What is Computta?

What is Computta? Is Computta a Scam? A Computta Review.

Computta claims to be a cryptocurrency mining service that gives away free crypto mining software. However, there are some troubling facts about Computta you should know. Follow me to discover the Devil in the details.

Product Website: computta.com
Product Cost: Free software
Product Owner: Cannot be determined.
Ranking:  Not Recommended.

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What is Computta?

Computta presents itself as a cryptocurrency mining service. Specifically, Computta promises you can turn your “computer into a 24/7 money generator.” And that “…ANYONE with a computer can …start generating cryptocurrency…”

In other words, Computta promises you free money on autopilot. In a moment, I’ll prove why it is highly unlikely you will make money with Computta.

What is Computta? Is Computta a Scam? A Computta Review
Computta Website

Computta states the reason they give the software away for free is that they will keep 25% of the bitcoins your computer mines.

We’re told Computta was created by cryptocurrency professionals, but we are not told who these professionals are. We aren’t even told who owns Computta. What are they hiding?

According to the Computta website, if you download Computta’s free crypto mining software, SmartMiner, and let it run on your computer, you will earn Bitcoins. Computta states that the average computer generates $22.80 per month with their software and that a gaming computer will generate $78 per month.

Any time an offer promises free money you had better be skeptical. Computta wants something from you. The promise of making money on autopilot is the bait. Take a good hard look at what they want you to give them in exchange for the free money they promise.

Is Computta a Scam?

Computta wants you to download their software to your computer. What could go wrong?

It is not possible to know what Computta really is without downloading their software and risking the health of your computer, or worse, compromising your identity and personal information, including bank account and credit card data.

In a moment, I’ll discuss some troubling clues I found on the Computta website. These clues make me question the

What is Computta? Is Computta a Scam? A Computta Review
There is no such thing as free money.

Computta story and speculate about the real reason they want you to download their software.

The Risks of Downloading Free Software.

First, let me clarify the risks you may be taking if you download the Computta software.

When you download software from a questionable source, you could be downloading viruses, malware or spyware. Damage caused by malware and spyware can extend far beyond the destruction of your PC or laptop. It can infect the computers of your friends through email.

Some spyware will record your keystrokes when you log into your bank accounts, or record data from personal files, or literally spy on you through the camera and microphone of your device.

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Ultimately, malicious software can give someone else remote control of your computer. Once they have control of your computer, they can do whatever they want with it, including rummaging through your personal files to find account numbers and passwords.

ScamAvenger Girl, says “Thumbs Down!”

A legitimate company that wants you to download their software knows they must earn your trust and prove to you that their software is safe and reliable. Computta has done nothing to earn our trust.

Computta doesn’t even bother to introduce us to the cryptocurrency professionals who supposedly built it.

If Computta was legit, they would go above and beyond to prove themselves. Instead of building trust and proving how reliable they are, Computta tries to tempt you with a promise of free money.

Promising you something you cannot prove until after you have downloaded their software and possibly compromised your computer is not building trust. It is nothing more than an attempt to exploit your greed.

Exploiting greed is a hallmark of a scam

At first, the Computta story about mining bitcoin with their special mining software might seem plausible. In the early days of cryptocurrencies, it was possible to use a PC to mine for coin, but not now. Now it requires special hardware.

“…you won’t be able to mine bitcoins on a PC.” (99bitcoins)

No Proof of Income.

Computta.com is a year old. If it does what it promises, there should be an abundance of proof on the internet that you can make money with their free software. I could not find any proof anywhere that people are making money with the free Computta software.

The only people who recommend Computta are people trying to get you to join through their affiliate link.

What Does Computta Really Do?

If real crypto currency experts tell us that it is no longer possible to use a PC to mine cryptos, what does the free Computta software really do? We can only speculate. However, it is reasonable to assume it will not make you money on autopilot. Why risk ruining your computer, or worse, for a false promise?

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If you found this article helpful or have experience with Computta, please leave a comment below. 

43 thoughts on “What is Computta?

  1. Interesting article. While looking at the site (99bitcoins), if you read the comments, the author makes it very clear that it’s not cost-effective to mine crypto with a PC. Since there is no way of knowing who is behind Computta, I wouldn’t trust it. 

    How can you test the Computta software to see what it actually does? And, if you can’t mine crypto with a PC, why does Computta continue to claim you can? Has anyone from Computta contacted you to defend their product?


    1. Hi, Cyrus!

      I agree. There is no reason to risk damaging your computer with the Computta download. Since we don’t know who is behind it. Also, this article has been online for several weeks and no one from Computta has contacted me to defend or explain their product and claims. I’m not convinced anyone has made money with the Computta software either.

      The only way I know of to test the software is to download it and see what happens. I’m not going to do that. It’s enough for me to see the holes in Computta’s claims and their lack of transparency. I don’t trust them.

      Thanks for stopping by,


  2. That was a really thorough review of Computta. I had actually never heard of it before but had I not read this review, I may have looked into it as I am just starting to learn more about crypto currency.

    It blows my mind when companies like to remain anonymous and think that it’ll be good for business. I guess this guy/guys think they’re being clever like the mystery developer of Bitcoin!

    I can never really trust something that says you can benefit without the company getting something from it. I wonder if there is some sort of upsale once you download the software? Or, if, like you said, it uploads viruses onto your hard-drive which pop up like anti-virus software that you “need to download” in order to protect your computer? There’s got to be some way that they’re making money!

    1. Hi, Nicki!

      I agree. Computta is getting something out of their scheme, otherwise why would they do it? What surprises me is that they are still perpetuating the charade when it is common knowledge that mining crypto is very energy intensive and returns very little.

      Thanks for stopping by,


  3. Hi Gary,
    Thanks for the informative read. I also wonder how much power would be consumed to generate the sum they claim ?
    The whole crypto mining area is something that seems rife with scams at present in my mind. I have thought of investing in crypto mining myself but can’t afford to go all in on a dedicated mining set up and just don’t feel comfortable with any of the mining pools, etc that I have found so far.
    Do you have any recommendations of reputable mining pools ?

    1. Hi, Tony!

      The author of “Bitcon,” Jeffry Robinson, compares the cryptocurrency mania to the 1849 California gold rush. He points out that the miners at the time did not make much money. Instead, it was the merchants who sold things to the miners who became wealthy. 

      Recently, the United States SEC warned that the cryptocurrency markets are unregulated and in total disarray. That does not bode well for investing in crypto near term.

      I write about bitcoin in my article “Is Bitcoin a Scam.” In this article, I explain why I do not recommend it as an investment. Once I realized that cryptos have no intrinsic value and that it is impossible to determine their fair market value, I lost interest. You can’t invest in cryptos. You can only speculate and that’s too risky for me.

      However, if you are interested in mining crypto, I think you’ll 99bitcoins.com a helpful resource.

      Thanks for stopping by,


  4. I found your article very informative. I knew a little about bitcoin before I read your article but I did not know anything about “mining” for bitcoin. It all sounds so iffy!
    I would not ever do anything with bitcoin because to me it doesn’t seem “real”. It seems to be somewhere out there somewhere. I guess I just do not understand it.
    The Computta Software does sound like a scam to me also.
    Downloading software from an unreliable source is just asking for trouble. Thanks for letting others know.

    1. Hi, Cynthia!

      I’m with you on both counts. I’m not sure where bitcoin and cryptocurrencies will lead. It will interesting to watch. Recently, the United States Securities Exchange Commission stated that the cryptocurrency markets and exchanges were in disarray and unregulated. That’s enough to keep me out of that market.

      Thanks for stopping by,


  5. Hello Gary, enjoyed reading your review of Computta. Glad I ran into this. I was not aware they had software like this.

    I was leery of the whole cryptocurrency deal from the start and as time goes on I am feeling more and more that a person has a better chance at keeping more of their money in Las Vegas. As we get older we are a little wiser to deals like this, like to do a lot of research before jumping off the cliff.

    Enjoyed reading your review very informative! THX Wayne

  6. Yes, mining on a personal computer isn’t possible these days, especially with the physical demands that mining puts on the hardware, not to mention the electricity it uses.

    I liked this post. I’m glad I saw it here first instead of seeing somewhere else because this is something that sounds great and I probably would have bought it.

    I heard about software that changes the wallet address when you copy and paste it. Now I’m wondering if this might be what they were talking about.

    1. Hi, Amazon LaShaun!

      This is the first I’ve heard about software that will change the wallet address, but it’s not surprising. Yet another reason not to put money into something we don’t understand. That could be what Computta is trying to achieve, or something like it. The fact they are still pitching their scheme long after PC mining is viable is a troubling sign.

      Thanks for stopping by,


  7. I’m fed up with online scams. Another program that takes advantage of the cryptocurrency hype and promises money on autopilot. I guess people are obsessed with easy solutions on how to make money. Not revealing who owns the site and what this software actually does should alarm you that something is not right. I guess people do not want to work towards a specific goal day in and day out. There are so many distractions so they just can not focus.

    1. Hi, JohnB!

      I understand. It’s amazing how many scams you will find online, and a bit disheartening too. Trying to find a legitimate way to make money online can be like tap dancing through a mine field. Scams are every where. It only takes one to destroy your finances and motivation.

      Computta appeals to the fast, easy money crowd, but you can bet Computta has its own agenda. That’s the scary part. They dangle the promise of making money on autopilot like a carrot under your nose. If you download their software, you may never know what they’ve done. It may not kick in for weeks or months.

      Thanks for stopping by,


  8. Thank you for reminding me that this product is not safe to use. I agreed with you 100% that we should not download free software on our computer, if we are uncertain about their origin.
    How about any legitimate software that able to do the cryptocurrency mining service? I would like to know about it.

    1. Hi, TYP!

      It’s not practical to use a PC to mine crypto. The mining process has become too complex and power intensive for a PC to manage. Miners are using special hardware to mine for crypto. 99Bitcoins has a lot of good information on their site about crypto mining. You can find them at https://99bitcoins.com

      Thanks for stopping by,


  9. Hi Gary,

    I’ve seen this software in a Facebook Group post, and I wondered whether it was legit or not… It is really disturbing that people sell mining software since mining needs a lot of sophisticated hardware and mining farms nowadays.
    I see that they have an affiliate program, so do you think that this is an MLM scheme designed to fail when no more people sign for it?

    Thanks for a very very detailed review!

    1. Hi, Marios!

      You bring up an interesting point. I don’t know if Computta is an MLM designed to fail. They are so evasive it’s possible. 

      Thanks for stopping by,


  10. Thanks for the article. Great information here. The thought of downloading malware or spyware that can affect your friends computers is terrifying. The problem with being a newbie is all the potential scams out there. I think your website is helpful for the beginner to avoid being tricked. I’ll check out your recommendations.

    1. Hi, Dave!

      I agree. It is terrifying to think of the damage that can be done to a friend’s computer because of a mistake we make. 

      About five years ago, a Trojan got into my computer from an email a friend sent to me. It did not launch right away, but waited a week before it took over my email accounts. Then it sent porn, gambling and Viagra emails to everyone on my contact list. The list included my copywriting clients. I was humiliated.

      We can never be too careful online.

      Thanks for stopping by,


  11. I agree with you Gary, there really is no such thing as free money. I am a very skeptical person and as soon as I heard “just download this program on your computer” I always get nervous. Scammers and get rich quick schemes operate hand in glove with each other. I am glad that you pointed out this is not a good thing to do. I liked your article about Work at home. Your advice sounds really good. Thank you.

    1. Hi, CBIG!

      It’s never a good idea to download software from the internet unless you are absolutely sure the website is legitimate. Legitimate companies know they must prove they are trustworthy and will go above and beyond to earn your trust. 

      Computta made no effort to prove they are trustworthy. All they do is dangle a carrot of easy money under your nose. It’s like bait in a trap.

      Thanks for stopping by,


  12. whaaaat no
    This is so hard for me to believe considering i have the software running on my machine, it is just hard for me to imagine that i was that naive to believe and install the software any way i guess am lucky since its only been a day since i started it, only after i failed to understand how its working that i decided to look for reviews
    am really grateful only God knows what its doing.
    but thanks anyway,

  13. Hi Gary,

    If you take a look at the “Computta” company website
    You notice the following issues:

    There is no easy way to get in touch with the company.

    No Contact Us page.
    No company address
    No email address or social media access.

    There is however, a FAQ page which when you access from the main hompage of the company website.

    On this page you are told everything about “Computta” except:

    Who are they?
    Where are they located?
    Who are the people behind the company?

    In comparison if you take a look at the CC Cleaner website for example (type in CC Cleaner to Google). A software I have used for free for the last 15 years.

    On the right hand side of the front page is the About Us Menu.

    Contact us, company info, privacy policy etc are all highly visible.

    Which company website would you trust?

    Best regards


    1. Hi, Pete!

      You nailed it. Thanks for showing us what a legitimate software company looks like. I visited the CC Cleaner website and not only do they go above and beyond to prove their credibility, they also strive to build relationships with their customers. There is a huge difference between CC Cleaner and Computta.

      Computta doesn’t want you to know who they are and they don’t want a relationship with you either. They just want you to download their software. Yikes!

      Thanks for stopping by,


  14. It’s interesting a bitcoin site says you won’t be able to mine bitcoins on a pc, but a software company claims they cn do just that thing.

    This is some shady garbage in my opinion.

    If they had real professors who developed this then they would have their names, creds, and other info on the first page. In other words, they had no such people.

    It sounds like something to avoid like the plague. The software is probably virus city. Bye-bye bank account.Another great review Gary!

    1. Hi, Jason!

      I’m surprised Computta hasn’t changed their story because it has become so unbelievable. Unfortunately, the fact that the website has not changed in 18 months leads me to conclude they are snagging people into their scheme.

      Thanks for stopping by,


  15. There seem to be a lot of scams around that are capitalizing on trends.

    Have you had some bad experiences with downloading software like this? There’s definitely a noticeable increase in unexpected advertisements left and right.

    Do you know of some completely passive things like this that are legitimate? Possibly even installations? I have come across one through Applause (formerly uTest) that pays $30/month through Paypal. But I did a lot of weeding and digging to make sure that one was on the up-and-up before using it.

    There seems to be a LOT of negativity about Computta online!

    1. Hi, Jordan!

      Yes, I have had bad experiences downloading software, mostly it has been ads and replacing my browser of choice. Sometimes it’s been extremely difficult to uninstall the darn thing and then to trace down all the changes it made to my computer. 

      I’m not sure how I did it, but once I downloaded a Trojan that took over my computer and permitted someone to search through my files. Fortunately, I saw it happening and disconnect from the internet in time. Still, it cost me nearly $200 to get my computer cleaned up after that and I lost a week’s worth of work.

      I have not found any evidence online that Computta is what it claims to be or that anyone has actually made money with it. Thanks for telling me about Applause. I’ll look into it.

      Thanks for stopping by,


  16. Hi Gary!

    Very nice post and a lovely figure that superhero!

    Mining cryptocurrency on own device at home is a tedious and heavy task. It cost a lot of time and energy and electricity.

    The result is poor unless you have many devices running.

    There are literally thousands of cryptocurrencies available today to buy online and even offline.

    Cryptocurrency is a highly lucrative business if you can get cheap ones and wait till they grow on the stock market if they grow.

    It is virtual money and always a risk. The cryptocurrency is a system which not everyone is happy about it.

    Great topic and very well done site!


    1. Hi, Igor!

      It’s great to hear from someone in the crypto mining business. Thanks for giving us your realistic perspective. I agree, because of it’s virtual status, you can never truly calculate the value. It also seems ready-made for manipulation, which, I suspect is its purpose.

      Thanks for stopping by,


  17. Hey Gary,
    I have been looking into bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies for just over 6 months now and your absolutely right mining bitcoins from a pc while not impossible is just about there. People have now designed specific mining hardware that out paces just about any personal computer out there. If you happen to be someone who has a super charged pc that can keep up well i would assume that you have more important purposes with that computer than generating minimal returns at the risk of your very expensive machine.

    I really liked the way you stressed that pretty much anyone out there offering up free money should cause and immediate red flag. These offers are just bait trying to get the less experienced internet travelers into their grasps. Think the Nigerian Prince that needs to give you 1 million dollars if you just send $1000 over first.

    This article did however get em to start thinking about a way you could safely test a software download for malicious intent. Do you know of any way to do this short of buying a “throw away” computer and rolling the dice?

    Thanks for the Review,
    I’m Steering Clear of Computta,

    1. Hi, Atlas!

      I have no idea how to safely test a software download without the risk of killing my computer. I’ve searched for a website lists known malicious downloads and all I find is outdated stuff. Computta has too many red flags to risk downloading it.

      Thanks for stopping by,


  18. Gary, I love this post. Your superhero is great. The money in a mousetrap is amusing and gives a great visual warning to the reader. I am not well educated in Bitcoins but scams I know. The repetition of the message of Computta being shady is well said. Your header is excellent. Intro paragraph grabs the readers interest and entices them to learn more about the devil inside. The ending is comforting like a hand shake from a friend.

    1. Hi, Candice!

      Thank you for your kind words about my article on Computta. You made my day.

      Thanks for stopping by,


  19. A very interesting article, it is clear that you have been reviewing products online for some time.

    Computta seems to be a scam software with no details as to where the cryptocurrency will be generated or how you will gain from it.

    As you have not tested the software I believe you are just assuming that it does not work. Questions raised are:
    Has anybody actually done any testing of the software?
    Does it create cryptocurrency?
    Who are the owners of the software and can they be contacted?

    1. Hi, Khayyam Ishaq!

      You raise some good questions. According to sources which I mention in the article, it is not possible to mine cryptocurrencies with a PC. Specialized mining hardware is requires. This mining hardware costs about $3000 per unit and uses a lot of electricity, and still most miners do not break even. Because of the technological limitations of the PC, Computta cannot possibly do what it claims to do. 

      I have not tested the software, nor will I as it would too risky. Knowing that it is not possible to mine cryptocurencies with a PC is enough to know that Computta is not what it pretends to be. Computta is attempting to use deception to entice people to download their software. It would be foolish to download the Computta software after you know it cannot possibly do what it claims. 

      I was not able to determine who owns Computta. This is yet another reason not to trust the website.

      Thanks for stopping by,


  20. Gary, I can’t say I’ve heard of Computta before your article, but I’m glad you are helping me and others avoid them. I work primarily online, so it would be a terrible work stoppage to download software with the expectation it can help me, then end with viruses or malware. Thanks for what you do!

    1. Hi, Tiffany!

      You are so right. It is horrific when your computer gets infected. Its happened to me and it’s happened to my mother. She’s 87 and thinks it’s still 1948.

      It’s impossible to know for sure what Computta is all about, but I’m confident it is not what they claim. That’s enough to know to avoid them.

      Thanks for stopping by,


  21. Hi Gary. Thanks for this heads up.
    Like you, I am always suspicious of “Free” anything on the net.
    Computta appears to be a combined MLM and Ponzzi scheme.
    I guess that people can get so desperate that they will turn to anything to get money that they need.
    There are too many scammers stealing peoples money for no return.
    As in any business, it is necessary to learn your subject and become competent in order to make money, otherwise everybody would be doing it.
    Please be wise and critical people.

    1. Hi, HappyB!

      You are so right. There is no way in the world to make money with something you don’t understand. In fact, scammers use confusion to control their prey. If you can’t understand, don’t risk your time, money or computer on it. 

      Thanks for stopping by,


  22. Wow!

    I am always amazed at how crafty some of these scammers are. And the worst thing is that they prey on people who are the most vulnerable – the folks who need some more income to survive.

    Thank you so much for alerting people about Computta. I am bookmarking your page so I can stay informed about the latest scams out there.

    Thank you for what you are doing,


    1. Hi, Romona!

      Yes, unfortunately, it is usually those who can least afford it who get drawn into these scams. Computta is very secretive and elusive about what they are really about, but their story just does not add up. Letting them take control of you computer would be a huge mistake. 

      Thanks for stopping by,


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