What is Instant Payday Tricks

What is Instant Payday Tricks?

Can you really make $800 an hour with Instant Payday Tricks as Ed Roberts promises? Has Roberts discovered a special kind of Artificial Intelligence that makes money for you on autopilot?

Product: Instant Payday Tricks
Website: copyhissuccess.com
Owner: Ed Roberts (a pseudonym)
Price: $37 + multiple upsells.
Opinion: Not Recommended

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What is Instant Payday Tricks?

The Instant Payday Tricks sales video begins with clips from real newscasts about making money from home. Pay close attention and you’ll notice that not a single video clip mentions Instant Payday Tricks.

The clips taken from real news shows are followed by a parade of people talking about how they made big money with this system or that method. Again, none of these people mention Instant Payday Tricks.

What is Instant Payday Tricks?The narrator of the Instant Payday Tricks sales video introduces himself as Ed Roberts. He tells how Artificial Intelligence can make you thousands of dollars a day and that his “time-tested secret” can help anyone make $70,000 a month.

Ed’s Sob Story.

Follow the Instant Payday Tricks sales video long enough and you’ll get Ed’s sob story about how he was born a poor child and worked on a farm and got laid off when he had a wife and two small children at home.

But, then, a mysterious woman he met online showed him how to use Artificial Intelligence to make lots of money. Ed tells how he reinvested the first money he made to perfect the system, so it would run itself. Now, for a price, Ed will show you how you can make lots of money too.

Ed promises you don’t need to know anything because with Instant Payday Tricks you can just “…sit back and watch the instant paychecks roll in.” He even guarantees results. Don’t believe it for a minute.

What is Instant Payday Tricks, Really?

Instant Payday Tricks is nothing special and it has nothing to do with Artificial Intelligence. And, it DOES NOT run itself. And you won’t make $70K a month with it.

I’m confident that nobody is making money with Instant Payday Tricks except the person who is selling it. Instant Payday Tricks is a deeply flawed product and, in my opinion, completely worthless.

If you purchase it, and I hope you don’t, but if you do, you’ll immediately realize that the creator put far more effort into his creative sales video than he put into the product.

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Instant Payday Tricks is PLR Garbage.

What is Instant Payday TricksAt first glance, Instant Payday Tricks looks like a bunch of Private Label Rights junk and a mish-mash of YouTube videos taken from several different channels.

The problem with PLR content is it is usually severely outdated and poorly written. That’s certainly true for Instant Payday Tricks.  It’s doubtful you will ever make a dime with Instant Payday Tricks.

In the Instant Payday Tricks members area, you’ll find training on ClickBank, Article Directories, Blogging (Hubpages & Squidoo), Craigslist and micro job sites. Honestly, you can find better information online for free.

The internet is exploding with money making information and ideas. Things change by the minute online. Most internet money-making methods have a shorter lifespan than fresh fruit.

Instant Payday Tricks is Outdated!

Most of the stuff in Instant Payday Tricks is several years old!

ClickBank has been around a long time and it’s an easy place to start, but you don’t need Instant Payday Tricks to teach you about it.

The inclusion of Article Directories in the membership area is a dead give away that the creator of Instant Payday Tricks isn’t trying to help you. Article Directories stopped working as a money maker more than 5 years ago.

If you tried to make money with article directories now you’d do a ton of work for nothing.

Blogging is indeed a good way to make money online. However, Hubpages is not as effective as your own domain. Also, Hubpages purchased Squiddoo years ago during the Digital Dark Ages.

Not surprisingly, the Craigslist training is useless too. If you try the methods that are taught in Instant Payday Tricks you’ll only get your account banned.


I find it outrageous that after the Instant Payday Tricks sales video promises you can make $70,000 a month with their magical system that they would have the audacity to suggest you can make money with microtasks.

Microtasks pay micro money. You’ll make a dime here and a nickel there. You’ll be lucky to make $10 in eight hours. That’s a far cry from $70K!

When you buy Instant Payday Tricks you get tossed a bunch of outdated PLR and random YouTube videos. There is no logical plan of action, no training on creating a website or landing page. A beginner will be lost.

Fake Testimonials.

In the Instant Payday Tricks sales video, after Ed Roberts tells his sob story, there are several video testimonials. One is of Grandpa from Fiverr. Grandpa claims he makes a bunch of money and only works 5 minutes a day. Grandpa is a Fiverr veteran and will say anything if you give him five bucks.

The point is, the testimonials are not real. They are as fake as Ed Roberts. Look beneath the sales video and you’ll see that Ed Roberts is a fake name.

Read the Earnings Disclaimer!

Read the Earnings Disclaimer and you’ll see that “…all results shown in the presentation are atypical.” In other words, typically people don’t really make thousands of dollars with Instant Payday Tricks.

SuperHero giving a thumbs downIn several places in the Earnings Disclaimer, you’ll see that Instant Payday Tricks doesn’t promise or guarantee you anything. That’s a lot different than what Ed said in the video.

You’ll also discover in the Earnings Disclaimer that “…all products are for educational and informational purposes.”

The only trick in Instant Payday Tricks is the trick that is played on you if you buy it.

The Last Word on Instant Payday Tricks.

I did not find any value in Instant Payday Tricks. The sales video is the same old hype and empty promises. There is a raging disconnect between what the sales video promises and what you get if you buy it.

It is clear to me that the creator of Instant Payday Tricks has no intention of teaching you how to really make money online. The only intention is to take your money without delivering anything of value.

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How to Make Money Online – The Right Way!

Wealthy Affiliate Work In Your PajamasIf you want to make money online, it is essential that you understand that the promise of fast, easy money is a lie. There isn’t a magic button that turns the internet into your own private ATM. And, there is no secret that makes money on autopilot.

Making money online is a lot like making money offline. It takes skill, work, patience, and commitment.

However, once you have the skills, you can leverage the power of the internet to achieve phenomenal results. And, once you know how, you’ll always be able to make money. You’ll be financially bombproof.

It starts with learning basic skills. I recommend the Online Entrepreneur Certification Course. The initial lessons are free and come with full support and mentoring.

If you found this article helpful or have experience with Instant Payday Tricks, please leave a comment below. Thank you.


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