I mentioned in the article there is no evidence anywhere that Noble 8 Revolution actually gives money to charities. They only take money.

      Thanks for stopping by,


  8. Thank you so much for you expose of Noble 8 Revolution. They almost had me. I fell for their sales pitch about donating a billion dollars to charity. Gary, at first I didn’t want to believe you, but when you pointed out that there is no evidence they have ever donated to charity, I began to wonder and I searched everywhere for proof they were giving to charity. There is NO EVIDENCE they have given a dime to charity. NOT ONE DIME!


    1. Hi, Jacqueline!

      I wanted to believe them too, but I think they are using people’s emotions in order to steal from them. When you look at the history of the founders of Noble 8 Revolution, it becomes clear that N8R is just their latest money-making monster. I think it takes an extraordinary callous soul to use the tactics N8R uses.

      I first learned of Noble 8 Revolution from someone whose church was involved. The person who contacted me was suspicious of N8R but could not make a convincing argument to dissuade fellow church members. I hope I’ve helped her.

      Thanks for stopping by,


  9. I would say, that article is so helpful. Everyone should read it, to avoid to integrate this type of company, who sells the Dream of financial independence and steal your money.

    Instead, you should prefer, and start to be part of WEALTHY AFFILIATE and learn how to become a successful entrepreneur, the program has so much to offer to you.

    You can start for free, and sign up if you want, to become a Premium Member.
    It is a great online business opportunity to learn.

    1. Hi, Jacqueline!

      I agree when a company sells the dream of financial independence but only takes your money, that’s a special kind of evil. I appreciate your kind words.

      Thanks for stopping by,

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