What is CryptoGPS?

What is Cryptogps?

Can you really make at least $10,000 a day for life with Crypto GPS? How do Global Positioning Satellites give you such a huge investment advantage? Discover the truth about Crypto GPS and see the Devil in the details.

Product Website: cryptogps.co
Product Cost: Minimum $250
Product Owner: Cannot be determined.
Opinion:  NOT Recommended

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What is CryptoGPS?

CryptoGPS is offering an automatic trading application that trades in cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin. CryptoGPS claims that 27 people are currently operating the software, all of whom have become millionaires as a result of doing so. Now, CryptoGPS says that it is opening up spots for ten more people and that one of them could be you.

What is Cryptogps?
CryptoGPS website.

According to CryptoGPS, anyone using the software is guaranteed to make $10,000 per day. To be clear, they are saying that you will likely make more than $10,000, but in the event that the program falls short of the $10,000 mark, CryptoGPS will make up the difference so that users make $10,000 per day at a minimum.

CryptoGPS says that this trading software works as a result of Global Positioning Satellites and that they have servers around the world looking for the most favorable trades for you and other users. They never explain in their promotional materials why anyone would need GPS tracking for cryptocurrency trades, which don’t take place in the physical world, but rather are done digitally.

CryptoGPS says that in order to start making the $10,000 all you need to do is enter your email, download the software, and begin trading. Their software is automatic, so the user doesn’t need to do anything or know anything about cryptocurrency or trading. It’s not mentioned in their promotional video, but CryptoGPS will also ask for a $250 deposit to start trading.

The CryptoGPS promotional video offers $10,000 every day to users, and the offer says it’s ‘for life’. It features a number of testimonials, both written accounts of successful users and a couple of video testimonials purporting to be from satisfied users.

The video warns that tomorrow, they will begin selling the software to the general public for nearly $5,000 up-front with additional monthly fees of nearly $1,500. Every day is the last day you can get it for free.

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Is CryptoGPS a Scam?

There are numerous issues with the claims that CryptoGPS is making. One of the simplest ones is this: Go to the website and watch the video today. It will tell you that today is the last day to get it for free and that tomorrow it goes on sale for $5,000. Go back to the website the next day. It will say the same thing. If they’re lying about that, why would you trust anything else they are saying?

ScamAvenger Girl giving thumbs downSome of the promises made in their video are clearly false. How can a software trading cryptocurrency and using GPS offer you $10,000 guaranteed every day ‘for life’? Even if cryptocurrency sticks around as a trading vehicle, the means of trading it will change dramatically. As will global tracking technology. Just that ‘for life’ promise alone shows that it’s a scam.

There are other problems with the promotional video, like the fact that the pictures of people supposedly using the software are stock photos or taken off the internet from other sites. Everything promised in the video is fraudulent.

How the CryptoGPS Scam Works.

When you join CryptoGPS, you will be given a broker who will help you to set up your trading account. The initial setup for the account will be free of charge. However, your broker will instruct you that you have to deposit a minimum deposit of $250 in order to get started. That money, if you deposit it, is gone forever, and is the first part of the scam. If you make that initial deposit, CryptoGPS has that money and you’ll never see it again.

After you make your deposit, the CryptoGPS software will begin to ‘auto trade’. Over time, you will see your account balance rise. This will give the impression that the software is working and you’re making money. Sadly, those rising numbers are fake. You aren’t making any money at all.

The account balance is just a number in the CryptoGPS software. You’ll learn the difference between real money and what’s showing in the CryptoGPS software when you attempt to withdraw it. You’ll never be able to get that money out because it’s not real.

In the meantime, CryptoGPS will try to get you to invest more of your money. They will point to the alleged huge profits you’ve already made and say that you can make even more if you invest more. There will be no good explanation for why you need to invest more money when your account balance is supposedly in the thousands of dollars. They will suggest that you could be a millionaire within months. Any additional money you ‘invest’ will be gone just like the original $250.

In the end, they will lock you out of your account and all the money you deposited will be gone forever. That’s how the CryptoGPS scam works.

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20 thoughts on “What is CryptoGPS?

  1. Hi Gary. Thanks for your website. I’ve lost one deposit of $250 to some scam site which I can’t even remember the name of now but I wish I had of known of your site then. Keep up the great work brother,

  2. Thank you for the helpful review on Cryptogps. It is more than clear to me that it is a scam and not worth even considering. Besides that, any trading is risky and not guaranteed at all. So any claim to make guaranteed income by trading is an obvious lie. I just hope people will not fall for these lies as it sounds really tempting to make such a big money on autopilot.

    1. Hi, Arta!

      I’m pleased you found my article on CryptoGPS helpful. The only people making money with CryptoGPS are the people who own it. All they have is a story.

      I agree, trading is risky at best and that is if you are trading with a licensed broker. You don’t stand a chance with schemes like CryptoGPS.

      Thanks for stopping by,


  3. How do companies like this even still exist without getting shut down by the law? I have alway’s been suspicious of this Bitcoin and other cryptocurrency nonsense. They steal your $250 and that’s how they make their money. Crypto-currency will never have any value.

    I agree that you’d be better off starting up your own business than this. It takes work but eventually, the right one will pay off for you. Thanks for the review before I decided to try this junk.

  4. The way you have described CryptoGPS, everything about it smells of a big scam. Yet, it’s strange that people still fall for these tall promises. It’s an irony that people seem to be more attracted to scams than the real legit ways that are there. Maybe it’s because anything legit involves hard work and people have this tendency to go for the short-cut routes. Thanks for the review. Need more awareness about these type of fraudulent schemes.

  5. Hello,

    This is definitely a scam, I can see and feel it from miles away! People take advantage from cryptocurrencies to develop offers to lure people into becoming rich quickly and they benefit from the fact that almost everybody is totally unaware of how a cryptocurrency is. Thanks for exposing this scam and helping people to take real opportunities to make money from home.

  6. I have a few friends who were having a lot of success last year in crypto trading. They were also using a company that did a sort of “crypto gps” for them daily, and it did seem to help them earn faster. The missing information is that you have to invest in the same range or higher to make that amount of money. It’s going to be a lot more than the $250 paid to take the service.

    I think you made some great call-outs, obviously if they’re lying about how long it will be available, there’s no way to trust any of their information. This is not a company I would go with, but since we’re on the subject: Are there any crypto investing tools or services you would consider?

    1. Hi, Sunny!

      I’m glad your friends has success trading crypto. I would like to know more about the agency they were using. It sounds like they were putting a lot of money on the line. I don’t recommend trading crypto because it is impossible to know how to value it. 

      Trying to make money with crypto is pure speculation. However, if a trader is lucky enough to catch an upward swing in the market and to get out before the reversal, they can make money. The trend can reverse in a heartbeat and take as much as it gives. My article “Is Bitcoin a Scam?” goes into more detail.

      Thanks for stopping by,


  7. Wow! It absolutely amazes me what people are creating for scams now. I just happened to come across this and I am sure glad I did! The saddest part is how many people actually fall for these scams thinking they will be rich in a day or two.

    Thank you for sharing this information! I hope that the majority of people will see it before falling for this.

  8. The Crypto craze seems to be widespread! I’m not super well educated in the area, to be honest, but I have an inherent distrust of digital currency. I also believe it takes more than paying $250 and clicking ‘Download’ to make an ROI of $10,000.

    The point you make about the need for GPS satellites to track digital exchanges is a great one! I don’t get it. Their website claim that “today is the last day to take advantage of this great deal” reminds me of a sign outside one of the dive bars in my hometown that says, “Free Beer Tomorrow.” But, alas, tomorrow never comes!

    Thanks for this, certainly avoiding CryptoGPS!

    1. Hi, Tucker!

      Your suspicions of cryptocurrency is legitimate and makes me wonder if all the hoopla about crypto is a campaign to condition us to believe snippets of digital code have value. Then they won’t even have the expense of printing paper money. Plus, they can reward and punish we unwashed masses with just the click of a mouse. I hope I’m wrong.

      Thanks for stopping by,


  9. And I love the name of your website scam Avengers. Sounds so cool. I’m not too familiar with crypto GPS, but now I am, and I am aware of cryptocurrency. From the information that you’re providing it does sound like it is a scam and of course I will not invest in it at all. I mean, the use of stock photos, saying you and make $10,000 a month for life, and just that promise alone shows that it is a scam. So thank you for the information, and again love the name of your website and thank you for the information.

    1. Hi, Dorian Ramos!

      Thank you for your kind words. I’m glad you found my article on CryptoGPS helpful. Unfortunately, it’s just another garden variety magic software scam. More are popping up every day. I wish people would realize there is no such thing as magic software that will make you rich.

      Thanks for stopping by,


  10. Very useful review on this CryptoGPS. This so called “autopilot programs” are scams and purposely created to pull the money from the new online entusiasts. It is good that you are reviewing on such programs. People can learn from your reviews and avoid these scam programs. Most scams programs are circulating in the social media. Thanks for the review and alerting the people

    1. Hi, Jesse!

      Scams like CryptoGPS can take so much money from people that they lose the will to try again. To me, this is the greater crime, destroying someone’s will to better themselves and create an online business that will lead to financial freedom.

      Thanks for stopping by,


  11. I think it is fantastic that you are bring awareness to scammers of the online world and then after that you offer a solution to creating wealth online in a very realistic way. I love reading articles like this because I believe in making money online as well but we need to bring awareness as you did to all the scams online as well so that it keeps people from getting discouraged. Very well done.

    1. Hi, Brock!

      Thank you for your kind words. The worse thing about scams is they can break someone’s spirit so they never again try to improve their life or finances. Some scams are so destructive they ruin people’s finances for years. CryptoGPS can drive people deeply into the debt and leave them for credit card bills for years.

      Thanks for stopping by,

  12. Thank you for posting this article about Cryptogps. I had never heard of them before until I read this and now I wish I never heard of them. The immediate red flag for me was when they promised $10,000 a day for life. If it were that easy, EVERYONE would be a part of Cryptogps, but of course something making claims like that is almost always a scam. Thanks again for sharing this and I will steer clear of them and let others know to stay away from it as well.

    1. Hi, Brian!

      I thought the same thing when I first watched the CryptoGPS sales video. If people were consistently making $10K a day it would be all over social media. Instead, if you find anything about CryptoGPS on social media it’s a sales pitch from an affiliate. Big income claims demand big proof, but you won’t find it at CryptoGPS.

      Thanks for stopping by,


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