What is Crypto Money Maker?

What is Crypto Money Maker?

What if you could exploit blockchain technology to make millions of dollars a year? That’s precisely what Crypto Money Maker claims to have done. For a limited time, you can join them, but before you do, keep reading to see the Devil in the details.

Product Website: cryptomoneymaker.biz
Product Cost: Minimum $250 Deposit.
Product Owner: Cannot Be Determined.
Opinion:  NOT Recommended

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What is Crypto Money Maker?

Crypto Money Maker claims its software automates cryptocurrency trading. It guarantees its users can make millions of dollars without having to do anything other than downloading the software and fund a trading account.

The software’s spokesman, Jordan Wood, presents himself as someone who was out of work and desperate, with a pregnant wife. According to Wood, he tried a wide range of money-making offers but was scammed by all of them. Then, he tried Crypto Money Maker and made over $2 million in a year.

What is Crypto Money Maker?Jordan Wood isn’t the creator of Crypto Money Maker – he says it was created by a super hacker and cryptocurrency insider. According to Wood, Crypto Money Maker exploits a loophole in blockchain technology (blockchain is the technology at the base of most cryptocurrencies).

By exploiting the blockchain technology, Crypto Money Maker can accurately predict the movement of cryptocurrency markets. We are not told what the loophole is or how it works.

Wood says all you need to do is download the software and deposit $250 into a trading account. At that point, he claims the software will automatically execute trades which can produce as much as $1,000 in daily profit. Based on his claim that he made over $2 million over a year, the implication is that profits can be higher, as that would equate to an average of $5,000 per day.

Wood also says that the software supports manual trading, with the software giving the user indicators as to where the market is headed.

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Wood claims that he is giving away a limited number of copies of the software for free and that users can submit their email address to get a copy. He asks only that users donate $1,000 to charity after they make their first million in return for giving away the software. He says that supplies are limited and that you should act now. As the video plays, a counter showing the number of free copies still available ticks down into the single digits.

ScamAvenger Girl giving thumbs downIs Crypto Money Maker a Scam?

A look at the site’s disclaimer page shows the true nature of Crypto Money Maker. You will note that the disclaimer states that the site bears no responsibility for the accuracy of anything contained on the site. This includes the Crypto Money Maker software itself.

It also states that the site bears no responsibility for any losses users suffer, including ‘loss of profits’. In other words, Crypto Money Maker isn’t responsible if you lose all your money.

To top it off, Crypto Money Maker states it bears no responsibility for any viruses or worms your computer gets via downloads from the website.

How the Crypto Money Maker Scam Works.

If you download the Crypto Money Maker software, you will be instructed to put $250 into a trading account. This is the initial scam. You will never see a dime of profit, and that initial $250 is gone.

Once you’ve deposited that $250, Crypto Money Maker will allegedly begin to execute trades on your behalf.

If you check the balance of your account, you will see that the number is increasing dramatically, matching the claims in Crypto Money Maker’s promotional materials. You’ll see that you’re making lots of money without having to lift a fingertip.

You will be on track to make at least $1,000 on your first day of operating the software. However, this is a complete illusion. The number you see steadily increasing in your Crypto Money Maker software is just a fake number generated by the software. It’s not actual money, it can’t be withdrawn or spent, and what really happened is that your initial $250 is gone for good.

The Crypto Money Maker software is tricking you into believing that you are making lots of money. Now, the second part of the scam begins, the one that can be far more significant to your personal finances. If you believe the ‘profit’ numbers are real and you’re making tremendous profits, you’re primed for the big scam.

They will now attempt to convince you to deposit more money into your account. The claim will be that you can become a millionaire in a short span of time, in mere months. They may ask you to deposit thousands of additional dollars.

Whatever you do, don’t deposit any more money.

Whatever you deposit, Crypto Money Maker will keep it all, and lock you out of your account. This is another part of the fine print of their disclaimer. Crypto Money Maker is not responsible for the denial of any of their services to you the user. This is how the Crypto Money Maker scam works.

No Magical Software.

Free magical software that will make you rich with just the push of a button does not exist. You’ll never find it, not in this life and not in this world. The sooner you abandon the notion of fast, easy riches, the sooner you can learn how to make money online the right way.

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8 thoughts on “What is Crypto Money Maker?

  1. Thank you for warning me about Crypto Money. You are a like a Knight in a silver armoury that protects all us folks from being ripped off online! I hope one day all these Low Life Scumbags get what they deserve so honest people get the chance to Shine.
    Thank you for protecting us all, Gary.
    Best regards, Jeff.

  2. Another scam busted. Great job. Hopefully people will listen to your advice. They better or they could risk thousands of their hard earned cash.

    By the way…Thank you for your service. Salute to all Veterans.

    Every time I read about one of these programs I just cannot believe people keep falling for them. Your better off taking your time and getting the training you need so you know how to market online the right way.

    Learn the right way. Like the, “online entrepreneur certification course” Gary talks about. Learn the skills you need to succeed and don’t fall for these ridiculous promises. (scams)

    1. Hi, Ken!

      Thank you for  your kind words. Unfortunately, it is often the people who most need to research scams that don’t. Ironically, these same people can least afford the financial loss. Hopefully, as we all become more internet savvy, scams like Crypto Money Maker will die off.

      Thanks for stopping by,


  3. Man. Gary your site is awesome. It is clear, very concise and easy to traverse. Your images and videos are really compelling and I really like your writing style.
    I have no doubt in my mind that you will do an awesome job at making money online.
    I thought it was genius to add profiles from our WA affiliates on your site to add authority and trust to your product.
    I like your theme very much, because it just makes your organization flow perfectly. I am envious!!
    All the different links that you add on that look so professional and trustworthy I am going to try to copy!!!
    How did you make sure all the ‘extras’ were linked at the bottom of your sites page instead of as a post or a page? I’ll probably stalk you in the community to pick your brain.

    Bottom line your site rocks, and it has been very influential for my own site. Thank you!!

    1. Hi, Healthy Me!

      Thank you for your kind words. I’m pleased you like my site. You should have seen the first website I built. It was ugly as homemade sin and took me forever to build. All the bits at the bottom of the page is part of the theme. Getting a good premium theme makes a big difference.

      Call on me anytime. I’m always happy to help.

      Thanks for stopping by,


  4. From what seems like should be common sense, normally programs asking for an up front deposit, along with an unidentified owner and claims to make you tons of money seems like its just screaming SCAM all over it.

    The legit ones will have transparent information and helpful content to aid you in making a personal decision.

    I definitely think there are better options out there, thanks for the updated review!

    1. Hi, Cameron!

      I agree. From a dispassionate perspective, it may seem obvious that Crypto Money Maker is a scam. However, to the poor soul who is in a desperate financial situation and who perhaps was referred to Crypto Money Maker by someone they trust, it may seem like a dream come true.

      Thanks for stopping by,


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